Ella Pulls Up Curtis’ Web History | Tyler Perry’s The Paynes | Oprah Winfrey Network

[LAUGHTER] ELLA: Curtis, what do you call me showing you how to put the internet in and put the website in? CURTIS: I put websites in all the time, Ella. -What websites? -Booties, baby. [LAUGHTER] Big booties. [LAUGHTER] -Curtis, I know you not on here lookin’ at porn. -Nope. [LAUGHTER] -Uh huh. [LAUGHTER] Um. [CLICKING KEYS] What are you talkin’ about? -It’s just booties. [LAUGHTER] Just booties. -Okay, did you, did you erase the history? -What for? -Cause I don’t want the kids to see this, pull this up. -Oh, uh, ain’t nothin’ on the screen. -Curtis, these kids know how to pull up web history. -What’s that? [LAUGHTER] -You, you know what? Just, just move. Move, move, move, move, move. -Oh so now you wanna, now you wanna act like [INAUDIBLE]. -Really? Really? [LAUGHTER] Curtis! [LAUGHTER] Ha! Curtis, what is all of this?! -How did you pull all that up? [LAUGHTER] -Curtis! -Hello! -Big booties. -Ya heard. [LAUGHTER] -Little bootie bandit? -Watch yourself. [LAUGHTER] -Ha! Black stallion booty?! [LAUGHTER] And the twerk booty. -Baby, wait. You got to see her, rewind that. [LAUGHTER] You got to see. That’s the one I was tryin’ to get you to do. -Curtis! [LAUGHTER] -You remember that night! [LAUGHTER]

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