Everything I watched in March [SUB ITA]

Hi guys it’s Debbie and today I’m here to
speak about everything I watched in March. This way I’ll be able to give my
short opinion on all the films and series I watched, as well as offer some
ideas about projects you might enjoy. An important note before getting right into
the video is that every single title on today’s
list is available online. As you know Italy is in a complete lockdown, we’re
not allowed to leave our houses and cinemas have been closed for basically
two months now. Probably your country has also taken measures to prevent the
spread of the new coronavirus and the best idea in general at the moment is to
stay at home. So don’t worry, every single film or series you will see on this list
today is available on various streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video…
you name it. And if it isn’t available there you can always rent it or purchase
it on various sites, even here on YouTube. Now let’s check these films out! So March
opened with a film from the 90s and you will see that there will be other older
films on today’s list, because I’ve been trying to catch up with my watch list
while there aren’t that many new films being released at the moment. The first
film I watched is called “Primal Fear”, a thriller starring Edward Norton in his
first role ever, but for which he was actually nominated for an Oscar. In
“Primal Fear” Norton portrays a young shy man who is accused of murder in a very
high-profile case. His lawyer is portrayed by Richard Gere, who has the
role of the arrogant overachiever who at first sees the case just as a means to
be in the spotlight, but who soon gets dragged deep into the case as the murder
case thickens and there is a lot more than what meets the eye. Everything in
the case points to the accused but his personality is so shy, so fearful that it
makes people question the whole situation even more.
I’ve always loved Edward Norton’s acting and to see him already as a professional
in his first film role ever really got me excited. And in general I couldn’t
believe I’d never seen this film before, because it’s totally up my genre alley
and I would highly recommend watching it. After “Primal Fear” I watched a series I
absolutely loved, although the topic it covers is definitely not one of the
happiest. The series is called “The Act” and it covers the real-life story of
Gypsy Rose Blanchard, a girl who in the public eye was seen suffering from a
multitude of health conditions, as well as always been in a wheelchair, being
fed through a tube, always taking various medications, wearing hearing aids, wigs…
you name it. Because of the cost of the condition she receives a lot of
donations, including a brand new house where she lives with her mother. But as years go by Gipsy starts to think for herself, she
forms her own personality, she meets people beyond just her mother and she
starts to wonder whether she actually has these conditions or whether she is
forced by her mother to live like that. And from that moment things start to
spiral out of control. This series is very well put together,
it doesn’t just throw facts out there, it focuses a lot on the mother-daughter
relationship, on the psychological consequences of that lifestyle, on the
feelings of guilt and power. And I think the two protagonists were wonderfully
portrayed by Joey King and Patricia Arquette. The next film I watched instead
is one I wouldn’t recommend as much, it’s one I didn’t really enjoy that much and
that is “Spenser Confidential”. Now I hate kicking off with the title I didn’t like,
it makes me appear like one of those film snobs. But stay tuned because there
is a lot on our way, including Shia LaBeouf slapping tanning
lotion onto Elvis Presley’s granddaughter’s legs. Returning to
“Spenser Confidential” in general it received wide publicity before its
released but then it was hardly spoken about just a few days after people had
started watching it, as many hadn’t really felt engaged by it.
“Spenser Confidential” is an action film in which Mark Wahlberg portrays a
former police officer who ends up in jail for beating up one of his superiors.
