Athens, Greece a city that buzzes with commerce and culture it is also a city of dc of greek orthodox part of the great western arm of Christianity but here there was another world of which only fascinating remain Polymorphic fragments those who approach the past are going in search of a world that was equally vicious equally pious the world of ancient greeks Music he still speaks to us through one of his legacies the Greek mythology was populated by many gods and goddesses each one with certain powers in the world and with a particular story during tens of thousands of years before the biblical times the stories of the gods and their activities were transmitted by the narrators Music It is extremely difficult but we try imagine what those times were like If I remember, I think my stories favorites about the gods mall in Caguas the ones that made me think and more impressed me were the how had was born of a headache of zeus the apollo that was a young crazy and then he became the god of order and of music and art and of poseidón who was the protector of our capital and was also in favor peace Music presiding everyone was zeus god of sky god of thunder zeus is a god of the sky and you are in the zeus domains when you are in full nature zeus exercised some control over whether I had just one good day or a good one or bad life you had two jars on the threshold one contained good and another evil and every man zeus served him a portion of Vienna and or try badly they were aphrodite and mugwort Two sides of the same coin aphrodite and that is god to 7 is the goddess of sexuality suau of female sexuality is the goddess of beauty is related with many themes of fertility at the other extreme we have mugwort is a very chaste and blue decision who like all the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Greece had more than one power civil is the organizer the civilizer it is he who leads roads where there was never life is he who heals but who can also bring the pests this is something that happens with many Greek gods if they can provoke something they can also stop it he was a god as he has expressed himself with brilliance a distant god and so so much he dealt with people not face to face the south melee and he is given better shoot your bow and kill the people from far away therefore his loves were also better keep the distance these gods and goddesses evolved as the ancient Greeks tried find meaning and maybe it was in a world that often meant a challenge their stories were adorned and altered over time as you different civilizations entered into contact with ancient greece greece it was inhabited from approximately 700 years before ancient Christ invasions of peoples of the Middle East and from the north and each invasion did not lead to that there was another group of deities but more layers of divinities added to existing ones sting of henares so that the gods Greeks are an amalgam of multiple cultures mostly of cultures of middle East the Greek gods had such diversity that do not look like any of the many other gods of the basin of the Mediterranean because they incorporated elements of the many peoples that surrounded and does not fully correspond with those of your religions let’s say the Celtic or Italian these stories will be transmitted morally but sometime around the year 750 before Christ were collected organized and written although the scholars argue if one or several authors participated in that effort the general opinion is that it was from a homero that we know the authentic crystallization of Greek mythology towards homero times in the year 750 before Christ and with number we found the creation of the Greek mythology and the goddesses homero he gave his gods to the Greeks the study in fact the closest thing to a bible that the Greeks had in the beginning tells us homero was ocean a spirit shaped like a great circular and endless river that it flowed into itself (applause] there was also another tetis presence to sometimes called the first mother when finally they joined they started the lineage that over time produced the gods and goddesses of the ancient Greeks about 50 years after homero the poet Hesiod described the theogony in which he also describes the creation of the gods but according to him everyone started differently first there was a presence supernatural called chaos with what you it means emptiness, not disorder once upon a time the chaos and chaos there is a goddess called gea the earth and gea lay down she got married and joins now not the sky however one did not want to have children he felt threatened because of it he prevented them from being born cons conspired with cronos one of his children unborn who castrated his father we assume that from the belly of his mother Music the amputated genitals of grain fell to the sea from which emerged a surprising entity aphrodite goddess of love these stories make up what is known like Greek mythology that is derived from the Greek word myths implies something false but for the ancients greek these stories were a matter of faith will help them explain how and why what the world works in the way that he does seriously only love and war or violence and sex are deeply linked in mythology Greek not only in this one but in various methodologies because they are connected these two things I think the ancient peoples and certainly the Greeks they believed that feelings deeply passionate were connected in some way to the mind and human emotions is to say the great wishes and great fears or the great hatreds are of some related way in this way the stories and characters of Greek mythology they had a application in real life the history of the creation of so2 follows narrating how chrome liberates you Brothers and sisters of the belly leave