Eastern Front of WWII animated: 1941

Europe summer 1941 Germany had secured most of Central and Western Europe with only Great Britain remaining defiant on the islands the only potential threat to Germany in Europe was its formal Ally the Soviet Union in order to break the stalemate with Britain and make Germany’s strategic position Indisputable Hitler decided to cripple the military capabilities of the Soviet Union and seize its natural resources Germany planned to achieve this goal by capturing most of the European part of the Soviet Union before the onset of winter 1941 the main attack would take place in the center and be directed towards Moscow with auxilliary attacks in the north and south By the middle of June 1941 the Germans had almost completed the preparations and the invasion was about to begin Meanwhile, the Soviet forces were unaware of what was coming and were ill-prepared to resist the German invasion first we’ll look at the southern sector the Soviets had deployed their strongest units in the south having 1 million and 200,000 men between the prepared marches and the Black Sea They were to be confronted by the Army Group South that was afraid flee the same strength The first objective of the axis troops was securing the western ukraine On June 22nd the invasion began The Soviets immediately gathered their armed forces and met the German spearhead with a massive counter-attack in the area of tube noir and Brody But due to the lack of combat readiness of the units involved it failed and the Soviets lost most of their tanks the German advance Continued and this created a threat to pincer comment to the Soviet troops in the south and they have to be withdrawn from the exposed position after the main attack had tied down the Soviet reserves the Axis forces in Romania joined the offensive the main Spearhead now made a dash towards the east and this made Soviet command think that the main German effort was directed towards Kiev however The Germans had stuck to their original plan and turned south when the so it’s realized the German intentions was already too late to withdraw their forces and the Germans encircled and destroyed many of the Soviet formations near the town of Amman the Soviets now abandoned Western Ukraine and retreated to the eastern bank of the river neva They deployed the first wave of freshly Mobilised troops to establish a strong defense on the river line and also cling to the port of Odessa at the same time Operations were being carried out in the north Where one and a half million German soldiers from army groups north and center were facing a million Soviet soldiers in the beginning of the invasion the Army Group center was to encircle Soviet forces at the Porter and then Advanced toward Smolensk and Moscow meanwhile Army Group North was to advance directly towards Leningrad threatening to trap the Soviet forces between them and the sea On June 22nd the Germans attacked the saw at Western Front was deployed forward and during the first days of the war the German forces encircled most of its formations near the towns of Bialystok and Minsk in the Baltics the Soviet Counter-attacks were defeated in the Battle of lasagna and then they attempted to pull back and establish a defensive line and Daugava River but the Germans reached the river before them and pushed onwards threatening the Soviet units in the West with encirclement at The same time Army Group centre had finished Encircling the Soviet Western Front and its infantry units began to reduce the pockets while its armored forces advanced eastwards almost unopposed The Soviets attempted to plug the gap by deploying most of their pre-war reserves to counter them But it was not enough and as the German offensive continued their armor broke through the Soviet lines and trapped these units near Smolensk by that time the first wave of Soviet mobilization was complete and the Soviets used these formations to block further German advance and attempted to free the encircled troops however the performance of these newly created units was lackluster and they were unable to liberate the pocket the Germans managed to close it up and Eliminate it the Germans had gained the upper hand in the central part of the front and now they were faced with two options They could continue the push towards Moscow immediately or secure the flanks of Army Group center first And then continue the offensive eastwards They decided to do the latter and the armored formations of Army Group center were sent to a neighboring army groups During this time battles had been raging in the north where Army Group North had failed to pull out lots Encirclements and their progress was slowed down by the Soviet counter-attacks and bad infrastructure nevertheless They were making slow but steady progress and after securing their left flank They reached the approaches to Leningrad when the help from Army Group center arrived They were able to perform the final push and cut off the land-based communications to the city Through the north Finland had entered the war against the Soviet Union and June 25th And the Finnish troops took advantage of the Soviet defeats by taking back the lands lost in the Winter War after that They established forward defensive positions between the lakes Even further north the Finnish and German troops attempted to capture the Soviet port city of borman’s and caught the Murmansk Railway in order to sever the allied supply route to the Soviet Union However, their attacks became bogged down in the rough terrain short of their objectives the front became static meanwhile, the other armored units of the Army Group centre were sent to help Army Group south the Soviets had anticipated that the Germans would continue their attack towards Moscow and concentrated their troops on this direction which allowed the German armored formations to push back the weaker Soviet units on their southern flank the German advance southwards Forced the Soviets to abandon their forward positions in the Pripet marshes to shorten the line In Ukraine the Soviet troops were occupying a strong defensive position With their flanks resting on the Dnieper River in the west and south and the marshes in the north yet the Panzers from Army Group centre were bypassing the marshes from the east and Advanced into the Soviet rear the Soviets thought that the Germans bear head was overextended and could be contained however Unbeknownst to them the armored formations of the Army Group south had secretly crossed the Dnieper from the south into a German Beachhead and now broke through towards north to link up with the spearhead as the group’s met most of the Soviet units in the central Ukraine became encircled 750 thousand men trapped in the pocket when the pocket had been liquidated the Soviet forces in Ukraine had been severely weakened After these operations, the flanks of Army Group center was secured But now the Germans didn’t have enough time to reach the objective Set in the beginning of the campaign and they decided to go for more limited goals in order to reach them They began a full-scale attack along the whole front in the south The Soviet resistance had been crippled with the recent encirclement and this allowed the Germans to carry out another encirclement trapping part of the Soviet forces on the coast of the Black Sea Then they pushed onwards and established their control over the resource-rich areas of the eastern, Ukraine and conquered the Crimean Peninsula With Soviets abandoning Odessa, but clinging on to the port of Sevastopol At the same time the German forces were pursuing their objectives in the north Their goal was to sever the remaining supply routes to Leningrad and link up with the Finnish forces The initial advance was successful and reached its first goal by cutting the railway lines supplying the city The main German effort was in the center all this time. The Soviets had anticipated an attack on Moscow and had deployed 1,250,000 mobilized troops to the sector during the German operations on the flanks They had even somewhat managed to bush Army Group centre back to improve their defensive perimeter But by the end of September the German army had finally returned to the center and proceeded to carry out the new attack once again Near the towns of be asthma and bryant’s the Soviet troops were encircled and this resulted in having the Soviet strength on the front after reducing the pockets The Germans closed their distance to Moscow then they attempted to encircle Moscow with a two-pronged attack But by that time the long advance had exhausted their offensive capabilities and the weather had become severely cold The Soviets managed to halt their advance and although they didn’t have large Superiority in numbers the Soviet proficiency in winter combat allowed them to carry out a counter-attack the Germans were forced to abandon their vulnerable forward positions on the flanks and pulled back in order to shorten the front line during the retreat they had to abandon some of Their heavy equipment at the same time the German attempt to cut off Leningrad had also failed and they had to retreat to their starting positions and the supply line to Leningrad was Restored in the south. The German advance was also checked by the Soviets forcing the Germans to abandon their forward positions in Rostov The first year of the war was over the Soviets had stopped the Germans far from their initial goals but at the great cost to their own military Capabilities the Red Army had been decimated and it would take a year or more to fully rebuild and we equipped the army The Germans wanted to use this window of opportunity And were sending most of their available forces to the Eastern Front to deliver a knockout punch in the following year 1942 would be the decisive year of the war

