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Let’s go listen All right, you guys ready? Do this one world record territory here. I Think we should make a little competition out of this and winner daddy though. Be food the strongest man in history 525 pounds One world record territory here focus what one time 525 pounds He was pressing his entire body weight plus another third of that over his head with one hand And I don’t think there’s a strongman today that I feel like I broke my wrist I Feel like a book at my elbow That is got to be One of the most impressive feats of strength that anybody has ever done on this planet and I just did it Believe me is one of the hardest things I’ve ever Had to do I’ve never seen nothing like that. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like that done. I Really saw the first time. Somebody said that about some feats of strength that I’ve done in the past, you know We got next So we all know that William Bankier was famous for doing the tomb of Hercules instead of doing that I thought we’d take it a step up. We picked these pianos up and race Oh Come on guys, come on When you have a piano on your back you’re not really worried about what the other guys are doing You just want to get to that finish line as quick as possible The amount of weight and force on my chest was phenomenal I just kept running until somebody said stuff After I won the race I felt really restricted I couldn’t breathe Yeah at no point did I see Oberstar neck at the side of me which meant they were behind where they should be I feel like we’ve done William Bankier justice get the pianos on the back. I’m gonna race down the street It was really nice to give a little treat to the town today all the kids and everybody We entertained and that’s what we love to do Right guys We’ve had these built we’ve got policemen and they’re about 280 pounds just saying these are 280 pounds and we’re gonna carry them 0.3 miles. Yeah week three of a mile is down to the bottom of that road Take the left through the archway right down to the bottom You’ll see a canal turn left just before the canal and there’s a row offense is there then we’re going to throw them over and that will be the graveyard Right everyone in front and the towers facing forward right Lord Mayor whenever you already Now that we’re on his home turf I guess Eddie gets to have home court advantage But I really seriously want to beat him at this Ready Steady When I picked this finger up and got it on my back first thing that hurt was my arms holding this finger in place was absolutely excruciatingly painful I Didn’t want to sprint with Vicks. I didn’t want to fall on my face So I just took my time nice steady steps and the plan was just to go slow and steady the toy toys wins the race I Was annoyed that I was trying to hurry up because if you lose the Eddy you hear What was though There was a lot of pressure on myself to win this event were in stoke-on-trent Where I was born and bred and all my fans and family were there I think we got to give it up and winner daddy the Beast Now I’m famous rolling up frying pans I did it on a on a breakfast show here in the UK a while back and it went viral so I Think we should make a little competition out of this who can roll it the Finnish. Hi this Any drivers all nuts. He has to make everything a bet that he can win. He’s a child a 350 pound child, but nonetheless a child. It’s not a race It’s about who can get it the tightest remember that right? Okay right off you go So the main trick to roll in a frying pan is you’d be fast with it it’s gonna Bend faster and easier Right, so Brian got ten point two, so in order for me to win this I’ve got to beat ten point two inches Are you ready? Okay my measurement is So I’m afraid the winner is myself oh that’s a shocker You get a good drink there tastes like victory I mean obviously guys what I proved it today is to do these feats of strength. You’ve got to be British I’d rather not do them then to thomas topham to thomas to Be like says the smallest guy of the group yeah, you’re Thor okay I think we should all get some hobbies and then do this How much can you wind it off and throw it as far as you can was that really your throw? Literally, we’ll see let’s go find some hammers and sort this up Here we go ladies Well guys here we are your hammer throw sleeves are 13 pounds just to be clear here the rules the drawer line No one can pass the line. No one’s allowed to spin What for spin? Yeah That’s a good question. He just throws his hammer. So whoever throws at the furthest It’s four. So we say the loser. I think the loser should jump in an ice bath for two minutes. I think that’s fair Ed you’re up 70 feet 3 inches Earned yourself a Minnesota Viking ice math Can we all openly say that I am the closer spring to fall right here As you all can see we are at the blacksmith shop for today’s challenge we have to pick up and carry four anvils ranging in weight from 75 to 250 pounds into the blacksmith shop and place them on any of the open pedestals We’re gonna turn around run and grab two bundles of steel which each weigh 250 pounds Pick them up first guy to get the metal to the blacksmith wins. All right, you guys ready do this? Here we go. All I know is that I can’t lose an American Revolution challenge to a British guy on your mark Get back Robert sad go I Automatically went for the heaviest one. I couldn’t pick a log straight from the forks. I’m so scared of hurting my arm So I put it on top of the other van anvils picked it up nice and low and then went for the kill. I Chose to do the heaviest anvil first for the simple fact, it’s running less distance My strategy was to put the heaviest anvils on the pedestals that were closest to me in the blacksmith shop Eddie and I’ve been butting heads forever. I can’t remember a time when we weren’t rivals It’s kind of like he’s the English villain and I’m obviously the American hero He’s like a really chubby version of Jason Statham and I’m a way prettier version of the rock By the farmers walks were quite heavy and very unstable ground so you had to take your time you have to be careful Where you were stepping and I put mine up I went to go and open Skype him away He jumped out the way but actually in doing so jump back into my way and ended up hitting Oberst in the ass It hurt my arm again, but I carried on Anymore You ran right into my catheter you ripped my bicep again right when I hit you so sorry man, buddy He definitely pulled his bicep a little my hamstring and calf are all knotted up and bruised up. We’re lucky Nobody got seriously hurt, but the winner Is the one who have one. Bye sir. That was sneaky of him to grab the heavy one first. Yeah, everything good plan He didn’t even hit to death. That’s a great charge. And of course we want to go the least distance with the heaviest anvil Ah, so I knew if I got it first I go on the first log Even with one arm the British man beats the Americans you guys ready to get out of here Let’s go Just so you guys know I said it was the strongest man in the world. Not the fastest man in the world Yeah You

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