Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 257

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Alright, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is Episode 257. Today
is the ninth of October 2019. And this is the last Hump Day hangouts before Pope who
live 2019 in Denver. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, you’d like to show up whether
you’re going to whether you live there you whether you want to drive in or you can make
some last minute Unknown Speaker 0:23
flight plans, head to poker, grab your ticket. Now, before we get into it, just
want to say if you’re joining us for the first time, thanks for watching, we’re going to
get into questions and answers. If you’ve got any questions you’re watching us go ahead
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head over there. If you’re watching on YouTube. We don’t want to read comments here. You’ve
got to go to the page where we embed the video so that you can ask questions we can get to
those. So with that said, let’s say hello guys real quick. We’re missing to the Semantic
Mastery guys who I believe is started traveling over to hopefully live in Denver. Unknown Speaker 1:00
Bradley Marco and myself are here today. So I’ll start at the top and say hello Bradley.
How you doing? Good. How are you? Unknown Speaker 1:08
Not bad. Not bad. I’m enjoying some cooler weather here. It’s finally starting to act
like fall. It’s about 6570 today. Well, you can enjoy cooler weather tomorrow when you
get to Denver because it’s supposed to be snowing and freezing cold so yeah, I might
have to post some pictures of her on maybe on the Facebook group or something like he
heard on hates the cold weather and I think it’s supposed to be a high of 28 degrees tomorrow.
Yeah, and snow to which is crazy, but it’s only tomorrow. Because then the rest of the
time that we’re there. It’s supposed to be between 65 and 70 during the day and then
around 30 at night, but it was kind of interesting packing for that, you know? Yeah, all over
the place. Well, speaking of weather, Marco How you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 1:48
I couldn’t be better. Like I couldn’t handle 28 I’m sorry. It says it’s not happening.
I mean, it’s too late like cold for me. I mentioned it before is 6065 Unknown Speaker 2:01
That range you know you we break out the old sheet and we cover ourselves it gets chilly
man 28 gone from from 65 to 20 I don’t think so. That’s a big change and once it gets below
20 that’s where I start I can handle it depends on the window but yeah in the 20s still nice
ones it’s sunny and then anyways tomorrow is going to be fun we’ll see how it goes with
her Nan if he’s all bundled up and blankets and freezing to death or if he survives so Unknown Speaker 2:30
anyways With that said, like I said earlier if you’re watching for the first time you’re
in the right place, we’re going to get to q&a and answer your questions and appreciate
you being here. Come here every week every Wednesday for pm eastern you can always ask
your questions ahead of time as well if you you know got a client call you’ve got some
work you got things you got to do we understand that but you know benefit here is being live
you can ask questions, clarify your questions, but like I said, if you have to you can ask
your questions ahead of time at Semantic slash HD questions and then Unknown Speaker 3:00
Got the replay on our YouTube channel, which you should subscribe to if you’re watching
that right now. And secondly, if you haven’t yet check out the battle plan right? That’s
where you can get our step by step processes for getting results with everything from new
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entire laundry list of all the benefits there but head over to battle plan dot Semantic
Mastery calm and if you want to join, you know, our mastermind is about a mastermind
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And for everyone, we really recommend going over to MGYP dot CEO. We I mean we tell this
to you watching these videos, we tell it to our mastermind members, we tell it to everyone Unknown Speaker 4:00
Else, you know if you can start building your team now. And part of that can be using MGYB
to provide the services for you things like syndication networks are we as Dr stuff, press
releases, link building embeds, all that sort of stuff. And there’s a lot more great packages
coming out where we’re going to help people get better, well, literal package for Hey,
you know, if your website is here, then you need these types of additions. You need these
syndication networks. We’re going to make that a lot more streamlined so that you can
do it for yourself, your projects as well as your clients. So keep your eyes and ears
open for that. So with that said, Guys, I have I have a couple of things. Yeah, right.
Number one, people, they always ask us how to put everything together, they’ll go in
and don’t order something. And the last, how do I put it together guys, it’s in the battle
plan. I was just talking to my mini mastermind group. You guys know that I meet every Tuesday.
In the evening with a mini mastermind group. I have seven people in there. Unknown Speaker 5:00
I can’t I wish I could take more people because people keep reaching out to me and saying,
hey, I want in on the group. But seven is is more than enough. But Unknown Speaker 5:11
the thing is that the people in my mini mastermind they follow the battle plan. I have a guy,
that’s her over. But he started out at 12 K a year in digital marketing and client work
and SEO, whatever it is that he did. And this year, you know, he’s at around a quarter million
for the year. And so it’s as simple as just buckling down doing the fucking work and following
the instructions to the letter. You don’t veer from what we tell you to do until you’re
ready to test and you shouldn’t be testing until you have a good revenue stream coming
in that allows you to set aside time to do that kind of thing. Unknown Speaker 6:00
Right. Unknown Speaker 6:02
We got another one that Jeff right who went to powerful. And he’s killing it. I mean,
he’s ranking attorney type big attorney terms of ranking for it, for example, and IT services
in New York City. Now imagine how competitive that is, but but they’re like the companies
have happier than a paycheck, because they’re number one for the term. And how did they
do it? They follow the battle plan. They follow the instructions, they follow what we tell
them, guys, how do you put it all together? Get the battle plan. Now, yes, the battle
plan takes you to NDYB and the products and services. Why do we do that? Because it’s
the simplest way we don’t want you doing all that work. Imagine the hours that you have
to spend doing all that work keyword research three days. For the keyword research, really,
do you really want to do that? Do you really want to spend all that time your client better
be paying a whole lot of money to spend three days Unknown Speaker 7:00
Doing all of that keyword research, I mean, everything it takes time to do Marco, isn’t
it more fun to buy shiny new software applications and spend all your time learning how to use
it? Just to find out it doesn’t work very well. work right. Follow the next best, the
next best. So it’s already there. We set the path out people who follow it are killing
it. And that’s my point. And yes, we do send you to what works for us because it’s what
we use guys. We use it, we apply it we get result. And so we give it to you in a step
by step method so that you can follow it through. So if you’re not doing it, you haven’t bought
it go by the battle plan. It looks like a really simple PDF with links. But you do it
step by step. I’m telling you, I just got validation yesterday from a couple of people
that are in that range. I mean, you guys know you guys know Jordan Unknown Speaker 8:00
You guys know, Jeff, you guys know, Ed, they’re telling it how following the battle plan.
