[Eng/Esp Sub] HIStory 3: Trapped | EP.8

♫ How can I leave you behind? ♫ ♫ Leave you here alone ♫ ♫ It’s you who was here as I was desperate ♫ ♫ and crying; I finally realized myself ♫ ♫ I can’t ever be without you ♫ ♫ You always don’t like to say anything ♫ ♫ It gave me a dream with you ♫ ♫ How many times I wanted to confess from the bottom of my heart ♫ ♫ How I lost to sadness and loneliness ♫ ♫ As you are waiting ♫ ♫ Never wanting to let go ♫ ♫ A promise to grow old together while seeing the sunrise and the moon sets with a smile ♫ ♫ How can I leave you behind? ♫ ♫ Leave you here alone ♫ ♫ It’s you who was here as I was desperate ♫ ♫ and crying; I finally realized myself ♫ ♫ I can’t ever be without you ♫ Chen Wenhao. Chen-san. I was a little worried, whether Boss Tang would agree to come and then not show up. I didn’t expect, not only did you keep your word, and you only brought one little brother with you. The young are very courageous. Little Brother, we’re just going to have some tea and chat a little. Relax. Coming here to have some tea and chat with Chen-san, why bring so many people with you? Or should I have been more prepared when it came to Chen-san, because of what he may be planning for me behind my back? Young people are so fearless.
(T/N: a new-born calf has no fear of the tiger) Little Brother, when I was your age, I wasn’t afraid of anything at all either. When you join the mob, people always think relying on loyalty is all that’s required. But loyalty, was the one thing that locked me up for 24 long years. What’s loyalty? It’s bullshit! Afterward, I understood. When you’re the mob, you do whatever you need to do. No one stands in the way of another’s wealth. This is what loyalty truly means, right? True. What Chen-san said is very reasonable. The loyalty of this generation is to do whatever you need to do. Bribing those working for others, and making them do unforgivable things to their own brothers, this is a hypocrite.
(T/N: fake noble person, real vile person.) If word gets out, I’m afraid many brothers in the circle will feel ashamed. Who wouldn’t avoid such a hypocrite? Don’t you agree, Chen-san? Boss Tang, after our last meeting, I kept our agreement at heart and made it very clear to my people to not sell drugs to people in Hsin-Tien Group. From then on, not one bag of drugs was passed to the hands of Hsin-Tien Group. Boss Tang, I’m sure you’ve felt our sincerity. Of course. Since our last meeting, our Hsin-Tien Group has not received even one bag of Chen-san’s product. That’s right! We have definitely respected and kept our promise. But it’s strange, there are still people spying on us and leaking information to the police. Just last month, three of our boats carrying products were raided. This led me to suspect that perhaps we didn’t do enough. Chen-san, I think you’ve misunderstood me. If Chen-san would like, I can have my people ask around to see who is trying to embarrass Chen-san. Fine. Then please do so. If you find out, please let them know that Chen Wenhao has always been one to repay kindness with kindness. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. If they dare to provoke me, then they’re clearly looking for a war. In that case, don’t blame me for not being courteous. No problem, I will for sure pass these words on. Whatever has been done, the person that did it always knows they did it. Even if others don’t say it, they should still always be ready to payback for what they’ve done. Then, let me thank Little Brother Tang first. Me, I have nothing except for one thing: patience. Since I’ve had 24 years in jail to cultivate it. When the nobleman takes revenge, three years is not a long time. If there is a score to settle, no matter how much time passes, I will never forget. I wonder if Little Brother Tang is like me in this regard? Of course, I’m not like you. But when it comes to settling scores, I’m exactly like you. Except, I’m more of a “return a drop of water with a full spring” kind of guy. Whether it’s a debt of gratitude or revenge, I will repay it tenfold. Then it goes to say that great minds think alike. Little Wang, – let me introduce you.
