Do These Horrifying Internet Stories Scare You – TRY NOT TO BE SCARED CHALLENGE

We think we are going to call this an episode
of the Infographics Creep-Show. The very mention of a ghost in some places
can chill the bones. A poll taken a few years back cited by The
Atlantic revealed 42 percent of Americans and 52 percent of British were still ghost
believers, while head over to places like China, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia and you’ll
find a very large part of the population feel they are living among the undead each and
every day. Whether folkloric tales of years gone by,
or campsite legends about headless axe men preying on couples making out in the woods,
there’s nothing like a good ole ghost story to get the hairs on your neck standing on
end. Here’s a few of the scariest internet ghost
stories we found online for your spooky pleasure- are they real, or just tall tales? Let us know in the comments section! The Cabin in the Woods
This is likely not the first time you’ve heard a cabin in the woods story, but we found
this one to be a compelling tale. The story is of a young man and woman living
in California who decide to visit the woman’s family cabin in a place called Pikes Peak
in Colorado. They planned on hiking and just taking some
time away from the city. It was Day four of their visit when they decided
to leave, but then things turned bad for them. He writes that he believes he isn’t going
anywhere and could be stuck there for the winter, although they have food sources, wood
to burn and patchy internet. “We feel isolated. I will try to respond to comments but the
internet dips out for hours at a time up here,” he writes, saying that a massive snow storm
prevented them from leaving and his old Toyota Corolla is basically now a block of ice. Then the weird stuff happens. After going for a hike the couple returned
to find a Dreamcatcher hanging outside the cabin in a tree. Made from twigs it was about three feet across. They didn’t touch it, having watched enough
horror movies to know that’s how you get cursed. That night they both heard a noise outside,
like the sound of twigs breaking. They weren’t too worried, knowing how much
wildlife is in the area. Nonetheless, he took a tactical flashlight
outside. Nothing was there. He sounds lighthearted in the next paragraph. “We stayed in all day on Friday, and just
cuddled/hung out/played some of the board games we brought and some of the Super Nintendo
games they had in the cabin (Donkey Kong Country 2, I have considered stealing, because it’s
the greatest game ever made).” Then later that night they heard more noises. He didn’t go outside this time, but at around
1am his girlfriend said she could hear voices. The man listened carefully and thought he
could hear the sound of a man crying, but he wasn’t sure as it could have just been
the wind playing tricks. The couple snuggled up and were soon asleep
again. Then at 4.45 those noises were much louder,
this time startling the couple. It was a man for sure, but he seemed to be
speaking a foreign language, his voice frail, as if he was calling for help. Now knowing what they were hearing they called
a park ranger and recounted the story to him. The ranger said he’d come as soon as he
could. No ranger turned up that night…or the next
morning. That night the girlfriend woke up shaking,
crying hysterically. It was a dream, a dream where she was trapped
outside, and in it someone was following her. “I’ve never seen her so afraid,” wrote
the man. Then she slept again, only to wake up crying. That man outside is my granddad said his girlfriend. He’d died four years ago. As crazy as it felt, he went outside to look
for this dead grandfather. There was no one there. That night he heard a voice which awakened
him. This time it was a woman’s voice. “I am a reasonable, skeptical, sometimes
arrogant agnostic, but I’m telling you, the voice sounded exactly like my mother’s,”
wrote the guy. His mum was alive and well in California,
but he was sure it was her he heard. He went outside wrapped in a blanket and found
a trail where it seemed someone had walked around the cabin. “I shouted, ‘Mom?’ or “Who’s there?’