That’s one and two about the mastermind. I wanted to mention that it works is a two way
street. We do try to give people everything that works in the in the mastermind, right?
And we do make everyone available that you’re free to exchange ideas and concepts and theories
and tests and whatever. But every once in a while, we’ll get in a thread, like we did
with with with something that I talked about when doing silos. And it was a whole long
thread and we went really deep into it. And then there’s another one about I frames now. Unknown Speaker 8:41
And then that one sent me into the rabbit hole, where I’m still testing and I’m getting
really good results from some ideas that I got. Not like not directly but indirectly,
like they posted. Okay, so can I do this Can I do that and I Unknown Speaker 9:00
I immediately started thinking, well, what if, and that’s when you read, your juices
really start flowing? And what if I did this and I quoted it this way, and I hit it this
way, and then it would cause no issues. And so what I’m thinking is anyone who attends
powerful live will have first crack at whatever I come up with, from my testing, because they
deserve it. I mean, they took the time that they’re going to be there. And so we always
say membership has its privileges. But this is a step up. This is a step where you’re
trying to change the game and JN and Jeff Moore, Jeff sorry, they went to post live,
and they changed the whole mindset, they changed their business strategy, and they’re killing
it. So So anyone going deserves it. And so that’s what I’m going to do and then at some
future point, it’ll be shared with the mastermind, of course, I don’t know if it’ll be I’ll ever
share it outside the mastermind. But since Unknown Speaker 10:00
The nugget Unknown Speaker 10:02
was kind of the the idea sprouted from from a thread in the mastermind I think the mastermind
deserves whatever comes from it. And I’m already testing and I’m already coding and that so
this is the type of thing that goes on and in the mastermind, mastermind membership has
its privileges. Attending powerful life has its privileges. Most of the people that are
in my my mini mastermind, are people who went to powerful life. So I just want to say about
that definitely our mastermind members, but they also attended powerful live and I think
that they deserve special attention. That’s just my piece for today. Take take it for
what it’s worth, but I think it’s just totally worth joining the mastermind and attending
pOH full life should be a must in your calendar. Unknown Speaker 10:54
Sorry. Sounds good to me, like Marco said, Be there. That’s a pretty awesome Unknown Speaker 11:00
awesome thing that Marco is going to do there. So I don’t want to dive back into a Marco
but I know that people work with you and your group have had a lot of success. And I’m sure
that’s a no small part due to your involvement. So that’s pretty awesome. So if you want to
grab your ticket, you can still make it we got a couple days here before we kick things
off on Friday for the VIP day and then Saturday and Sunday for the main event. You can grab
your ticket at Popo Unknown Speaker 11:25
Alright, guys, Bradley, anything else before we jump into it? Unknown Speaker 11:29
No, I’m just excited, too nervous at the same time because I gotta fly tomorrow. But looking
forward to coming to Denver and hanging out with you guys and putting on a pretty cool
presentation. I think that is pretty powerful. I think this is going to be just a really
good event. So I’m excited about it. Cool. All right. Let’s do it. Unknown Speaker 11:48
All right, let me grab the screen. Unknown Speaker 11:51
Stand by. Unknown Speaker 11:57
Alright, you guys should be seeing my screen now. Correct. Unknown Speaker 12:00
Correct. Got your whole screen. All right. Unknown Speaker 12:07
Not a lot of questions yet. So guys start posting. Otherwise we’ll wrap it up a little
bit early, which is fine because I’ve got still still not 100% packed for I gotta leave
really early tomorrow morning for my flight. So anyways, I don’t mind wrapping it up early
if that’s what we need to do. But we’ll start with sutra he says when using a single tier,
he’s talking about a single tier syndication network, is it okay to send the full text
article via RSS? Even if the article has 20 plus affiliate links? I usually post 123 of
these types of articles each day. Um, I would say no, and the reason why I say no is it
not because it’s an SEO thing, but it’s likely that your blog accounts which would be like
WordPress, Tumblr, blogger, not so much blogger but Tumblr and WordPress, will likely or may
very well terminate the account for too many outbound links. Unknown Speaker 13:00
Especially like affiliate links and that kind of stuff that they don’t, they don’t typically
like that. So I wouldn’t recommend that I would do a post summary. So set your RSS feed
to just display the summary. That way, it’s really just pushing the juice back to your
post URL that’s published on your blog, which is really all that matters, guys. I mean,
if you’re doing a bunch of outbound linking in your blog posts anyways, whether it doesn’t,
you don’t really need to worry about posting the full text because, you know, whether they’re
nofollow or do follow, it doesn’t even matter. What I’m saying is what you’re looking for
is the link back from the post on the syndication network properties back to the original post
on your site. Right. And then obviously, if you’re doing internal SEO like on page SEO
correctly, then you’re going to have some sort of contextual link within the text of