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  • One of the best example of wermacht capabilities is the op busted hunt led by manstein.

  • Quality vs Quantity ☝🏻

  • Stalingrad…1942-1943

  • I think that he should have gone with the first plan: to plough on to Moscow and secure the major objective of the city’s supply lines. Then he could have spearheaded two major encirclement one north to meet with army group north to encircle the soviet northern forces and one south to meet with army group south and encircle those soviet forces as another way to bring the line to a vertical front. These would have been headed with new panzer divisions and tigers etc.

  • There's one single reason the germans failed in Russia: partisans. They alone defeated Germany.

  • This video really makes me wonder what would have happened if the Germans had chosen to push on toward Moscow instead of dividing their forces north and south.

  • My grandfather died in the second world war. He fell off a guard tower in auschwitz.

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  • Be interesting world if Germany never attacked in 1941…

  • Hard to understand why the Soviets had 1.2 million soldiers along the southern front and 1 million more along the northern front if they weren't planning to use them offensively. Plausible that they were massing to invade Germany. https://infogalactic.com/info/Icebreaker_(Suvorov)

  • Hello, I can make spanish subtitles if you are interested

  • how can i just discover dis!? this is pure gold! very clear explanation and animation! Very well done!

  • Deleteall units sov(289) in total play invasion and win the game

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  • Мой прадед погиб под Полтавой в 1941 г другой в крепости брест в 1941 г

  • Brilliant presentation. You get some sense of the scale of the assault.

  • Fun fact: Dubno Brody was the largest tank engagement in history; not Prokhorovka during Kursk.

  • Turn on English captions at 3:13

  • Germans in 1941: This will be easy.
    Germans in 1945: Well that was the worst idea we've had.

