Erika Anders’ Interrogation | Guilty Party: History of Lying

– [Interviewer] We’ve been
informed there is no possible way you were actually present
on the night of the fire. – I’m not sure how there
could be no possible way, since I was found in the ashes with my body asunder and my mind intact. – [Interviewer] Your wig
was spotted across campus by at least three other witnesses. – A woman is not defined by her wig. And you know what, I bet
all of those traitors to the truth were just
hired by Wilson’s mommy so that he could escape
unscathed after what he did. A girl is in a coma who might, no, probably will die because
of his fiery temper. – [Interviewer] Once again,
you are the only person that places him at the scene, and no one places you at the fire. – Can I ask you a question? – [Interviewer] Of course. – Do I look to weak for an interview? I’m not sure if I want to
make my broadcast news debut when my skin looks like
it was sewn back on after the deep trauma that it suffered. But then again, maybe
I’m letting the male, patriarchal standard of
beauty get in the way of my vibrant and necessary
voice telling this story. I bet some male executive
from a big company is looking at me and thinking, oh, she doesn’t look like the lead heroine of this story. But guess what, that
just inspires me further to rise like a phoenix,
the phoenix that is my middle name, and claim my limelight. – [Interviewer] Your skin looks great. – I knew you’d say that. (chair thumping) You can talk to me from here now.

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