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Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where i talk about treats for the sweet tooth tooth today I’m going to talk about
Double Decker the Double Decker candy bar was
introduced in 1976 it’s a British candy that is manufactured by the Cadbury
company so the candy bar is named after yeah you kind of guessed it maybe, the
double-decker buses that you can find in the UK. That is how the candy bar is
situated. There’s the top deck and a lower deck. Top deck is nougat and the
lower deck is a crisp. So you can see the top layer is the nougat, the bottom layer
has a crisp crunchiness and it’s covered in milk chocolate so lets give it a go very surprising it has like a coffee
taste to it. It’s not just milk chocolate flavor I don’t know where the coffee
taste is coming from but there’s definitely hints of coffee in this Double Decker candy bar so yeah the bottom layer is a crisp
crunch and the top is the nougat kind of chewy but dissolves quickly and
then the milk chocolate but I was not expecting that coffee taste. The nougat
is kind of too chewy for my taste, I like softer nougats this one wasn’t that soft,
and the coffee flavor I’m not a big coffee lover so, unless it’s dark chocolate coffee
espresso beans those are amazing but other than that most coffee flavors I’m not really a big fan so it wasn’t really, I was expecting more milk chocolate so I’m a little disappointed sorry for those of you that love Double Decker don’t come for me. I want to say a big thank you again to my friend Darkside like he
doesn’t like his name being shared online so that’s his online name. This is part of his package he gave me of different chocolates and candies from the UK, Japan, everywhere, anyways. Thank you again to him I’ll have a link in the description to
some commercials I found one of them was an ad that they started advertising “Are
you missing something up top” and it was really weird apparently it’s a comedian
from that time and he just, yeah it’s just out there, out there Thank you for watching this week’s video of TheCandyGuy Links for the Penny Candy Store and myself will be in the description of this video I post videos every Friday so I shall see you all next Friday Have a sweet day. Bye! Please remember to Like, Comment, and
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