Hello guys! Welcome to my channel I’m Amanda and today I would like to talk to you about sketchbooks
and I want to talk to you about what kind of sketchbooks I like and what ones
I don’t like; Why? and I also want to ask you guys if you can recommend me a
sketchbook that’s in the range of about twelve pounds to fifteen pounds or more
that I could try that is really good, that I could use based on the things that I’m
gonna tell you about why I don’t like sketchbooks and why I do like them
because I have not found the perfect one for every purpose that I need and
obviously one of those is it’s gonna be really expensive. Anyway I’m gonna get
right on into it. The first one that I’m gonna talk about is just the current one
that I am using. I did talk about this in my haul video but I want to talk
about it now because this is a different type of video. I also talked about it and
my favourites and it was my favourite at the time. This is a Ryman sketchbook
Ryman Stationery home brand sketchbook and I got out of Ryman
Stationary. It has a band like this that clasps around and I really do love the
band situation. It has a soft cover on which I like and I don’t like. I like
because it gets tattered and I like the feel of tattered books but I don’t like it
because it is rather flimsy and I started filming this video before I let
my nail dry. Anyway… I like the paper. It’s a bit – it’s an
off-white colour, it’s not totally white, it’s almost the same colour as my background
which is a magnolia colour so this is a bit lighter than Magnolia and it’s it
feels smooth to the touch but if you use a micron pen on top of it then it will
feel rather textured and your pen will stick, especially on the smaller micron
pens. I’ve used other types of pens and it hasn’t done that. Hold on I’m just
gonna do a wee test because I’ve not actually used this pen in it before. Oops, I just got – okay That nail is not gonna look decent
now. Okay, I’m just doing a couple of lines yeah okay that one feels all right I
guess. So, I guess the smaller the nibs are the harder it is to write with or
draw with but I have filled up this sketchbook quicker and more efficiently
than any other sketchbook that I have had. I think, I would say, I’m not sure. It
takes – hold on let me find that. It takes watercolour fairly OK. It does buckle a
little bit and wrinkle and wave but that’s okay I like that because it gives me
some sort of texture. I don’t know it feels good. The colours aren’t as vibrant
on this as it would be with watercolour paper because it
just sits on the top. It does take to Pentel pocket brush pen OK but there
is a texture so it does give you that roughness on the drawings. Takes pencil
really really nicely. I would really recommend this book for pencil
only with coloured pencils I say. I think it takes Prismacolor col-erase
pencils pretty nicely as well as you can see you can get a really cool texture
with the hair. Takes pencil again really nicely and I like it for pencil. So I think that my next sketchbook I fill up with this. I am literally just gonna use
pencil I’m not gonna use pentel or anything apart from pencils and this
book. I do like the pencils better in here, takes acrylic paint okay as well and this is another this is – Derwent inktense takes
that OK. Does wrinkle a bit though. Again with the watercolour as
long as you’re using light washes, it doesn’t take it quite nicely and you can
get some of these effects with it as well. Copic marker will bleed through,
as usual with all Copics but I kind of like the colour pay off. I like the way the colours look on it. I think I did another copic marker drawing in here but I kind of
like the way that the colours came out although it does soak up the ink quite
quickly so your Copic markers will probably run out of ink a lot quicker
with these the sketchbook. Inktense and it takes pencil really nicely as well.
Really good for that. It has a lot of pages that’s a plus to
some people. It’s kinda in the middle for me I don’t mind it but again I like to fill up sketchbooks
quicker. So that’s the one I’m currently using and I will fill this
up I believe unless I go in a shop and see and buy another one. The next
sketchbook is one that I filled up for the very first time. So this is my first
ever sketchbook that I filled up completely and I loved it. The reason
I filled it up so quickly and so happily it was because I actually like the
sketchbook. I received this in a scrawlrbox in December, I believe,
last December and it’s an Artco Frisk sketchbook
it’s got 140 GSM paper and there’s 40 pages. 40 pages is quite good. I
used mostly watercolour pencils in this I think. It took that really nice. The paper’s smooth as well. Don’t know how it’ll
take ink because I didn’t use that. That feels good actually!
That feels good! [laughs] or brush pen. I don’t know I’ll take
brush pen either. That’s really nice.
I like the paper in this sketchbook Sorry it’s a bit weird, you can see
it very well. oh yeah I used pentel in here as well which it took nicely to I just didn’t know how to use it at the time and it took pencil okay. yeah I
like this sketchbook it’s definitely one of my favourites
although it is rather cheap like literally you can get them £1
which is okay because then you can completely ruin it and not feel bad but
this in time does fall apart quite easily so just watch out for that and
it’s got a craft cover so you can decorate it if you want. I didn’t do that
but you can. This one is not a sketchbook it is a leuchtturm 1917 and
it’s made for journaling and I do have – I have this one and it’s my planner at the moment
and I have two others that I have been trying to use as sketchbooks and one other that I’ve been trying to use as a sketchbook and one
other that I have used as a planner. So keep that in mind when I’m talking about
this. They are quite expensive, about 13 pounds and you can get them in lined,
dotted or plain. This one is a plain one and I I finished this one.
