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-Fire crackle soothingly- -Fire crackle, men screaming, and yelling less soothingly- In July 1588 beacons were lit across England to warn of the arrival of the Spanish armada. Elizabeth’s darkest fears had come true. England was at war. Open war at last. It was something that Elizabeth had twisted and turned for twenty years to avoid. Elizabeth hated war because it was so expensive. It was also unbelievable risky. The loss of Calais had destroyed her sister Mary’s reputation. And Elizabeth well knew that a similar unforeseen disaster could undo all her own work. Elizabeth loathed war because as a woman she couldn’t lead her own armies. Instead, she had to give their command to hot-willed men who would disobey her orders and might even turn her own forces against her. -Fire gush sound- Title: Heart of a King The slide into war begun nearly twenty years before. -horn music- By the early 1570s Elizabeth had triumphed over her opponents in England. She had seen off a rebellion and executed the ring leaders. Including her own own cousin, the Duke of Norfolk. There was a fragile peace in England. But Elizabeth was in constant danger. She had powerful enemies abroad headed by the Pope. who like a sixteenth century Ayatollah had signed a fatwa on the Protestant English Queen. “Who soever senders her out of the world with the pious intention of doing God’s service not only does not sin, but gains merit.” Elizabeth had powerful Catholic enemies at home as well. Mary Queen of Scots had been Elizabeth’s prisoner since her desperate flight from Scotland in 1568. Mary had a strong claim to the English throne through her great grandfather Henry the seventh. On her arrive to England Mary identified herself passionately with Catholicism. -foot steps and anticipation music- Mary’s faith set her on a collision course with Elizabeth. Especially, as relations between Catholics and Protestants in Europe were about to explode. -anticipation music intensifies- In Paris, on Saint Bartholomew day the twenty-fourth of August 15, 1572 Catholics began a massacre of their Protestant neighbors. -holy sounding music sung by male singers- Everywhere there were people who fled and others ran after them crying, “kill! Kill!” There was no mercy either for age or for sex. It was in very truth a massacre. The streets were strewn with naked mutilated corpses. The river was covered with them. Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth’s ambassador in Paris, barely escaped with his life. The Queen recalled him to London and gave him a new job masterminding England’s security. Walsingham quickly identified public enemy number one. Nothing is more necessary then that the realm might be delivered off her. If the saw be not sound I feel we shall have a Bartholomew breakfast. Mary was a figurehead for Catholics everywhere who wanted to depose Elizabeth. And Mary knew there could be only one way out of her confinement. I will not leave my prison, save as Queen of England. The St. Bartholomew’s massacre heightened the fear of a bloody Catholic rising in England. It also plunged France into a civil war. Elizabeth relied on France as a counter-balance to the mighty Spanish Empire, which controlled much of Europe including the Netherlands. That is modern day Holland, Belgium, and north eastern France. But although England might fear the Catholic neighbors she couldn’t live without them. Because in the Netherlands was England’s biggest export market. The booming city of Antilles. In 1532 the year before Elizabeth’s birth this magnificent new exchange was built. Antilles was now a combination of the city and Wallstreet and the most important commodity traded was English wool. The English traders held center stage doing their deals here in the middle of the trading floor. As usual money talks and the volume of the London/Antilles trade meant that the Netherlands were usually England’s chief over seas ally. The rulers of the Netherlands in the sixteenth century were the Habsburg. One of them was Philip of Spain who had been married to, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth’s sister. When Mary died Philip tried to keep hold of England by proposing to Elizabeth. But the new Queen refused him. Neither Elizabeth nor her people wanted to be ruled by a foreigner again. The people of the Netherlands didn’t much like Spanish rule either and in 1576 united behind Prince William of Orange. He was horrified by the brutality of Spanish rule and he turned to Elizabeth as a fellow Protestant for help. Elizabeth now proved herself to be a Queen of deception. Instead of intervening directly as her father Henry the eighth might have done Elizabeth preferred to get others to do her dirty work for her. Elizabeth’s policy towards the Netherlands trotted a tight rope. She didn’t wish to be seen giving open help to Philips rebellious subjects because that would break the rules of the royal club to which both she and Philip belonged. Nor on the other hand did she want to see Philip be established a real Empire of the Netherlands. That would enable Philip to resume the persecution of the Protestants. Still worse, it would enable him to turn the Netherlands into a spring board for the invasion of England. SO… every time Philip looked as though he was getting the upper hand Elizabeth threw large amounts of gold at the Dutch rebels to stiffen their resistance. But mighty Spain would not be beaten by a Dutch revolt. And William’s rebellion began to buckle under the force of Spanish arms. *Gun shots and explosions* Elizabeth needed someone else to try and stop Philip. *Gun shots, yelling, and explosions* Enter the Duke of… his mother had put him forward as a husband to Elizabeth. When he was just eighteen she was thirty-nine. But he was putridly puny and and scarred by Smallpox. Elizabeth hadn’t been interested. But six years later he began to intrigue her. The Duke belonged to the French royal family. But as the youngest son he had little chance of inheriting the throne. So he had to look elsewhere for a kingdom of his own. he hoped to find one in the Netherlands If Elizabeth could pull the right strings he would be the perfect pullet to oppose Philip. Elizabeth flourished a diplomatic trump card. Now a bit worn and passed its best but still playable Marriage was on the table again. *non English language* *non English language* His ambition needed money. He began secret correspondence with Elizabeth but his letters didn’t talk of interest rates. Instead, they used the language of love. *non English language* She was his “belle majestea” (beautiful majesty). He was her slave. His declarations combined devotion and passion with just a tasteful hint of eroticism/