When he is released from jail years later odd events start to happen,
people start to get seriously hurt or killed and everything points in his
direction, because all the victims are tied to him somehow. So he
has to try to figure out what is going on and defend his innocence. The premise
is quite interesting and Mark Wahlberg is always very good at his roles, but I just
never felt engaged by the story, I never enjoyed it by being caught up in the
events and it seemed rather like a bland bunch of action
sequences, rather than the “Pain & Gain” style plot we were all expecting. But I
know many did enjoy it so if you have seen this film please leave a comment
below letting me know your opinion on it. Then as I was mentioning earlier, not
having the opportunity of watching many new film releases, I have been catching
up with some older titles on my watch list. And a film I had been meaning to
watch for ages was “The Deer Hunter”, starring Robert De Niro, Christopher
Walken, John Cazale, Meryl Streep… just to name some. In “The Deer Hunter” a group of
very close friends is sent to fight in the Vietnam War, a time during which in
addition to physical struggles and physical consequences, the protagonist
suffer deeply on a psychological level, with some of them carrying effects in
the long term. So the film analyses many topics, including strong friendships and
how those friendships stick even in the toughest moments, the effects war has on
the mind, how interacting in society becomes very hard and also how your
conception of death and the value you give to life change after experiencing
life at war. So it gets pretty dark in some moments. I’m very pleased I finally
watched this film, it gave me a lot of food for thought even though I have
never ever experienced anything even close to what the characters have to go
through. It’s a very interesting project. Then one evening, even to please a
younger member of the family we were deciding whether to re-watch “Zootopia” or
“Sing”, two animated films which feature animals as the characters. Now although I
would have preferred to re-watch “Zootopia” in the end the decision was
for “Sing”. I could vaguely remember the general idea behind the film, so
basically different animals who audition for a music competition set
up by failing theatre owner as his last hope to get business back and running.
But I definitely couldn’t remember how the plot carried on from there and all
the various smaller details, which in the end as adults become the funniest part
of the film. For example there’s a group of cute foxes who are auditioning as the
stereotypical east asian pop girl group routine, and it’s absolutely hilarious
with Matthew McConaughey as the Koala trying to speak Japanese with them. If
you’re looking for something quick, light-hearted and fun this could be a
good idea. That same evening I watched a very different
film called “Lost Girls” which speaks about the real-life mystery of the Long
Island serial killer. Now this film is nowhere even closer to bigger thrillers
like “Se7en” or “Zodiac”, who really have you on the edge of your seat throughout the
whole plot. But I think that the most interesting aspect of this film is that
although the real-life investigation revealed 10 to 20 bodies, many people
have never ever heard of this story. The film mainly focuses on the family of one
victim in particular, who the family are desperately looking for, but whose search
reveals the bodies of other girls, it sparks the whole larger investigation.
The saddest part about this film and about the actual real-life investigation
is that because many of the victims were associated with being prostitutes, the
investigation took a path it shouldn’t have taken and probably wouldn’t have
taken if the demographic of the victims had been different. So it gives us a lot
to chew on. Then believe it or not I watched for the first time ever “Kick-Ass”,
which…. confession time…. for years I had mistaken with “Scott Pilgrim vs. The
world”, which I also still need to watch. “Kick-Ass” is the superhero name a regular
kid gives himself after deciding he wants to create a new identity as a
superhero, even if he doesn’t have any power. He thinks this is a reasonably
easy job, until he starts to get into trouble with crime bosses and he also meets other people who have dedicated
their whole life to becoming superheroes, they have trained for that. Although this
film has received a lot of criticism I think it’s hilarious, because it’s very
self ironic, it’s a fun take on some comic based films which take themselves
way too seriously. Another film you probably won’t believe
I only watched for the first time now in 2020 is “Clueless”, but which has been
around for such a long time and has been so heavily featured online that I
actually knew more less what the plot was about and I had
seen most of the most iconic scenes. But I had never sat down and watched
the whole thing from start to end. The protagonist in “Clueless” is a very rich
and entitled high school girl who enjoys this chic lifestyle with her best
friends and she isn’t particularly socially conscious. Things start to
change when a new and very different girl joins school and befriends the
protagonists, who start to reflect on their approach to the world. I think that
with this film people are torn between itching to compare it to “Mean Girls” and
boldly defending it as a film of its own. I think “Mean Girls” is more comedic, it
has some more straightforward funny scenes, while “Clueless” is more of a
romantic teenage story, which turns out to be funny because of how the
protagonist behave. The same day I watched another oldish film called
“Unfaithful” in which the protagonist is… unfaithful. Summarising the plot very
briefly, Richard Gere portrays a very busy bossy man, who loves his family very
dearly but who has a very straightforward, businesslike approach to
things. So his wife lives a very wealthy lifestyle, she has everything she could
ever want, but when she meets a young, French, artsy, passionate man she falls
for him mostly because of his free bohemian attitude and they start having
an affair. I think this film correctly depicts everything that an affair
entails and how it affects all the parties involved from many different
points of view. It wasn’t really one of my favorite films of the month and I
think that in some moments it was trying a little too much to justify certain
behaviours, but I guess that altogether it wasn’t really that terrible. That same
evening (yes I know I watched a lot that day) I watched “Pet Sematary”, mostly
because I meant to see it at the cinema when it first came out and Amazon Prime
Video was pushing it in my face every time I logged onto the platform. And as
we all know, I always fall victim to the Big Brother and I watched it.
