Elizabeth Warren: Unions Will Rebuild America’s Middle Class | All In | MSNBC

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    SHE DOESNT TALK ABOUT FOREIGN POLICY. War takes money—lots of it. There will be no money for all these excellent programs unless we stop playing policeman of the world—and creating messes in other countries. That’s why TULSI GABBARD HAS MY VOTE—SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND THE BOTTOM LINE!

  • Science. YES. Science.

  • You know it’s crazy I hardly ever wanna pay attention about politics and honestly after hearing such a voice speak clearly about what she wants for this country is just mind blowing she reminds me of Martin Luther king jr she has a dream and she will fight until the very end to achieve her goal I have no doubt that she will be president #Elizabeth Warren 2020 I really wish I can vote but, I am only 16 about to be 17

  • When Reagan and the Republicans were breaking the unions, Liz was a card carrying Repub!can! When the Clinton Republicrats got in, and finished the middle class off with bad trade deals, bankster de-regulations, and the damned Telecom Act, Liz jumped on THAT bandwagon. All in all, she's been on the wrong side of a LOT of things for a LONG time. The powers that be, would love to see a Biden/Warren ticket. Biden to con the right wingers with his right wing record, and Liz to con the progressives, because obviously lots of them are paying too much attention to Liz's spew, and not enough time pondering her DO.

  • LOL Free college, free healthcare, free welfare, free food, free housing, open borders for illiterate illegals … who is going to pay for it? Crickets…. Liberals are soooooooooooooooo stupid.

  • LOL Why don't u ask her about the fake dosier? How about Clinton trafficking children? How about Clinton selling Uranium to RUSSIA? LOL Boy, they sure hate Trump, well he must be doing something right to make them scared shitless. 🙂

  • She is too emotional to survive the hyenas of Washington.

  • Chris. How can I block your videos?

  • Her goal is saving capitalism, making the world safe for her and the rest of the 1%

  • She was a republican until the Clinton's got rid of the social safety net, passed the crime bill and NAFTA. Then she thought it was okay to become a Democrat

  • I don't understand why grandpa Biden is even running as a candidate, his mind is dull and slow, and his thinking is old school and he's stuck in the past, he doesn't seem to have any new ideas other than how to take your teeth out before bed under 6 seconds he must have gotten an extra hours pass from the nursing home to even stay up awake past 6

  • Unions lay people off…..small business is not unionized…again warren speaking on behalf of large corporations and stepping all over the little guy. OUR ECONOMY DOESNT NEED MORE REGULATION get back to the reservation Warren!

  • I'll believe that when I see it.

  • I applaud her fire, and her heart is in the right place, but she along with most of the other candidates are trying to use outdated applications on an updated and rapidly evolving economic system. Of the five million manufacturing jobs that were lost…four million are still here in the US…they're just done by robots instead of people. Manufacturing via human labor is done…it's not coming back…and a politician who says otherwise is either clueless or nefarious. For all the good unions have done in the past, I feel their days are numbered with the emergence of automation. It's projected by 2030, automation will make up 30% of the world's labor force…that's billions of jobs worldwide and millions of jobs in the US. Only one candidate is focused this impending calamity and it's why unlike Warren and the rest of the field…this candidate is winning over conservatives, independents, libertarians as well as liberals and progressives…Andrew Yang.

  • Would I vote for warren? Maybe if Yang wasnt running. I still like Tulsi a bit better tho Yang2020

  • We got to the moon the same way we built the bomb. Just decide to do it and follow through. Medi-cal pays for hearing aids.

  • This piece of trash, Elizabeth Warren, would have "championed" the abortion of Amy, if Amy's mother had sought her advice. Millions of absolutely beautiful, vibrant, loving and intelligent humans have been callously and cavalierly murdered before they ever saw one day outside of the womb. Amy is a greater light to the world than Elizabeth Warren could ever hope to be. Elizabeth Warren: pro infanticide; heart of darkness and evil. Look at this TRULY strong and independent, loving, vibrant and joyful woman: https://www.youtube.com/user/CrozB87

  • I am strongly pro-union. I am really impressed that Elizabeth Warren is coming out and saying directly that she wants to strengthen unions.

