Do You Need a $108 Shaved Ice Machine to Make Bingsu? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Shaved ice, we’re
testing three different types of shaved ice machines. One hand-cranked one,
and two electronic ones. There’s so many different
types of shaved ice, the one that I’m used to
eating is called bingsu. It’s the Korean style, it’s so delicious. My mom used to make it for me growing up. And she used to top our
bingsu with ice cream, and it was the best part. Today I’m looking for really
beautiful, fluffy shaved ice. The first machine I’m
gonna test is this guy. I think I used this like 25 years ago. From my memory it worked really well, especially for the
price, this is like $23. Super cheap and affordable. This guy comes with
this little plastic tube so you can freeze your ice. Basically you’re placing your
big ice cube in the cylinder, closing this, and then you’ll
just like hand-crank it. So, quite simple. It’s like a workout. And from that, one block of ice, I get this much shaved ice. It’s almost like too like chippy. It’s not fluffy enough, I
want fluff, I want snow. If you can chew the ice, that
means it’s not good flakes. You want it to just immediately melt. No. I feel like the blade
in this, and the space between the gap just
makes the ice too chunky. I was considering getting this machine to do tableside shaved
ice at my restaurants, but I’m not sure that
this is the quality that I wanna use for the restaurant
so, moving on to the next. This is your classic snow cone machine, which is very different than shaved ice. So, I’m a little bit concerned
that this is most likely gonna be just not the
product that I’m looking for. Doesn’t come with a mold, so you’ll just be putting regular ice in this compartment and then, it’ll shave it for you. And, mind you, this one is electronic. And your ice will shave
directly into this box. But, what’s cool about
this is that you don’t like need a bowl or
anything, and it’s actually kind of fun, and it’s
really cute, it looks like, you know, a mini carnival happening. You wanna add the ice first. Close this. (whirring) It’s slow. Already you see, like huge chunks of ice. I know that this is a snow cone maker, and not a shaved ice
machine, but I was curious to see if the ice would be fluffy. When your ice does that, no. I am most curious and excited for this one because it costs $108 and it calls itself the fluffy ice machine. So, this one also comes with the mold. So, to unlock you twist and pull up. Place the ice in. (whirring) Oh my God. Okay, so speedwise, really quick. That was literally like two seconds. (sighing) I’m disappointed. It’s clumpy, it’s chunky. So, I realized that the blade needs to be as retracted as possible, so you want to be just scratching
the surface of the ice. So, I have it on that setting, and we’ll see if it makes
a different product. (whirring) Okay. All right. You see that the ice actually built up, that’s like what I want. It’s more fluffy, you can tell. But I’m gonna taste it and see. Um hm. And it’s not as crunchy, it
melts pretty immediately. Super excited to try the milk because I feel like, not only the flavor, but it’ll just be so snowy and beautiful. (whirring) It looks beautiful. You see how it’s building
up like a mountain. That’s kind of like what
I wanna see, immediately. Ta-dah. There’s no like chunky ice particles. It’s moving when I flip it. Melts immediately. This is legit. Yes! Next, we’re gonna build the actual bingsu. Mm, that bite is just like worth it. It’s worth it. We love this. The other two machines, the
ice is a little bit too coarse. For the $23 hand-crank
machine, it’s not too bad ’cause it’s super cheap,
but I think that if you want the real, true experience of shaved ice you should definitely
splurge and try this guy out. Because it is pretty amazing. For more product reviews like this check out our friends at The Verge. But one of the most fun things to ride with an electric motor in it,
is an electric skateboard. And believe it or not
the market’s actually grown enough over the last
two years that some of the–

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