Duck Duck Go Search Engine Setup Tutorial for Microsoft Edge

Hi guys, how’s it going today? Today, I just want to go over a quick little video just to show how you can add the DuckDuckGo search engine to your Microsoft edge browser I know today in this day and age people are really worried about their privacy especially with the revelations From the Facebook data breach that just happened not too long ago involving Cambridge analytica so I was trying to think of you know simple little ways that we can protect our privacy on the internet and One of the most common applications that people use on the Internet is of course search engines So let’s just go over real quick. How you can add DuckDuckGo actually let me just go over some of the features of it Which you know makes it a little more secure and safe for your privacy so This is from their website. They don’t store your personal information They don’t Follow you around with ads. You know how other search engines and other companies use cookies that trace what you do So they’re not actually following you around which is kind of nice They don’t track you in and out of private browsing mode and Pretty much. You know covers most things that people are kind of worried about these days at least the basic things So let’s go over real quick. How you can add this to your Browser so it’s pretty simple so you just go to settings and then you’re gonna go to advanced settings and Then it’ll say search in the address bar with whatever one that you want to use the default is Bing so you’re gonna change that to duckduckgo and Then hit set so let’s go through this real quick. I’m gonna change stuff to go to my main Search engine so settings Advanced can be all the way down at the bottom And then from there you just scroll down a little bit and Here it is right here change search engine and Then pretty simple simple it discovered it DuckDuckGo Set his default There we go now, let’s test it Open up a new tab And there you go wallah no, not now you’re not using Bing or you’re not using Google for your search engine Which both track you across the internet for advertising purposes You know it’s not going to fix everything with your privacy concerns But it’s definitely one little simple thing you can do to help to put your mind at ease All right guys well. Let me know what you think of the video and Thanks for watching have a good day

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