Does VPN log your data? | NordVPN

What is logging? When you are online, your Internet Service
Provider can see the websites you visit. Even if you use the Incognito or Private browsing
mode. The ISP is also often required to store logs
of your browsing history for a certain period of time. So even if you clear history in your browser,
it is still all there on your ISP servers. When you use a VPN, it encrypts your internet
traffic, and your ISP cannot see your online activity. But does it mean that the VPN provider stores
your activity logs? It is important to carefully check the privacy
policy of your VPN service. Where is the VPN registered? In many countries, the VPN provider is required
to store logs of your online activity. Registered in Panama, NordVPN is not required
and does not store connection time stamps, session information, used bandwidth, traffic
logs, IP addresses or other data. So your personal data is safe with you. To learn more about online privacy and security,
don’t forget to subscribe to the NordVPN YouTube channel.

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