[Eng sub] How I Practice Portraits / 毎日人物スケッチ、開始

Hi, everyone! I bought a few notebooks to practice portrait sketching. I’ve been into landscapes, but I think it’s nice if I have portraits or still life watercolor painting contents in my channel. Honestly, I’m not really good at drawing portraits, so I made a resolution to draw portraits every single day. There are 60 pages in one notebook, so if I draw 3 pages per day, probably it would take 10 to 15 minutes, meaning I can finish one notebook in 20 days. And if I can finish 5 notebooks, maybe I will see some improvements. By the way, if you paint portraits you need models, but you can search for references on the internet. Since today is the first day of sketching portraits, I want to make a video. I’m going to draw female because I think female portraits appeal to a larger audience, but I want to try children and elder people’s portraits sometime. I just remembered that I joined a drawing club called ‘Yotsuya Dessin Kai’ two months ago. You can draw models and practice portraits in the club. Actually, I didn’t know that there are many clubs in Tokyo where you can practice portraits. And here are the sketches that I drew. They give you just ten minutes for one model. It’s been almost 30 years, since I was still in junior high school. I’m hoping to join the club again, but the problem is that they only hold the club at 6 p.m. on Saturdays and I have to take care of my family on weekends, so basically I’m not available. The other day, my wife and children were back to her hometown, so I had free time and could make it. Hopefully, I can join it again sometime in the future. *I will put a link to the ‘Yotsuya Dessin Kai’ website in the description. I’m done.. It’s difficult. It’s really difficult.. (sigh)

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