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OK now to a place that’s described as
a hospital that doesn’t feel like a hospital I’m referring to Evelina London which treats children many of whom have long-term health problems it opened back in 1869 which means of course that it’s a hundred and fifty years old this year Victoria Hollins has been looking at its history and its life-saving work This was a hospital built from love, founded in 1869 in one of the poorest parts of
Southwark it was funded entirely by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild after
his wife Evelina died in childbirth the hospital was considered a model
institution with light airy wards today a plaque marks the site the original
hospital walls form the edge of a small park and as the hospital has moved on so
have patient needs those diseases were disappearing, the infectious diseases like scarlet fever or rheumatic fever but what was then becoming important was
the recognition that children with heart disease or kidney disease which was my
speciality they required special provision and they needed to develop the
special expertise to look after them doctors and nurses at the Evelina
Hospital in London wear casual clothing and a helter-skelter takes centre stage
in the lobby the Evelina opened at its current site
in 2005 with a hundred and forty beds it was designed to be a hospital that
doesn’t feel like a hospital a name much appreciated by
Isabel Everest who’s been a patient for ten years it’s kind of like a second home because I come so often. The doctors here a lot slower to tell you and they simplify what they’re going to say so as a young person like me or even older than me could understand [interviewer] and
you always feel like you can ask questions? oh yeah, definitely, I ask a lot of questions! Evelina London is now the second largest provider of children’s services in London and it’s still growing and this is the hospital’s future a new section
of the paediatric intensive care unit it’s part of a brand new ward the sky
ward which will eventually have 28 beds a bit cluttered at the minute but it will
be a very lovely working environment the new ward will open later this year adding to other recent improvements like the new ventilation unit in the clinical research unit we’d like to provide a comprehensive children’s hospital that children in other parts of the country and the world have access to and that’s
our journey that’s what we’re trying to provide [interviewer] would you not say that you are there yet then? No, no we’re not there yet no. the hospital has clearly changed
beyond recognition in 150 years a modern success out of a 19th century tragedy Victoria Hollins BBC London News

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