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  • this series has the unique quality of romance

  • So that's what Catholics do when someones trying to have their own beliefs?

  • 28:59 "If you can see a picture of my heart, you will see a body without a soul."

  • I'm such a sap. I actually was moved to tears by Elizabeth's speech.

  • "He stayed on for another three months, asking for money". LOL

  • Such a violent history in the Catholic church's background. They feared the reformation without reading scripture itself. Why tradition has a greater influence rather than scripture itself only says more about the Catholic church's hunger for power.


  • What damage to the truth have been done by historians of the Victorian period. Lies steal your true story and make you believe that you are better than you really are.

  • :3 no entiendo nada pero like

  • All of those murdered in the name of religion. What a shame.

  • What a great series. The two films that Kate Blanchet stared in brought Queen Elizabeth to life for you. ,any, but not all, events were touched on in those 5wo films, “Elizabeth “, and “Elizabeth The Golden Age” were bery enjoyable, but it seems things were left out but such is the case in dramatic films aimed at entertainment.

  • unreal how her reign was plagued by religious issues. If Spain wanted their Queen then why didnt they just keep her? Rather then wait till she had been executed to make a scene about her. But yet they didn't want her, she was locked away before she escaped.

  • the Netherlands are still called the Netherlands. Holland is Just a small part of the country. Only 2 provinces out of 12.

  • It must have been gratifying sexually to have been a queen 👑 during those days.

  • Fascinating, in depth and well told as usual. It's also great to see the various houses and keeps. Beautiful buildings inside and out.

  • This has nothing to do with religion. Felipe was religious, but not a fanatic as the English say. He just wanted England not to continue supporting the Flemish rebels against Spain. And the best way to ensure that, was by putting another king or queen in London. No Spanish plan foresees a permanent invasion of England, only a monarchical change and return to Spain. 150 years counting the same myths and propaganda.

  • Its crazy that all the gingers look alikr anf now Prince Harry is a ginger also showing his roots and relation

  • I wonder why she never poisoned her couison and said she died from a cold or somthing why leave that traitor alive knowing she would come after you any chance she got

  • We need to sail some flaming ships into EU parliament.

  • Anjou was twenty years younger than her, he was ugly marked by small pox and it was said he was a hunchback, but she still fell in love with him, maybe he had the charm of the french man, or maybe she knew she was getting to old to have children. but every body were against the marriage and with a heavy heart she said good bye to her frog. he died on the battle field in the Netherland. he was her last chance to keep the dynasty of the Tudors alive !!!!!

  • Look it's always been this way natural resources from countries from since history and even know is still exploited for example the Caribbean , Africa years of free labor and natural resources contributed to the wealth of westerners today as well as England the industrialization period for example as argued by the famous decline thesis historian Eric Williams .

  • Myrtle Snow was queen!? Cool

  • Wtf the actor looks 60 not 39?!

  • The same ad over an over again

  • Way too many ads placed in the video.

  • 26:11 That’s what third wheeling looks like 🤷‍♀️

  • Had to get YouTube premium, the ads I can not bare

  • At 14:50 — Does anyone know what castle David Starkey is filming in?

  • They are making Elizabeth look bad when i fact she was one of England's greatest monarchs! I'm a catholic but I support, Elizabeth. People only hated her because her father married her mother. And really, it had nothing to do with Anne, but with Henry. It was all Henry's fault!