Now “Pet Sematary” is very hard to explain without giving away spoilers, but
skipping around the main revealing facts…. a family moves into a new house and this new house borders on to an animal
cemetery, a place where people can bury their pets. But of course this being a
horror movie that cemetery is no regular place, things can happen there and even
affect humans. I really don’t know how to say this without spoilers. This is no
masterpiece horror but it’s the perfect popcorn on the sofa,
Friday night film with your friends… after the quarantine is over!
On that topic I watched another horror film which is totally different. It’s
absolutely not the “Final Destination” or “Paranormal Activity” kind of horror film
you would watch with your friends commenting on all the absurd things that
happen. It’s rather the film you’d watch with a more introspective mood, a fancy
drink and a fancy dinner… it’s called “A Ghost Story” and this film received a lot
of credit and discredit for the same identical reasons. To sum the film up in
one sentence: the story covers the life of a man who dies and becomes a ghost,
haunting the house where his wife still lives. The film has very few lines of
dialogue and it mostly follows the ghosts moving around the house and other
connected environments, while we reflect upon what happened, grief and moving on
after death. In addition to that it was filmed in a particular ratio which
purposely makes you feel as if you were trapped in a box and it has many long
scenes, for example one in which Rooney Mara just sits on the floor in her
kitchen and eats a whole pie.. for 10 minutes straight. So on the one hand
people have complained about this film being too slow,
while others have praised the symbology throughout the story and the way the
theme of grief is covered. I can see the reasoning behind both points of view, I
really like some scenes but it’s definitely not a film I want to re-watch
anytime soon. I then watched a really fun film I had
seen the trailer for a few months back, but which then I had completely
forgotten about and that is “Fighting with my family”,
starring Florence Pugh. This film is based on the real story of a family in England
who dedicate their whole life to wrestling. Everybody in the family is
involved in the wrestling industry, they even organise their shows,
but they’re still limited to their small-town world. But everything changes
when the daughter (Florence Pugh) is picked to be trained for the WWE over in
the United States and she discovers the difference between hometown wrestling
and putting on a professional show. This film is really really fun. It’s hilarious
when it needs to be hilarious, it’s deep in the right moments. If you like films
with Nick Frost for example the Cornetto trilogy, or even very self ironic films
for example “Baywatch” with The Rock, you will enjoy this film. After that I
watched a huge classic which believe it or not I hadn’t seen yet. But I watched
“Apocalypse Now” for the first time in 2020. “Apocalypse Now” is one of the biggest films of the 70s… and of all time really,,, and it is one of the biggest films to
cover the topic of the Vietnam War. It’s the story of a secret mission to find a
high-ranking United States officer who is hidden away in Vietnam, not following
any rules, commanding in his own way and presumably gone insane. So the film
opens briefly introducing us to this premise, to the soldier who is appointed
to the mission and then it jumps into a full hour of one of the most
mind-blowing battle scenes ever. This was one of the few Vietnam War scenes which
made me think of how it was just a complete nightmare. This film really
grabs your attention, overall it’s pretty long and intense, it follows the style of
its time, but it is one of those classic films you have to watch at some point.