  • She looks like a big puppy waiting for the stick to be theown when she is getting a question

  • Unions are gonna rebuild Americas middle class, while open boarders provide copious amounts of cheap unskilled labor. Lmao, now ive really heard it all !
    TRUMP 2020.

  • Fake indian

  • If you like warren you are a socialist. You are a extremist. You applaud the hollowing out of the middle class.
    Massachusetts is a disgusting elitist mess. With gated communities and no industry. Well actually t(e whole country has no industry
    I am a Massachusetts resident who is enjoying seeing the sports teams die losing. The stupid Massachusetts residents don’t
    Deserve a Stanley cup or another super bowl. They won’t get it anyway. Any piece of filth that would compare warren to trump
    Needs a warren Indian torture test. To allow 700% more illegals through the southern border

  • I tell you what, I believe in this woman!!!!!! THIS WOMAN should be our next president!!!!!!!!

  • If plagiarism was a candidate

  • I say Hydrgen technology. Build electrolysis factories. Build Hydrgen vehicles big and small. Build and add Hydrgen fuel stations and pumps. I believe the country of Bhutan is a country that is a carbon absorber instead of a carbon emitter because they are basically a forest. We should plant a lot more trees to absorb the carbon.

  • I agree with her in theory, but there needs to be proper checks on the corruption/kickbacks/bribery that has historically plagued the unions.

  • I like Warren …I do not trust Harris …black men you better fear her … She will be worse than white women …

  • Overenergetic and naive. A dangerous combination. Popoulist.

  • Warren 2020 🇺🇸

  • Better then biden and others..but still needs to team with Bernie. Go Warren2020, SANDERS 2020!!

  • Where are the statistics?

  • Unions will bankrupt the country….. Trump 2020.. Fake Indian Pocahontas

  • Elizabeth2020!

  • Liz is there to save capitalism; of course I would support her over corporatist like Harris and Biden or fascists like Trump, but heyy, there are options on the left now 🙂

  • warren, biden, and sanders–any of them will stop the inhumanity at the border. So msnbc, please more coverage of these 3 candidates and stop negative comments about them and less of Harris. LET US CHOOSE. You chose in 2016 with ad nauseum coverage of trump. Happy now??? Yep ratings.

  • I like Warren. However: Buttigeig 2020.

  • While I agree healthcare is stupidly expensive. 7:04 https://youtu.be/MVlGJcuzY3k?t=417
    Please help me understand how terminating a baby upto & after delivery is "fighting for basic human rights?"
    Sure speaks clearer than Biden and without the hateful arrogance of Kamala though. Like the passion.

  • Here we go again with the lies 🤣 and you people fall for it every 4 years when will you learn your president has no value to you unless you are rich !!!! You don’t get it by now!!??!!

  • I love this lady, she has a plan for everything, imagine that! She is right on it, hits the nail in the head all the time, unions are the peoples voice and opinions, it is what it will take to make a difference, if you want your job back, benefits, and descent pay, you need to get this lady elected.

  • I love her so much!

  • I love her so much!

  • I love her so much!

  • Channels like The View, MSNBC, CNN, and Late Show are all showing like/dislike ratio positive for Elizabeth Warren.
    But if you get off of Democratic-funded media networks, you will notice the like/dislike ratio is NEGATIVE for Elizabeth Warren.

    It looks like the FAKE NEWS train is continuing to chug along for the Democrats.

  • Unions rebuild America's middle class? LOL – they'll go on strike and shut down the country at the first sign of slight vaginal irritation! Hahahahahahaha…stupid bimbo..

