Don’t trust Charisma on Command.

Charlie Houpert describes himself as
someone who used to be extremely shy especially around women to the point of
being voted most likely to break out of his shell in college but now he could
walk into a room and quickly become the guy people gravitated towards and he
wants to tell you how to be just like him he manages a channel called charisma
on command where he gives you tips and tricks to get better at talking to
people one thing I’ve noticed about him is he must be very good at business he
has a ton of views and subs to the extent I’m sure he has genuinely helped some
people there were a lot of comments like thanks for this great vid really well
broken down Brotherhood one of the most eye-opening and practical video I have
ever seen perfect channel for sociopaths to learn
from um does this guy bother y’all cuz he makes me want to die um well that
last one seems a little harsh and it has a lot of upvotes but he’s probably not
that bad he’s just trying to help people and I’ve been trying not to be so
judgmental lately so when I saw this guy’s video in my feed I clicked it
thinking well maybe this guy is just helping out people who struggle with
social cues maybe he’s done his research and has sources backing up what he says
it must have a lot of use for a reason we don’t always realize it but it is
often in very very small moments that people decide whether they like us or
whether they don’t and that is why in this video I want to give you 6 things
that you can use to make people like you immediately 6 psychological tricks to
make anyone like you immediately well I can already tell you it doesn’t work I
checked the description for any kind of citation or sourcing cuz making someone
like you immediately is kind of a ridiculously huge claim to make and I
found this I thought well that looks like a blatant shady sketch nope nope
you know what let’s get this a fair non-judgmental chance and see what it is
ok so it says fact and 80% and I wanted to check his claim so I clicked on click
here to watch now but all I got was this stupid pop-up that was like give me you
emails to download this video I was like alright sure you can have my very real
email real service so I checked my email and
he didn’t even send me the video and there were no sources in the email
either for that eighty percent crap and stuff there’s just this clearly legit
blog post that contradicts everything he just said in that first video to be
interesting be interested get them talking about themselves get people
talking about what they love okay so at least that much aligns with what he’s
saying with all of these questions no matter what topic you’re on if you can
go how did you like it tell me what did you like about it and they share with
you what they love they’re going to associate you with that amazing feeling
a blog is like all questions good ones too but people will tire eventually you
just said to do that you get me talking about comic books I’m going to really
enjoy that conversation with you and I’m going to like you as a result so it
sounds like he’s saying ask people a bunch of questions about themselves and
their interests when you first meet them but also they’ll get sick of you if you
do that I know the blogpost and the video are not addressing each other but
they are talking about the same thing it’s supposed to be about making
connections like never before they should at least be consistent I was
curious if there were any other weird contradictions like that and any of us
other content I figure maybe this is just outdated and there’s more recent
stuff on the rest of his site so I had a look at the other articles for
inconsistencies and I sure found some here’s one of the articles on a site and
dude there is no way a real person with real experiences would have ever written
this but let’s pretend let me put on my fake cool alpha male voice cool alpha
and look around there’s this table of eight girls in the back so I go over
there and I’m like I have a rose for you and they’re like what and I’m all I want
to give this thing to you and one of them is like to who and I’m all all you
guys and they’re like no like there’s literally like a toes in there and then
one of them says you have to pick so I look at all of them and one of them is
not as ugly as the other ones you know she’s kind of cute and I’m like hey
here’s a rose for you cuz you’re the least ugly one and then the entire table
erupts with cheers and applause them all yeah I’m I’m the coolest I’m the coolest
guy maybe I’m being too cynical there’s a chance that he gave her a rose and
everyone clapped it’s the possibility oh wait the everyone clapping I actually
feel like I’ve heard that before is a story famous hang on I know I’ve seen it
somewhere the entire train applauded everyone stood up and cheered etc it’s a
teller or another person allegedly gains admiration of the surrounding public the
line is often considered a giveaway sign of a fabricated story thing that
happened at Store true story hello gay man hello you’re bad no he’s
not dang it oh I see now I get it I don’t
have any more non-judgmental energy left even if that roses story is true which
it’s not why would you ever tell anyone and why would you write anything else
after that this girl that he gave a rose to he
