El Contacto Cero | WEB SERIES LGBT / Lesbian | S02 Ep 2 [ Capítulo 9 ]

The Zero Contact Hi. Hello. Lidia told me you’re
Looking for a French teacher. I didn’t know
It was gonna be you. Any problem? Not at all, please, come in. Look, you see?
They’re dating. They were seen on the beach
this summer. Then, you and me
Are girlfriends too. That’s what you’d like. We don’t topless together
Or hold hands. Well, that’s ‘cause you don’t let me. You really like flirting
Don’t you? Stop it, if Pilar hears us,
Both in bed… How boring you all are with
Your girlfriends. Ok, now, let me see the pic. This between you and Carmen,
is it definitive? (yes) Oh, you can’t be more reserved, can you? I was gonna show you the girl I’m seeing
Right now, she’s a bit like your Inma. No! Really? Are you dating a girl
That looks like MY Inma Cuesta? So… I don’t want to be judgy, but… You broke up with Carmen
Not even a month ago. I know, but that was already broken
Long time before. Why waiting? But, please, don’t you dare tell her. No way! She’d freak out. It’s just a thing, that girl is like:
“they’ve hurt me and I have a broken heart” And I’m done with all that drama. Luckilly,
She just wants sex. You know you don’t have to
pretend to be stronger than you are. And I don’t think
You’re over Carmen. Well, “like cures like”. Is there a pic of the new one? Yes, let’s see what
She’s doing. Look, she’s just posted a story. Hey, your hair is moistered. -You’ve fucked.
-You’re so rude! Oh, girl, excuse me,
You’ve made love. Wait, you’re too quiet.
You haven’t made out with Bea again, have you? Youre IMPOSSIBLE! No, no, I promised myself
To not see her again. That’s going to be so hard. ‘Cause we’re in the same
group of friends. -Do you remember Mario, her boyfriend?
-I do. Now he’s here, so I doubt he’s
giving her that kind of freedom. Well, we’ll miss her. Although, listen I like you better as a friend. I really don’t know
Wether to tell you. I knew it, I knew it! But, we’ve only seen each other
Like three times. And did you follow the third date rule? Of course, we slept toghether. Only sleep? Ok, we made love. Come on, who’s she? What’s she like? Hmm… She’s got everythig! But, what’s most important,
Does her family own lands? Don’t know, but she does have instagram. Quicker if I show you a pic. -I know this guy.
-No… I’ve seen him in Grindr,
Isn’t he cute? Now that we’re friends,
You could introduce us. Ok! Don’t get too rush, ok? We’ve seen each other 3 times
there was no fourth date. I don’t know, she might not be looking
For the same as me. Or she did’t like it
the other night. It isn’t my fault to move on like this,
Backwards. Even when the pain lasts longer
Than the cheer between us. Sorry for the tactlessness, but… How did you manage to get a job
In Paris if you can’t speak French? I work for an international office. They needed someone who could speak
Spanish and English And how comes that you speak such
A good Spanish? -My father is Spanish.
-Ahhhh. Now I understand. Whereabout is he from exactly? Basc? No, he’s from Malaga. Ana. Everything is always connected. Look, I don’t really know if you
Even want me to give you French lessons. You don’t look convinced. In fact, it seems you dislike me. I’m only surprised that you’re here,
You’re a bit homophobic. Am I homophobic just because I think
all lesbians play football? If I were, I wouldn’t have been to
the other day’s party, at all. And I wouldn’t be here, either. I need… To be only me. Well, shouldn’t we check out your level? Of lesbianism? No. Of French. Yes. A new challenge. Welcome to the lion’s den. Let’s see… She’s really beautiful. Oh, yeah, she could well be
my Inma Cuesta’s double. You can compliment her
with that the next time. There’s not going to be
a next time. Who’s the drama queen now? I am done with relationships,
I want to fuck many girls! Well, that’s not going to be possible. Because we are girls,
we like… Romanticism, sex with love… I don’t agree at all,
Last night I had sex without love And look, you don’t
Want to repeat. Ok, I must confess
It was different. But I didn’t disslike it. Oh gosh,
You didn’t dislike it? Ana, you need to
Change your mind. Like cures like.
If you ever get involved with Bea again… I won’t be your friend any more. I’d like to meet the boy
in the pic, by the way. So, text him. Oops, it’s Alex, she’s just texted me. She’s just commented the pic
we posted. She says: My friend thinks that
You could be Inma Cuesta’s double. -Well, now that she mentions…
-oh, come off it! I’m not convinced… could we
Meet again at your place to check that? If she did’t like it… She is good at nosing arround you.. Definatelly,
You have no idea of French. Well, no one’s perfect. This reminds me of Notas Aparte. What is Notas Aparte? A web series in youtube about
A girl that gives History of Art lessons To another girl for her
College access test. And does she manage to pass? She does. But that isn’t the important part.
She also teaches her lesbianism. All right. Maybe I should teach you

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