your blog post that goes up to our money, money page, right so an actual page or something
Academy. Unknown Speaker 14:00
Whatever it is that you’re trying to rank on your site. So it really the benefit is
pushing the juice from the syndication network properties back to the post URL that’s published
on your blog. So I would recommend doing a summary post, you know, summary, the art set
the RSS feed settings to just display a summary instead of the full text. Now, that said,
sometimes those can look spammy too. And sometimes you can find settings in your theme that will
allow you to update the length of those RSS, like how much of the summary is shown. And
so you might be able to set that and sometimes you have to actually edit the theme files
in order for to, you know, to to adjust that some things will give you the option to do
that, like it’s, you know, an option that you can set but other times you have to actually
go in and edit the theme files. So that’s what I would recommend any comments? Unknown Speaker 14:54
Yeah, I would say no, and it’s for SEO Unknown Speaker 14:59
and Unknown Speaker 15:00
It’s because the whole idea behind this concept and what we do and why we send out iPhones
and everything that we do is to build PageRank. And the problem is, Unknown Speaker 15:12
everything starts at PR one, correct? Everything on the web, it starts out at PR one. So if
you have something that’s revenue, or even if it’s age, it could only be at PR one. And
the reason why is because you’re splitting the PageRank that you’re passing so low, that
you can’t build it up properly. So you split it, you splitting it 20 times, and what you’re
passing from a PR one isn’t PR one, it’s less than PR one. As I’ve said before, we’ve done
the math we know within certain parameters, just how much PR is passed from a PR one and
we know we know it’s a range. So when you splitting it, that fine you Unknown Speaker 16:00
You’re defeating the purpose of building up that PR building up that trust and authority
and everything else. Not only that, having it be so spammy, it could just turn into a
PR zero because of the fact that it’s so spammy. And so you’re not really passing anything.
You’re not really doing anything is not mean you could grab some traffic. From that point,
you could do so much more if you’re more selective with the way that you syndicate your affiliate
links so that it doesn’t look so spammy so that it doesn’t look like it’s a whole bunch
of garbage. And the only intent for that is to push your your affiliate links, make it
more user friendly, make it more for the person that that that that’s going to be reading
it for the person to interact with that posts and with that content, and maybe share it
maybe like it Unknown Speaker 17:00
Maybe visit the website, or those are all signals that you want. And I guarantee you
that a spammy blog post with a whole bunch of affiliate links isn’t going to accomplish
what you want. Unknown Speaker 17:14
Very good. Thank you. Mike says hello for a local service website. Do you think it’s
a good idea to use and embed the original city logo and also link to the city website
or Wikipedia city page? I can see power in it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Thanks.
Well, Mike, that’s what was pretty much standard operating procedure back in like 2012. Unknown Speaker 17:35
And for a long time, you know, that was just traditional way they call it conventional
wisdom when it came to I didn’t, does conventional wisdom is oftentimes not very smart. It’s
just what people think is right. And conventional wisdom for the longest time was that you would
link to always or a Wikipedia page, or, you know, excuse me, a wiki Unknown Speaker 18:00
pedia page or site or a that, especially if you’re doing local Unknown Speaker 18:06
to that, you know, corresponding Wikipedia page or the local government website or something
like that. And that was supposed to add relevancy, which isn’t true. That’s that hasn’t been
true for many, many years. Because Google doesn’t care about you linking to a Wikipedia
page about a particular city unless it’s relevant to the content on that page. And even though
you might be optimized, you know, for like a plumber and in particular city, just linking
to that Wikipedia page arbitrarily with the keyword or without the keyword, whatever,
just linking to that page really doesn’t do much, right. It’s not the algorithm is much
smarter than that. Now, if you are citing something about that city, like some facts
about the city or something that makes it relevant, and you want to cite the source
where you gleaned that content from So for example, if you are curating content from
a Wikipedia page or site about Unknown Speaker 19:00
That particular city, then you want to cite the source now that adds that that’s a proper
way to link to it. And Google can clearly see the relationship from why and why you’re
linking to that. But you know, again, years ago, we we used to mean just about everybody
used to do it. What I always recommend is link outbound linking to relevant content
that’s relevant to the the concept within the body of the content that you’re linking
to, like, in other words, that your UYY just linked to the city page or to the Wikipedia
page. If the page is about plumbing services in a particular city. It doesn’t really make
sense just to link to the city website, unless there’s a reason for it. And so, again, I’ve
always gone back to I mean, four years since probably 2014 timeframe, I stopped doing that
stopped doing what was conventional wisdom, and started linking to more relevant pages.