I started in March and finished it in May and I really do like it.
it takes Copic markers – markers like alcohol markers it takes it good. There is
bleed through but I’ll talk about that a minute. There’s bleed through and the
colours look a little bit weird. Hold on I’ll show you a picture that I was really not happy
with the way it came out because of the marker. This one if you can see the neck
if you try and layer colours on it then it won’t look very good but if you just
do light colours with hardly any different tones then it comes out well
but trying to Layer especially skin tones and their own colours together it won’t
work very well but I wouldn’t do it basically for the for the bleed through
thing all I do is – because this is such a big sketchbook – it has like 249 pages in
it I just do one page and then I’ll skip
two pages like that and then do a marker drawing on this page and then
glue them together so that’s why these pages are a lot thicker than just these
pages. it takes col-erase pretty well and you know. It’s really good for just
pencil drawings. This is glued in or typed in rather and yeah
I really really recommend this one if you want something that you don’t mind
sacrificing a few pages for and actually drawing some stuff. With watercolour It does wrinkle a
lot I like it I don’t mind it but if you are really worried about that then
this sketchbook is definitely not for you but I recommend this one I really do
um the big thing I don’t like about it is how many pages there are but the
thing I do like about it when it’s full I just feel
like – it feels like a good book. I like it I’m kind of on the fence of this one.
I do have an a white one I haven’t used that much and I want to fill up so I
think I might go back to this one after I finished my current sketchbook. I’ve got
a lot to talk about so I’m gonna try and go fast. This is the ebony Daler Rowney
A4 sketchbook and this is really popular and my local art store
arts and crafts store right now. I get it from hobbycraft and it says pen and ink
basically. It also says it’s good for paint but I don’t think I ever used paint in
this sketchbook oh yeah I did! Actually it’s pretty good for paint. It does buckle a little bit but I like that again. The colour payoff is pretty nice. Wasn’t
really very good with watercolour at the point in time so that’s probably a
reason why this looks horrible but takes pencil pretty good. It is textured a
little bit so I don’t know how markers would go in this but I think that these
sketchbooks especially for the money. I can’t remember how much they art. I’ll
put a link in the description below if I remember but for these
sketchbooks and the price I am pretty sure they are pretty cheap. I would say that these are a
good investment if you want to go into a little bit more
media the pentel brush pen though I wouldn’t recommend but for
watercolour. Quick watercolour sketches if you don’t mind the buckling and for
pencil sketches it’s a pretty decent cheap sketchbook. This Daler Rowney mixed-media spiral sketchbook is pretty cool. It has – Sorry I forgot to tell you what this has. This has 50 sheets and it is 160GSM and it’s A5 size yeah 109lbs Pretty good one.
This one is 250 GSM and it is 8.3x 11 inches… Pretty good. It’s for mixed-media so you can
use paint, pencil, pen, chalk or pastel. Acid free. Pretty good. This is my first ever
watercolour piece and this was back in 2015 I wasn’t very good at drawing cartoon characters either but I tried to do a self portrait of me as a
cartoon. Paper is pretty good textures nice again wouldn’t recommend this for
pen and ink though You can get some really cool effects on this paper and
ignore what I’ve done here with the pencil.
anyway um it takes media nice it’s a good paper I have – I have actually um
torn out quite a lot of pages from here and I was kind of gutted that I started
doing this using col-erase with this because the paper’s too thick and too good to waste on just doing col-erase pencils to be honest. Coloured
pencil was actually really good it took a lot of layers and i was really
happy with the way this came out obviously not as realistic as i would
have liked it to be. My name was Caliente Dama back then. Takes paint pen and
washes quite well as well and it’s just an all-round good sketch book and I
think it was six pounds but again I’ll put the prices in the description
below I can’t remember the prices of them all. This is also a Daler Rowney one. this is an arteco jumbo value pad. 120 sheets and this was
like five pounds or something good value for money doesn’t recommend that you use
paint on it but you can use chalk or pastel and pen and pencil and it’s really really not that thick it’s 95 GSM and it’s 9.8×9.8 inches so it’s really really weird.
