Do These Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Sound Familiar?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders, aka, the DSM, is the book that just keeps on giving. The DSM-I published in 1952 listed 106 disorders
but by 1980 the third version contained 265 disorders and number four listed 297. 2013’s version of this “Psychiatrist’s
Bible” lists 300 maladies according to Reuters, all contained in 947 pages. You can find within those hallowed sheets
things such as “intermittent explosive disorder” and the male crisis of “delayed ejaculation.” Some critics argue that some of the disorders
are “farcical”, turning normal human behavior into a disease. Others say the pharmaceutical industry profiteers
from the growing number of mental problems. Still, there can be no doubt some of us were
endowed with or picked up some unusual mental conditions. Today we’ll try our best to explain just
one disorder, in this episode of the Infographics Show, What Actually is Bipolar Disorder? First of all, let’s address the criticisms
of the growing number of mental disorders. We should remember that in our darker past
we didn’t really know what was wrong with some people when they were perhaps acting
differently from what we might consider normal folks. Often we just locked them away in dank cells. We might have bled them to purge them of the
malady, or years later given them lobotomies. In parts of the world today you might still
find communities locking up their mentally ill fearing that they have been cursed, sometimes
sacrificing chickens as a propitiation to the spirits so they will show some mercy and
release the mentally ill person from the hex. We’ve come a long way, both in how we treat
patients and also how society empathizes with such people. There is a good argument, however, that drugs
might be over-prescribed; that perhaps not so many young teens need to be pilled-up on
legal amphetamines to get them through the day, or that Xanax or Valium are perhaps not
always the panacea for one’s anxieties. It’s said that almost 44 million Americans
suffer from a mental disorder, which is about one in five people. The National Alliance of Mental Illness tells
us that one in five people in the U.S. aged just 13 to 18 will suffer a severe mental
illness. On a global scale, we are told by some sources
that 1.1 billion people suffer from some kind of mental disorder. The World Health Organization said in 2018
that 300 million of those people are down with depression, 50 million have dementia,
23 million have some kind of psychoses, and 60 million have bipolar disorder. In that article it didn’t mention general
anxiety disorder, but it’s said it’s the most common disorder around the world. That might not mean massive, utterly debilitating
panic attacks, but just anxiety that makes life difficult at times. After all, we all get anxious from time to
time; it’s a natural chemical response that helps us to survive. It’s just some people have a bit too much
anxiety. There is no way to get an accurate number
of anxiety sufferers in the world as much of the world might not even have a concept
of it as a disorder and many other sufferers won’t have seen a doctor. Try telling a tribesman in the far reaches
of South East Asia that their son has anxiety and his borderline ADHD requires a dose of
Ritalin and see where you get. Nonetheless, there are numbers out there and
some say around the world one in thirteen people suffer from chronic anxiety. But let’s focus on America, where it seems
mental disorders grow like weeds on an abandoned parking lot. According to data, about one in five people
in the USA will suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. We suppose that means quite a lot of our viewers,
so we look forward to your comments after the show. Coming in at the number one slot, as we said,
is anxiety. That accounts for 19.1 percent of adults and
it means anxiety that negatively affects day-to-day life, work, school, buying a pair of shoes
in a bright shopping mall, etc. Number two was the black dog, aka, depression,
and that affected 6.7 million Americans when the study was published in 2016. But number three, a disorder we might say
that has shot up the charts relatively recently was bipolar disorder. This affects about 4.4 percent of the American
public. Next was Post-traumatic stress disorder at
3.6 percent and way behind in terms of numbers was Schizophrenia. As for the disorder that affects mainly American
kids, the controversial Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, well, the CDC says
that the malady affects around 6.4 million Americans aged 4 to 17. That’s 6.1 percent of youngsters. We should add that over the last 8 years it’s
gone up 41 percent. Right now between the scientific community
there’s a schism wherein many people say it doesn’t even exist or shouldn’t be
seen as a disorder, and others say it does and definitely is, but we won’t get into
that today. So, bipolar disorder, America’s mental enemy
number three. What is it? Well, you see it used to be called something
different, and that was manic depression. Many of you who have experienced general depression,
unipolar disorder, know it’s kind of like having a black cloud following you around
and often you just don’t know why it’s there or how to get rid of it. Sometimes that’s accompanied with feelings
of doom, an ever-present black dog that keeps following you around and not allowing you
to have fun, relax, let loose, enjoy the world around you. It feels like every thought you have is contaminated,
like your very blood is soiled. This can last a long time, and sometimes you
might not even know just how depressed you’ve been until you’ve come out of it. Bipolar disorder is different, but often confused
with depression. Psychology Today describes bipolar disorder
as being a, “chronically recurring condition involving moods that swing between the highs
of mania and the lows of depression.” But manic is the word we should think about,
because bipolar may come with these bouts of feeling enervated, downcast, a feeling