So for example, linking to an article on bob Vila calm or Unknown Speaker 20:00
Do I Do It Yourself network or something like that, right, some sort of, like if it’s a
if it’s a plumbing website, right? linking to something that’s more relevant to the content
of the page. And then if you want to have some sort of local relevancy in there, why
not embed the map or a mind map or driving directions map from the store or the location
of the business to that city or something like that, that That, to me makes a lot more
sense. It’s more relevant. And so that’s the type of thing that I’ve always done as far
as embedding a city logo from another website. I don’t recommend doing that. Because if you
don’t have permission to use that, remember that that logo is likely trademarked or even
if it’s not trademarked, it’s probably a copyright issue. Because I can tell you one thing you
don’t want to do when you curate content and by the way, we have a training for Unknown Speaker 20:52
a full training program called content kingpin which will teach you all about curating and
why it’s very it’s so powerful because it creates code Unknown Speaker 21:00
citation, it allows you to generate content much quicker, it’s much more efficient, you
don’t have to learn. You don’t have to be a content or subject matter expert. In order
to be able to generate content, you just have to know how to locate it, and put it together
in a logical fashion and then cite the sources properly. So I would recommend you look at
that, because one of the things that we that I learned the hard way, is you never want
to curate images ever. Okay? Unless you there, wiki, what do they call wiki Commons there? Unknown Speaker 21:30
I don’t recommend ever curating images because you will, you can end up getting copyright
infringement and be sued for that. And a lot of times like, it’s happened to me, it’s happened
to me for almost three years in a row was two years in a row where I got hit with copyright. Unknown Speaker 21:47
Basically extortion letters where they would say you’ve got to pay so much or we’re taking
you to court for copyright infringement and you’d have to pay or else they would take
your ass to court, and it sucks so I learned a long time ago. Never curate images Unknown Speaker 22:00
So I would really highly recommend not embedding a city logo. And don’t just arbitrarily link
to a city Wikipedia page or a city government website, unless there’s a specific reason
for it, that you clearly identify in the content that you’re let you know why you’re linking
to it. If that makes sense. You’re much better off linking to something that’s more relevant. Unknown Speaker 22:19
You want to comment on that, Marco? I know, I agree. Because there’s activity relevance,
relevance, trust and authority. Right? You’re much better off linking to something that
has you know, that that’s updated regularly, and events page what’s going on, in you know,
in the city landmark, places to see if there are if this park, just anything, it’s just
going a little bit further in as far as far as the geolocation is, yes, you’re part of
the city. So it stands to reason that you would think I want to link to the Wikipedia
city page for this, but you can go further and make Unknown Speaker 23:00
get even more relevant. And in fact, if if you can get that city schedule, into a calendar
of events, the way that we do in our ys Academy, reload, and load those ups, and that’s constantly
changing, and that’s constantly pushing, all of that relevance, everything that’s happening
in that city, and mixed in with those calendar events are your events, what’s happening with
your business, whatever it is, whether you want to coupon especial, whether you want
to send them to the GMB the map, just whatever it is, you mix in all of that with all of
the other relevance and it works a whole lot better than just simply making to the city
page for x reason, which there’s really no reason. Yeah. I mean, again, that’s been such
old tactics that you know, if it if it really worked well, Google would have killed it a
long time ago because it’s been used forever. Like I said, it’s just that was like common
knowledge. Conventional wisdom is just what people Unknown Speaker 24:00
Did and for the longest time I would I you know, I would argue why would Why do you do
that? Well, because you know, it’s it’s adding relevancy I will have you tested it. Because
if you test it, you’ll find that it doesn’t really do shit, you’re much better off linking
the relevant content and I like curated content for that reason, because it clearly gives
a reason to link out to something and it can create co citation, which is, is pretty powerful
too. So Unknown Speaker 24:24
Jonathan says are the map embeds The only thing MGYB cells for maps Seo? No, not by
far. My furnace guy wants to rank in maps but doesn’t care about his website? What is
the main difference in maps SEO versus website Seo? Well, there’s a lot of similarities,
a lot of overlap. But with maps SEO there, you know, you can focus entirely on the Google
properties, right, the Google ecosystem. So the map URL itself, I’m going to demonstrate
how to get the best map URL to build links to Unknown Speaker 24:52
you can do map embeds. You can do citation building. You know if he’s got a legit if
you say it’s your furnace guy, so I’m assuming is a Unknown Speaker 25:00
You know, HVAC guy, and he’s got a real business, then it’s probably registered to a real address.
Even if it’s a service area business, you can build citations for that. That’s something
I always recommend doing if you have a valid address. So there are I mean, there are a
number of things that you can do, but very specifically Unknown Speaker 25:19
MGYB cells, I mean, pretty much every one of our services can be applied to ranking
in maps or maps SEO as you called it, right. So for example, let me just give you a couple
of examples here. This is something that you can go check out GMB dot reviews,
right. So let’s just go to I’m just going to type in HV ac contractor, Cole pepper,
for example. Unknown Speaker 25:45
Okay, so I’m going to click on KNM Heating and Air Unknown Speaker 25:50
eating heating and air conditioning. And in fact, actually, let me just copy that name.