  • Fortnite= Germany
    Minecraft= USSR
    1941 fortnite starts winning battles but minecraft's capital is not captured
    1942 fortnite fails to capture enderdrad
    1943 the largest build battle took place on crursk
    1944 with other games arriving to open up a second front minecraft launches a counterattack
    1945 minecraft was at the sight of the fortnite island, and on its way to the capital Tilted Towers, many buildings were created as a last ditch attempt to hold the advance. And fortnite's servers were shut down.

  • Actually soviet forces were aware of German attack and were preparing as fast as they can. But Germans had too many forces

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  • This series is you're magnum opus, it's so well done.

  • What does each German coloured circle represent e.g black is tank divisions

  • Heres some further informations. At min 7.43 you can see 1.250.000 fresh soviet troops. Where did they came from? This was a major intelligence success and maybe decided the battle for moscow. Stalin had a spy in Japan, Dr. Sorge who gains top secret informations directly from germany. Dr. Sorge told Stalin the exact date of the day barbarossa attack started but he didn`t believe him but it was correct.
    Then Dr. Sorge told Stalin, Japan will definitly not declare war on Sowjet Union after barbarossa started, this time Stalin believed him and sended all well equipted, expierenced troops from the Sowjet- Japan war in the east western to defend moscow. The troops arrived just in time and maybe this decided the battle of moscow or maybe the whole war.
    You may ask why Japan didn`t declare war on Sowjet Union if Germany and Japan both Axis but this would be difficult to find out, some reasons maybe the very bloody Japan- Soviet war or just the lack of troops in china. It was a decision of the Tenno.

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  • which general saved ussr in 1941?
    Mr.Winter General.

  • So basically if the germans would've started the assault on Russia just a month earlier we wouldve been fucked

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  • https://blog.naver.com/7heppy7
    We made it well.

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    todt and fromm asked for peace before the moscow assault

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  • its doomed from the start , man power drained is real , too wide for the german , too wide

  • You know I used.to think Hitler was kind of dumb for going for Russia but for over a year it was an absolute slaughter, I would of been pretty confident too.

  • Loving the videos about the WWII eastern front, they're amazing.

    It's insane to see how close Germany came to capture Moscow.

  • He should not have done it

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  • Beautifully represented, even shows the German units lagging behind when the panzers got right out in front. The Germans had a lot of success but it was just not enough.

  • "Former allies?" fuck off

  • Did the Germans look well at the map of Russia before attacking them ?

  • Germans and Soviets never have been an allies moron. Dislike.

  • living in the west, people forget it was actually the eastern front that had more deaths

  • 4:20 even if they succeeded in invading moscow, stalin would just pull back to novgorod or yekaterinburg

  • Nobody:
    Bowling alley tv screens after you get a strike:

  • DIdn't realise britain was that big compared to France! Oh wait a minute, it's not…

  • In Toronto during the summer of 1941 I was 9 years old when my father said goodbye and marched off down the street in his Canadian Army Uniform, never to return. Killed in Germany in 1945, he lies in a war grave in Antwerp. From the time my father left I followed the war in Europe in newsreels, on the radio and in the Sunday papers. I remember a key statistic from 1944. The Nazis had 50 divisions on the Western Front to face the Allies based in the UK and 150 divisions on the Eastern Front to face the Russians and their allies among the various Soviet Republics. I concluded that the reason the Normandy invasion succeeded was the fact that the Russians and their allies tied down the bulk of the Nazi armies. I do not say "German armies" though we know that the German high Command could have prevented the Nazi takeover of the state. I no longer dwell on such thoughts.

  • Damn !! These Germans were insane! It’s crazy to think that a small nation like Germany could take on the largest country in the World kick its ass all while the already occupied the rest of Europe !! Let’s also not forget 22 years earlier they had fought the WWI.
    Germany is still probably the strongest nation at least financially in Europe !!
    Love them of hate them you have to give it to these Germans ! They are one resilient nation !!!

  • I honestly think hitler should of one if he made a few better decisions

  • Interesting that the war already had turned before the USA even got involved.

  • do u have a vesrion without the music cant hear you

  • source for this map you're using?

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  • Moscow was so close , too bad …

  • Does anyone here play Gary Grimsby War in the East ? Best Eastern Front Game ever.

  • I think the statement that the Russians had no idea the attack was coming isn’t completely true as soviet spies informed Stalin of the impending attack but Stalin refused to act on said information so I’d say they weren’t completely unaware

  • Please please make your videos last above 10 minutes next time when it's so close! You deserve the money

  • The sovietics are the real heroes who defeat at the best army, them fight 24/7 since 1941 to end the war in 1945

  • Thinking about what happened to the soldiers of the disappearing circles and squares, it's a grim thought.

  • Fantastic video.