– Big Brother Chen. This is Boss Tang. Don’t be fooled by his young appearance, he’s a hero of his generation. This person, you should already know. Just call him Big Brother Wang. We’re all family here. There’ll be many opportunities to cooperate in the future. Yes, of course. It’s an honor to finally meet Mr. Tang. I never had a chance to meet Mr. Tang. It is finally by fate today, that I can speak to Mr. Tang for a bit. Little Wang, Hsin-Tien Group is planning to legitimize itself. So, please do your best to help their sister companies. Yes, of course, I will! Everything that big Brother Chen has requested, I will give my all to help Boss Tang accomplish it. Let me report to Boss Tang first. If you have never cooperated on a government BOT project before, and you aren’t clear on all the tiniest details and intricacies involved, then you will lose before you even know you’ve lost. Also, when the government comes to do their inspection, they have only one standard process, self-representation, and interpretation. The complexities of these dealings are much too tricky for outsiders. But luckily our company can provide such a service. We are professionals. Here. Where did they run to? Guodong, here! Go look over there. Hide! Quick! Listen to me. If they decide to come back around, I’ll fend them off and you run first. Why are you trying to be a hero? We either fight together or we run together. If not, then… Then what? We get beaten together, that’s what. I thought you had a good plan for us to get away. How’s your wound? It’s pretty deep. I won’t die. It’s a souvenir. This way you’ll always remember how much you owe me. Okay. Lighter. Didn’t bring one. Are you kidding me? Even if we are going to get beaten, we can’t just sit here and wait for them to come and beat us. We have to think of something. Of course, we’re not waiting for them to come and beat us. My girlfriend is still waiting for me. Didn’t you just say you were going to fend them off for me and let me run first? And now, thinking about a woman. We’ve been together for some years now. As soon as she graduates, we’ll be preparing to get married. I’m telling you now. If you guys have kids, I want to be the godfather. Of course, who else would it be? Godfather. Red envelope. No problem. When our ability is more stable, we’ll have as much money as we want. – You said it.
– I said it. Okay, just for what you said… Today, I will make sure you walk away alive. If not, your God Son won’t be able to carry your photo at your funeral. Are you ridiculing me? Tell your son to carry your funeral photo. I’ll have my own son, okay? Where did they go? I don’t know. Go look over there. Let’s go. – There.
– Where are you going? Run, keep running! Let’s see how far you can run! Punch you into a pig’s blood cake! Come on! Get them! Still running?! Beat them! It wasn’t easy for us to get a stable foothold. If you really get indicted and sent to jail, we’ll have nothing. We’re not as strong as the Shi-Ho Clan yet. If we don’t give them an explanation, Hsin-Tien Group might as well as be finished. If you really do end up in jail, Hsin-Tien Group will definitely be finished. Wenhao… I’ll go. The whole set-up was my plan. I was the one that acted. It has nothing to do with you. Tang Guodong, listen to me carefully. The entire plan and set-up were mine, Chen Wenhao’s, alone. I, Chen Wenhao, was the one who acted, and it really has nothing to do with you at all. What are you talking about? And… I can take more beatings! Come on! I’m not afraid of anyone! Are you an idiot? One takes responsibility for one’s own actions. I’m not going to let you take the blame alone. You’re the one that’s an idiot. Tang Guodong, you’re the head of Hsin-Tien Group. You need to look at the big picture. If the things that we’ve fought so many years for disappears, you’d be okay with that? What can you do on the inside? Take care of her for me. You can’t let her know. I promise you. Do some charity work, get a name for yourself, start a foundation. Our company also provides a one-stop shop to help you with all of these services. If Boss Tang has any needs, please give me a call anytime. Okay? If I have any need for these, I’ll definitely call you. Thank you! Chen-san, let’s leave it like this for today. Little Wang, accompany Boss Tang out. Of course. Boss Tang, this way. Captain said that was when Sister Lizhen was first transferred here, so she went to see Chen Wenhao probably to investigate the case. But why go with Tang Guodong if it was to investigate the case? Why Tang Guodong? Sister Lizhen got close to Tang Guodong, the infiltration failed; must not have been related to Sister Lizhen. It must have been something… Sister Lizhen. Did you really continue to communicate with Tang Guodong? You were killed with him, why? Wenhao? Sister Lizhen and Chen Wenhao were together before? Birth certificate. Li Lizhen. Sister Lizhen had a baby? Time: October 21, 1990. Same day as Tang Yi. Why do you have that music box? I have the exact same one. It was the only thing that my birth mother gave to me. Can’t be, could it? Hello, I’m investigating a case! I can’t talk to you right now, bye-bye. Hello? [Low battery] The number you have dialed is turned off. Please try again later. Turned off? [Why did you hang up on me!]
