Every Trump Financial Thread Pulled Results In Scandal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • I have been walking on my hind legs since the '50s. I was stationed in the NYC area during the '70s and '80s. I had never associated the Trump name as anything other than drama. Now pundits mock his antics. The thing that threatens this nation is the lack of literacy within the general citizenry. Trump is, from my observations, who Trump has always been. Putting the embedded "white people being white people" aside, blame the country's politically controlled education systems that have delivered a willfully ignorant voter base. So, everyone, just keep chanting USA-USA-USA and donning your American flag lapel pins as the lights are turned down on this Road House troupe.

  • 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • How the f can trump go free, Americans rise up ffs. And maga people, he is screwing you in public and you cheer him on. Just how much abuse are you willing to take from this orange muppet?

  • Trump could have been impeached 100 times by now he's committed so many crimes they've proven he's part of. Pelosi is a GOP lapdog and is pretending to be a Democrat when in reality she's just as guilty of covering his crimes as the Senate by refusing to bring up impeachment until they couldn't look the other way anymore without looking complicit. It's a high shame that almost no one cared to vote for what is right except for the one LDS Senator who didn't want to see God and have to explain why he protected that demon and voted with his conscience.

  • Taxes and scams are what keeps trump happy. His sister gives up her seat for life as a judge to shield her brother.facts facts that trump and friends call bad news

  • Is Rachel ever going to get tired of being wrong

  • It doesnt matter.. Republicans can do WHATEVER they want right now.


  • He would pardon Jeffrey Epstein if he could too bad someone killed him before he told on all of them “Big Tymers” 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Trump was his Buddy!!! Ughh, he’s such a POS!!! 💯 Period.

  • Get Trump out of presidency like I said months ago …what more needs to be done???? ..is the senate full of lunatics or what??? There is no stopping what my God said

  • Oh shut up commie sympathiser.

  • Why has no one investigated his sister Mary Trump? She was a Federal Judge. Why hasn't there been an investigation to discern the role she played (allegedly) in intervening in cases against her brother and his partners in crime? She resigned amid allegations of tax fraud (not surprisingly) shortly after Trump won the electoral college vote that gave him the presidency. Just asking!

  • good points Rachel, now here's the key question…….WHY DOESN'T ANYONE CARE?????

  • "The Greatest, Deadliest & Most Corrupted Money Launderer, Through Government & Drug Dealing Fund's, In Addition To U.S. Real Estate As Collateral, Supported By Russian & Saudi Arabian Oligraph's, "IN HISTORY, SITTING IN THE OVAL OFFICE OF THE WHITE HOUSE,


  • How desperate are you Madcow?

  • The fat lady is singing, because she didn’t receive the hush-money from the fat man. It also means that the America that we knew and loved, and was maybe even respected, is done.

  • All this talk about Trump's sins and crimes. People being paid to talk because it keeps the people QUIET, thinking they (Trump's crimes) are being addressed. In fact, they never have been.

  • The only reason Donald Trump wants to be re-elected is so he can stay out of jail. As the quintessential narcissist he is perfectly placed as POTUS and has no other interests than his own, private ones. It is terribly interesting to see such a person on the throne of the world for all to see.

  • Remember when Maddow had evidence of Russian collusion with Donald Trump, yea,,,,, I would believe her now. ROTFL here!

  • Rachel forgets that MANY Americans think Trump did great, it is part of the culture of extreme capitalism to condone crimes to make money. E.g. $40 million from the Trump University scam, litigation settled fo $25 million, gives a gross revenue $15 million, minus cost of operation of say $5 million, leaves a net profit $10 million or 25% of gross revenue. That is considered the work of a genius. 10% net on gross revenue? Wow! Most Americans LOVE that. It is in their culture of extreme capitalism where care for other people is considered 'stupid'.

  • So what's going to be done about it? Absolutely nothing, so why report about it?

  • But but but Hillary's emails!

  • Felony president and his criminal officials! Enjoy!

  • The republican party is the smoke and mirrors party. hypocrites of the worst kind. but sadly they are as hard to remove as bedbugs and cockroaches

  • Hypocrites

  • The LaRouche group claims American law is a "fraud". Of course they are Trump supporters and Trump seems to be trying to take down the USA with the help of human garbage like that German nazi group — LaRouche and Trump's other ilk. Like the mormon "church" who teaches that "communism is the perfect form of government" and "we will take control of the US government and all Americans will be forced to go to Missouri to be judged". Missouri is the seat of that ignorant heinous group. Normal people do not support Trump. Only haters of the USA support that freak.

  • IRS are so strict with low & fix income employees like me. . .

  • Follow the Money. Biden held one Billion dollars from Ukraine. DNC lets billionaire join the democratic race and changes everything so he can get in. Follow the Money

  • Trump was right when he said that NOBODY CARE. The way you present this does more harm then good, in getting the right results.