those beings would be known as the titans born only after his father was dragged the subject of the conflict between father and son has continuity when chronos finish killing their own children but not He married with every time he enhanced light he devoured his son rea intensely wanted to have children of so he picked up a baby zeus when he was born he wrapped it up and what hid in a cave in chalk where he would create and gave kronos a stone wrapped in diapers that this one of gold believing that the baby was eating well zeus cretion came and attacked his father and all the children emerged and that was the principle of the Olympian gods zeus retrieved the stone with which his mother cheated on her father even now it can be seen in the Delphic sanctuary Music there is always a kind of conflict in birth between parents and children until this century greece has had in reality a subsistence economy so that if you have a small farm the father is in front of her the son even the oldest will not have right of any kind until your father let him step to retire or die what is the problem here obviously there is an authentic concern for issues of succession and power once zeus alba to his brothers and sisters of his father takes on Mount Olympus from that bastion they fight for the control of world against his father and his uncles and Aunts they were all titans finally the gods and goddesses of Olympus were imposed they recognized zeus who is also god of heaven as his king but humans still have to make an appearance then the exciting disturbing arrival of humanity to the world Music the creation narrative in the Greek mythology continues the story of siedo generations of god is to continue fighting against each other before the arrival of humanity to cosmos tells you something very interesting about a culture if it is considered as training moments both those of conflict like those of production unified production of peaceful jackson wanted to look every time studied taught a course that deals with Greek mythology does not stop overwhelming melo persistent that are those {0}{/0} {1}       {/1} {2}Conflicts.{/2} after triumph over the titans of the great god zeus marries mekis a titan and therefore his day over time they have a daughter who is born fully developed and armed of its 1) Head is the fight the goddess of the warriors other gods and goddesses are incorporated into world each with different functions all have however something in common an attribute that distinguishes them from practically all the rest divinities of the ancient world his image is human if we think about the Egyptian religion with their gods who possess heads of animals or bodies of various animals or in the zacarías regions Mesopotamian Switzerland in which we see a divinities associated with lions and others fierce animals the decision of the Greeks to represent in some way to their gods as Greeks is a authentic innovation we’re not quite sure where Is it applicable? when we think of the divinity we speak of the unknown newbay and you can only talk about what unknown in terms of what unknown in the Hebrew bible in the genesis says that god came down to earth and he walked in the Garden of Eden for the late when it was cool it’s almost impossible to speak of divinities without do something like that they were told that if the horses could draw they would draw their gods as horses in the homero’s narrative it’s not up that gods and goddesses settle in Mount Olympus when it starts develop the history of beings . the Judeo-Christian stories of beginning of the world culminate in the creation of man by god who is given dominion over all the other creatures on earth however the ancient Greeks believe that the birth of humans is little importance for the cosmos although the Greeks had a universe focused on humans his vision of man was almost an idea last minute was a creature insignificant in the universe something certainly less than the gods then the creation of humans had that occupy a second or third place the Greek world of cosmos and deities Olympics show because it was given to the creation of man such a role small in the creation of the universe it could be because the Greeks gave for granted that humans always had existed that human beings they were indeed so important that they never there was a stage where there were no this is still a mystery I like to think that the Greek myth reflects a certain understanding of place of humans in the world that does not are the center of things that there are all a profusion of things in the world created in which humans have to to fit in this is a great contrast to a good number of cultures and systems of beliefs as with the beginning of the gods of Greek mythology contains different stories of the creation of man in none of them the beginnings of humanity are promising We lived like ants on the ground and did not We knew how to read or knew seasons neither the weather nor could we think of or jeff we were just using the despicable in the pressure of homero of the creation of humans the god promises ocher to the first man of mud and infuses life into the story of siedo zeus creates successive race of Men’s gold silver bronze and iron it seems that each race symbolized different aspects of the condition Human Music the first race of men is made of gold his life is easy his crops are abundant literally celebrated with the gods in the beginning there was an era of gold and people lived on earth and their crops grew by themselves and everyone was good and just chaves all those people just disappeared after a while the golden race seems to have lived a story perfect apparently in a paradise Music and yet this race disappears without Explanation in the biblical story of paradise the hardships of life