(ENG SUB) THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY “ขอบคุณวันสุข” | EP.7 (4/4) | 5 ต.ค. 62 | one31

Taengthai how are you? Giant called, he said you’re sick. Sick? I’m fine. Your temperature is normal. You’re sweating normal I was so worried. You’re really okay, right? Miss Chu, Hi. Hi. Excuse me, let me attend my business. Why did you have to do this? This is how you greet your best friend? Best friend? After what you did, can you still call yourself my best friend? Is that really what you think? Wasn’t it you who took him away? Where is he now? Who? You really don’t know who I’m talking about? I know that you know. He left. He left? Because he didn’t know or you didn’t want to tell him? Why are you asking this? What good is it for? Let’s just get over it. Taengkwa until when will you keep running away from me? Perhaps until the day I die. Uh… Hi Miss Hi Taengkwa Miss I saw that Taengthai is really sick so I called Taengkwa to look after her Where is Taengthai now? Home. Yong, have you seen Jump? Well, I saw him in the afternoon If you have anything to say to him, just tell me. He’ll be back soon. Well, I think Jump is… Yong. Jump! Jump, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you. I told you he’s around here He didn’t go anywhere Why are you looking for him? Is there anything serious? Jump, you seem tired. You should get some rest Home let’s talk later. Jump take care of yourself. Do you want to talk? Remember when we were talking about coming here? You asked me to come and I said yes Time flies. It’s been about a month already Next month, we’ll have to go back for the competition. What? The contest is next month? Yeah. Time flies, right? Then we have to practice harder. Yeah We must find more time for practice Let’s cut down on irrelevant stuff Wait, where’s my birthday gift? Oh… It’s okay I knew you’d forget. Yong, I’m sorry. You’ve never forgotten my birthday before But that’s okay I guess I’m just not as important to you as I used to be. Yong that’s not it I’ll buy you something later Please don’t get mad at me. Please… No, I don’t want it later. I want it now. What? Jump can you stop seeing Home?

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