Discover Ancient Rome in Google Earth

>>At Google, we’re very excited to announce
the newest layer in Google Earth: Ancient Rome 3D.
You can travel back in time to see Rome, Italy, as it was in 320 A.D., and explore Ancient
Rome as never before. Let’s start by opening Google Earth and selecting
the “Ancient Rome 3D” layer under “Gallery.” In Google Earth, you can fly over the city
to explore than 6,000 3D buildings, including many in high detail and some containing full
interiors. Our team worked with the Rome Reborn project,
headquartered at the University of Virginia, to provide the data.
In each place mark, you will find historical information about each monument.
Let’s fly down to the famous Coliseum in the center of this Roman Empire.
This impressive complex was built for popular animal hunts, famous battles and gladiatorial
games, and could seat up to 50,000 people. It’s one of the greatest works of Roman architecture,
and now you can picture yourself standing in the center during that time.
Now, let’s stay in the city center, but swoop down to the Roman Forum, which includes the
oldest and most important buildings in this ancient city.
The Basilica Julia was used for business meetings, legal trials and other official business during
the early Roman Empire. Here, we can see intricate detail of the interior,
such as columns, ceilings and marble floors. Let’s fly over to the Temple of Vesta, which
was a holy spot in the forum. Vesta’s festival, the Vestial, took place
in this temple each June 9th. Now, it’s your turn to see history.
Travel back in time to Ancient Rome and fly through the famous buildings and monuments
in 3D. Visit to download Google
Earth and discover Ancient Rome in 3D.

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