of ennui that won’t let you get out of bed… and then there’s the other pole. That pole a few of you will certainly know
means a sudden feeling of great energy, excitement, sometimes a rush of euphoria, your mind races,
sometimes you can’t shut up, but you might also feel irritable and angry. We are also told some people might go as far
as to go on massive spending sprees or even engage in binges of copulation with strangers. As you can guess, moving between these vastly
different poles is the cause of great and sometimes debilitating instability. If you’ve had friends with bipolar disorder
you will know that one day they might be calling you, making plans to do amazing things or
at least just touch base more, and then you don’t hear from them for a while and they
don’t pick up the phone. It’s quite hard to diagnose of course, because
many people just go through changing moods; they are moody. Others are hyperactive sometimes, but it’s
not always a bad thing; they are just full of energy but like most things in this world
that energy has to dissipate. You are generally diagnosed with bipolar disorder
when your symptoms are extreme, so don’t you guys worry if you are prone to great excitement
and making plans and then sometimes go into reverse, close the blinds and hide from the
world. That’s not always abnormal. We checked out a few Psyche sites to see exactly
what the symptoms of bipolar disorder are. Of course some of the things we have just
talked about are included, but you must know that they have to be in the extreme. We are talking about tectonic mood shifts,
a polarization that has a negative effect on you and those around you. You might sleep too much, hardly sleep at
all, and that can make you irritable through the day… what we sometimes called “wired.” During the hyper-manic stage your thoughts
might race, kind of like a person high on cocaine. You have fancy ideas, sometimes you feel grandiose,
you’re at the top of your game (you’re not actually), sometimes reckless, but you
think you’re heading in the right place even if you’re being intrusive, annoying,
aggressive. You might also chat more, but that might even
come out as babble as you can be easily distracted and your friends might think your ideas are
absurd. This period will stop, and you will come crashing
down like a grand piano falling from the 13th floor; your great thoughts and ideas and excitement
now shattered and splintered in the street below. This is usually followed by darkness, depression,
lassitude, remoteness, an inability to communicate…the battery is dead. It might mean you can’t get out of bed,
you might put on weight, you have no energy, you feel hopeless, empty, can’t concentrate,
and sometimes think a lot about self-harm or ending it all. Some people do, however, have a kind of manic
episode that is not followed by this awful pall. They have the hypomania but don’t get the
deep depression. Others will have those bouts of hypomania
but they will be short-lived, while the depression part is very long. We know of one such case of a man whose hypomania
would last perhaps two days, but for months this unfortunate person disappeared under
a large blanket of insuperable depression. These people might not experience worrying
effects during the hyper stage, but the depression is not an easy thing to live with. Then there are people who are up and down
very often, hyper and depressed perhaps in the same day. They swing from one pole to another, but those
poles at least are not as extreme as those of the people who deal with them for longer
periods of time. Sure, it can still be debilitating, having
moods that shift like the wind, but it’s perhaps less severe than those who experience
extreme ups and downs. There is help for you if you think you have
suffered from bipolar disorder, and that doesn’t mean you have start taking meds all the time. There are mood stabilizers you can take, but
you can also just talk about your problems in therapy. Just go and see a doctor and you will get
help. Why bipolar disorder happens varies from person
to person. It might just be passed on, something in your
bloodline. At the moment experts tell us that there is
no specific gene related to bipolar disorder, but they say that certain factors including
the age of your parents might result in you having this disorder. Scientists have looked at what happens in
the brain of sufferers, including during manic and down periods, and indeed they saw irregularities
but it still remains something of a mystery. We are told in the future there might be certain
biomarkers for bipolar disorder, but as yet nothing is written in stone, or should we
say inscribed in the brain. But there might also be environmental factors,
meaning you picked it up because of things that were happening around you. The good news is, what can be created can
be deleted. Childhood trauma might have helped cause it,
and it might reappear during particular stressful times in your life. Don’t despair. You might have heard people talking about
the brain’s plasticity, which basically means you can overcome your disorders, weakness,
through making changes, having different habits, learning about your disorder and understanding
it better. We are all works in progress and we are all
able to edit the present and write the future. Have you suffered from this disorder, because
we’d love to know how you felt and how you dealt with it. Same goes for anyone diagnosed with bipolar
disorder now. Let’s hear your story and get some advice
for those that might need it. Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other show
Everything You Know About Sleep Is Wrong. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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    Problem is, after a few months the medication just stops working properly so I start to close myself off from the world. Days will be spent in bed, not wanting to face anyone. I'll get these anxiety attacks in public where my heart pounds almost at the top of my throat, I start hyperventilating, … I can get suicidal and think a lot about self-harming and when it gets too much, that will be my go-to