[Call me back!] [23:51 (11:51 p.m.)] The number you have dialed is turned off. [What are you doing? Don’t you know I’m looking for you?] The number you have dialed is turned off. No one in this lifetime has ever dared to treat me this way. If you dare, don’t ever call me back! Don’t reply to my messages! [Xizhi Precinct, New Tapei City Police Department] What are you looking at? Tang…Tang Yi What are you doing here? Here to turn yourself in? Where’s Meng Shaofei? – Why should I tell you?
– He’s taking a day off. Big mouth. You didn’t tell me we couldn’t say. The number you have dialed is turned off. Meng– Meng Shaofei, where the hell are you? Why won’t you answer my calls? That child… is he doing well now? What does he do now? He’s… quite well. That’s good. Actually, after all of these years, I regret it. I will always remember the day we went to the hospital to adopt him. My wife was so happy to pick him up from his baby bed, crying and laughing at the same time while saying, “Honey… My life is complete now.” Frankly, I didn’t want to adopt a child. But for my wife, I was willing to accept him. No one expected that just after a few years, my wife died. After my wife died, I didn’t sort out my emotions well. Every time I thought of him, I would think about how my wife and I didn’t have our own child. There’s a regret in life. Which is no matter how hard you try, you can never make up for it. Just like how his existence was a reminder to me every day of this regret. Uncle, I think Auntie’s last few years, because she had Tang Yi, she felt her life was complete and happy. It fulfilled her wishes of becoming a mother. It was also because you agreed to adopt him, that Auntie’s last days passed by happily. If you had disagreed in the beginning, then Auntie would have left this world full of regret. I think for Auntie, whether the child was her own or not wasn’t the most important thing. Uncle, the regret that you have with Auntie has already been erased. Shaofei, you’ve already disappeared for an entire day. It’s okay if you don’t take my calls. At least you can send a text to let me know you’re safe. Okay? All set? My flight is in a few days. You guys are fighting? I don’t know why but he’s disappeared for an entire day. Doesn’t even call or send a text to let me know he’s safe. You’re really serious about this guy. I know you’re worried about my identity. I also know you don’t want me to walk down an even more difficult path. But, in love, when no one is there to walk with you, that’s the most difficult path. I’m not alone anymore. I know. I used to believe that as long as two people like each other, it could be considered as love. But actually, you need to find a reason to be together and to know what position to place the other person. Tang Yi, we are a family. To know what makes you happy, there’s nothing that could be a better beginning. You, too. We don’t need the fairy tale love story that others believe in. As long as we can hold the hand of our partner, that’s what happiness is. All right. Now there are less and less people to protect you. But more and more people want to go against you. So, your “half-friend” can protect you now. I’ll feel safer knowing this. Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself. Take good care of yourself. Be careful. Let Daoyi be good to you. Okay, I will. You must be careful, okay? – You have to treat me to lunch.
– Fine, what do you want to eat? Ramen and sushi. – Hi.
– Hi. I don’t think I can treat you today. I’m going to go now. – Bye-bye.