Then just to keep things a little varied, I rewatched “Pets”, because we were looking for “Pets 2” on Netflix, couldn’t find it weren’t bothered to look for it elsewhere
and just re-watched the first chapter. Again, just as with sing I could vaguely
remember the general outline of the plot but not the details. It’s the story of a
group of pets that end up lost outside their houses on the streets of New York
and are trying to find their way home. These are fancy city pets who aren’t
able to get by in life without the help of their owners and they have to deal
with stray animals who are portrayed as street thugs, gangsters. The funniest part
of this film for adults, just as with “Zootopia” and
“Sing” are all the additional details, for example the fact that Kevin
Hart voices this thug bunny, but who is all cute and fluffy and called Snowball.
Another film on Netflix and one that Netflix has been trying to make me watch
for months is “1922”, based on the short story of the same name by the master of
terror Stephen King. As the title suggests the film is set in 1922, on a
farmhouse somewhere deep in the rural Nebraska countryside, where a married
couple fight over many issues including whether they should sell a portion of
the land and whether they should even continue as a couple. But things escalate
to the point that Mr. Husband murders Mrs. Wife. But that’s when things start
to get really messed up. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but I must say
that I agree with what most viewers say about this film: it’s not so much of a
splatter horror film, but more of a depressing depiction of what the
consequences of bad choices are. Actually many famous films based on Stephen King
works for example “The Green Mile”, “The Shining”, “Carrie” always have something more
than just the straightforward pure horror element, and that’s what makes
them so compelling. Then I watched “American Honey”, an interesting and
dazzling story of a young woman from a very poor and troubled background who is
offered the job opportunity of travelling around the country with a
door-to-door sales crew. It isn’t a huge job opportunity and getting on with the
other crew members can be tough at times, but at least she gets to be away from some
of her problems at home, she has a roof over her head and she gets to meet new
people, for example Jake portrayed by Shia LaBeouf. I had no doubts LaBeouf
would have been amazing here, he’s always been able to make us forget that he is
just another actor taking on yet another role and he totally convinces us that he
is that character. In this case his role is that of the mysterious, attractive but
also bit dodgy co-worker who manages to charm everybody, but who can also be
quite a pain and a little too aboveboard. So although the story is a little
repetitive and it is nearly three hours long,
the wonderful photography, the cast chemistry and an amazing soundtrack
really made the time fly by. I then finally caught up with the film you have
been suggesting for a very long time, a film I knew I would likem a film that
always popped up as recommended and so basically a film I knew I had to watch
before spoilers came too close to me… And that is “The Machinist”. This is the famous
film in which Christian Bale looks like this, as he portrays a man who is
tormented day and night by various thoughts. He claims he hasn’t been able
to sleep in ages and soon odd events begin to occur his workplace and later
in his private life, so he tries to piece together the facts, he tries to figure
out what is happening but the more he digs and the more everything gets
confusing, leading on to an astonishing ending. If I have to be honest, this film
didn’t surprise me as much as other “you have to watch this twice” films, mostly
because every single piece of information you can find about “The
Machinist” refers to a mind-blowing ending, something unexpected, a storyline
which confuses you. It’s never presented as a regular story which then turns out to
be weird. So the surprise factor kind of comes less here. But ignoring all of that
the film was pretty impressive and it gets you so caught up in the events that in
the end it only feels like a short story. Coming up next on the list is a film
which actually goes by three different titles: “The Platform”, also known as “El
Hoyo” and also known as “The Hole”. Whatever title you prefer it’s a Spanish
film based on the concept of a prison built on different levels and with one
food platform moving between these levels. As there are countless levels
inside the prison, theoretically if the people above only ate the
appropriate, necessary amount of food there would be enough for the people
below. But that never works out, for a series of reasons I will not spoil, as
well as there being many other strict rules the prisoners must follow. This is
a very interesting and provocative film because the prison system becomes a
metaphor for our society in general. of how we only act
with our personal well-being in mind and how our conditions can affect the way we
approach other people. Ok and then each month there seems to be a teen-oriented
film, for example last month it was “To the boys I’ve loved before”. But the film
I watched this month was actually suitable for old older
audiences, because the topic it covers isn’t strictly an adolescent issue. The film
I’m speaking about is “To the bone”, which covers the topic of eating disorders. In
particular it follows the life of a young woman, who is struggling with
anorexia and is admitted to a specialised care home to follow an
inpatient treatment. At the beginning of the film I mistakenly thought it was
going to go down the path of the “eating disorders are bad, but we also picked a
quirky main character who still looks beautiful with her grunge clothing and big
sunglasses and smokey eye makeup!”. But cleverly that was the phase in which the
protagonist still thought she had everything under control, she is very
ironic about it. But as soon as she is admitted into the house with other
patients with similar situations the film takes a deeper twist and starts
showing us (and the protagonist )how it’s not all a joke or trend or a social
media aesthetic, but rather a life-threatening issue which affects
everybody close to the patient. So it turned out to be a film that attracts
younger audiences, but which then it tackles a topic in a very mature manner.
