EASILY Layer Outfits | 10 Rules To Layering Clothes Like A BOSS

10 Rules To Layer Clothing Like A Boss
[0:00:00] Ten rules to layer casual clothing and look
great. Gentlemen, that’s the subject of today’s
video. [Music]
Rule number one to layering and looking great, gentlemen. Keep it simple. I can’t stress this enough. Guys oftentimes make it overly complicated. You’re not some Instagram post, you’re
not necessarily a Facebook model, so don’t think that you’ve got to layer five items. Guys, two to three is perfect. Look at this outfit I have right here. I’ve got my base blue shirt, then I’ve
got my green knit, and then on top of that I’ve got a brown leather jacket. The colors, the texture, this works for me,
I feel great in this layered look. And, guys, that’s what you need to do feel
great, go out there, practice, keep it simple. You don’t want to make this overly complex
because then you’re not going to enjoy the process. Rule number two, gentlemen. Thin to thick. Basically bulk your clothing on the outside
more form fitting clothing as you get closer to the body. This makes sense if you think about you are
throwing clothing on top of each other. It makes sense that thinner clothing needs
to be closer to the body, the thicker clothing then goes on and the bulky heavy clothing
goes on top of that. If you try to reverse this, try to change
it up, you’re going to have to fit issues, you’re going to have pieces that aren’t
just working together. You’re not going to be able to move in the
clothing as well and effectively layer and it’s just doesn’t look as good. Rule number three, gentlemen for looking great
in a layered look is to fully leverage all the different materials, all the different
weaves, all the different textures, all the different fabrics that are out there and the
emotions and the feelings that they convey. You probably heard me in other videos talk
about leather and how it sends a signal of strength and masculinity. I’ve also probably talked about some of
the nap surfaces we see on knits and we see on certain shirts that make people want to
go in there and touch. So, think about that, you’re wearing something
that’s rugged that makes also people want to get close women especially and touch. If you’re going on a date, why not have
a rugged but approachable look. You see how this all plays in and that’s
the power of layering. So, there are so many different shirts that
you can have fun with. Let me just go over a few. This shirt right here I’m actually wearing,
I had two of them and if you look at the material right here we’ve got a dark blue and it’s
woven in with a lighter blue, so from a distance it looks like a solid, when you get up close
you can actually see it’s got a pattern in it. This shirt right here, it has a nap surface
which gives it something that you almost want to come up and touch. Right over here, we’ve got corduroy. Yes, gentlemen, corduroy on shirts especially
when it’s got eleven wales per inch and that’s what you’re looking for number
of wales actually looks great. It’s actually a very warm type of feel and
it’s something that people want to go up and touch, very approachable. This right here a rougher fabric, something
that’s going to be durable, but also gives an overall rough fabric. So, if you’re going to wear a shirt underneath
this that actually had more of a shine or a tighter sheen to it, they would actually
work well together. Right over here, again, another nap surface. Now, I was talking about knits, this particular
knit like that I’m wearing underneath here has a very tight weave. You actually can’t see the yarns. This one right here very different, it has
a very loose weave, you can see the yarns and it actually would work with a number of
these shirts. Now, with jackets, like I talked about I love
leather as an outside of the jacket, very strong feeling of masculinity, but some of
you guys maybe you maybe you don’t like leather. Well, there are faux leathers out there. This one right here is actually a faux leather
jacket. We also got this right here, the sports jacket. So, if you want something a bit dressier,
you want to bring in a bit of a herringbone pattern. Now, the color may not suit you, you can find
something in blue, you can find something in dark brown. All right, gents, so far on this video, I’ve
shown you a lot of examples of different jackets, different shirts out there, a wide variety
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Rule number four to layering clothing, gentlemen is understand every layer should be able to
stand on its own. What does that mean? That means that you don’t want to wear something
that if worn by itself it just wouldn’t fit, it wouldn’t look good. I know there are some hacks out there and
you can do this in a crunch where, yes, you could wear a well-fitted sweater over an ill-fitted
shirt, but I still think that if someone, you know, if you look at the back you can
sometime see the clothing crinkling up underneath. I truly believe that every time you layer
every single piece should be able to stand on its own. Rule number five. Colors should complement each other. So, what are complementing colors? Colors that complement each other work together. Let me show you and let me explain my outfit. So, you see the blue here, you see the green
here, you see the brown on the outside. Let’s look at the color wheel, where do
they fall? We’ve got blue right here, we’ve got green
over here. So, these are actually analogous, they’re
near each other they complement and they work with each other. Now, brown, where is brown? Brown is over here over in the red, orange,
kind of the red – this area right over here. So, you can see they’re all working together. What you want to be careful of is going to
with colors that in a sense are called complementary colors and these are they’re on opposite
sides of the color wheel or they’re too jarring, so sometimes wearing certain colors
that just are really bright. I get this asked, why do I stick with blues
and browns? Because in my interchangeable wardrobe they