And this is what I’m going to do. So this is how you can get the best URL to Unknown Speaker 26:00
build links to if you’re going to be doing link building to the map, right. So there’s
embeds, there’s also link building, there’s press releases, there’s you can which you
can embed a map in the press release. Plus, you can also create a contextual link, or
just a naked URL in the actual press release. To back to the map the map itself, I’m going
to give you a few examples here of how you can get better results. So let’s go back to
Google for it first. Here’s a couple of ways that you can do this. Number one, you can
go into your GMB dashboard or your clients GMB dashboard. And on the Info tab, where
you’ll always see this one little section where it says View view on maps or view on
search and view on maps. You can right click on the view on maps and copy link address
and and paste it into a notepad file and then reformat it I’m going to show you the correct
format. So that’s one way to find it. The best URL for building links to a map, Google
map right. The second way is to go type in or go search for your clients business name
in Google. So in this case, I’m going to search for KNM Heating and Air Inc because that’s
just the Unknown Speaker 27:00
example that I pulled, then I’m going to click through to the maps listing. Unknown Speaker 27:05
And you’ll see up here in the US the address bar of Chrome, I’ve got this long, ugly URL,
right? Well, if you go to GMB dot review, make reviews maker calm, okay, and you click
to decode place ID, and just paste that long maps URL in there and click the code place
Id take a second, Unknown Speaker 27:27
then it’s going to come down and it’s going to give you this maps URL right here. Okay,
I’m going to copy that link address. And I’m going to paste that into a notepad file. Now,
if you take a look at this URL, I’ll show you and I’ve demonstrated this before, but
I want to answer this question for thoroughly for him. If we go to like, where it goes com
or something like that, some sort of redirect tracer. I could paste that URL that it gives
you, right? So from here, and if we take a look at this, you’ll see that this has got
a 302 Unknown Speaker 28:00
redirect built into it. In fact, there’s two of them. So that is not a good URL to use
for link building. Like if you want to build links to this URL, you’re not passing any
PageRank or link equity essentially, through these two, three or two redirects, that stops
it dead, right. So in other words, you can link to it, you somebody could click on that
link, and it’s going to navigate, or jump to the final target URL or the destination,
which is this. But as far as passing link equity, if you’re if you’re to build links
to this, it’s not going to pass any. So it’s not a good URL to build links to which by
the way, this URL right here, that the share URL, take a look at how many redirects are
in this one. If we go back to where goes. Unknown Speaker 28:49
It might even there it goes. Look at that. Look, how many redirects are in there. 3302
redirects and no matter refresh, so that’s not a good URL, either this share URL, don’t
build links Unknown Speaker 29:00
That that’s dumb. It does, it does no good, right? So what you want to do is you want
to take that URL, which by the way, you can just take the URL from here and go to a redirect
tracer, and then paste it in and then copy the final URL, or just memorize this, which
is what I did. It’s very simple. copy that URL, and then just change it, just rearrange
it to where you change the maps right there. So, you would change it to Then forward slash, question mark. See ID equals is what the original one
is. So all you want to do is move maps from before and the sub domain from maps to the
right after the forward slash, then it’s question marks the ID equals and we’ll take that, Copy
that, paste it in. So it’s just a quick change or modification of the URL. And now watch
this. If we take this, we go back to a redirect tracer. Unknown Speaker 29:55
Quick, Tracy well Unknown Speaker 29:59
there’s no reason Unknown Speaker 30:00
XC that now if we go load that URL into the address bar and click Go, you’ll see once
the page loads, it converts to that long URL, but it’s not technically a redirect. Right.
So that’s the best URL to build links to is this one right here. So that’s something else
that you can do. Right. So like I mentioned before, you can embed a map into press releases.
You can also build links directly to this maps URL, right. So that’s one thing you can
do. RYS Drive stacks are incredibly powerful. If you provide the N AP. The name, address
and phone number of the business, as well as the maps URL will build a drive stack that
is hyper optimized for that specific location, right and will push a ton of power directly
to the Google properties especially like you said, if he’s not interested in ranking a
website, you can select to push all of the juice from the drive stack back to the maps
the Google properties which would be the maps Unknown Speaker 31:00
GMB website, will you’ll get it, you should order the, excuse me, the Google Site along
with that the Google site will be part of that. So you can build all of the power back
to the actual maps listing. However, there’s a couple other things I want to mention. Let’s
see, just just because there’s a few other points here that you can add additional power
to, right. So for a note, another one is the reviews. This this company in particular has
21 reviews, I don’t know how many your client has. But if we click on that review link,
right, it’s going to pull up here Well, that is a different URL. So up here is another
URL, I would suggest using your own three one redirects creator. There are a number
of of them out there that you can use that are free, some of them that are paid like
a subscription base, and others that you can create three one redirects from a plugin through
your through a website, which is what I, you know, I prefer to do that through my own domain
or something through or through a branded domain or a domain that I’m using specifically
for redirects, that kind of thing. But if you take a guy here, open up Unknown Speaker 32:00
Firefox just to show you that URL right there, I would create a 301 redirect out of that
URL. And what’s it do? It automatically loads to these reviews. So you can push link equity
into this. Well, let’s not stop there. What about each one of these individual reviews?
