Everything You Need to Know About Your Passport

This is my passport. As you can see, it is a passport from the
United States, the one and only country of which I am a citizen. It’s a cool little booklet, featuring iconic
scenes and quotes from American history, but there’s an even cooler feature: it grants
me access into other countries. These blue books are valid entry and exit
ID everywhere in the world except North Korea, because they had to be that way, but how exactly
does it work? Well, a passport is effectively just a form
of ID, but one that other countries also recognize, and can stamp upon entry, and sometimes also
upon exit. Passports are effectively representations
of your nationality, basically a way to prove you are who you say you are. Now, before we get into all the fun, little
details about different passports around the world, let’s talk about some basic passport
protocol. You know, just some stuff you need to know
about your passport (at least your US passport) and what you can/cannot/should do. Your passport is admitted to you by your government,
and is exclusively property of the government. It does not truly belong to you, it’s just
a document your government grants you to prove who you are and what country you come from
to foreign (and local) border control. In fact, the first page of the US passport
(which is not the ID page, for some reason) states, “The Secretary of State of the United
States of America hereby requests all whom it may concern to permit the citizen/national
of the United States named herein to pass without delay or hindrance and in case of
need to give all lawful aid and protection”. Basically, it’s the US government saying
“we’ve got your back, bro”. Now, a few things for you to keep in mind. First, as US government property, you are
of course required to surrender your passport if asked to do so by a US government representative,
or to a border control or police officer from any country. However, altering or mutilating your passport,
or carrying someone else’s passport, or altering or mutilating someone else’s passport
are all strictly forbidden, like, you’re-actually-probably-going-to-jail forbidden. The only people who are allowed to make any
alterations in your passport are, of course, border officials. Like, the people in the airport who flip over
to a certain page and put a stamp there. Okay, now onto the fun stuff. Of course, as we all know from a previous,
award-winning video of mine, not all passports are created equal. Different countries’ passports grant their
holders different visa restrictions. For example, Mexico’s border control requires
everyone entering on a Kuwaiti passport to have a visa issued to them by the Mexican
embassy in their area, whereas American passport holders can essentially just show up to the
border. However, this is of course the exact opposite
from how it’s done in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, most Americans don’t actually
possess a passport of their own, and many never have at all. For many Americans, a passport simply isn’t
necessary, since it’s something we literally only need if we want to travel to another
country, and we all know how often Americans do that. However, things are different in some other
countries. In Russia, for example, Russian citizens often
have two different types of passports, one for external travel (basically a normal passport)
and something called an internal passport. The internal passport is a document required
for all Russian citizens above the age of 14, and is used as documentation for travel
around Russia, usually when boarding trains. It’s not just Russia’s internal passport
system, either, most countries around the world grant some certain citizens differing
types of passports. For the US passport (just to keep everything
simple) there is more than just the regular passport, like what I have. Some notable examples also include the gray-covered
service passport, for anyone doing work abroad to support the US government; the maroon-colored
official passport, largely used by politicians and military personnel serving abroad; the
black-covered diplomatic passport, for high-ranking politicians and… diplomats; and of course
the emergency passport, just in case you’re stuck abroad and need to get a passport quickly. As you may have guessed, diplomatic and service
passports also often have different visa requirements than regular passports, as diplomats and government
workers will have different protections and priorities for the host country than regular
tourists. In the olden days, passports were just little
booklets with ID info and a bunch of pages to stamp, but most countries around the world
in recent years have been shying away from this for biometric passports, which you can
identify with this little, rectangular logo with the circle thing in it. Nowadays these passports are often issued
exclusively instead of their non-biometric counterparts, as many countries are starting
to require travellers to enter with biometric passports. Biometric passports are just like regular
passports, but with a special microchip inside, which saves data about the user’s biometric
info, which helps with things like facial recognition (for automatic passport checks),
fingerprint info, and even iris scan info. Finally, onto the fun cultural stuff. Since passports are essentially little booklets
displaying your nationality, it’s perhaps no surprise that many countries take the chance
to put many different national symbols and features on their passport covers. Some notable examples include Germany’s
Bundesadler, Brazil’s southern cross, and Iran’s right-side opening. Many countries will also put mentions to any
major organizations they’re part of, like Antigua and Barbuda with CariCom, or Germany
in the European Union. The color of the passport covers also play
a surprising role in this, as well. Though there are varying shades, there are
only four passport color groups in the world: blues, reds, greens and blacks. Red passports are often sported by current
and former Communist countries and countries in the Andean community in South America,
however the EU has adopted a pan-EU burgundy shade, which every member (except Croatia)
has adopted. Even some non-EU member nations, like Turkey
and Serbia, have adopted this color in their passports because of, well… Of course, with breakfast [Brexit] due to
take effect in the end of March, there has even been talk to change the British passport
from its current shade of EU-red to its old shade of blue, matching with those of the
US, Canada and Australia, which will be made in France. Wait, but what about New Zealand? Well, anyone who knows anything about New
Zealand (or at least knows how to say “kia ora”) knows that New Zealand’s national
color is black [insert All Blacks reference], and so their passports are of course the same
color. Thank you as always for watching, and if you
are interested in travelling to other countries, while also supporting the channel, then be
sure to visit the affiliate links I have put in the description of this video for ivisa.com,
a website that makes getting travel visas hilariously quick and easy, so be sure to
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  • Ukrainian passports are navy blue just like U.S. passports while internal passports are a bit lighter blue in color. In the past Soviet era internal passports in Ukraine were vary close to John Deere green in color with the Soviet seal and republic name in black on the cover. I've also seen Russian passports that vary in color from maroon to red.

