(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.8 (3/4) | 12 ต.ค. 62 | one31

Hello. Did you guys see the photo I just sent? Hey, that looks alright. He looks strong and tanned. Do you think it looks too edgy? Do you think it’s appropriate? Are you going to play innocent? It does look a bit edgy. Nah. You guys just met. Just talk to him first, or he’ll be startled. Okay. Hey, OhAe I saw your story on Instagram You’re wearing makeup. Where are you going? Come on, it’s night time Isn’t a time for a night out? Can’t I glam up for a night out? Okay Let’s talk later. Bye. Por. Por. What? Can you grab my goggles in my bag for me? Oh, okay. Por, what’s the matter? Is it this one? Just toss it here. Oh, I’m sorry. Why is he so aggressive? I didn’t take it. I just put it in Talay’s bag My mom got me that. Why are you so worried? He’s just a kid when it comes to these things. I’m worried it will go missing. Come on, I’ll show you. See? I told you it’s not going anywhere. Yeah, you’re right I’ll keep it with Talay for now. I’ll use it later. You’re so badass. Hello, Lisa. Yeah? Can we talk? Lisa do you think I’m adorable? What is this, Por? Come on, just answer me. Well, I thought I was gonna hit on you in junior high You fell for him, didn’t you? Tell me. Yeah, I guess. A Friday Bangkok boy? Yeah. Which one? There are many of them The swimmer or the tall guy from music club? Well, It’s complicated. I’ll talk about it later. Okay, Mr. It’s complicated. Okay, talk to you later. Bye. Are you hungry? I’m starving. What should we eat? Has those two left already? Let me take you to a restaurant. Okay, but the bill’s on me. I eat a lot. Can you afford that? We’ll see. Then let’s go.

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