Discussion a threaten historical site 1

Is everyone ready to begin? Yes Good afternoon everyone. Today we’re here to talk about a Threatened historical site. This site is facing a big problem. It’s a traffic jams. The purpose of this discussion is to solve traffic jams -Let me introduce myself. My name is Aphirak. I’m a business representative. Let our guest introduce themselves. OK My name is Pichamon. I am the archaeologist My name is Thanrada. I am the government officer. My name is Patchara. I am an engineer. Let me explain the topic today What is a Threat ? A treat is to say that you will harm someone or do something unpleasant or unfriendly, especially in order to make someone do what you want. Now our threat situation is traffic jams in the city, so we will solve the problem of the temple by building a highway. Let me give you an example. Traffic jams make pollution, for example ; black smoke from cars. I have gotten a few letters of petition to solve the traffic jams in the city. This traffic jam is sticking in the morning and the evening. People who use the cars for work, travel or transport have been effected, well shell we ask engineer for suggestions. Which ways to solve the problem of traffic jams? I suggest that we could build a highway. It can solve traffic jam problems and create income from road tax. But it can create noise, number of tourist decrease, and destroy the temple. What do you think about the highway through the middle of the temple grounds? In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this idea. It doesn’t make sense. As you know 2,000 year old treasures will soon be destroyed if a government builds highways that run through the middle of an ancient site. It will have many effects following this project. For example, first it will affect tourist guides as they will lose a lot of money. Second, the number of tourists will decrease. And the last example, what about pollution from cars and highways under construction? Cars may make a lot of pollution such as oil slick and carbon dioxide emissions. These are possible causes of destruction of ancient sites. Construction might create vibrations. So what will happen if we build highways? Apiruk, do you agree with me? Do you have anything to add? I completely agree with you If we build highway through the temple, most people who live around the temple such as guides will lose their jobs and income for their families. Is there another way to solve this problem ? Actually, I have 2 ways. Such as underground tunnel, and by pass. Both have similar advantage. For example, it can solve traffic jam and create income from road tax. But underground tunnel will create noise and maybe affect to the base of temple. In part of bypass, it just passes away and expensive cost. So I suggest bypass. Then what do you think about this? Excuses me, Could you explain more about bypass? A bypass is road avoid the city OK That’s a good point because we see the problem from build the highways for example, damage the ancient area, increase pollution, reduce the number of tourists and decrease income into our country, so we find the way to solve it is build bypass around the ancient site. Do you agree with this idea? I see your point but I have a question I’d like to ask. What about money? What does the money mean? I mean like engineer said that build bypass will use more money and where did we find more money? Perhaps we should ask the business. What do you think of supporting some money to build bypass? Because your business isn’t have been effected by build the highways, so you might give some money to support the government to build bypass for solving the traffic jams in the city. OK , I can support the money for building a bypass And what do you think is its cost ? About 5 million. Distance of road is 10 km. It take approximately 6 month. Are you OK to support money? Oh, it’s a lot of money but I can support that. Do everybody agree? Of course. I think bypass is an excellent suggestion OK the conclusion of this topic is we will preserve this temple and solve the traffic jams by building a bypass and I will support this project with money. Thank you everyone for joining this discussion. THANK YOU

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