  • You couldn't pay me any amount to be of royal blood back then.

  • elizabeth won the battle but Mary WON the war and her bloodline united and reigned england and scotland just as she wanted by her son james..

  • Queen Liz was a cougar!

  • So sad that the only bit of happiness she could have had was shut down

  • It wasn't that long ago that Ireland was at odds because of religion and it still divides people and countries.
    When will people just respect other people's religions? Besides, God doesn't give a toss about religion!

  • "And besides, he probably has the pox." They had to ADD on top of the things written in the pamphlet, and I cracked up laughing!
    Sadly, the man who printed it, had his hand cut off, and the irony is his last name is Stubbs.
    Honestly, you can't make this stuff up! No one would believe it.

  • Home girl didn't play when dealing with bad PR! No right hand for you! chop chop

  • The actress who played Elizabeth is just too old for her age at that time. A little distracting to me.

  • elizabeth was a cougar in her own time lmao

  • Religion is flawed when it demands massacre to prove it’s “piety”. An irony in of itself and undeserving of respect or attention. There is no excuse nor defense for the killing of others in the name of God….ever!

  • So… Enjou was a gold digger?

  • Bloody Mary

  • Tilda Swinton would be a great Elizabeth on screen.

  • This morning I knew nothing about English history…. Now I have watched nearly 5hours of these documents and I know about Mary, Edward and Elizabeth and all the drama….. I'm not even from Europe….
    Guess I got lost in YouTube again 🤷

  • Because RC was never a religion but a political govt under the disguise of religion. Papacy wants control over all, and religion was and is a system to manipulate and mind control the population to it's power.

  • She chopped off hands of dudes that printed pamphlets? Beats demonetization

  • Everyone is there saying this is good sheit and all that, while I'm here thinking about Catholics killing ppl.

    Me: tHaT's A SiN yA bLoOdy PigS

  • She was was tough cause just imagine if you you knew your farther murdered your mother, then your half sister accuses of possible treason and puts your in jail then your step farther tried to sexually assault you it’s a lot lol

  • "As a woman she couldn't lead her own armies", but Joan of Arc did around 100 years before Elizabeth.

  • A great documentary! Into heritage? Everyone who's interested should check my videos out on my channel. I travel up and down the country in all kinds of weather documenting my trips on Castles, Manor houses, Churches & anything else heritage.


  • the Anjou actor is handsome

  • She was a British Jean d' Arc in a way. Females trying to be like men.

  • A fine example of how RELIGION is the root of evil!

  • It was good seeing the Golden Hind again. It was the first tall ship I had ever seen, it came to call in Tacoma when I was a kid, my parents took me to see and tour her, and from then on I have had a fascination with old sailing ships.

  • English history rivals Roman history for providing many "interesting times" in which to live. Now I know why the word "bloody" is an adjective often used by denizens of the British Isles.


  • All this over religion crazy

  • the jesuits are the masters of deception


  • Duke of Anjou must have had something compelling about him, as it could't have been his looks! Ugh! Dudley was far better looking. Just my opinion.

  • hold up, anthony babington? i don't get it. how is he still alive?

  • Shame the count wasn't 15 years old. Or Elizabeth 20 years younger. She could've married him and (hopefully) had an heir.

  • https://youtube.com/7856691

  • Thinking back on Elizabeth's abuse and molestations by her step-father, I realized that she was also living with a STEP-mother. Elizabeth had no one loyal to her for her protection whatsoever.

  • Isn't it interesting how she called him her frog and now the term is a racial slur against french people

  • It's fascinating to think about what history would look like if religion had never existed.

  • Good lord did a man she play the part in the third part of this story. My word, very distracting!

  • Religion is evil and man-made. God never made religion the ten commandments are all that mankind needed. Not picking out stories from Catholics, or written tales from Muslims.

  • Anyone who kills in the name of religion, has none

  • Part 1 was awful……..but this one is amazingly better. It is just horrible :history…….can we NEVER LEARN? Can we EVER LEARN? Seems not…………………sigh.

  • 4:06 ~ Chick playing Mary is HAWT!

  • v The Jesuit oath speaks of infiltration and is a strictly militaristic order.
    Not some peaceful secret Priests,just research and read the oath each must take.
    That undercover Catholic fanatic that killed William of the Netherlands was a known Jesuit then and now!!!

