DocuSend: Web Based Printing & Mailing Services- DocuSend History

Welcome to Mail Technologies, home of an exciting
cutting-edge timesaving invoicing and document delivery process that you’ll want as an integral
part of your office workflow. DocuSend is our new all-in-one document delivery
service for managing and distributing invoices and documents. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever
managed without it. So, how did DocuSend come about? Since 1991, Mail Technologies has been offering
software-driven print-to-mail an electronic document services. We provide leading-edge technologies for businesses
needing a means to communicate accurately with their customers. Our electronic services include document archiving
and retrieval, custom application programming, high-speed laser printing, intelligent inserting,
and automated mailing. At Mail Technologies, we’re continuously updating
our services by anticipating the changes and trends in the mailing industry. Along with our outstanding customer service,
the energy and enthusiasm the entire staff brings each and every day has led to an international
reputation we are all extremely proud of. In 2012, Mail Technologies realized businesses
needed a faster, easier, and more economical means to mail small volumes of documents internally. Low-quantity mailings are cost prohibitive
using traditional mailing methods. Our developers and programmers got to work
creating a web-based mailing service for companies where this is handled internally. DocuSend is an online, all-in-one, complete
document delivery process for managing and distributing customer invoices and documents. It gives companies the ability to cut the
time and labor involved with out-the-door print-to-mail—even email. With DocuSend, there are no contracts or quantity
minimums to deal with, and you still get the savings and services normally associated with
high-volume printing and mailing enterprises. It’s easy, cost effective, and secure. DocuSend, powered by Mail Technologies Incorporated—faster
than buying stamps! Learn more by checking out our other videos.

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