My next pick was a film from the 90s: “A Time to Kill”, starring Matthew
McConaughey, Kevin Spacey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson… it had a huge cast! “A
Time to Kill” is set in a small town in which racism and racist acts regularly
occur. For example the film opens with two men raping and nearly killing a
young girl. The girl’s father (Samuel L. Jackson) is beyond furious with what
happened, especially knowing that these men are probably going to get away with
their crime. To solve the problem he decides to take the matter in his own
hands and kill the men, then hiring a lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) to defend him
in a very controversial courtroom case. The
story is provocative, stimulating because it gets us thinking about what we would
have done in that situation and what justice actually is.a “A Time to Kill” was
actually one of three big legal thrillers I watched this month. The other
one was “The Client”, a story of two children who are randomly playing in
some woods when they stumble across a man with huge ties to the Mafia, who is
about to commit suicide. Because of this these children become potential sponges
of information this guy could have confessed before killing himself. So they
are hounded by the press on the one side and hunted down by mobsters who want to
silence them on the other, while lawyers bicker over all the legal proceedings
surrounding the case. Instead the third legal thriller I watched was “High Crimes”…
which is very hard to introduce without revealing spoilers… Putting it down
rather bluntly it is the story of a former soldier who is accused of
brutally murdering a group of civilians during a mission in a rural town in El
Salvador. The information about the massacre is very confusing, there are issues
with witnesses, with proof of facts, with people who might be covering up what
actually happened… it’s a mess. It’s a mess that actually requires more than
one lawyer, one of which is actually portrayed by Morgan Freeman. But
out of these three films the one I liked the most and the one I would definitely
recommend is “A Time to Kill”. Then halfway into the month and a good couple of
weeks into lockdown I felt I needed something a little more cheerful to
watch, compared to “The Machinist” at 2 am. And I asked you guys for some
recommendations. And I’ll never be grateful enough, because you sent in a
ton of suggestions and I started watching them. The first title I picked
was “I love you Phillip Morris”, a delightful film starring Ewan McGregor
and Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey portrays a man who is good at heart, who wants the best
for himself and his boyfriend but who achieves that through a variety of
different schemes, which get him in a lot of
trouble and from which he tries to get out in every possible way. This film is
basically unknown, I had never seen it promoted anywhere. But I can’t stress
this enough: please go watch it! It haf me laughing out loud at the screen in some
moments, crying my eyes out in the next… I loved it. I would definitely recommend it. The
other title I picked from your recommendations is “Super Deluxe”, an
Indian film which isn’t necessarily the the most cheerful, but which definitely
gets your mind off of things for a couple of hours. This film can be a bit
complex: it follows different storylines but which then eventually tie together
somehow. There is a story of a woman who cheats on her husband, but during sex the
partner dies and she has to figure out to what to do with the body,
how to cover the whole story up. Then there’s the story of a father who leaves
his family only to later return as a transsexual woman, alarming his family
and then having to deal with the closed mentality of his neighbourhood. And the
third storyline is that of three young friends who don’t have just one main
circumstance but who end up in various troubled situations, they get a lot of
things messed up. I know there are many people who still think that Indian films
are one big ultra choreographed musical with a dramatic love-story thrown in
and Power Ranger style explosions in the background. So films like “Super Deluxe”
are really showing the world what Indian cinema looks like now in the 21st
century. I am slowly catching up with the other cheerful films you recommended, so
stay tuned in the next videos to see what I think about them. I also made my
own solo attempt at looking for something a little cheerful as I watched
the romantic comedy “Always be my maybe”. This is a very unpretentious film, this
is very light-hearted, it’s the kind of romantic comedy you would watch once or
twice have a laugh and that’s it. It’s the story of two childhood friends (who at
one point in high school even had something a little romantic going on)
before adulthood arrived and they each went their own way: Sasha becomes a fancy, wealthy entrepreneur while Marcus remains close to home,
working in the family business and staying humble. One day years later they
meet again and you can imagine how the story goes on from there.