look like result of the fall from grace of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden for the disappearance of the golden race of Greek mythology there is no such Explanation the reason for his fate is still a mystery Music the Greek system in which humans and its creation are not the subject of concern differs a lot from what is find in the genesis where we have all that attention in creating the first key man is in the genesis is related to what follows with what happened after the first couple disobeyed God in myths Greeks disobeying the gods is not a problem as big as in the genesis Music then why yes or does not have a answer or because it gives us an answer to why the gold race disappeared Music having the Judeo-Christian myth of the expulsion from the garden of Eden because Evidently that was Adam’s fault and eva and what this means is that no there is a good explanation to why the world is so difficult now why humans have so many problems when the golden reason is extinguished zeus creates the silver men but that race it is not very evolved (applause] the men of the silver age were babies a long time and then they had a short maturity period for later suffer a gruesome old age and disappear underground were more arrogant and not they worshiped their gods enough next came the men of bronze they exterminated themselves in constant wars finally the race of men appeared who live today and they say that are iron men so in essence the story of the degeneration has moved to the era current where it shows a balance between the different visions of things important of life for the Greeks to know his attitude towards the gods and towards war and asia fight for their city ​​state and how they got along or with each other curiously all these stories they explain the creation of only half of the human race the man the woman is created as a misfortune a punishment and all for a deception Music the first woman was sent to earth as a punishment to humanity this sounds incredibly misogynistic and it was a story inconceivably misogyny on the part of hesiod that the counted in the year 700 before Christ but tells the story that one of the gods prometheus tried to deceive the master and lord of all the cosmos zeus I promise is the god focused for snes ready prometheus means foresight killed a sheep and caught the animal and all its Great and tasty meat and he put it in its disgusting and between the casting and he took all the bare bones and the wrapped in beautiful white and gleaming fat that is no longer there is what I will do in the sacrifice and he presented the two packages to zeus he told I chose ceu he knows he promised he is cheating that represents humanity as a reprisal zeus punishes the men taking away the fire Music in turn promised he stole the fire and he it returns to humanity Music and for stealing and giving back to man gift of fire was punished or indirectly by doing that will be created a woman who was given to the humans beings. now that zeus did not give him that object diabolical to humanity without more what called a beautiful evil is something that does not you can do without it is a call although with in terms of the Greeks it’s a beautiful thing and magda so the Greek myth Greek poetry like express it in both directions women are beautiful women a Irresistible at the same time women who do work so they are something bad I think that throughout mythology Greek is observed a repeated emphasis in the threat posed by women the threat they pose because of your need of them the need to have children and the very real fear of losing control due to the desire of the irrepressible female sexuality threatens man zeus did not give any woman to man in effect he gave him a call of duty with a beautifully wrong her name is pandora and came with a box full of evils that scattered around the world next because hope it’s in the pandora’s box Music the first woman in Greek mythology espaldón and its history recalls that of eva and the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden is given a box and says that there will not be but when does and all the evils of the world are released the disease the pain the suffering the plagues too late close the box leaving only one thing hope but that makes hope in the box full of evils of pandora Hope is there as bad what which I think is fascinating Hope is a bad house because it allows you to act with the feeling that you can control the future there in that hatred that is very dangerous you can not control the future and do it it is to act deceived is the hope something good or bad to the Greeks he liked this kind of dilemma because the Hope can be good or it can be tomorrow so that she was left with ambiguity of the box so that humans will use it or avoid it when is perhaps the most important but without certainly not the only example of women who they are the origin of evil in mythology Greek some scholars find a deeper meaning to this I despise women and point to aphrodite the goddess of love if we look at the aphrodite myths that It is the most beautiful and sexually desirable that there may be men the fear chih zizis saw a man a human being is and kisses on a hill on the outskirts of Troy and wants to sleep with him he approaches him and he tells him you’re too beautiful to be human you have to be a goddess and I do not want sleep with you and she answers I’m just a maid of the surroundings so that they lie down and when he wakes up she has adopted his goddess personality and he is terrified he is terrified that he will be castrated go lose all your strength in contrast the ancient Greeks they believed that atenea a goddess without paper sexual was a great force of good is the protective atenea is the divinity warrior who heads the war of fair