passed her sir for a date she stands him up after like three days of him
bothering her and like freaking out but she’s not texting him back he bumps into
her at a bar and she’s out some drinks and he’s like let’s go to this secluded
part of the bar and listen to music on my phone together and she’s like you
can’t kiss me and he says I have given this girl a rose out of the blue
dealt with her ignoring my calls broke through her icy exterior so that we’re
enjoying one another’s company and now I’m 12 inches from her face while she
locks eyes with me and tells me not to kiss her yeah I mean this fake girl and
your fake story sure is given real signs of being uncomfortable and you think
you’re being a nice guy because you’re not attacking her face with your mouth
man you’re really friending my zone right now but of course in the comments
of the blog post the girl is totally fine with it
she even fact-checked the story of how she rejected him and was excited for him
to post it he says she stayed about six inches from my face for the duration of
the conversation and held eye contact she is Brazilian there is a culture down
there oh no where men are expected to chase women women are expected to play
coy verbally before hardcore making out with people hmm I think there’s a bit
more nuance to the culture than you realize I was curious if this guy even actually
met this girl because he put up a screen shot of her in a public Facebook post so
I figure if I do enough googling I should be able to find out more about
her I looked her up and I don’t want to get our doxxed or anything so I’m gonna
censor all of her personal stuff but she is just some random Instagram model in
the blog post Charlie calls her Gabriella and I would have understood if
he was trying to change her name for the sake of anonymity her name is definitely
not Gabrielle it’s something Turkish because she is Turkish not Brazilian and
she’s not even friends with anyone called Charles or Charlie on Facebook women oftentimes will touch men here on
their arms hopefully men are not doing the same thing to women but that’s just
something to pay attention to and then he goes off and bothers another
fictional girl he says I touch her on the arm before she can pass by but
that’s just something to pay attention to hey do you speak English
a little yes I shout and give her a great big bear hug we touch each other
like crazy I give her high-fives and hugs when she makes me laugh honestly
for her sake I really hope she’s the least funny person in the world his best
friend said dude every day down here you wander around talking to strangers the
first day he walked into a woman’s shoe store and asked the cashier on a date I
don’t know anyone who loves social interactions as much as you yeah I know
when I want to be social I just head to my nearest men’s suit shop and huggin a
guy who makes me laugh I mean you know it’s her job to be nice to you right and
you say you’re not a pickup artist so what were you doing in a women’s shoe
store you talk about taking her on buying her some boots
when To Catch a Predator continue so as I was looking through more of his
content I was thinking hopefully nothing terribly inappropriate here but then I
found this footage he’s talking about how great he is and how all this is like
a teachable moment you are stunning dude you you get there and she’s
immediately walking away from you like what’s the lesson there she laughs and
she actually takes a step continuing in the direction that she was going this is
really really common yeah I’m pretty sure she wants to be left alone she
can’t help but smile giggle laugh and just be sort of stunned now this is how
you know that you’ve done it right that’s nervous laughter as far as I can
tell I mean you have no idea what to expect from someone who comes up to you
on the street what are you up to the city this is the best you could do and
she’s still trying to walk away from you how are those psych psychological tricks
working out for you seriously how many times did you have to film it where it
didn’t go like this also I want to point out remember that this man is 31 he’s
not just some college kid full of hormones on spring break he’s been out
of college for years and he still thinks the absolute coolest thing you could
ever do in life is brag about almost kissing someone who’s like giving you
the cold shoulder and going after women in women’s shoe stores like you’re just
really creepy and yeah this might have happened a long time ago and Charlie’s
older now but if he does know better there’s no evidence of that I don’t give I don’t keep about getting
laid I am I’m not desperate for a girl so I found a radio interview that he
probably shouldn’t have done there’s this girl that I was would say hi to cuz
I saw her out often and there was one night where she was sitting on the couch
with a drink in her hand and I came over I was like you gonna sit here with this
awesome music and not dance she’s like yeah it’s just you know it’s not cool
enough I was like sounds like you’re not cool enough
I stood up and I walked away and I danced and I noticed immediately she’s
just looking at me I mean if you’re rude to someone and then you leave they’re
probably going to make sure you’re not coming any closer so yeah they’re gonna
