Drew Brees Tests His Concentration | Brain Games

KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: We’re about to test the theory that training your brain can
improve mental performance in the same way
that weightlifting can build muscle strength. In this game,
you’ll have to track several objects in motion. If you happen to be an air
traffic controller or a parent watching your kids
at a busy playground, you might do well at this game. Let’s see how you stack up
against eagle-eyed Super Bowl quarterback Drew Brees. Here are two footballs. Your job is to track
them as they move, but we’re going to add a
bunch of other footballs. OK?
– OK. Here we go. Take a look. [game show music] KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: OK. All right, can you locate
the original two footballs? Drew, what do you think?
DREW BREES: 9 and 10. KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: 9 and 10. Oh, 9– wow. OK. Do you want to take your
time to think about it? [laughing] DREW BREES: No. KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: Drew,
would you like 9 and 10? OK. Ow. All right. Let’s take a look and
see if it’s 9 and 10. [chime] Yes! 9 and 10. 9 and 10. To tell us about this test and
why Drew is likely to be better at it than most of us, we’ve
asked our powers at Muppet Labs for a little bit of assistance. [applause] Well, Keegan– Woo! –the task of
following multiple fast moving objects simultaneously– Woo! –is a test of several
brain functions at once– vision and perception– Oh. –as well as spatial
awareness, concentration, and working memory. Researchers have
consistently found high-level athletes
do especially well at tasks like this. Woo!
[smacking] Oo! Mm. Touchdown. [applause] Doctor Bunsen Honeydew
just said my name. You’ve made it. Yeah. [laughter] Clip art footballs on
a giant video screen are one thing, but in order
to take this to another level, we’re going to need
people in panda costumes. [cheering] [dance music] It is time for the experiment
we call “Panda Shuffle.” Clearly, those
footballs were too easy, so now we’re going to make
it really tough on Drew. This time, he’ll have to track
three different things instead of two– and by things, of course,
I mean dancing pandas. 3 of our 10 pandas are
wearing blue headbands, and those are the pandas
that Drew will have to track. And you can play along. Fun fact– they do this exact
drill at NFL training games. OK, they don’t really,
but they should. Pandas show us your
headbands, please. Mm hm. OK, OK. So, Drew– you see those
three guys over there with the blue headbands? Yes. Those are the three pandas
we need you to keep track of. [laughing] All right. All right? The three pandas with
the blue headbands. You ready?
– Ready. OK. Pandas, on with your heads. [laughter] See what I did there? [laughing] And now– shuffle. [dance music] All right! [applause] Woo! (SINGING) Freakin’
start with balls, now we got pandas dancing. I love it.
This is great. All right. Guys, the album will
be out later tonight. All right. OK, pandas, show
us your numbers. Mm-hm. [laughter] Audience, did you follow that? Don’t say anything yet. Don’t say anything yet. Did you follow it? AUDIENCE: No. People said no. OK. Drew– so, Drew– I– here’s– I’m going– I don’t know– I’m
going with 3 and 11. I don’t know. There’s only 10 pandas. Exactly. Yeah, that’s why I’m
not a quarterback, OK? [laughter] Drew, which are the pandas
with the blue headbands? All right. I know for sure 5 and 10. 5 and 10, OK. I think I lost my third,
but I’m going to say number 1. 5, 10 and 1? Yes. Show me 5, please. Oh! [chime] [applause] Please, can you show me 10? [chime] [cheering] And your last one, Drew? Ah, I just guessed. I guessed 1. You just guessed 1? Yeah. Show me 1. [buzzer] Oh! Yeah. Oh. You have another guess? Another guess? Anything else you can give me? Uh, yeah. I’m going to go with 6. Show us number 6. [chime] [cheering] Yeah. [game show music] Yeah! Come on! Great job, pandas. Thank you, pandas.

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