For example, if I was to click Share on that one from Alan Jackson, which sounds like looks
like a lot of the users spam, I don’t know. Jackson’s a country singer and Unknown Speaker 32:28
Ronnie White is a Ron White isn’t a comedian. But if we’re to take that URL right there
and paste that in, Unknown Speaker 32:36
you’ll see that that is a separate URL, like that’s a redirect, as I just talked about,
if you click the Share URL, it’s going to give you a redirect. So watch what happens
when we trace that one. This is to the individual review. It’s still a 302 redirect. So that’s
not what you want to build links to not this. What you want to build links to is this, which
again, if you want to make it a pretty URL, Unknown Speaker 33:00
All you got to do is use a 301 redirect creator. Like I said, there are some free ones out
there, there are some ones that you can pay for subscription basis, like rebrand, delete, for example of one, or there’s another one. Or like, what I like to do is
use my own domain or clients domain, and use the pretty links pro plugin to create 301
redirects. Okay? Either way, that’s the URL you want to build to. And that’s the same
URLs, what’s up here? Right, but you can build it through a 301 redirect. And look, that’s
an individual review within that maps listing. And if this one’s got 21 reviews, that’s 21
additional link targets, right? Plus this one being a link target, which is the overall
reviews URL plus the maps URL itself, right, which is this version of it that I just talked
about being the best version. There’s more to think about photos, right? For example,
this guy’s only got looks like looks like it’s Unknown Speaker 34:00
At four, but I’m only Well, maybe that was, let’s go back into photos here. For photos,
it says for photos, each one of these are as a separate URL. So my point is, if you’re
just going to be doing map stuff for a client, what I like to do is extract all the URLs
from the maps listing, setup redirects, so that they’re pretty and they’re short, much
easier to manage. And then start using those and link building campaigns, which you can
also use those to be included in a drive stack as target URLs where we will build the drive
stack to be targeting each one of those separate URLs. And what happens is you push juice into
this listing from all different angles and every single point that you can push link
equity into it. It’s very, very powerful. You want to Unknown Speaker 34:44
Yeah, he’s asking about maps SEO, and I’m just going to say, local GMB Pro. It’s what
set the standard Unknown Speaker 34:56
for GMB optimization every other courses Unknown Speaker 35:00
came after copied what we did. So if you want the Trailblazer the standard bear the one
that laid it down on how it’s properly done. There you go and get local GMB pro and you
can learn what Bradley just talked about more in depth, along with many other things that
you could do to push the GMB the map into the three pack, which is what your client
is looking for. They don’t care about the website fine. So you work entirely within
the GMB ecosystem, which is what local GMB Pro is all about. So guys, if you really want
to do this, right, if you want if you want that that heart into the three pack, you go
into local TMP Pro. That’s right. And and that’s an in there, we talked about various
other things. I’m not going to talk about specific methods here, but just so you know
that again, this this this client, or this client is not my client, but this contractor
HPC contractor is also Unknown Speaker 36:00
Doing GMB posts, he probably has an SEO that is working on his stuff. And take a look at
that guys. Again, these are all additional link targets, right? We copy that URL and
go back to the redirect tracer, which I already closed. Unknown Speaker 36:16
And once again, this is a GMB post URL, right? It’s going to redirect, don’t ever use the
share URLs for SEO purposes. You can use it for navigation purposes. But look, how many
redirects are there. So what you want to do is end up taking this URL, and using that
as that could be potentially another link target. Right? So that makes sense. So if
we’re going to just open up that URL Unknown Speaker 36:41
and see it didn’t bring it up, it’s probably the one prior to that this one, which is okay,
because that’s a meta refresh, so that, that’s fine. Let’s open it up there. Unknown Speaker 36:52
There, see I brought it up, it brought that post up to the very top. So same thing goes
you can take an older post and do the same thing you could share Unknown Speaker 37:00
It, grab, copy the share URL. Unknown Speaker 37:03
Put it in now local GMB Pro, we talk about a hell of a lot of really cool things that
you can do a gym be posted, I’m not going to talk about here. But I’m just saying you
can actually use these posts as additional places to build links to right. So again,
this one right here, I would take this URL, Unknown Speaker 37:19
Copy that, that’s what I would build links to and watch what happens if I load that Unknown Speaker 37:25
into the browser. It’s going to pull up that post at the top See, the one that I just shared.
So it makes sense. So all of those are linked targets. That’s why I said there’s just a
ton of different things that you can do to push additional power into their not just
through and beds and beds are very powerful. Don’t get me wrong, but there’s a there’s
a number of other things that you can do. So that was a good question. Unknown Speaker 37:46
Gordon’s up he says, Hey, guys, I don’t want to sound like a broken record. But I just
want to say again, your Hump Day help is very much appreciated. Well, you’re welcome Gordon.
And we do appreciate that as well. If I remember correctly, you said in the past that you prefer
to use a new domain instead of an age domain to rank a local leader. Unknown Speaker 38:00
Jen site. So you can control the name of the domain for SEO purposes and for branding purposes.
That is correct. I have said that. But I was wondering if in fact Google does sandbox new
domains for at least three weeks or probably longer other than losing the branding and
partial keyword and domain benefit. Why is it not better to use a niche related age domain
with a clean niche related backlink backlink profile? And if you use an age domain would
you need to to rebuild the old site pages and the old links pointing to using way back
point old links point to using Wayback Machine Unknown Speaker 38:37
the old things point to excuse me the way that I read that was wrong and if you use
an age domain, would you need to rebuild the old site pages that the old links point to
using wayback machine in order not to lose the link juice? Okay, so the first question
is, because I’m able to typically especially when I’m trying to rank for local stuff, right
which is Unknown Speaker 38:58
what the maps I don’t Unknown Speaker 39:00
That getting a new brand new brand new domains? Fine, because I’m not looking for the initial,
the, you know, an existing link profile because it really doesn’t matter. Like I mean, if
if the sites built really well and everything else, then it can have an effect on the maps,
there’s no question. But as we were just talking about in the previous question, we can typically
get results without even having a self hosted website, if that makes sense, right? Because
we can focus on specifically just the GSB properties and get results. That said, I always
prefer to have a branded type of domain, one that I can build a brand around for, if especially
for lead gen stuff that I could use in other locations, right, which is why I talked about
if I’m going to have a website, I like to use subdomains with the city name is the sub
domain so that I can build upon a particular brand. Unknown Speaker 39:49
Does that mean that you cannot that you can’t start with an aged domain that has been dropped
by somebody else or whatever, and build a brand around that I suppose you could Unknown Speaker 40:00
But the problem that I would see with that is that there may be some other existing content
on the web that can ambiguous eight, right? That’s a key term can ambiguous the brand
that you’re trying to build or the data that you’re trying to build through your new location,
your new setup. Right? Now, if you’re talking about strictly organic SEO, yes, there’s some
benefit for building through an age domain that has a clean link profile. But having
a clean link profile is kind of difficult to do or else why was I mean, a lot, I mean,
you will find some domains like that, but they’re they’re few and far between. A lot
of times the age domains that have been dropped are just they either have a shitty link profile
or a non existent link profile. In other words, they might have one or two links that are
actually, you know, decent links, if any at all. And so my point is, I would rather just
go with something new that’s branded so that I have more control over the content that’s
going to be published and everything else and not have to worry about any sort of invigoration
not have to worry about any potential links out there. Unknown Speaker 41:00
On the web that are toxic to it, or they’re going to cause any problems as I start building
out the new project, if that makes sense. So, I mean, there, you certainly can do that.