In reality this film has some very self ironic moments, especially the scenes
with Keanu Reeves who had me gasping for air from how much I was laughing. So it
nearly felt like a parody of your typical love story, but then it would
always fall back into the usual clichés of a romantic comedy. So again it’s
something you might watch once or twice just to put a smile back on your face,
but not a classic pick. Now in the “completely different from every other
film on today’s list” category is “Pretty Liars”,
a Nigerian movie I spoke more about in my more detailed “Crazy Nigerian Movies”
video and which became famous worldwide because of the “Why are you running” meme. Woman: *Screaming* Guy: Why are you running? Why are you running?? So although the Nigerian film industry is
one of the most prolific in the whole world, the budget of most of their
companies is very limited compared to what is behind some of the big
blockbusters we are used to seeing in cinemas. For this reason Nigerian films
(and African films as a whole) have been ridiculed by those who… stick to the safe
side of things… if you will. But I loved the idea of always trying something new.
As you’ve seen on today’s list I watched “Apocalypse Now” the same
evening of “Sing” and a few days later I was watching Indian teenagers wishing
they could meet Sunny Leone, followed by Shia LaBeouf slapping tanning lotion
onto Elvis Presley’s granddaughter’s legs. And we’re still not even at the end
of the list! Always be open to try something new.
Anyway the Nigerian film in this case, “Pretty Liars” is the story of women who
aren’t wealthy, but who create a fake and rich and bossy appearance to basically
have it easier in life. Because of this attitude they display, rather than
receiving a better treatment they usually get themselves into arguments
and sticky situations from which they try to get out in a very chaotic manner.
But as we’re speaking of uncommon works, March was the month in
which I finally watched “The Death of Dick Long”. So this film already had a
tease in the title, it had a bit of a naughty poster.. But I was sure it was
just to attract attention and that it would have followed the line of other films
such as “Swiss Army Man” which at the time promoted itself as a castaway guy using
a dead body as a swiss army knife, before we realised the actual plot went into
full psychological analysis mode. I knew “The Death of Dick Long” would have
followed along similar lines also because it’s produced by A24, a company
which tends to be a little picky about unique, uncommon, interesting storylines.
The film is set in a rural town in which everybody knows each other and everybody
has a pretty regular, slow going life. Our main characters are a group of friends who
enjoy their time together drinking, playing music, joking about until one evening
something happens and one of them gets seriously hurt.
The film doesn’t really show us much more than that, just the friends dumping
him in front of a hospital and then escaping. So the rest of the plot tries
to put together the pieces of what actually happened that night…. and it just
gets more and more messed up. So if you’re looking for something… different… very
different… a little bit odd, this might be a good choice. Probably 18+ though.