  • Elizabeth Warren admits lying when she told the American People that she identified with being Native American. She just found out that she is actually African America !

  • her vs trump in a debate will be ppv tv

  • I heard it for years in rebuilding the middleclass. It ends up the middleclass pays more taxes and is punished financially for trying to get ahead. The middleclass will never see the benefits of the wealth tax. I remember back in 1985, my wages were taxed at 24%. Now its 37%. If implemented, the 2% wealth tax will increase and the threshold will be lowered. The bottom line is the US government has hit the threshold of struggling to pay its bills.

  • Start manufacturing generic drugs in USA. By Americans, for Americans. Foreign generics are tainted and not bio-equivalent. One tablet may have too much of the active ingredient, another not. Because the batches are all mixed up together. Machines aren't cleaned and residue and caking of ingredients remains withing machines and is carried over to the next batch.

  • Dang… I like her.

  • A practiced politician is what we need in a political office, especially in the highest office

  • Woe. This is president material? No way man

  • we just HAVE to stan

  • This woman is such a phony and liar. She don't care about unions. I am a union member for over 45 years.She is power hungry and that is what she cares about.Her lies about her American Native heritage. Please wake up. She says no one is above the law? What about Hillery, Comey, Clapper, Steele, Lynch and the rest? Biden is a dodo. Cory is full of racial hatred. Kamala is evil and another phony. All democratic candidates support free healthcare for illegal immigrants. What has happened to our democratic party? Wake up people. I am a walkaway democrat. Trump is the only choice if we want to save America. Do you want the green new deal? 10.00 per gal for gas or an unreliable electric car? How will farmers grown food for 300,000,000 million Americans? Look what has happened to our once beautiful cities ran by democrats for decades. Truth and facts sometimes hurts feelings. Sorry but it's MAGA/TRUMP 2020 for this black American.

  • I have not got a chance to look at Democratic candidates other than Kamala Harris , Tulsi Gabbard and now Warren. Kamala Harris is the most phony… Joe Biden is too old and incoherent.. Only option I see is Tulsi. Though I have to admit Warren sounds energetic but she is too professorial.

  • I don’t understand how a person can flat out lie about ethnicity & use it to get into college & people still buy her act? Seriously, wake up & see that ole crazy eyes is just that. Crazy🤪

  • She will never win over unions if she tells them she will take away their health care.

  • Can’t wait for the debates with trump He will destroy them

  • Yes, especially, Elizabeth Warren, the "native Indian," a Democrat. What a farce: Ms. Pinnochio Pocahontas.

  • Trump would love to have her to run against, he could easily motivate people against her. Or Bernie, or Biden. Tulsi Gabbard has no baggage and has integrity. Warren and the establishment will pull this election down the toilet (again).

  • Why did I read onions


  • Warren, Sanders, or Tulsi

  • Well I gotta ask, what are the cons the proposed green industry. For example, electric battery and solar panel waist. The term Green is misleading, but necessary to have a slogan for the movement.

  • Correct me if I am wrong, she voted for the anti- BDS bill, a bill against free speech. That troubles me, so back to Bernie.

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  • NICE !!! ALL is well today for the future…

  • The GMC I drive gets 22 miles to a gallon not 14.

  • is she high?!?!

  • WOW and WOW and WOW again, I think Trump has something to worry about in Elizabeth Warren!

  • Unions LOL Unions do not care about anything except lining their pockets with cash. Obama killed the middle class.
    Meth Heads for Warren

  • Trump2020! Four more years of prosperity!

  • Just so we're clear…….The report said Trump had no collusion with Russia. Two years and God know how many dollars wasted on this nonsense! Quit grabbing at straws and try to make a reasonable argument for what you believe is best for the country. Running because you hate Trump is idiotic.