If you want. I don’t recommend it. I don’t, you know, I the only time I would use age
domains really is if I was building what I would call feeder sites are like PB ends,
right? Because that kind of helps to shortcut the process a little bit since you’re not
starting from scratch. But when it came to a brand for lead gen site, or for a client,
I would always recommend using a brand new one. Now if you are going to build an old
domain, yes, it is better to rebuild those pages. You can do that using the Wayback Machine.
It’ll you know you can download HTML files and upload those. There’s a couple of plugins
and services out there where you can subscribe to or pay for credits I believe that will
actually create a file of the Wayback Machine stuff that makes it much easier I know there’s
some plugins Unknown Speaker 41:59
Am I can’t even think Unknown Speaker 42:00
was named now there’s there. I know there’s some plugins out there that will do that on
a WordPress site to where you just basically, you can enter a file or upload the zip file
that you get from the Wayback Machine. And it will automatically build out the old pages
with the old content, you might have to do some formatting and stuff to them. But you
can do that. And I would recommend doing that, or at least building some sort of page that
has that has similar content on it doesn’t have to be the exact duplicates or replication
of the old pages. But if it had a good link profile, and it ever in anybody ever goes
and looks at, you know, the webmasters of the sites that were linking to that, and they
noticed that there was a big change in the page or just doesn’t exist anymore, they may
take that link down. So the reason why you would rebuild those previous pages or the
you know, the pages that aren’t there anymore, is because you’d want the links that were
built to that page to stay there. That’s really the only reason where else you could just
do a redirect. My point is Unknown Speaker 43:00
If you just did a redirect from the old URL to the homepage or to a new URL, and a webmaster
says, was analyzing or looking at the site and saying, you know, from one of their pages
on their site, there was a link to your, to the, to the domain that they had linked to
previously. And they look at and say, well, that’s not what I had linked to, I’m going
to remove that, then you lose that link. And so you start to ultimately lose the power
of having an age domain with an inbound link profile anyways. And that happens unless you
rebuild the pages, or have them redirected to something that’s very similar, so that
it’s still a value to the site that was originally linking to it. That all said, usually, when
you’re dealing with, like, especially local business type sites, it’s just not worth all
that trouble. You’re better off and you’re able to get just as quickly as just results
just as quickly, excuse me, using methods that we talked about with a brand new domain. Unknown Speaker 43:52
So marketing want to comment on that for move on. Yeah, absolutely. So imagine it Unknown Speaker 44:00
If McDonald’s had come out with McDonald’s of Illinois, Unknown Speaker 44:05
if Coca Cola wherever it began, it had come out with the Madison, if you have that, that
that one, if you have that one that will boom, Unknown Speaker 44:16
nationally or globally, you’re going to have to go and redo all of the work that you’ve
done. Yeah, of course, it’s going to be worth it. But I’m the type and I know Bradley is
too, that hates doing work, the same work over again. So why going and you have to do
the work over again, when you can start off with a brand that doesn’t necessarily have
to pigeonhole itself Unknown Speaker 44:41
with a geolocation or geographically because you can do that with a category or a pages
category. It has the same effect. You don’t need it. And the Google sandbox is very real,
but the way that we teach activity, relevance, trust and authority. It trumps everything,
including Unknown Speaker 45:00
The Google sandbox including proximity, including a whole bunch of other things, follow about
battle plan to the letter, you get the services from MGYB dot dot CEO, the way that you’re
told to do it and in, Unknown Speaker 45:15
in the, in the one in the sequence that we tell you to do it, then you’re going to have
the same if not better results than if you went and did all that work with, with an expired
domain. And there’s no guarantee that that expired domain would hold its metrics. When
it’s brought back, you’re still gonna have to do the work, you still gonna have to put
in the content, you got to have to redo the content, you’re going to have to do a whole
lot of work, when you could just go to NQIBTO and have us do it for you. Unknown Speaker 45:47
I agree. So I said, I mean, it’s just so much, so much trouble that can go into building
those ads. I just, I don’t think it’s worth it. I really don’t we can get results just
as quickly with new domains. So unless you have found one that’s really super Unknown Speaker 46:00
Powerful I just wouldn’t even bother Unknown Speaker 46:03
fit says good agent makes you part of it for you and it will chime in. And the reason why
he got some of my time is because he donated quite a bit of money to my charity and I decided
to reciprocate by giving him some of my time so we had a really great call he’s in Australia
by the way, so it’s really early in the morning for him to be on here. So thanks will awesome Unknown Speaker 46:29
thanks, it says good day Jen thanks for this form, ask real questions and get actionable
answers I have a client who went to Fiverr and body syndication network Unknown Speaker 46:39
and then worked with another marketer and bought a different network, many duplicates
all branded. What should I do to fix that? Well, do you have access to those accounts
is my point like if you if he bought these syndication networks and such from two different
vendors, essentially. Unknown Speaker 46:56
He probably has a login sheet right? Similar to you know, Unknown Speaker 47:00
We invented it or, you know. So I’m sure that the copy cat is also provide a spreadsheet
with all the accounts, the URLs, the and the login data, what I would do is go in and Unknown Speaker 47:14
I would, if I would log into the one that is the most closely branded to his brand name,
you can’t have duplicate, right, you can’t have duplicate subdomains on WordPress or
blogger or Tumblr or any of the other sites for that matter. So there has to be some sort
of variation in the profile or the usernames, right. So I would take the one that is the
most closely aligned with the actual brand and use that I would go in and update it.
