(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.8 (1/4) | 12 ต.ค. 62 | one31

Hey! How could you eat that? That was the last piece Go buy me a new one. I’m all out of money. If you want it, then give me some money. Can you do that? Lay, let me borrow some money. Okay, I’ll go get some from the ATM. Sorry. It’s okay. Alright Come on, Lay. That was ungentlemanly. How could you touch that boy’s chest? I’m telling you, I’m getting jealous. What was the cup size? Cup size my foot! Hurry up, I’m getting sleepy. I’m waiting for you to give me my money. I’m waiting for you to give me MY money. Hey, where’s my birthday gift? Oh… Hey, it’s okay I knew you’d forget. Yong, I’m sorry. You’ve never forgotten my birthday before But that’s okay I guess I’m just not as important to you as I used to be. Yong that’s not it I’ll buy you something later. Please don’t get mad at me Please No, I don’t want it later. I want it now. What? Jump can you stop seeing Home? Why are you following me at this hour? What day is it? Saturday. I can throw you a birthday party Happy Birthday Hey, how did you know that? But thanks, anyway. I’m Por the Prophet. I’ll help pay for it. Don’t bother I’m just glad my friends don’t forget my birthday. Are you mad at someone? No. Jump have you ever like someone romantically? Nah he’s just a kid He doesn’t mess with those things. Right, Yong said he wouldn’t allow me to. Can you force it or set an appropriate time for things like this? I can still remember my first crush all the way back from kindergarten. Wait, I had that too. I also had a crush from kindergarten But that doesn’t count as love, does it? Whether you think it’s love or not, it’s the same thing the feeling that makes you restless, always wanting to see that person. I guess. What about you Yong? Do you have someone you like? Por don’t do this How could you ask me that? That’s something personal. So that’s a yes, right? Por! Is that person around here? Por, stop it. I’m hungry Is there any good food around here? I’m hungry Just wait a minute, I’ll take you there. No, that’s okay. I want to eat now I’ll get going. Por. Yong Happy birthday Hey, you shouldn’t have bothered. It wasn’t bothersome I just went to the store, picked it, paid for it walked out, and then gave it to you. You’re right, it wasn’t bothersome at all. What? You don’t like it? What? I like it. I’ll eat it all tonight. You better. Come on, let’s go find something to eat upstairs. Yong! Hey! Hi, Talay What are you doing here? I’m here for the National Youth Games What? You’re in Khon Kaen. How could you not know that the event is held here? How would I know? I’m so busy every damn day. There are so many things I have to take care of. You’re just practicing music. How busy could you be? Well, I’m sorry about the other day. That’s fine. I’m okay. So you guys have met? Don’t tell me you bumped into him You need a new trick It wasn’t a trick We did bump into each other, and you did bump into me. This is Talay He’s the student council president and also a famous swimmer with a nice bod. He’s my upperclassman and the one who gave us that 500 baht (16 dollar) budget. Great job, bro Hey, my friend also competes. Please take it easy for him. I’m not that great. Don’t trust what Yong says Anyway, how’s your band practice going? Are you ready for the contest? I’m rooting for you. It’s going fine Everybody’s getting sick these days Jump had it the worst. The infamous Jump. What? Please say what he is infamous for He must be so tired I feel so bad for him. But he has you as his buddy. He shouldn’t be too tired I’ve got to go now Come see me swim if you can We should get to the final round, because we’re good. So we’ll be Khon Kaen boys for a couple of weeks. It would be great if we had a private pool to practice. Yeah where should we practice? Why is that a problem? The pool we practice in is very crowded We have to wait for a long time and couldn’t get enough practice. Why don’t you come practice in my village’s pool? Can we? That’s awesome! Por Hey, what’s up? When is the rehearsal tomorrow? 7 AM as usual. Okay, I will be a bit late. Okay. See ya. Thanks. Home. Can you give me ten minutes. I can only give you ten. I’m about to go to practice. How often do you feel this? Feel what? You suddenly became different It seems like you’re mad at me for something If I did something wrong to you, you could just tell me. Home I’m sorry Please give me some time I’m feeling I made your life worse because I’m so lousy Since I came here, you’ve become more tired I gave you headaches. You have to take me to places and take care of many things for me You do things nobody has ever done for me Why do you have to that? I’m happy to do it so I want to keep doing it. Home. I’m sorry. Home. You don’t have to apologize to me I should be thanking you and everything that led us together and let us became friends Let’s go They’ll say we slack off and lose respect for us. Come on. Okay. Let’s go.

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