    Then I have these days where I feel all pumped up and think I am about to start living the life I want to, having big dreams, not being able to sleep or perhaps 4h a night. I keep talking and talking, cracking up jokes about everything, laughing uncontrollably; to the point where I start annoying myself because I am not so often like that. After those days I get all depressed again, I can start crying out of nowhere after having an amazing day. I already went to numerous psychiatrists and psychologists but their opinions just vary too much for me. One said I don't even need medication and can live life like I want, but I know that's not the case AT ALL. Others don't want to diagnose me, … I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to live like this.

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    Medication never did much for me and that made things even harder. When I took medication, I felt like my emotions were bottled up and exploded on one random day, vs having my emotions cycle throughout each day, but with a less intense feeling in just how sad or angry I was. Eventually, I started to become a recluse, which had an even worse effect on my mental health. Ultimately, I found that having the perfect balance between being around people and being by myself worked nicely. I get to have my time alone and I'm not burning any bridges.

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  • Being Bipolar has been the absolute most influential thing in my life. It's affected the way I view myself, the world around me, my relationships, and every other micro-detail possible. For me, as most people would say, it's a matter of finding balance using any and all resources possible. I've been given Lithium, to help manage my mania, and Zyprexa to help calm the grandiose delusions, although alone it's simply not enough. Even utilizing all the resources possible, the medicine, the therapy, the countless amount of support, the biggest challenge is still myself. I feel at war with myself, I don't want to be depressed, and I've learned that being manic is dangerous to me, so I feel like I'm caught in a mental tug-of-war in either direction and I'm just trying to make it work. The meds help, the therapy helps, learning more about the disorder helps, having the ones you care about learn more about the disorder helps (It helps a lot, seriously, make sure they learn more about what's going on with YOU.), having some sort of spiritual grounding can help some. All of these can vary between the biggest help in your life, they're all so critical in managing my Bipolar and sometimes I still need extra help. These are just some of the techniques and skills I've used to try and manage my life, and I hope that they can help someone else as well. Thank you for this video, and I hope everybody has a great day feeling a bit more educated.

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    It really depends where your mind leads your thought to.

  • I don’t have bipolar but I’m 13 and I’m seeing myself have more and more outbursts, I’ve done my own research and even seen a therapist who has confirmed I probably have intermittent explosive disorder (they can’t diagnose me tho because where I’m from you can’t be diagnosed with anything serious until 16) and having IED is throwing me into a loop, I get scared that I’ll get mad at something and then I’ll end up getting mad at myself and having an episode, if anyone who indefinitely has IED could tell me ways to try and control it I’d appreciate it

  • I was diagnosed manic bipolar 12 yrs ago, it happen after i moved in US with my husband and 2 kids. The changes in lifestyle and environment hit me hard, away from family and friends. I felt alone, lonely depress and i buried myself into games, i cant concentrate in school work, nothing excite me nor make me happy. I couldnt finish anything i start. Because when i am high i can accomplished it but when it change my mood i will lost interest and i will never get back to it. Even when my high come back i will have a different interest that i will not be able to finish. I will feel worthless and then later bless, then worthless again. You are right it is like a roller coaster that you will never get off. I tried multiple meds that doctor prescribe nothing help. My brain wouldnt shut up, it is like 10,000 tv that you will try to watch and understand all at the same time. That is why we blah a lot and our story hops from one to another.

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  • The extreme fluctuations of emotions, within a day as you described, is actually called hyper mania. I have this part of bipolar disorder, which goes along with my borderline personality disorder. Hyper mania is when your emotions fluctuate extremely. For example, I can literally go from happy, to feeling superior, to angry, to severely depressed within hours. This comes with extreme danger. People like me often act on these moods, then immediately switch. We act out impulsively. Impulsivity is a huge factor in bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder

  • I have adhd

  • Yeah… I know the pain of being judged badly from my mental/emotional disorders. Because of abuse as a young child, I had gotten PTSD, and my depression, anxiety, and Bipolar 1 came on much earlier than they would've if the abuse had not triggered it. The psychiatrist told my mother that it probably would've come on around age 13 or so. It was hard, most adults didn't know what to do with a 7 year old with this level of illness. I would awake screaming, see monstrous things, and have the kinds of feelings most people seek out drugs to have, but all involuntarily. Walls melting/breathing, seeing weird/crazy imaginary creatures, intense feelings of floating, that kind of stuff. On the positive side though, this has stopped me from wanting, or trying almost any consciousness altering substances. They aren't fun for me, they're utterly stressful.

  • Please could you do a video on emotional dysregulation disorder. I was recently diagnosed with this and it's not quite bipolar, PTSD or ADHD.

  • my cat has bipolar disorder he is super nice and cuddly and then all the sudden he go attack mode but play like

  • i have sever anxiety bi-polar a.d.h.d. sensory p.t.s.d. dyslexia dyscalcula depression hint dyscalcula is so rare that the web does not see it as a word

  • yur ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have autism,anxiety and add

  • Anxiety disorders just seem

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