Drawing a Comic Page (ACE) Narrated, Start to Finish – Sequential Comic Art

Hey it’s Eli aka Atlas. Today I’m going to be drawing the final page
of Simon Graves’ book teaser: ACE–a 3-pager which introduces a very important character
into his story’s universe. This page itself was the big reveal after
2 previous pages of build-up, so I wanted it to look as dramatic as it felt when I was
reading it. And for the most part it turned out the way
I pictured it. The setup is the lead character rises from
a rough landing in a cornfield, naked, sweating, steaming and very imposing. Simplicity was the key here, so even in the
layouts I didn’t try to do anything to crazy with the camera angle or anything. We’re simply looking up at a standing man. What really ends up bringing in the drama
in this stage before the colors is the lighting. He’s being backlit by a full moon, but doubly
illuminated by the moonlight and the fire from the crater he’s created. Originally this wasn’t the way I wanted to
ink him actually–I wanted a smoother, more 90s Adam Hughesy/Kevin Knowlan-looking vibe. If I had done it that way, it would’ve let
me do simpler colors; but this was technically made more sense because it let me do more
with the lighting during the coloring phase. For some reason I wanted these to be rose pedals–and
in the color version I even go for it–but these ultimately end up being more leaves–which
is good either way because it gives us the feeling that the field is burning and its
windy. I didn’t separate his lines from the billowing
smoke to give the illusion of it being softer and more organic, if that makes sense. And everything around him works to frame his
large figure. The cornfield is made up of silhouettes and
the rocks are very harshly lit and shaded. Finally, I get to work on the rift in the
floor. I use a bit of negative space to imply the
texture of the rocks and the grass where the rocks stop. Add the moon and we’re good to go. That wraps it up. If you liked
the video, ETC. Make sure you tune in this Friday for a new
episode of For Future Reference and next Monday for either a new tutorial or speed art. Social media, etc. Recommended reading, etc. Make sure you tune in next week for the sequel
where I apply the colors to this guy and bring it to life.

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