  • American people have to take back their country from Trump and his family
    Trumps make America great again 😧 has nothing to do with the people
    Republican puppets 🙊🙉🙈 have closed their eyes,hear what Trump demands,and speak his lies to cover up his sins
    Most of these Republicans were bought, and the others only follow (their not leaders)
    Take America back from Dictator wannabes ,or America will loose their freedom
    Don't become a country like Russia, North Koria and other countries without say
    America Land of the free Home of the brave , Make America the people's country not a country of one

  • Exceptionalism White Crook.

  • And we want another Billionaire in office…no we want F'ing Bernie

  • I broke off my friendship with at least 3 different people because they still blindly support this criminal after all these proof of his criminal activities. I’m dumbfounded that they can still have blind faith in him. I don’t need that kind of people in my life. Toxic people.

  • I'd say every aspect of MSNBC reporting is panicked, desperate and lacks credibility b/c of it…… it fails by insulting intelligence.

  • Follow the money???? Hillary Clinton ring a bell? Where is that story? huh huh huh … nowhere.

  • Trump won't show his taxes and Jr said a disproportionate amount of their money came from Russians. That's what they are hiding.

  • God I can't believe you still have a job. Lowest unemployment in 50 years. Hay lady how businesses do own and run. Your a joke. Run your mouth on fake news. Bla Bla Bla

  • This young man doesn't quit, does he?

  • Every time they get ahold of his name the reporters make up a lie then spread it?

  • A criminal hiding in plain view… White House is a Sanctuary now… and he points fingers against sanctuaries… and people turn a blind eye.

  • I click on Maddow to watch a nut.

  • Some "patriots" want to dream that they got him into the White House, sorry to bust your bubble, it was foreign money and schemes. Wake up!

  • Trump will certainly bankrupt America just like he has so many businesses. Without thought or knowledge Trump operates on instinct. Hence he fails because he failed to plan. He needs to removed from office so the next president can make America great again! Trump operates scams to avoid paying taxes and making money ( money laundering? ).

  • lifetime career criminal family. Rob, con, bamboozle, defraud, corrupt, and implicate, then run and hide in plain sight. at least 4 generations.

  • Google- 2 Thessalonians 2. There is no other answer to his EVIL!…Wisdom

  • If not for the media and the press, none of this stuff would be known at all. Now that they have done all of the good work he now escapes justice by means of the corruption or decimation of the agencies of law and order,
    And of course the collusion and treasonous support of the Republicans and heretical 'churches' of Satan.
    Trump has corralled all of the corrupt and unpatriotic crooks that he could find to perpetuate his criminal schemes.

  • Desperate much Maddow? God ur irrelevance is at fever pitch. Only your small minded minions of which there are only a few, believe a word that comes out of ur mouth. Trump = Winning. MSNBC = Losing. Badly.

  • Trump is corrupt

  • Love your work Rachael Maddow! Good luck cracking through the cult…?

  • Trump has a sister!?

  • America is a country that was built on lies and deceit. And now you have a truly corrupt individual as the POTUS you are witnessing corruption and criminal activity and they don’t even have to hide it anymore. Sit back relax and fasten your seatbelts.

  • Bernie – Oprah 2020

  • I think this Madcow man should be in jail for lying to the public. Your lies are creating mentally ill resisters of reality. You are a horrible person.

  • Anti-christ trumpet is ruining the U.S.

  • Communist morron

  • Thank you, Rachael. Research : Where is all the money going from all the benefits that are being canceled? . Follow the money and report ..as more changes are coming.

  • Trump says judge's Mexican heritage presents "absolute conflict". How did this racist MF get elected? This is not fake news.

  • Ele envolver in 👻fantasminha em escândalo.se nunca ter visto como vai ver um fantasma . ne mesmo

  • Hey , isn't that Smirk Face the Trump hater ? Oh i sure believe everything she says. Bwaaahahha !

  • He's Running the country like a SUCCESSFUL business ! Jobs instead of jailcells ! 😁 Hope instead of Despair for the masses ! God Bless Trump ! 😀 Keep America Great !

  • Trump is your everyday white man or woman.

  • And people believe this drama queen smfh

  • There is a 3 part series on utube callen Trump/Putin follow the money it's by ABC news check it out and see for yourself

  • With a heavy heart! I must confess that Potus is the greatness magician who has ever occupied the highest level of government! See In my opinion! his trickery looks to be second to none! I'm smh and lol why? Because he has single handedly hypnotized his base to the point of no return to their reality! And that, I do believe! Wow what a magical show he is!…

  • Lies, Lies, Lies! Your twisted narratives don't fool everybody! DEMOCRATS the party of the foolished!