look at you didn’t you do more than one video about how to tell if someone’s
interested in you or how to read body language or something if you got in
shape got a cool haircut and wore suspenders just about no matter who you
are what’s going on you will have women approach you and snap your suspenders
I’ve seen it women will approach you it is absurd why I guess I hadn’t really
thought of it before I mean the only guys with suspenders I
can think of right now is like Santa Claus or simple Jack you know what yeah
simple Jack has a coolish haircut how did I not notice before how attractive
he is what I find is jokes just very that bring sex up ready to have sex as a
a theme in the joke are really good I’ll often start conversation by accusing a
woman of staring at me or hitting on me and if I’m wearing suspenders and she
snaps them that makes it even easier for me to you know just just lean into her
and tease her for being such a sexual predator wait sorry what tease her for
being such a sexual predator uh okay let’s try it you’re such a sexual
predator is that okay with you does that turn you
on does that make you like me he really seems like the kind of person who would
say sorry I got hacked in real life that’s in a joking way right and she’ll
laugh and giggle but at some point in the conversation I’ll I’ll take it very
literal and say it if you think it’s funny if you genuinely think it’s funny
you’re like yeah I’m gonna say it I can totally see guys watching this and it’s
yeah and they’re like or Charlie said to use that joke and then and then the next
night they’re like oh you’re a sexual predator
I think what happens when people are learning to be more attractive to women
is first they try on the lines and there is a period of saying shit that is
uncomfortable to you because it’s uncomfortable to get a feeling of it and
it not going well I’ll throw it out there I’ll see how she responds and then
I’ll continue on with conversation wait so you’re just tossing that out at
people Oh simple Charlie you sexual predator you you say that she looks at
you funny you’re reactives thank you and it doesn’t go well and you survive you
know that’s that’s actually the big lesson so it’s okay if you’re as much of
an asshole as possible as long as no one kills you over how horrable you are and
how many bars or drinks have we had now go to a bar or you can sit together next
to each other and when she says something funny you can les you can rest
your hand on her leg you know crazy whatever sex stories or anything yeah I
guess you could just read her your blog while you get a drunk it’s funny that
there are drinks because Charlie seems to think alcohol is the devil and you’re
a lazy cheat at life if you have any not feeling fun drink feel uncomfortable out
drink trouble being funny drink too nervous to go for a kiss grab another
but what does that really mean it means they’re cheaters as long as you’re
drinking you’re getting better at nothing being the upstanding gentleman
he is he completely up stands from drinking he says he won’t even hook up
with a girl for the first time if she’s drunk man what are the chances that he
keeps running into these teetotal girls at bars who are okay with
since he would never take advantage of someone who’s drunk I feel like it’s a
little bit of a problem if you are the only sober person every single time you
bring someone home if they’re cheaters why are you spending your time with them
what are the most reliable thing that that a woman will say when she wants you
to kiss her is like you know we’re not gonna kiss like you know we’re not gonna
like you know like why are you bringing it up then just be like stop trying to
make me make out with you it’s working and I don’t like it right um maybe she
doesn’t actually want to do you have any sources for that claim you know the kids
you’re supposed to make out not every single person is trying to use reverse
psychology on you oh wait I mean everyone you meet is trying to use a
very psychology on you half of the times probably that I lean in for a first kiss
she ducks truly is that before after you call her a sexual predator
or maybe she straight-up told you she wasn’t gonna kiss you probably but what
the way that you respond to that moment is so much more critical than then the
fact that she ducked away or maybe it’s because you close your eyes and get 90%
of the way to her face before you’ve checked whether or not she actually was
to kiss you what if she’s just staring at you coming toward her face awkwardly
if you are gonna go in for a kiss go 90 percent of the way and then weight is
still tried-and-true half of the times she ducks out of all the time do you
ever try to kiss anyone if half of those times that person has to duck out of
your way to get you to stop I’d be inclined to say you’re a sexual predator
like get the hell away from me come on my friends over here like let’s go right
since you’re an expert on nonverbal communication and body language you
should really know that this is someone saying no again how many examples are we
up to now you’re flirting like a used-car salesman does business and it’s
not great and by flirting I mean harassing and by that I mean you
are an asshole yeah so you harass her and what and then
drag her off to do something else uh no no yeah