  • Allrught. When A queen is crowned in Falsterbo as a queen it's quite a big thing. She foubded the Kalmar union. If it wasn't a historical oppourtunity Snadinavia would have bee a united by now, queen of all Scandinavians.

  • I think I must say this, I've learned more of youtube than I ever did at school… I've gained more knowledge and open-mindedness for history

  • So the Pope decided that HE knew what God was thinking and wanting; and if God didn't, well, the Pope was going to assume God's role and get it done. Isn't that called "heresy"? That is the same thinking that led to the tens of thousands who were brutally executed for doing the same for the monarchs before. Goes to show: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • The only evil is man's inhumanity towards mankind

  • This is s a fascinating and well done series…but to switch Elizabeth (actress) mid stream was a big mistake.

  • I don't think there are enough commercials in this. 😒

  • Poor Mary, Queen of Scots

  • the closed captioning work great on my pc, and i have not seen one commercial yet. these have been good documentaries !

  • Show / series great! number and frequency of ADS totally distracting and explicatives are fully appropriate to be inserted here by future viewers

  • Oh I wish Elizabeth had conquered Spain after defeating her armada! They would have been weak. History would be soo different then.

  • I love them using an actress who is at the very least in her 60s to play a woman in her 40s. Even disease and lead makeup wouldn't have aged her to that point. Save the old actress for when Liz was nearing the end.

  • 14:18plz happen to men tha seuxally acssauted women

  • More adverts than documentary! 😡

  • Oh how I love David Starkey!
    No one does a British Royal Documentary the way he does. He’s the reason I know what I know on this subject. And his pronunciation of words like “years” and “here” ugh I just love him to bits.

  • “Priestcatcher.” Now that’s a dark title to have.

  • Elizabeth wasn’t a dude!

  • Learnt most of this in school in York, prior to leaving for NZ. Must admit it’s wonderful to watch on U tube.

  • For those commenting on the actress playing Elizabeth.
    After the small pox she had scars, so she wore heavy makeup. Which contained lead and mercury, thus making her appear older and also made her lose her hair.

  • Awesome narrator!!! I adore this man. He's that good.

  • I would prefer photos . History know by heart and looking at ordinary people on a cheap budget . Not on .

  • Religion is so awesome 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Aaaah “Religion”…. It brings such Peace, Love and most importantly… “Tolerance”… aaah so nice 🙏🏽

    Yes… I was being a “sarcastic” *SS!

  • Incredible she was truly an amazing Queen 👑

  • OMG who wrote the captions on the subtitles?
    Fire crackles soothingly
    Fire crackle, men screaming and yelling less soothingly
    I'm cracking up!! XD

  • I mean, Elizabeth's "advisors" obviously all knew what they didn't want – but not what they wanted ! If she married an Englishman? Oh no !!! He would become too powerful and all the others would be livid with jealousy. So then, marry a foreigner ? Oh no !!! A foreign king ??? No way – and possibly a Catholic ??? The fear of her dying on childbirth wasn't unrealistic either, so, who did they honestly expect her to marry? That man, in truth, was not born nor ever would be. So Elizabeth did the only sensible thing and stayed unmarried and England got what nobody really wanted, the "Wisest Fool in Christendom", Mary Stuart's (of all people !) weird son James. Considering the catastrophic dynasty of the Stuarts in England over the century following her death (although James himself proved to be the less harmless of the lot !), Elizabeth's advisors should have really, really rethought the matter. Oh, and finally, Elizabeth was infamous for what Starkey called her " On/ Off behaviour" as she had shown throughout her reign on countless occasions. This obviously didn't make decision making any easier for anybody in her vicinity – you could be on her side one day and find yourself in opposition, and in dire straits, the day after. Who would want to put everything on one card under those conditions? Only very brave men – and there weren't many of those at court.

  • 12:13
    In every part of this otherwise fascinating documentary there are extremely sexist sentences and views revealed.
    Since when is it only a real marriage if the woman can have children?!?
    Honestly, that’s just unacceptable!

  • I have seen portraits of Elizabeth where she looked attractive not pretty ,but I've never seen a portrait of Mary that was attractive. She looks very homely in any portraits I've seen of her. I wonder what Elizabeth and Mary really look like.

  • Could you people have picked the ugliest women in all of England to portray Elizabeth ?

  • 14:02
    Elizabeth was Incandescent with Rage
    she ordered that the author John Stubbs
    and his printer have their rigght

    last name Stubbs? [email protected]?
    irony must flow in that line

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