Another uncommon pick for the month was a film, but which this time was
WEIRD WEIRD. I’m speaking about “Gummo”, a film from the 90s which feels more like
a documentary. It covers the life of the inhabitants of a small town in Ohio
which doesn’t offer many life opportunities or pastimes. The characters
don’t really have a particular direction in life, they mostly live day by day and
there are many weird situations going on. many inappropriate situations. In some
moments it looks a lot like some of the older Marilyn Manson music videos. I’m
really trying to not spoil anything about this film because the weirdness of
the story is better experienced without knowing anything about the plot. I know
some have criticised this film for not really having a point, not really having
a sense.. And I get where that’s coming from, but some of the situations
depicted in “Gummo” would not have had the same impact if they’d been portrayed in
a regular movie style. The choice of the odd documentary style, the inconsistent
audio and cinematography feel really more like an appropriate choice. Instead
probably what wasn’t an appropriate choice for myself during this worldwide
pandemic was watching a film called “It Comes at Night” about people who are hiding
away far away from others to avoid contagion by something… very dangerous.
I’m not going to say much more about this, as I haven’t said much more about
the other horror films on this list, but this movie in reality never goes down
the “World War Z”, “28 Days Later” kind of horror, a pandemic film. But it rather
analyses the scenario of social isolation, of fear and of trying to trust
other people but while trying to protect your own family. If you don’t feel like
watching this kind of film under the present circumstances that is
understandable, but it’s definitely not the usual contamination/outbreak/panic
style of film. Another film which is about isolation but not necessarily
terrible to watch right now is “Vivarium” with Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. In
this film the two actors portray a young couple who are house hunting. One day
they visit a brand new neighbourhood, but instead of just making a short visit
to one of the houses, they end up stuck in the area. The whole neighbourhood is a
sort of maze they can’t leave and after trying to get out in many ways they
realise they’re forced to stay there, isolated from the rest of the world in
one of these houses. Not only that, they then receive a
mysterious box containing a baby and a message stating that the only way out of
that situation is by raising the child. So although this film is about isolation
I don’t think it’s that bad to watch at the moment mostly because everything
that happens in that film is completely far away from anything we will
experience during this time. Let’s put it like that because I don’t want to say
anything more to not spoil the plot. Instead a much funnier film I watched is
“The Polka King”, a very unplanned choice of movie
I randomly saw on Netflix and decided to watch without even reading up about it,
I just saw Jack Black and I clicked. “The Polka King” is the true story of a Polish
immigrant to the United States who has a rather successful polka band, but who is
struggling financially. After working multiple jobs to barely make ends meet
he decides to start making money by organising various investment schemes
and high-stake projects.. which even involved the Pope and Miss Pennsylvania. It is a roller coaster of money found, money lost, the police involved.. it was
a mess. But it was so funny to watch, especially knowing that this was actually
a real story that really happened. I know many have criticized Jack Black in this
film for having more of a standard Eastern European accent rather than a
specifically Polish one and the film consequently been very cringe-worthy. I
can’t speak for the accent but I think it was generally a pretty funny film and
it had that absurd “Nacho Libre”/”School of Rock” kind of humour which is funny
because of the the characters are completely convinced of what they’re
doing, that’s where the humor comes from. Following “The Polka King” on the list
is a movie called “Guns Akimbo” which became famous because of this photo of
Daniel Radcliffe on set wearing basically nothing except for a
dressing-gown and huge furry slippers, pointing guns with a crazy expression on
his face. And I decided to watch the film just to figure out what was actually
going on there. Basically “Guns Akimbo” is set in a future in which people enjoy
watching other people fight to death, real people fight to death.
It’s a sort of millennial version of “Gamer” with Gerard Butler. Daniel
Radcliffe’s character is forced into taking part into this deadly game, he is
assigned to an enemy and his only way out is by killing the enemy or being
killed himself, although he totally isn’t the Gerard Butler action kind of guy. As a
matter of fact the funniest aspect of the film in my opinion is that it’s it
makes fun of many action film/video game cliches.
So the actors actually behave how people in real life would react under those
circumstances, they say normal things in a relatable way, which obviously then
appears even more out of context and even funnier.