if you can handle that small moment of not right now
or like slight rejection and continue on and dance and then go talk to somebody
else that is so attractive Kirk don’t just leave you kumquat
maybe apologize for miss reading if she wasn’t uncomfortable before she probably
is now and he keeps talking about how he used to be so not confident and now he’s
amazing and talking to everyone ever and he wants to help you be just as cool as
him but the guy interviewing him has said the exact same thing about himself
I was curious how common this was so I did some more research and I would not
be surprised if this page was deleted sometime soon but I’ve saved it so you
can see it here all Charley’s done is rebrand some cringefest called kick-ass
Academy to some cringe fest called charisma University of course businesses
can change names how do I know this isn’t something completely different
well he said so I began sharing dating tips on different forums with my new
business being named kick-ass Academy which I thought was the coolest name
ever I googled the kick-ass Academy name and found an identical course but by a
woman which I thought was hilarious so just four nervous giggles I googled
confidence Academy and then confidence University and funnily enough he’s made
a video about someone with a model like his saying how great they are this video
we are looking at alpha M who is probably the single best salesman that I
have seen on YouTube you want us to work for you yes or no I’m out in fact there
are a lot of other someone’s all saying the same thing
gentlemen chen’s yo what’s going on here trust me when I say this five secret
five best tips of three tips a secret for making a killer first impressions
unstoppable confidence on that call steps to become guaranteed to
dramatically and drastically lose your confidence instant clients have paged me
for this in the past how to be confident that a woman wants you to kiss her take
thank you Erin for teaching me how to feel a bit more confident in selling
things about I lift up some traits they had in common and if you look at a list
of scams on Wikipedia you find one called
a get-rich-quick scheme they say the route to success is by following secret
formulas that no one else knows about secret formula check they’ve been seen
on certain websites including Google and YouTube causing the viewer to assume
said websites endorse the product yep they will utilize pressuring tactics to
encourage the victim to sign up quickly such as claiming that there are only a
certain number of copies of a CD left or using special discount prices that are
only available for a short amount of time schemes of this nature will often
employ the tactic of displaying testimonials from previous users they
sure do of course the testimonials are from
people who don’t seem to exist let’s see what kind of course he’s
pushing then I mean it looks so much like a scam it looks a lot like a scam
but if it guarantees amazing social success so quickly and every method and
tip and trick is proven and verifiable with cited sources and he’s really only
organized the freely available information there are a lot of comments
saying how much he’s helped people and that’s just based on the free stuff
so what could it cost $10 seriously $6,000
oh never mind it’s only 600 it’s only 600 bucks it’s only 600 yeah I can I can
totally get that okay let’s just pick any one of these
this one looks good Will Smith’s touching a bunch of people point is made
when you enter a room you need to touch everyone
it makes for such a better impression and people begin to trust you implicitly
excuse me so every time you touch someone you have
an agenda it’s later on in the video now so I’m going to do things very literally
and actually call you a sexual predator oh that’s great that’s a good message
man like well done after all the other stuff I was getting pretty worried you
know oh oh no that’s another scam like of the
comments of this video or like please stop dude
no one likes the Wonderwall guy at parties how old are you 16
oh I guess so he tries so hard to be attractive and compelling being a girl
I’m sure there’s something on here all like oh hell yeah Fight Club the wacky
misadventures of dialer dirty also oh my god he’s totally pulling a listen to my
mixtape brah I feel like we’ve taken a pretty good
look at your content here and it’s clear that you’re not an expert at anything
besides scamming people into thinking that you are an expert you are making
money off of lonely desperate people telling them they can be like you if
they give you hundreds of dollars these people could put that money towards real
help qualified therapists who are trained to help people become more
sociable we use scientific studies to inform that work not whatever the hell
this is pushing the first thing that you do you are arming awkward people with
what is basically harassment as one of their main techniques when she says
something funny you can lest you can rest your hand on her leg first be a
universal touch her touch everyone half of the times she ducks so that being
said I also have some dating advice for you so try your best or member you’re
not sure of sexual predator so anyway here is wonderful

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