– Bye-bye, I’m sorry! I’ll have to let you eat alone again. My bento? I’m really sad. We haven’t seen each other for so many days, you don’t even care about me, only care about your bento. I know you’re doing well. I didn’t need to ask. How do you know? Because you’re the type of person that can do well anywhere. It’s fine if you want to eat it, tell me where Meng Shaofei is first. So, it was because Tang Yi asked that you came. You didn’t come to deliver my bento? Boss didn’t ask me, I just wanted to help him. But the bento was something that I carefully prepared for you! An act of love overflowing the entire box, can’t you tell? Didn’t think you’d say such mushy things. An act of love, you’re so disgusting. Are you an idiot? Let me tell you. Life is too short. If you don’t say what you want to say and the next second get killed by someone, you’ll regret it forever. Someone wants to kill you? You’re worried about me? Why can’t I? I promise you. That before getting your reply, I will continue to stay alive. Then, in that case, I won’t give you my reply yet. You really want me to live a long life? Shorty? No, I don’t. How so? Not giving me a reply doesn’t that mean you want me to continue to live? Shorty, actually, you like me. Right? No way! Master Chen extends his invitation. Master Chen, he’s here. Master Chen. Sit. I never thought that Master Chen would invite me here personally. Able to be the host to someone as talented as you, what is a little something to show you my sincerity? For someone as smart and talented as you, you should have started your own “house” much earlier. I don’t understand what Master Chen is referring to. If we disregard our sworn moral codes and just casually hand over our own people to the police, is someone like this worth following? Aren’t you afraid becoming another Li Zhide? This is Wang Kunchen’s everything in Taiwan. I can give this to you. What do I need to offer Master Chen in return? No need to touch your knife. Very easy. I want to know the details of the financial flow of Hsin-Tien Group and Shi Hai, and the names of their business partners. The more detailed the better. Master Chen, sake for me is not strong enough of a drink. You bastard. I admire you. Someone as smart as you, to be stuck in such a small place is too much of a pity. How about if we talk directly about Cambodia? Look at you. Why are you so good at cooking for? Brother Zhao Zi, why are you here? Didn’t you go eat with Brother Jun Wei? What are you doing? Is that a bento from your loved one? A friend made it. Girlfriend? If not, then why are you blushing? What girlfriend? Don’t be embarrassed. Having someone willing to cook for you is a very lucky thing to have. You’re really lucky. You have a girlfriend now? Captain, it’s not what you think. It’s amazing to see that someone with your behavior would be wanted. What girl is this kindhearted? How am I as bad as you say I am. Oh no! The prosecutor said that Li Zhide is dead. Li Zhide is dead? What happened? I’m not sure about the details either. All I know is that the prosecutors are aggressively looking into this case. These last few days, while you were getting Li Zhide’s written statements, did he seem out of the ordinary? No, no problems whatsoever. He just didn’t talk. Good thing we had Brother A-zhi so we could get some answers out of him. A-zhi? A-zhi was there, too? Yes, he was really hard to crack. Brother A-zhi told us he could help us. – Captain!
– Captain! What happened with Li Zhide, was it you? I don’t know what you’re talking about. He died at the prosecutor’s. What’s his death got to do with me? I didn’t say he was dead. If you didn’t do it, how did you know? And you even knew where he died! Were you scared he was going to give you up, so you killed him to shut him up? Of course, I was afraid he was going to give me up. Captain, aren’t you afraid? You did this yourself. It has nothing to do with me. You’re wrong. All of these things have to do with you. You’re the one that let A-fei investigate this case, and then what happened? Li Zhide was brought in. And forced me to keep him quiet by killing him, so that he wouldn’t give us up. His death is your fault. I’m just taking care of the problem you caused. Four years ago, you watched everything that happened and kept quiet. Even took money to keep quiet. These past four years, you always knew that I didn’t stop, but you never once stopped me either. Letting someone under you to illegally sell the drugs that we confiscated. You say you have nothing to do with this? You’re “the” accomplice! Why? Why couldn’t you just stop? And let things end four years ago? These past four years, I have not had one day of peace. Every day I live in regret, you know? A-zhi, it’s been four years. Isn’t it enough? Enough. The little salary we make as cops is just enough to fill our pockets. Then to have to take care of the debt collectors. How can this be enough? Captain, once you take the money, your hands are stained. We’re on the same boat; there’s no difference between us. Also, your daughter Little Ya can stay alive and can be happily preparing for her wedding is also because of the money from back then. The money is already spent now. The only thing to do now is to make sure no one can bring up that case again. Or