(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.9 (1/4) | 19 ต.ค. 62 | one31

Hello Where are you? Oh, I’m at the pool Can you come see me tonight? Okay, where should we meet? At the hotel near the pool Oh, okay. Sure Okay. See ya Okay Bye-bye Bye I shouldn’t have been cocky and said I’ll peel the mangoes. Bro, it’s nice to do something good once in a while. Ouch! I’ve always been a good guy but why am I so unlucky with girls? Should I be a bad guy instead? Don’t say that, Jim. You’ll be an embarrassment to bad guys. Whoa! My brother Giant There you go again. How about your situation? You have your eyes on Taengthai, right? How is it going? Bro, it’s nothing. My dear Giant, I’m telling you now; It’s now or never There is no such things as destiny or fateful love You have to go for it. Go! Go! Go! Trust the based Jim Thanks for tending my wound, my bro Giant I’ll get going now You’re that cat lover guy? What the heck? You’ve been with me for so long and just realized that now? That’s why you look familiar But it was so brief, and it was dark Who would have remembered? Whoa! Everybody else recognized me after the first time we met That means I’m not important to you then. Home What? What are you doing? If you love cats so much, why don’t you take them home? My house is a restaurant so my mom wouldn’t let me. Also, many of the folks at home are allergic to cats I sneaked a cat in once my mom gave me an earful for days. I never dare bring a cat there again. Aww, you poor poor pitiful thing I mean the cat. I’m kidding What were you doing in Bangkok that day? I helped my seniors hold a charity event I have some spare time after the event, so I went busking. You’re such a good guy. So what? If I’m such a good guy why has someone been avoiding me? I’m going back now. Jump what about your stuff you left at my house? If you don’t go get them, my mom is going to throw them out. Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? Do you want to eat this? But you can’t eat it the regular way Here’s my way Wow! Come on, help me pop them open. I want all of them. I think sharing bed with you would be too cramped I’ll go sleep in mom’s room. Hey don’t go bother your mom. She’s probably asleep by now You can share the bed with me It’s not too long before dawn. Can I? What are you afraid of? Nothing. Fine. You go to bed first. No, you go first. You’re the guest. No, it’s your house. You first. Just go to bed already. How about this? Let’s go to bed at the same time. What? Why aren’t you asleep? I’m not sleepy yet. I’ll sleep now.

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