  • I look at the clunky way she moves or walks and consider she is like that evolved nerd that has no social oil..
    climate change is real..dumb sentence..was sunny now its raining prove climate change is real…dumb people.
    I first read in 1978 that club of rome were suggesting that a existential created threat was needed to subvert sovereignty of nations to impliment a world govt which they believe was neccessary to avoid nuclear destruction..
    4 great lies1.cold war
    2.war on terror
    3.global warming
    4. alien invasion(yet to come)

  • can't believe corrupt thuggery called unionism is still floating in the USA…THEY GOT THE MAFIA DISEASE THOSE UNIONS…they control the drugs at the ports.
    Trump allowed everyone to be interviewed and did nothing to stop muellors bogus russian hoax…and it is common undone as we speak…
    these people want to impeach on something that was craeted illegally…the whole russian election fraud is a dnc lie…stop talking emotionally warren…rabbits we will call her

  • I still don't see Any Indian in her…

  • …by robbing them blind. What the 1/240,000th Cherokee fails to explain is that a huge portion of union dues go directly to the democrat party, to further THEIR agenda. Union leaders are radical leftists whom could not possibly care any less about their members.

  • Yeah right! Unions. Who is going to rebuild the union movement? Not corporate Dems like Warren who have been destroying unions for decades now.

  • I'm Native American and in my heart and soul Elizabeth Warren is 💯 Native in her ❤️ heart. I would like to see both her and Bernie Sanders run the United States government.

  • Don't people realize that just because communication was possible by telegraph, our predecessors still invested in the telephone! The infrastructure in this country was built by American workers, funded by The New Deal, put forth by President Roosevelt to combat economic failure and homelessness. He also enacted a guaranteed income for American Workers after retirement. I don't see many American workers of today deriding Social Security as a hand out or charity.
    The "Green" New Deal is an updated version of successful programs that secured and built America into the Great Country that it WAS, and can be again. Investing in the innovation that will bring those vehicles built at those manufacturing plants into clean emission standards, will pay off, just like every other investment. Investments, that can make billions, in so many other "clean" industries are just waiting to be invested in. People are literally DYING for the work to begin.

  • wow it's good to see u in u tube man, really nice to see u..

  • She gets my vote!

  • Shes a lot of hot air and a liar


  • Warren over bone spurs frumpy dumpy racist

  • I am with you, Warren!

  • I'm shopping for an all white pre-owned 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. I'll name it Liz Warren. Because it's white, & claims to be a Cherokee… (BA'dooomp tshshshshhhh…)

  • Exactly.

    I'm going to vote for Warren in the Primaries; and so help me, if they refuse to give her her due run, I'll vote for her anyway via write-in. I'll not let the DNC manipulate me with fear-mongering.

  • There is a reason MSNBC is pushing Warren and it ainn`t because MSNBC cares for the 99 percent !!  Get Bernie outta the way, then drop her for the corporate Dem candidate is MSNBC`s strategy.  MSNBC – Must Stop Nasty Bernie`s Campaign – run and fronted by corporate whores.

  • if i were a democrat, i would seriously consider andrew yang. career politicians has never done anything for the real americans. voting for would be status quo. is this really what you want?


  • She's been fighting for average and poor Americans her entire life. Warren 2020!

  • When employees had more of the power we were in balance with big corporate America and our standard of life was pretty good for most people. Warren 2020!

  • Sorry, I no longer believe in the unions. For as long as I can remember, unions kept trying to get more power to the unions, not their members. Unionized workers can be bundled into the union's agenda such as which candidate the union will support. They want locked houses. Everyone forced to join the union. That was the case during my work with a national union. They decided to vote for Bush. I was clumped in as that union's part of the support for Bush. And nothing I could do about it but ignore that absurdness and go vote my way.

  • You go girl – I love your fight, and I have been listening to you for a long time, and your a real person doing real things. God help us, please win this race!

  • ❤👍

  • GOD I miss my mom. I wish she could see this.

  • Sorry to say this but she wouldn't stand a chance against Trump. All Trump would have to do is call her Pocahontas and he'll be reelected.

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