or ‘Who are you?’ and each time the voice receded further into the woods. I’m pretty certain it was trying to coax me
deeper and deeper into the forest, away from the cabin,” he wrote. Days later and his girlfriend fell sick. She was convinced they were surrounded by
something evil, and it was that which was making her ill. He heard more noises. He wrote, “Some movement spotted just behind
the tree line at dusk, but could be elk, deer, etc. Couldn’t see very much. Keeping all the curtains closed, windows locked,
furniture in front of the front door/back door.” That’s the last post he made. One comment by a man that said he is Navajo
said he believed they had been surrounded by a chindi (an evil spirit). The Dreamcatcher had been put there by someone
trying to protect them, according to him. The Broadcast
You are alone in your bedroom, the rest of the house is sleeping. You live in a small town; it’s quiet outside
and you just hear that intermittent sound of each channel as you mindlessly surf. You then stop, taken aback, as one channel
shows what looks like your former school janitor, a creepy man you never liked because he always
used to stare at you then say “Hiya Fella” in a way that was too close for a stranger. He starts reading from what could be a teleprompter. “Hiya Fella,” he says in that same way. “I’m just here to inform you that the
forecast is not good.” Then the channel just goes back to someone
trying to sell some kind of super-sharp kitchen knives. You keep surfing, thinking you must have just
had one of those micro-sleeps and dreamed it. It is the early hours of the morning and you
are tired. Then the same channel gets interrupted again. This time it’s a black and white cartoon
of what looks like a typical American family sat around a dining table. You then notice the two kids look like you
and your brother, but when you were only about 8-years old. The woman, your mother for sure, is crying. She is sobbing really hard and even though
you had the volume turned down it seems very loud. The man, your father, says to her in a reassuring
way, “It’s not going to be ok darling.” You whisper to yourself, “No, you mean to
say it’s going to be ok, not it’s not going to be ok. “And then it seems like the entire family
hear you. They all look at you through the TV, which
makes you feel very uncomfortable. They don’t say anything, just stare. That was the story of a man about something
that happened to him when he was in college. The morning when he awoke he learned the distressing
news that his mother had died of a ruptured brain aneurysm that night in her bed. Maybe he had been warned by the spirits, perhaps
he may have been able to help her. Bloody Mary
A 14-year old boy is not well at all, he has a bad case of strep throat but his mum allows
him to stay over at a friend’s house where a few of his buddies are having a sleep over. Like lots of kids that age they decide to
get up to spooky stuff, and in the absence of Ouija boards or satanic props they decide
to play the Bloody Mary game…if you can call it a game. It’s simple enough. All the group should stand in front of a mirror
and everyone say the words, “Bloody Mary” three times. And that’s just what happened with this
young boy and his friends. No ghost appeared, no household objects moved
by themselves, nothing. They went to bed and went to school the next
day, although the boy with the sore throat was kept at home as he was feeling worse. Then some days later, still at home in bed,
he started feeling something crawling all over him. It was almost ticklish, like fine fingers
caressing his body. He called his mother and she just said it
must be his slight temperature. But then later that day it happened again,
but this time the fingers felt stronger, and to his shock he thought he saw the white indents
made by nails. Some time later his mum heard an almighty
scream from upstairs. She found her son curled into a ball in the
bathroom. “That wasn’t me in the mirror,” he said. For days he experienced terrifying hallucinations
of a woman, body tremors, the feeling of being touched, talked to while he was half asleep. His parents consulted a doctor who told them
it was very likely pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder, which can be brought on by strep
throat and can cause very realistic hallucinations. It’s said the boy recovered, but not quite. He partly believes to this day he was visited
by ghosts after summoning Bloody Mary. It’s said he has never been the same. The Dream
It’s 3.47 am. You know that because you’ve just been woken
up by your 6-year old son. He is standing at the side of your bed just
staring at you. At your side is your wife, sleeping. She hasn’t been disturbed by this ghostly-looking
figure standing right at the side of the bed. “What’s wrong,” you ask. “I had a bad dream,” replies your son. “Ah,” you say. This has happened before. “Do you want get in here with Daddy, you
can sleep next to me,” you say. “No daddy.” You are now more fully awake and can see the
utter terror written all over your son’s face. “It’s ok, just snuggle up here,” you
