(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.8 (2/4) | 12 ต.ค. 62 | one31

So you’ve changed your profession? No, I’m not a pro musician. But you like it because of Jump Okay, I’ll stop It’s funny you should say that, Por Why did you have to call Jump out and ask him if he likes someone? Are you bullying me? I’m helping you out, so you can get what you want. Por, I don’t think of Jump that way anymore. If you say so. Thanks, Por. I’m gonna be here for a long time. Go get all the medals, bro. Of course, if you go see me swim. Let me see if I could If you need anything, just text me. I stay up late. You stay up late? Thank you so much. Ah! Why do you guys seem so tensed? But let me talk first Guess who I bumped into today? It’s Talay He’s with the swimming club for the National Youth Games Let’s go get our revenge for that 505 baht he gave us. If you do that, you’ll lose more than 500 baht. Right. Are we ready for the contest yet? I’m 100 percent all in. You guys are too, right? We’re gonna go through and win it all. I’m not so sure. It seems like we’re just goofing around now We were serious before but now it seems like many of us have something more important on their minds. Ant, what do you mean? He can mean whatever he wants I think we should talk about the contest now. It’s only two weeks away. I can remember all the lyrics, but I’m still a bit confused. I went to a fortune teller. We’re gonna win. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I think you guys should brace for disappointment. I’m sorry I will practice harder from now on. You don’t have to practice harder Just make time to practice at all is enough Come on, he was sick. Oh, he was sick? Was he sick when he went to the dam? Did he go there to see a doctor? Right, I’m… Hey Jump, we’re all here because of you But now you’re letting us down While we’re all serious, you seem to always disappear I don’t know what you’re going through now, but you have to show up at practice. Alright, I’m sorry. Jump we’re here to win, or we wouldn’t have come Maybe we shouldn’t have come here at all It seems like coming here changes everything you, me, and all the guys Or does it have to change? There were so many things happened that we didn’t want them to happen. It’s not that, Yong Some things are just meant to happen and I’m not afraid of how it’s going to end. No matter what that is, at least it’s ending soon. Here. I know you have something on your mind and I know this will make you feel better. Yeah, you’re right. Why didn’t you tell me it was your channel when we were on the roof that day? Why didn’t you recognize my voice? I didn’t know someone as fierce as you could be such a good singer. Do you talk this way to everyone? Like what? Like this. Nah just you. Hello, mom. Nana, how are you? Have you had your dinner? I have already. Don’t go to bed too late. Take care of yourself. I’m so busy lately and I’ve been having some bad dreams. What do you dream about? It’s nothing. I’ll go visit when I can. Okay. Love you, mom. Goodnight. Nana, let’s dink it Yay! Be cheerful Again, one, two, three! Yay! What’s the matter with you. You seem strange. You’re so good at keeping things secret. You don’t have to know it. When will I know more about you? You know a lot. You already know too much Guys at the club don’t know about me as much as you do. Wow, I’m flattered. Lun/Nana After I go back can I come here again often? It’s Khon Kaen, not Mars You can come here if you want to. Really? I’ll come here often then. Do you have time to do that? Don’t you have to spend time doing things you want to do? For now this is what I want to do the most Don’t you worry I’m good at time management. So what is your favorite song on my channel? I really want to… I’m not a good singer. Can you sing it for me? No. Please… Ouch! That hurts No Please Just once, please please Okay I really want to see you The more I think of you the more I know I can’t stand being without you And now I’m sure, what makes me emotional isn’t the silence but it’s every time I think of you. Can you sing Mo-Lam for me? What? You said just one song.

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