Ok we’ve nearly reached the end of the list. I watched “The Incredibles 2”, which
yes I know who is released like two or three years ago. I was really excited to watch
it back at the time but then I read one negative review and I don’t know why
I acted like a total sheep and I thought “You know what, I’ll watch it sometime later on…”
And it took three years but we’re here now. Better late than never! “The
Incredibles” is an animated saga based on a world in which superheroes are not
always seen in the best manner, because of some incidents in which probably just
calling the police would have resulted in a less dangerous situation. The
protagonists are a group of superheroes who regardless of this still try to do
some good in the world, while also having to solve their own personal family
issues. Now I’m just going to say it: the first film was better than the second
one, and I don’t think we really cared about what the new action background
storyline was about, we just wanted to see new sketches involving the
family members. And we were curious about what the Underminer would do. I mean I
barely felt captivated by the whole action story behind the second chapter
and I was only excited when the film showed the characters and their various
characteristics. But I know many people enjoyed this film, so if you have seen it
remember to leave a comment down below and let me know your opinion. I then
found a series on Netflix which I binge watched in one evening:
“Unorthodox”. This series is based on the real story of a woman who used to belong
to a close-knit community of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn New York. Everybody in
that community (up ’til today) follow very very strict rules: as soon as people
become of age there is an arranged wedding and then the women are required
to have as many children as possible, most of them averaging 10 children by
the age of 40, they basically live without the internet, hardly speaking
English even if it’s New York… And this is especially tough for women, I mean
even girls faces are blacked out with markers in kids’ elementary school books.
So “Unorthodox” follows the story of a young woman who felt like she didn’t fit
in that community and tried to escape to Berlin, even though she had no particular
skills or experience outside the reality she had grown up in. I loved this series
because it has a very mature approach to the topic,
it shows everybody’s point of view and it never falls into melodramatic cliches.
It made me think a lot about the concept of identity, of group identity and what
freedom really is. I then watched a film starring Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal
(it had actually been a while since I’d seen one of his films) and Tobey Maguire…
it’s called “Brothers”. In this film Jake Gyllenhaal portrays the troublesome
brother, the one that just came out to jail, is always in some sort of trouble,
while Tobey Maguire is the sensible home dad and most importantly an army
captain. Now without spoilers (and this could be pretty hard) Tobey Maguire’s
character leaves for Afghanistan and something happens in Afghanistan,
something big and nasty. So his wife (Natalie Portman) is left alone at home,
she has to look after her children, look after the house. And troublesome
brother Jake Gyllenhaal starts to take on the role of the father figure in the
house, he starts helping around, looking after the children. So the film offers a
lot to chew on regarding loneliness, anger, resentment, jealousy… a lot of
different emotions. And I personally think that Tobey Maguire gave a
fantastic interpretation of his role here. And now the last film I watched in
March, I watched it late on the 31st and that is “Waves”, a dazzling story of a family
dealing with many issues, most of them involving the son who has everything he
could ever want in life, but who is still struggling to find his place. Now when I
first started watching this film I thought: “Ok.. here it goes again..
The pretty Tumblr film about the spoilt rich kid who goes to aesthetic parties, fights
with his parents”. But then in reality the film takes a very unexpected and
thought-provoking path. Under many aspects “Waves” reminded me a little of
“Euphoria”, a series which depicts teenagers struggling with different
issues and the snowball effect that that has on their family and their
environment. “Waves” was absolutely fantastic, it was one of the films that
reminded me of how important my love for cinema is in my life. And -bonus factor- (I
don’t know anything about this film because I didn’t watch the trailer) it
has Lucas hedges in it, and you all know how I love him as an actor and how I’m
always looking out for more of his roles. But with that we have finished today’s
list! If you’re still watching thank you so much, I’d love to hear your thoughts
on the films that series I spoke about today and also I would love to hear what
you’ve been watching. So please let me know with a comment down below. I hope
you enjoyed this video, if you did make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you soon
in a new one, bye!

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