defense she is the goddess of the city and in many senses the more divinity important that the Athenians have and that may be valid for many other cities where there is a drink or liz with an atenea temple on top therefore the world of the gods and Greek goddesses is not simply a picturesque collection of stories but a window to an ancient civilization to your ideas and your values the kind of indirect thinking that is observe the goals the type of stories that jump from a site to another that introduce strange creatures they look a lot like you dream so that I think the question is whether the myths Greeks are somehow the collective consciousness of the Greek civilization in a time early consciously or unconscious the gods are very present in the daily life of the Ancient Greeks and you on every mountain in each plant in each of the emotions that they experienced they thought that behind there was a god controlling everything one of the attractive and unique things from the Greek region from the beginning of its receptivity to the environment for example there are daughters who live in Wet places nymphs of trees there is an acknowledgment that the rivers they are a kind of religious forces in this way the Greek religion has a certain relationship with ecology modern an acknowledgment that there specific places that have a value and a kind of divine quality a sacred quality Music the Greeks had concrete terms for sacred in fact they had several terms for sacred one of them is shooting shots it means that it belongs to the gods actually the Greek word for religions the sacred things tour way that the stories in the Greek mythology are used to explain an often difficult and random world the winter is born when I persevered daughter of the goddess deméter is abducted by the god hades and took to hell to be his wife to poke terribly upset for having lost to his daughter and he began to travel the world in your search could not find the book June the crops did not grow and therefore the gods did not receive enough benefits some days were shaken to zeus and they said you have to do that he goes back to his mother that this saga grow the crops so that we receive our sacrifices and people do not die Music at the end a perséfone is allowed go back to his mother but with a condition every year Perséfone has to spend three months counted it is during that period that his mother’s poke the goddess of agriculture is inconsolable and hence every year the fields are barren during the cold winter in that way the great hardships of the life the difficulties were explained personal however, often they explained as a product of some offense to the gods those who offended the gods were punished not by a terrestrial authority but by the gods themselves there is indeed a Greek word I decided girlfriend that means fear of the gods respect the Andean gods and this was something positive life was considered something quite precarious and it was necessary to do everything possible to put the powers that exist on your part to keep you except many were living in just a drought of distance from hunger so you can not play with such a world when it was one of the things that they love Greek myths is that they never let anyone out of the quagmire they never say that such a thing happened because the gods made it happen it’s the fault ours if we are not able to understand Why is it in a way a world difficult in which to live in a difficult world people with often seeks a hero someone who bring them the liberation of a life seemingly full of adversities there who think that a child born of a Greek god and a mortal woman prefigures the appearance of Christ I was destined to move to continuation two of the biggest figures of Greek mythology and how they clarified the idea of ​​the ancients Greeks of destiny against the free will Music (applause] Music one of the most famous figures of the Greek mythology may have contributed to prepare the ground for a later fundamental event in human history Heracles better known as Hercules is born because the great god zeus wish to a beautiful mortal woman Music she however is a faithful wife zeus adopts the appearance of her husband and he gets to possess her the outrage is still more serious because the zeus himself is married to one of his sisters was the idea that gods are not always ethical are not always remains is one that it makes sense when you think about it and the Greeks seemed to feel at ease with it for many centuries refers meaning because if the human gods but somehow better stronger most powerful and most deadly ever they have to face the consequences of what you do while the humans if the weight of acting ethically to think about the consequences fall the humans not in the gods were not can download his anger against zeus his in a characteristic act of a god Greek chooses as the target of his grudge child born of the infidelity of his husband Heracles may be the Greek hero most famous one figure especially important in Greek mythology even in his childhood Heracles is endowed with a force extraordinary was deadly snakes to their cradle and heracles the chokes at two many of the Greek heroes had made a divine father and another mortal by the general a hero was a man of a force higher than normal that I was somehow pointed out to have a life of achievements but also of enormous difficulties It was very difficult to integrate into society precisely because of its great capabilities the avenging was continue chasing the illegitimate son of suffered throughout of his life leading him to have attacks newspapers of anger or madness Music deeply contrite for the murders and other crimes is committed during those attacks Heracles undertakes works of repentance often killing tyrants and monsters at the