say. “No daddy,” is the reply again. “Why not buddie?” “In my dream daddy, when I came in here
and told you about the dream, that thing wearing mommy’s skin sat up.” You are paralyzed, your son seems entranced,
now looking over you. The Phone
A one parent mother didn’t have an easy life, having to hold down a job and bring
up her young son. She occasionally found help though with friends,
often baby-sitting when she wanted to have at least one night out in a month. Now and again those nights were a date with
a guy. Her ex had left her pretty just after the
child was born and now he was five – a long time to go without any love interest. The problem was, if she did have a date it
was as if the son knew, was jealous, and he would be naughty and difficult all night with
the baby-sitter, so much so that they’d often called the boy creepy. Just about everyone knew this except the mother,
as her friends just hadn’t picked up the courage to tell her that the young boy had
some problems. He’d not only be naughty, but he’d sneak
up to them from behind and bite them. Somehow when they turned around he’d be
standing a few feet away. Sometimes he just broke things. Once he even put cat droppings in one person’s
Coke. She didn’t drink it, and scolded the boy
for what he had done. “Why would you do that,” she asked. “He did it,” the boy replied. Could he be any freakier, she thought. Not surprisingly, getting someone to look
after the kid for just one night got harder and harder. Her friends, kinda feeling sorry for their
lonely buddy, made up lame excuses rather than telling her the truth. The culmination of this led to a resentment
in some ways of the boy. She loved him, but she was tied down too much. She had no idea why her friends were always
busy when she wanted some help, but she did have an inkling that it might be something
to do with her son. He seemed rather smug that she could not go
out and had to spend every night of her life with him. That her life was him in a way. “I love you,” he would tell her, but often
at strange times, like he’d just come up behind her when she was doing the dishes and
say it without any trace of real affection… It looked more like obsession – “I love
you” or sometimes, “I love you mommy.” She wasn’t quite sure how something so nice
could made her feel so uncomfortable. It had always been a mystery to her why her
boyfriend had just left when she had the child. He’d always been responsible and had been
a good person every day throughout her pregnancy. Things suddenly changed, though. He’d been quiet for a week or two after
the child was born. Later he barely spoke and made excuses to
be out of the house, and then one evening she returned home to find her son in his cot. Her boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. She was incredibly angry of course at this
total dereliction of duty, just leaving the kid in the house. Days passed and he never returned, never called,
never sent a message. His social media pages weren’t updated,
but she was told later by his friends that was alive and well in a town in Arizona, which
was on the other side of the US. How could he be so selfish! But time passed, and she tried to forget him. One night she was determined to go out. She’d met a guy whom she really liked and
nothing would stop her. She had managed to get someone from her work
at the clothes store to come and babysit, someone who hadn’t ever baby sat for her
before. She knew her son was a bit different, but
he was just a kid, he was harmless. He was enraged though about his mother going
out with a guy. “You should not leave,” warned her son. “Why?” she asked. “Because he doesn’t want you to leave,”
replied the son. She thought this must be some kind of problem
from not having a father, that he pined in some ways for a father he never even really
knew. Who was ‘he’ though? At that point she just gave in to him and
cancelled her date. That evening as the two watched TV her son
asked her if he could use her phone. She said ok, but just for games. Don’t call numbers and don’t send messages,
she said. The son agreed. Later she fell asleep, waking up shocked to
see her son wasn’t in the room. She quickly went upstairs and was relieved
to see him in his bed, her phone lying right beside him. He’d only gone and taken photos all around
the house. She kept scrolling. It was as if he’d been taking pictures of
just empty space, and so she just kept deleting. Until she came to one photograph, a picture
of her, lying on the couch. Her heart skipped a beat, though, as in that
picture her son was lying next to her with his arms wrapped around her shoulders. She could just about make out some kind of
shadow on the wall. She never left her son at home alone again,
but what also never left was her intense fear of him. Got any good ghost stories of your own? Let us know in the comments! And if you found this video interesting, check
out our other video The Ghost Ship That The Government Tried To Keep A Secret – The Ourang
Medan. See you next time!

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