  • Why is this BS artist still on TV between her and don Lemon who is worse. The more she lies about the president the more she looks like a old man with a big head.

  • Screeeech! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is hilarious! Fake News! Democrats are completely done finished! Kaput! The only one going to prison is the Coup Cabal supporters violating Rule of Law for Treason that you the media supports!

  • Trump has more Class in his Cuff Links than the entire Democrat line up of Social Communist Marxist losers! I’m voting Trump done with Mad Cow Fake News!


  • No hayan que buscar en Contra de El.🙏Ya dejenlo en paz carambas🙏🙏🙏

  • How can anyone watch this insane lunatic? Let me guess…. it's another constitutional crisis. You super sleuthes are pathetically entertaining. I'm almost ashamed to have watched.

  • As a Brit this president is the most corrupt president in the history of America..how can he be allowed by his republican Puddles to aquit him of impeachment….the whole trial was a scam period…never heard of a trial without witnesses… God help America..Vip

  • There’s a Madman in the Whitehouse! Fake hair, fake tan, fake university, fake charitable foundation, fake casinos, real con-man grifter. Wake Up America! WTFU! 😳

  • rachel you are insane – who is enslaving you ?

  • Why does Trump's sister get to step down from the bench & it all goes away for her? PROSECUTE HER!

  • Trump: "Kiss of Death".

  • This is everything a woman should not be

  • #nofinancialsnoereelection let's make it rain across the web!

  • And with all this……nothing happens wtf

  • Why can't we get any information on the economy and the employment situation here? …. nothing but TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP …. what about the American people and their lives for a change …. These talking heads and their obsession with Trump is way past its 'use by' date …. after three years I for one am absolutely sick of it.

  • There is no such thing as white collar crime under this potus.

  • Regarding the emolument clause : why are there no charges against him? What is the sense of complaining about it when nothing is done about it?

  • Trump knows there is a jail cell waiting for him if he is not re elected……….say no more

  • In America money buys anything – even justice, even war … it's a return to the aristocracy of Middle Ages – the law is not for them, only the common working man (who is bankrupted by even becoming sick).
    Corruption at this level must stop. It's not reps vs dems (that's a distraction and illusion of "votes makes us free"). Freedom comes from the law being applied to all.

  • YOU HYPOCRITE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjZTMlUKIwQ&feature=em-uploademail

  • 25 million paid to students?????LOL LOL not one penny was ever paid. 2 million fine for charity NEVER PAID. Republicans will always cover Dictator Trump.  November America must vote out all GOP.

  • Wait until you see the full extent of the BILLIONS he has been laundering for Russia's oligarchs through his real estate businesses. It is detailed well enough in those tax returns of his that he is paying the IRS to never release. He NEEDS to be hanged for treason in front of the Lincoln Memorial for the whole world to see. Nothing less will do.

  • Shut up little boy.

  • Trump has broken laws unconnected to his presidential powers. If we we're ever a country of laws, he would have been arrested and tried and impeached AFTER the arrest.Both parties are corrupt, so who would arrest him?

  • I guess I will just have to wait and see.

  • You look pretty stupid when you showed his taxes and showed how much he paid in taxes….. Keep trying to dig for RATINGS as your show dies off…

  • And yet, with all of his corruption, there are people who STILL support this monster. Go to trump's Twitter feed and look at all the slobbering they do over this incredibly corrupt wannabe dictator. It's amazing! trump isn't the only evil one. mcconnell is as evil as a person can get. mcconnell is as much a danger to our rule of law, to our democracy, as trump is. If not more so.

  • What do you really expect?

  • Do u think Tramp will Pardon Micheal as he did with all his Right hand Cons.

  • First and foremost with Trump is that it's all about the money. He's a proven carpetbagger, a flim-flam man. So, who did Trump share his decision to strike against the Iranian Major General with ? Not the Congress as he should have so maybe his family and his Billionaire buddies ? He has been reported as "roaming the halls of Mar A Lago, telling friends that he was working on a "big response"to the Iranian Regime that they would be hearing about …very soon.." Why would he do that ? Because there was billions to be made and lost as a consequence of it… "Oil Prices Surge, Stocks Slip After Death of Iranian General" ( https://www.voanews.com/economy-business/oil-prices-surge-stocks-slip-after-death-iranian-general ). A full forensic accounting of all major stock transactions should be done, focussed on Trump's family, cronies, and associates targeting the times that Trump's actions have caused wild swings in the market.

  • Oh what will you do after Bloomberg wins the nom. and you have to choose for President from two old white Republican billionaires from New York.

  • Wah,wah,waaaaa! Poor Rachael Madcow.

  • Is this thing supposed to be a journalist ?

  • He's just a crook

  • Ricky's at it again.

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