(ragtime music) Oh, I love these things
when we look back to the last year. We searched for… Hope. Malala! Science? We search for things we love. We’ll be happy. Oh, Kevin Spacey. And for greatness. Oh, the Olympics. We search to make sense… Yeah, that was terrible. That touches you. (Obama) Here’s what gives us hope. It’s so sad we’re
at that point of history again. We search to remember. Aw, Joan Rivers. Maya Angelou. Robin. Aw, they’ll be missed. That’s me in another 20 years! Here we go. Ready? Oh, how cute! It’s so nice to see positive stuff. (voice-over) …this comet
is an extraordinary thing. Space. (voice-over)…that no one’s imagined yet. (applause) Search on. Wow, wow! It brings tears to my eyes. That was uplifting. That just made me glad
to be an American and a human being. (Finebros) So we just
showed you a recap of some of the bigger moments from 2014. How do you feel when you watch
a video that kind of shows you what happened over the last year? That made me feel great
because so many good things happened there. It was endearing, it was uplifting. So many different things have happened. So many good things and bad things. Scientific-wise, it was amazing. I love recap videos.
I really do like walking down memory lane. (Finebros) Compared
to when you were younger, is it different with how you feel
every time there is another new year? Yeah, as a kid, I guess
I didn’t appreciate what the new year meant.
New years now have a different meaning. No, I look at the end
of each year almost the same. I just can’t believe
how fast the years are going. What you just showed me,
that seemed like 2014 went that fast. One more year behind you,
one less year ahead of you. When I was a kid, I’d look
at somebody who was 50 years old and think, “Wow, I wonder
if I’ll ever get to be that old.” Now I is one! When you get to be my age,
when you wake up and you’re breathing,
you go, “THANK GOD!” (Finebros) What is something
that happened in 2014 in the world that concerns you,
or made you happy, or was something you never saw before. Not really so much has happened. And I get the paper everyday,
and it’s unbelievable the things that are happening. What seems to get me the most
is how things move fast in technology. I am surprised that race relation
have not improved. Sometimes not a good reminder,
like the Ferguson and that situation that we
have to go through this still. But then there was the good things,
like the robot or whatever landing on the asteroid.
That was so phenomenal. That’s like a science fiction movie! (Finebros) And what is something
in your own personal life that happened in 2014
that stands out for you? Probably my granddaughter’s birthday. I went to Belize. I went on a nice hiking trip. I approached a milestone, age-wise. (laughter) So that’s standing out. I got through the year
without any major sicknesses. Technology, medical technology.
I’m being very personal here, it’s kept me alive. Probably my biggest moment
was my daughter got married. I look at the love that they share
and those goo goo gooey eyes. It’s damn near sickening,
but it’s beautiful to watch and I’m going, “We did that too.”
And that’s priceless. That’s precious. (Finebros) So this video
was created by Google, using the data that they collect
from everything that people are searching for online. I don’t have internet. (Finebros) What do you think about how
now that there’s the internet and a search engine,
we have actual information on what the world
was thinking about in a year? Uh, I think this is a truer way
of keeping on the pulse of the people. I couldn’t live without it.
I don’t know what we did before Google. That’s great because the normal media
doesn’t really print that kind of stuff. They’re not manipulating you.
It’s what really happened by the number of searches on each subject. When something happened,
maybe even like ten years ago, it was word of mouth,
or it was the news. Now as soon as you see it,
it’s on the internet. (Finebros) So Google also released
what the top searches were for the year, according to their data.
So at number five, in 2014, was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I thought that was hilarious. I don’t think a lot of people
knew what ALS was. And after seeing all this,
they began inquiring. Well, my sister actually died from ALS. My father died of ALS. They didn’t know anything about it. (Finebros) Number four on the list
was Malaysia Airlines. That’s really a terrible situation. I feel so sorry for all the family. That’s a real bizarre thing. Like Amelia Earhart,
it’s just one of those mysteries that will never,
probably never, solve. I might sound kooky with this,
but they gotta find that aircraft. If they don’t, then the aliens took it. (Finebros) At number three was Ebola.
What do you think about how much of an impact
that ended up having? Oh, it was scary. I feel more for all the people,
obviously in Africa, that are suffering from it. Which is really terrible
for the people that were involved, but they made such a big deal here
when it was not a big deal here. To me, it looked like they was
doing everything they could do at the time with what they knew. It’s given medicine a chance
to do some research, to discover, possibly, a cure for it. (Finebros) And number two
was the World Cup. Did you follow the World Cup? No, I did not. I don’t follow it. I wasn’t searching for the World Cup. And I couldn’t tell you who won it. I’m not really a soccer fan,
but I watched every game. I grew up in South America. You have not seen tragedy
until you’re in one of those countries when they lose. Here, we have football,
but they got football, and was their football
before we even had football. (Finebros) And the number one
most searched for thing of all 2014 was Robin Williams. Yeah. I used to go see him at The Improv
before he was famous. Robin Williams would just go up there
and just play for two hours. Even if there were only five of us
sitting there, laughing our butts off. (Finebros) Why do you think his death
impacted so many people that he was the number one
searched thing in the world? Because it was so unexpected. A lot of people felt
he was indestructive. But in his personal life, he wasn’t. Well, he made people laugh. And that’s the greatest thing
they can do in the world. (Finebros) So now that we’re in 2015,
if you think about that from the year you were born,
what does that feel like? Un-effing-believable. Scary. How long am I gonna still be here? I thank God that I’m alive. Welcome, 2015. I’m really focused now.
I’m in a hurry to get things done on the positive side.
I really am. Seventh grade, I actually figured out
that I’m going to live probably til about 2030. (drumming fingers) And, you know, it’s just
getting closer and closer. There’s so many people
that have passed, and they haven’t even reached
the age I’ve reached. We get one shot, and you’d better make it worth it.
Don’t get overwhelmed by the big goal.
Just go in that direction, and stay the course! Thanks for watching
another episode of Elders React. If you haven’t subscribed yet, come on!
Hit that button. What are you waiting for? Hit it! Let us know in the comments
what video you’d like us to react to next. Have a wonderful 2015.
Stay healthy, stay happy. See you soon. (ragtime music)

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