just work. Yes, I could bring in something like this
and it would work because it has a little bit of a brown in it, but it is going to start
to push it and it’s not going to work. Obviously, it wouldn’t work with this, we
would have too much of the same thing going on here. Now, this would work with this, but when it
comes to color, guys, keep it simple. Remember our first rule and try to go with
colors that complement each other. Rule number six. Let’s talk about layering patterns. Layering patterns is very similar to matching
patterns. What you don’t want to do is go with two
patterns right next to each other. So, the great thing about wearing knits is
that knits most of the time they’ve got their own distinct textured pattern, they
oftentimes don’t have like different large patterns that repeat themselves which you
would see in shirts. So, that’s why I like knits they kind of
offer a very safe buffer. But, if you’re going maybe for a jacket
that’s got a herringbone weave in it, then you don’t want to have a shirt that’s
got a herringbone weave especially if they’re going to be similar. So, if you’re going to wear a striped jacket
or you’ve got something that has stripes maybe on the sweater, you want to be careful
about wearing similar size stripes in the shirt. It just doesn’t – it just doesn’t look
as good. So, remember, guys, change up those patterns,
don’t have this and there’s such a wide variety, again, from corduroy to having something
that’s got a nap surface. There’s just a wide option out there. You can actually avoid patterns in general
just go with some block colors. It’s a little bit boring I think unless
you start to bring in a textured fabric with that, but I think that’s a good way if you’re
just starting off and you are scared to death of patterns, then just go that route. Rule number seven. Tuck in your under layers and I’m talking
about your shirts here. So, a lot of guys think that if they’re
going to layer they can untuck their shirt. This can work if you’re in advanced layer
and the shirt isn’t too long, but once that shirt starts to go past the crotch area, if
it covers your backside, if it looks like a dress, it’s just not a look I think that
flatters most men. The half tuck, I’ve seen a few people out
there talk about it, no, no. Let’s – I think that shirts should be
tucked, then the knit can be untucked, jacket obviously you’re not tucking in your jackets. And, if you’re an advanced matcher you are
in the street wear, you know what you’re doing when it comes to layering. Sure, go for it, have fun with it, but to
me this is a bit advanced you can really mess this up. Again, if you know what you’re doing it
can work, but I think for most men just starting off it’s better to tuck in that underlayer. Rule number eight when it comes to layering,
gentlemen, don’t forget about accessories. Accessories, yes, can be another layer. It allows you to bring in a different material,
different pattern, different texture. One of the easiest ones is neckties. With this outfit, I could actually possibly
bring in a dark blue maybe even a red casual fabric maybe necktie that can all of a sudden
bring in a little bit of an accent, a little bit of color. And, yes, you’re barely able to see it and
maybe – this maybe a little bit too casual to wear a necktie, but if I were to dress
this up just a bit maybe wearing more formal looking shirt right here I could have possibly
pulled it off. Another thing, possibly bring in a hat with
a different texture. Yes, I know a hat isn’t technically layering
right here in the chest, but the layering doesn’t have to be there. With a sports jacket, I could bring in a pocket
square. That is another layer if you look at it that
way. You could layer with a watch. So many different accessories out there. You could have a particular great looking
leather bag that looks good with maybe, you know, this type of a sports jacket. What you’re looking at are layers here,
guys, and it’s that dimension it’s the overall feel that we’re paying attention
to. [0:10:08]
Rule number nine. Be careful of white clothing. It has a very formal history to it and it’s
something that has a very stark contrast. These two things sometimes make it draw too
much attention, it just doesn’t always look right. White shirts in general are considered the
most formal shirts because it showed that a man didn’t have to work with his hands. When we’re talking about casual layering,
this is honestly where I think you should have a lot of fun with the shirts. White shirts a little bit too formal, a little
bit too high contrast, I wouldn’t go with them. Now, this next rule is something that you
never stop doing, seek layering inspiration. So, subscribe to magazines, go check out Pinterest
boards. I particularly I’ve got a copy of Esquire
right here, I subscribe to GQ, I’ve got a number of other magazines that are sent
to me. Go to Instagram. Start putting together curating different
looks that you like. At the end of the day, this has been done
before very successfully by many men out there, so go out there look at what they’re doing,
be inspired and there’s nothing wrong with going out there and learning from the masters. Now, guys, hopefully you enjoy this video. I dropped a lot of information in this. If you want more, I’ve got a support article
down in the description where I’m going to go into more detail. I’m actually going to provide some quick
little exercises, some go-to outfits that you can put together and actually start layering
properly. Again, if you love what I’m wearing here,
I love this jacket by the way. I’m linking to it down in the description. Go check it out over at Territory Ahead. And, that discount that I’ve got for you
that discount code you can throw it on top of some of the discounts and sales they are
having guys. These are some – I mean some awesome deal,
but that discount code will not be around forever, so go use it or lose it. That’s it, guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [Music]
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