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  • Israel is the only country I have visited that did not stamp my passport. Instead, they put a piece of paper inside that says you are allowed to be in the country. Not sure what happens if you lose the paper while in Israel. I think the reason for this is so that travelers who visit other middle eastern countries don't have to reveal that they have also visited Israel.

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  • One important thing you missed, US citizens are allowed to be issued two valid passports, one with 10 years expiration, and one with 2 years expiration.

    You are allowed to have two passports for certain reasons, one of them if you are abroad, and you need to get a Visa to a third country and you don't want to be without a passport while your Visa is being processed, so the US consulate will issue you a valid 2 years passport so you can apply for the Visa with that passport. (I have done this)

    I think the US is the only country that allows its citizens to do that, please let let me know if you know any other country that allows this.

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  • 0:36: Passports are effectively "representations of your nationality" should be changed to "representations of your citizenship." Nationality and citizenship are two different terms. You can be, say, an American Citizen with a Kenyan Nationality (ethnically Kenyan, but naturalized American by immigration and naturalization)
    "The nationality is an ethnic or racial concept. On the other hand, citizenship is a legal or juristic concept. The nationality of a person indicates his/her place or country of birth while the citizenship of a person shows that the individual is registered as a citizen by the government of the respective country."

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  • The idea of passports is as old as when small states and kingdoms were formed. Local chiefs or kings would give a written passage to travelling merchants and pilgrims through their territories. Examples are the silk road, the city states of Phoenecia and China. Upto the 1940's, passports were in the format of a one page document that folded with hard covers at the front and back. Later in the 1950's as air travel started becoming popular, the format was changed into the book form. Then onwards to computerisation and the current machine readable standard passports.


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    Is the marvellous text on the first page of a Britain Citizen passport.

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  • Thanx 4 showing the old (&new) South African passports. I don't know from which date they (ZA Passports) R. The passport will B in the afficial language of the country that issue the passport. South Africa had or did have Afrikaans (African Dutch) and English as official languages. European Dutch was an official language of South Africa from 1910 until 1985. My passport of 1998 was in Afrikaans, English and French. In 2016 I get a new one. It was only in, English and French. My beloved Dad's passport of 1980 was only in Afrikaans and English. My Grandfather's passport of 1960's was also only Afrikaans and English. My Great-Grandmother's ID card of 1959 was only in Afrikaans and English. My Grate Grandfather (1866-1936) went to NY in 1931. I don't know if he had to had a passport. Blacks? traveling between ZA and Botswana? ZA and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)? ZA and Mozambique? ZA and Namibia (Southwest-Africa)? ZA and Lesotho or Swaziland? There is border control and papers R filled in, but no Passports. This Is Africa (TIA!)

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  • You missed a few points such as why are the ams of the cross on the Crown different sizes?
    I always write in my passport. If I am travelling frequently to & from a country I draw a grid with 6 boxes so that the Border folk can find all their stamps on one page. I insist that Visas are affixed in chronological order.
    I spray my passport pages with a commercial substance that stops ink soaking into the paper so that I can recycle pages ad nauseum and save money by delaying passport renewal. Works well and a little alcohol removes the ink.
    My bio data can't be viewed ever since I put the passport in a microwave together with a mug of cold water and burned the RFID coil. This stops passports being scanned remotely. You can also use alumin(i)um foil glued to the inside of the rear cover.
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    Been travelling world-wide for decades and never had a problem.

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