  • Just noticed some funny computer text… 6.10 Germans "Bear head" meant to be "Spearhead"…7.57 "Bush" Army Group Center. Meant to be "Push"..8.05.Near the towns of "Asthma and Bryants" I don't know spelling but get closer with "Viasma and Bryansk"

  • Wow, great job. Did you use After Effects to create this masterpiece?


  • THIS is exactly why the USA should NEVER try an attack on RUSSIA.  We would lose, and if we dared to attack Moscow, they would blow us off the face of the map.  They would also target all POLITICAL LEADERS, IMMEDIATELY.  You don't think there are Russian spies & defenders of their nation planted right here in D.C., and other places?  Just use your head…so our crazy war hawk leaders better back off!

  • Also, if it weren't for the greedy Leaders and Oligarchs, greedy for power over the world, whatever, we wouldn't have all these ridiculous wars.  READ "WAR IS A RACKET" by General Smedley Butler of WW1.

  • It's ridiculous that the Nazi's expected the Russians to surrender after they raped tens of thousands, murdered millions, and decimated villages, and entire towns. If i was one of the Russian soldiers at that time, my vision would have turned Red with wrath, anger, shame, and a multitude of other emotions. I would have died trying to inflict as much damage to the Nazi as i could, no matter how small.

  • Ha Russia's old freind the WINTER

  • This is all and good but why is this recommended to me

  • Imagine being hitler in 1942. You’ve encircled so many of Soviet troops and they are still pushing back and eventually will push you back yo Berlin. This happened to me in HOI4 when I played as germany and the Soviets pushing me back pissed me off so much.

  • Eastern front 1941-1945 is a excellent game for Android and simulate the operation Barbarossa on a realistic way, play!

  • Excellent animation

  • A shame Stalin decided to split europe with Germany and supply them with the resources they needed to knock france out of the war early and instead invade and conquer neutral nations, including joint invasion with Germany in Poland. If he wasn't so shit in his planning, it would have been far easier to stop the war before it got anywhere near the size it eventually did. It was obvious Hitler hated communism and the USSR, can't believe Stalin ever trusted him. Look at how poorly the first year of the war went due to how unprepared they were… WW1 was Germany's best chance at winning tbh. If all 3 nations had attacked again this time, it wouldn't have lasted very long. Russia was much more industrialized by this time.

  • so close, but yet so far

  • once germany had taken the ukraine they should have concentrated on taking the oilfields without the ukraine russia was hurting for food. russia only has a narrow band in the south to grow food without the baikal oilfields they would have been starved for fuel. germany then truly would have been able to use their panzers to full effect.

  • The best Video i ever seen befor. respect

  • USA was helping Britain and USSR ,what was illegal ! That ultimately ruined this glorious crusade , because German uboats could not target USA ships, because then USA would have had reason to join the war

    So they had un-militarized ships totally vulnerable, and sent them ,at the mercy of German Wolfpack ,BEGGING Germany to attack them and kill them – What NEVER happend

  • hi my friend Alex here in England do you have a video about Stalingrad and Strarkan the AA line in the Crimea hope all is well

  • Things are looking great for this Hitler guy, I hope he doesn't make a huge blunder in the next year and get continually pushed back for several years.

  • If Germany never goes East, the West never does either. Hitler surrendered victory when he turned on Russia. Thank god he was a mad man

  • Thumbnail looks like rdr2

  • 08:08 fucking insane to suffer such catastrophic losses right at the gates of Moscow 4 months into the campaign…and Germany ended up the one losing the war. Sheer insanity…the more I stupid human history the more insane I become.

  • pro tip : never attack the Russian on winter..

  • Poor Russians getting beaten by Germans and there own country government Russians.

  • 8:27 this would’ve been the moment that could’ve changed everything that we live in today

  • 伟大的无产阶级革命导师斯大林大元帅万岁!


  • Interestingly enough Hitler's main objective of this operation Barbarossa was to capture the crucial oil fields to the south and not to prioritize Moscow. He knew the SU was much too big a landmass to get them to capitulate once they lost their capital. Unfortunately for Hitler, and Germany I suppose, the generals in charge of Barbarossa decided to alter the plans and directed the main assault to Moscow which was the start of Hitlers decline in trust of his generals. Say what you will about his morals, but Hitler was not an idiot when it came to realising what Germany needed to continue the war effort.

    Also interesting is that Stalin was correct in anticipating that Hitler was going to gun for the south and dedicated most of his resources there. He was taken completely by suprise when he found out the German center was the largest which is most of the reason why the Germans were able to get so close to Moscow before encountering serious resistance as the Russian forces had to re organize. Those poor bastards on the Eastern front made hell look like a vacation. Glad not to be born 100 years ago.

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