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Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where I talk about treats for the sweet tooth Today I’m going to talk about Drifter I’d first like to thank my future sister-in-law for picking up this bar, and bringing it to me, to try Thank you Monica! The Drifter candy bar was first introduced in 1980 in the UK by Rowntree The candy bar has a wafer center that’s wrapped with caramel and coated in chocolate Does Rowntree sound familiar to you guys? of course it does because they’re the creators of KitKat, Aero, Coffee Crisp, and Rolo which I’ve all videos on and sadly Rowntree no longer exists but is now owned by Nestlé So Nestlé now makes the Drifter bar Since the Drifter bar was created by Rowntree i’m expecting the wafer center to be similar to the Coffee Crisp and KitKat So let’s check it out Before i start, I just want to share some pictures of old wrappers that i found of the Drifter bar So the Drifter bar comes with two sticks of the candy bar similar to like Twix I decided to break the bar in half that way I can show you, because I’ve learned that when I bite into it and then show you zoomed in on the camera um my teeth kind of mess up everything so here’s a clear view so there’s a stack of wafers and then there’s a really thin layer of chocolate and caramel wrapped around them like really thin. Like look how thin they are and I’m guessing I can see thta there is chocolate in between the wafer Here we go this is the other half of the part I broke off K I spent a lot of time trying to break down the tastes and flavors of the Drifter bar But it’s really difficult, the caramel even though it’s a really thin layer Pretty much takes over the entire flavor of the candy bar like you get a good wafer crunch to the candy bar but you really can’t taste the chocolate you just mainly taste the sweet caramel, it is really sweet and you guys know how I don’t care for caramel that much so (chukles) i’m sorry but i don’t really care for this Drifter bar If you enjoy chocolate, well light chocolate flavor with an overpowering sweet caramel and a wafer crunch Then you should try the Drifter bar we don’t carry it here at the Penny Candy Store because my sister-in-law got it at a World Market she was at So, sorry for my honest opinion, if you don’t care for it its just you know I don’t care for caramel but give it a try if you think you might enjoy it Thank you for watching this week’s video of TheCandyGuy Links for the Penny Candy Store and myself will be in the description of this video I post videos every Friday so i shall see you all next Friday Have a sweet day. Bye! Please remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my videos also share if you’d like and click some of the links

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