end of his life heracles is granted immortality and carried by his father zeus to live with him in the Mount Olympus Music so the history of heracles could having prepared the land for the apostle Pablo II in centuries later took them to the Greeks news of a new faith they had a story of the son of a god heracles who suffered and died and then he went through an apotheosis and went up to Olympus so that the story of another son of a god who suffered and died and went to heaven it would not be completely unknown likewise the idea that a god can take human form and look like one from us it was totally acceptable for a Greek audience to win in that way the first Christianity advanced in Greece and rooted among its people quite easily not exactly the figure of Christ but with elements of marriage because was someone who through efforts suffering work and loyalty reached the divinity although heracles is exceptional it is only one of the many heroes who walked among mortals are achilles and ulises great warriors of the war of troya and teseo whose exploits are included kill the fearsome minotaur the creature that was feasting with the flesh of young Greeks but the heroes do not they had to be children of the gods they were not heroic in the terms current exposing themselves to serious dangers by others for the ancient Greeks a hero was someone who broke the ties with the normal life will happen what will happen Music it is not necessary for a hero to descend a god or gods is not even necessary for a hero to do something good in life so that a feat is more do something extraordinary and be recognized by her now that extraordinary fact made by a hero could not be kill a group of enemies or kill people in their own community a way so strange that you had to consult the gods so the heroes or rare individuals and dangerous extraordinary but not necessarily extraordinarily good the heroes are actually projections of what it means to be human in great scale to austin they concentrate so much the great potential of human beings at its best as the vulnerability of humans Music another and unusual is eddie pope or that he kills his father and marries his mother Music having fulfilled his terrible destination Oedipus is blind and seeks redemption is an immortal story that speaks from the side darker feelings between Fathers and sons I think there was undoubtedly a thread driver in Greek culture and in his mythology was interested in the conflict between parents and children it is clear that foi freud noticed it and took advantage of the story of Oedipus for your pacific Oedipus complex and I also think that there was a common thread in the generational conflict to which the Greeks had but at the same time they accepted as authentic the history of Oedipus and his parents raise another question eternal are the lives of humans predestined or have humans the Faculty of acting with free will Music type is someone who for reasons that never rebel is destined to kill to his father and marry his mother a guy is aware that he is not a son of the king of Corinth as you thought he says I consider the son of chance and with chance it means something very random there is no plan at the end of the work it turns out that everything he has done has been adjusted to a plan and if he is the son of chance is chance in the sense that is intimately linked to the destination Music I have the Oedipus the man made decisions when he he found out that he was going to kill his father and marry his mother ran away from home without knowing that it was adopted and of course his father is on the road and what kill and then the city arrives and marries with his mother and he chooses to leave his house He did something terrible but not with the encouragement to do something bad and fate does not did to do it Music the problem of a person’s fate against the role of free will was of such importance to the ancients Greeks who personified destiny in the shape of three goddesses when we read homero’s poetry it seems that two directions flow through a side the marks are three women pilot the crisis and groups their names mean the weaver the controller and there is no turning back she this end a thread for the life of each person when it is born and determine when life of that person will have an end on the other hand we see in the poetry of Homer that fate is a power superior to the gods the gods they tip that fate in several Sometimes we can look at the history of vigo and talk about destiny was predestined to kill his father and marry his madrid so that means that means that I did not have free agency does not mean that means that was what was going to weigh the Greeks had a very vision complex of how the world worked On the one hand the gods controlled many of the acts of human beings or they had an effect on them but without But humans could also control their own destinies individual and many times have the last word so there is a curious relationship between what the gods control and what that control humans and you know that that ambiguity disenchanted in that way the ancient Greeks accepted the fact that there were no guarantees in life some of your worries seem disturbingly familiar today that conscience they have the Greeks that you can not have too many generations the time in the world is even expressed in a method the myth of the beginning of the trojan war that says that the earth It was loaded with too many people and he cried out to zeus that frees her of that burden so that zeus invented the war of Troy to get rid of a lot of people in the next program the defects and weak points of civility is Greek and because some imperfect gods they were perfectly understandable to The ancient Greeks Music

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