it’s very flimsy. If you use it a lot it’s very flimsy and because it has
120 sheets although it feels like a lot more. It gets beaten up quite quickly
and I’ve shown you this before This is faber castell fineliners
it takes them so well. There is a little bit of show through. No bleed through
that’s just rubbings from the next one. Takes pencil OK but it makes
the pencil rather shiny as you can see because it’s so smooth. oops that’s just ripped out great! I wouldn’t recommend one of these if you were wanting to
continue drawing in this for a while like a sketchbook., I wouldn’t recommend
this as a sketchbook. I would recommend this more for tearing out the pages because
literally – I started to let Caiden use this because I wasn’t going to use it much It is so easy to rip out and if you pull or move too much on it it will just come away Good value for money if you
want to do loose sketches or if you don’t mind your pages falling out
I will not be buying it again ever the paper is just a little above
printer paper I would say and the size is a bit weird so you can’t
exactly take these out and put them into portfolios or whatever. I’m gonna
talk about these now and I have the smaller versions as well. They’re great
for travel. These are great. I haven’t used them for any of the other
medium rather than coloured pencil but I do want to try other mediums apparently
they’re really nice for Copic markers. This one I’ve literally just said this
animal and this one and I wanted to show you the animal because I did animals as
well but coloured pencil takes great. Although you can’t get as much layers on
this as you can say watercolour paper or any thicker other paper. It is 80lbs. 180GSM and it’s 9×12 so yeah and there’s fifty sheets in
this one but this one is the other one that I use purely for portraits. Does get
a little bit shiny but I think that’s just due to how much I was pressing on
my pencils. I don’t even know if you can see that very well. No, you can’t see the shine I think I would have to lift it up. there we go.
There’s the shine and it’s all over the face. see it doesn’t look good lighting
and you can see every single pencil stroke but that is literally just me and the way that I did it. So this wouldn’t be very good if you were looking at it in good lighting. Like the lighting that I have got on now and someone was sitting where I am because they are weird-looking but from the camera they look pretty good to be honest. I’m missing my favourite one because I gave it to English Simmer
yeah I really do like this paper just some times I’m not motivated to draw on
this paper I like I don’t know want my drawings to have a toned background but I
think that you could draw absolutely anything on this and it would be really
nice so I do recommend these and I’m actually going to try it
it’s not spiral-bound becausespiral bound puts me off a bit from taking it out and about
because it’s just so flimsy. So I’m thinking about trying to get a soft
cover or hard cover sewn bound or something like that but these, I
definitely don’t recommend. Strathmore are really good quality. The only problem
with this is that I have to ship them in from a far away place but it’s okay
They are made in the USA and are really really good. I recommend! Last but not
least is this moleskine. I wanted to talk a little bit more about the moleskine because a lot of people recommend this to me and I was happy to
purchase this from Amazon. I was excited, super excited for it to come
it’s on one of my most watched videos on this channel and the haul
video. I was so excited for it to come in the mail. It just came that day and I was
so excited and I’ve had it for like over a year now and I hated it. I absolutely
hated it. The reason being is that it was a little bit more textured than what I
like and I didn’t expect it to be. That was one thing and then the other thing
was that and I’ve even tore the pages out and wrecked this the binding
because of it but the other reason was because basically when I put my watercolor onto it the colour would resist the paint and the water it would kind of like
if you put it down here it would kinda spread out and then leave a white patch
when you actually put the paint. I don’t know what the hell that’s all about. I
don’t know if that’s the quality of the paper or maybe I touched it with oily
hands or something but it was just not a good. I’m gonna give this another
go because I did did draw something, paint something and this with
watercolour and really – I was really proud of this
because it was my first every watercolour practice piece in a sketchbook and I
really like the way that came out the colours look absolutely beautiful on this
Really good. I just – the quality of the colour payoff is really good. The
texture is a bit weird you can get different textures on there but you can
also get really fine details so I think I’m gonna give it another chance. I mean, I
did this. It wasn’t year ago it was in April. I did this and I was just
playing with the colours and the effects that it did I love this I put white in
there a lot of people frown upon that but I don’t care. Didn’t put white on these that I was just practising shading and not doing a
very good job. It buckles quite a bit which was
quite surprising I can’t remember what this is if it’s a I really don’t know I
don’t know what it is. It has a pocket in the back and it came with this leaflet about the history of moleskine. The
history of a legend and stuff I’ve never read this. I just tucked it back in the
notebook. It’s really a really good quality notebook I like it. I’m gonna try it again and
I’m gonna do a review / sketchbook tour but my videos are gonna be
hopefully, I’m hoping that my videos are gonna be all about sketch – well not all about
sketchbooks but gonna have regular sketchbook content on them because I’m
really passionate about drawing and sketching and sketchbooks and I really
want to fill them all up. I’m not good at it yet. I don’t think I am but I’m
getting there and I’m trying to in my mind and my mentality I have the whole
you know this sketchbook is only meant for practising
and can be as messy as I want but in a way that’s good
some sketchbooks though I would like to fill up and have really nice drawings
and that you can look through my sketchbook and be inspired by rather
than being disgusted and I’m not saying that because I’m like – it’s just the way that I have treated sketchbooks I’ve always treated sketchbooks to look really ugly and I
don’t want that anymore. I want them to look nice
and I want to stroke them.. okay weird-o That’s my video. I hope that you
got something out of it. Thank you so much for watching and please remember to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video bye guys

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