else, I won’t let a single one of them get away with it. A-zhi, just stop. Stop once and for all, okay? Don’t make a mistake again and again and sink deeper and deeper. Captain, don’t worry. I’ve been very good at keeping this in the dark. As long as neither one of us talk, after some more time passes, no one will find anything about this case and all will be behind us. No worries. A-de died too suddenly. We have to find out who did it. Yes. Also, keep an eye on all Hsin-Tien Group faction leaders’ responses. Stabilize our own people. Since I was the one that handed A-de over to the police, if we don’t handle this carefully, things will just get worse. It’s not beneficial for Hongye’s legitimizing progress. Understood. I’ll go take care of this right now. If you dare, don’t ever call me back! Don’t reply to my messages! Meng Shaofei, where the hell are you? Why won’t you answer my calls? Shaofei, when you hear this message, call me back. Okay? Shaofei, you’ve already disappeared for an entire day. It’s okay if you don’t take my calls. At least you can send a text to let me know you’re safe. Okay? Shaofei, I’m really worried about you. I want to know where you are. Have you eaten? Are you cold? Can you call me? I want to hear your voice so I can be at peace. You called me 59 times and left 15 voicemails. You were really worried about me? I thought that Officer Meng had evaporated from this world. Sorry. My phone fell under the car seat and then it ran out of battery. I was investigating a case and didn’t notice. Sorry to let you worry for so long. I’m going to put a tracking device on you next time. Let me ask you. I even went to Unit 3. They said you took the day off. Now you tell me you were investigating a case. What were you actually doing? What is it? You need to first answer some of my questions. I’ll answer you after you answer my questions, okay? What exactly is going on with you? Don’t get angry yet. This time, listen to me. It’s very important. What is it? Do you remember the names of your adopted parents? You agreed just now. He Ruyu. Li Shouxin. Is this the address of where you lived when you were young? You’re investigating me? Why are you investigating my past? I didn’t investigate you on purpose. At first, I was going after a case and then… I realized that it may have connections to you. What case? What does it have to do with me? What is it? Tang Yi, listen to me. I found– Hello? Tang Yi, what is it? Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Tang Yi! Can you first tell Daoyi to not act blindly? Let the police handle this matter, okay? Tang Yi! Hongye! Don’t come any closer! Let her go right now! You’re late. We’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Looks like I walked into your trap. Tang Yi. I really don’t have any interest in going legit with you and going back to living some kind of normal life. I haven’t settled my score with you yet. How dare you make a move first and to cooperate with Chen Wenhao? To betray the organization! Don’t talk to me about betrayal! Brother Hao is an elder of Hsin-Tien Group. If he didn’t go to jail back then, you wouldn’t even have the chance to sit in the boss’ seat today! Chen Wenhao isn’t worthy of being in Hsin-Tien Group. Neither are you. You’re the one that’s not worthy, who do you think you are? As soon as you took Tang Guodong’s place, you started legitimizing, Broke all our means to financial wealth. If it wasn’t for A-de who kept stopping me, you’d be dead already! Now that he’s dead, how do we know it wasn’t you? A-de’s dead? Stop acting. He died in police territory. Don’t say you didn’t help Tang Yi. You, a police officer colluding with a gang. The private matter between the two of you that is shameful, don’t think for a second that we don’t know. What are you talking about? What are you doing? Don’t be rude to our guests. I didn’t think our friendship would end so quickly. Such a shame, Little Brother Tang. I actually really do admire you. But who told you to be Tang Guodong’s son? He stole my girl from me, killed my child, he destroyed my family! There are so many guns here tonight, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to escape today. But even if I die, I won’t die alone! Tang Yi! Tang Yi. A dutiful son must pay for a father’s debt. Chen Wenhao, he is your son! You can’t kill him! ♫ Never thought I’d abandon with no regard ♫ ♫ I’d care about jealousy ♫ ♫ I put you inside my heart ♫ ♫ Never thought you’d latch onto every opportunity ♫ ♫ In every corner always greeting me ♫ ♫ I simply dared not to think, also did not know how to express ♫ ♫ my true preference ♫ ♫ How can I think about that? I simply shouldn’t be thinking of you ♫ ♫ Avoiding your attention, I can finally breathe ♫ ♫ What situation is this, I don’t want to be awake ♫ ♫ Lonely (Lonely). Silent (Silent) ♫ ♫ No longer able to guard the saint principle that is in the way ♫ ♫ I just want to not care, not think, love till the end ♫ ♫ My entire life is completely wasted away ♫ ♫ No need to get hurt ♫ ♫ We just want to mutually help each other ♫ ♫ Steal a bit of savage ♫ ♫ One more person to share with, why not? ♫ ♫ Don’t mention love ♫ ♫ Don’t mention love (It was just assembling some possibility) ♫

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