EVE Online – Official Gameplay (2019) – Play Free!

EVE Online is a vast universe, alive with the unrelenting activity
and combined history of its players. Pursuing lives of adventure, warfare and prosperity, they share this existence in the biggest single-shard
free-to-play MMO of all time. Set 21,000 years in the future, EVE takes place in a distant cluster
of over 7,000-star systems known as New Eden. It is a rich and diverse universe, featuring
densely-populated havens of relative safety governed by four great Empires, hostile systems where player alliances make the rules, even regions of anomalous and unexplored space
that hold their own secrets. You play as a capsuleer, a revered breed of highly-trained pilot, having achieved immortality through the use of cloning technology. You navigate the universe encased
in an armored capsule deep within your ship, where you have complete neural control and function as one. There are hundreds of ships to fly in EVE. Everything from small nimble craft
and versatile mid-range vessels, to formidable warships and colossal freighters. Each has advantages and suited roles,
but all are completely customizable as you decide how to equip and arm them. What you do in New Eden is entirely up to you. EVE’s immense sandbox gives you the opportunity to choose
between multiple professions and activities. The key to this unique customization of your playstyle
is skill training. This is a passive process, and it continues
whether you are in or out of the game. As a new player, you can focus on one specific area in order to quickly reach the same level of specialization as a veteran. So be adventurous and explore new avenues
of development for your character, as you can always change role and reinvent yourself if desired. If you want to fight, combat in EVE can involve
solo missions against non-player adversaries or small group skirmishes, while for some,
it can even be the thrill of fleeting up with thousands of fellow pilots
and battling over disputed territory. If you want to explore, then the discovery of uncharted space and ancient regions that promise riches,
danger and adventure await you. You can also engage in the business of prosperity,
be it industry, mining or even interstellar piracy. The beauty of life in New Eden is that all of these activities, and many more, can be done alone or with others. A unique in-game market, unprecedented in scale
and degree of player control, is the beating heart of New Eden. Players are responsible for the manufacture
of almost everything you can buy or sell. The gathering and refinement of resources, the building of ships, equipment and even some space stations – EVE’s players are core to how the universe
is filled and how the economy thrives. Players in EVE can band together to form corporations
where they can enrich their experience, learn new elements of gameplay,
and share their wealth and goals. When these player-run corporations grow to become larger entities, they can merge with other corps to form alliances. Powerful alliances regularly compete for control
and influence over large areas of space, waging wars and engaging in record-breaking battles. Even taking down well-defended, sprawling player-built space stations. In the spirit of exploration and mystery, new content
and experiences are constantly introduced into the universe, with over a decade of free expansions leading to
continual development and evolution of gameplay. While every action and decision has consequences for the universe
and its hundreds of thousands of players, the game remains very much about your unique adventure and story. A story that will forever be woven into the fabric of EVE.

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