DYWIDAG´s History

What is DYIWDAG? A threadbar? A soil anchor? A stay cable? An infrastructure monitoring system? DYWIDAG began when DYckerhoff and WIDmann began working together in 1865 in a small cement factory. By the 1880s, their concrete company turned into a construction company and entered the bridge market. As the company grew, so did R&D. In 1903 they reinforced a German concrete bridge with steel. These were the early seeds of what would eventually become our most famous product: the DYWIDAG bar. By the ‘50s the company began consulting internationally and licensing its
construction methods with new Post-Tensioning technology at its core. By ’69 DYWIDAG established itself in the USA and Canada. With the rapid expansion of population-dense cities and their need for strong foundations, Geotechnics became DYWIDAG’s second global market segment. By ’79 DYWIDAG-Systems International was established to support the increase in R&D and systems licensing. Besides bridges, we served other sectors such as dams, high-rises,
and railways. And you know what? We’ve helped make a lot of infrastructure safer and stronger with our systems. Today’s environment is increasingly demanding. Infrastructure ages at an unprecedented rate. Megacities. Earthquakes. Rising sea levels. All contribute to a growing infrastructure crisis. We need a new approach to investment and maintenance. We can be smart about the future. DYWIDAG is a company of bars, cables, and systems used to support and retrofit the new and aging structures of the world. That’s never going to change. But technology adds a new dimension. It allows us to be smarter. Robotics. Sensors. Data systems. We combine our legacy and a vision of the future through structure Lifespan Management. At DYWIDAG we can do something about it. We have the talent. We have the technical expertise. We have the systems. But most of all, we have a responsibility to make infrastructure safer, stronger, and smarter.

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