Drupal 8 User Guide: 5.7. Adding a Page to the Navigation

Adding a Page to the Navigation
with Amber Matz In this tutorial we’ll add a page to
the navigation. By the end of this tutorial
you’ll understand how to add a page to the navigation and you will have added
the About page that you created in a previous tutorial
to a menu. To follow along, you should
understand the concept of menus and how to edit a content item. See the written version of this tutorial for links to tutorials on both of these
prerequisite concepts. In the Manage administrative menu,
navigate to Content which is the admin/content path. Find the About page and click Edit
in that row. Click Menu settings on the right to
expand it. Check Provide a menu link for the
menu options to appear. Now let’s enter the following values. The Menu link title is the title that
will be displayed in the menu. Enter About if it’s not
already entered. The Description is the text that will
be displayed when a visitor hovers over the link. Enter History of the market. The Parent item, is the location of
the page in the menu hierarchy. For example, if you choose Main
navigation, the page will appear in the highest
level of the navigation. By choosing another menu item
as parent, you can create a menu hierarchy of
multiple levels. Let’s select Main navigation. The weight is the order in which the
page should appear in the menu. Lower-weighted menu items will be
shown before higher-weighted menu items.
Enter negative 2. In a separate tutorial, we’ll discuss
how to change the order of menu items in the navigation. Click Save and keep published
to save the changes. Click Home or Return to site in the
navigation bar to see the result. Now we can see the About menu
item has been added to the Main Navigation. In this tutorial we added the About
page to the Main Navigation menu.

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