And then obviously go through and some SM style it Semantic Mastery style the syndication
network. That’s number one, number two for the other one that’s out there. That’s also
similarly branded. I don’t necessarily would say terminate those accounts, but I would
make sure that you’re not syndicating to them anymore. In fact, if you have duplicate posts,
and it’s not Unknown Speaker 48:00
I’m not talking about duplicate content guys, because that’s, that doesn’t happen on syndication
networks. But if you have the same post posted on multiple semi branded Unknown Speaker 48:12
networks, then I recommend removing that content specifically because you don’t, you don’t
want to create a footprint with this with a blog syndication network or a syndication
network where you’re syndicating website content, you can do it it’s fine with with YouTube,
but with a blog now, where you know, with money site content, I don’t recommend that.
So but that doesn’t mean you have to like go in and actually terminate those accounts,
but I would manually go in and delete the existing content, and maybe just put up some
kind of shitty content that might link to the other web to do to Dotto profiles. You
know, just like one post on each one of the syndication network properties from the network
that you’re not going to use right remove the IFTTT triggers, remove any content that’s
been posted to both Unknown Speaker 49:00
syndication networks, and then might just put some kind of short little article that’s
relevant on each one of those other properties and maybe point to the profile URL on the
the one that you’re going to keep right the network properties that you’re going to keep,
that’s something I would do. And I would just leave it alone after that, and just continually
update for the new, or the syndication network that you decided to keep. If they’re both
done very poorly, and you don’t want to go through which I don’t recommend, you know,
I don’t blame me, if you don’t want to go through and actually update everything manually,
then I would get access to all the accounts that you can go in and do what I just said
to both sets of networks and by a well done Semantic Mastery stout network from MGYV.
Right, and then maybe use those two other existing networks as a YouTube network or,
you know, it could be possibly used for maybe a separate Twitter network or something like
that. Or you could do what I just said and just use them as kind of like a Unknown Speaker 49:55
one time link builder to your new network properties. If that makes sense. Unknown Speaker 50:00
But I wouldn’t link directly back to the money site with those, you know, does that make
sense? Unknown Speaker 50:05
That’s what I would do. Because again, I totally understand it. By the way, if this guy bought
his own syndication network at Fiverr, then he worked with another marketer. He’s probably
one of those guys is going to micromanage you fits just so you’re aware of that if you
have a business owner or client that has tried to do their own SEO work, and they’ve also
hired somebody else to do something that they already attempted on their own. It’s probably
going to they’re probably going to micromanage you as well. Just keep that in mind. Unknown Speaker 50:35
Okay, Unknown Speaker 50:36
I’m going to keep moving. That’s all right. JACK says maps question please important client
does professional services over phone from home office don’t want home address under
Google’s control, used paid use paid for Regis office locations in past but Google close
them down? In your opinion, is there any risk of Google putting home address out there on
the web as they don’t want their crazy client Unknown Speaker 51:00
showing up at home. Are there any red flags to look out for in this plan? Thank you know
not for Unknown Speaker 51:07
if you’re going to do a Google My Business profile, no, you don’t have to worry about,
you know, you need an address when you register in order for them to send the verification
card. But it doesn’t publish the listing until you enter the verification code. So when you
enter the verification code that you get in the postcard, then you immediately especially
if it’s a service area business, which it has to be Unknown Speaker 51:29
professional services over the phone from home office. So yeah, I mean, you know, I
would set that as a service area business, which means you go in and clear the physical
address. Once you verify it, you go in into the Info tab and click on the location setting
and then there’s a little link in there text link that says clear address and you click
that and it’ll clear it and then save it so that it update and you want to put your service
areas in and then save it Natalie remove the address from being shown on maps. That’s absolutely Unknown Speaker 52:00
You Google is not going to publish that anywhere. Unknown Speaker 52:03
The problem is if you want to build citations to help the maps listing rank, then a lot
of the citation directories are going to require a physical address, like an actual street
address. Some don’t, though, more more and more actually allowing service area businesses
to add their data without a street address. But there’s still a ton of them out there
to do required, so just keep that in mind. Okay. Unknown Speaker 52:28
But I wouldn’t worry about it not not Google. Google’s not going to leak that at least I’ve
never seen that. If you if you put it on, like Yelp or something like that word requires
a street adjusting. Yeah, a lot of time. I mean, it’ll show but just don’t build citations
on directories that require the street address if that’s the case. Unknown Speaker 52:45
discusses Bradley, if you can fly to Haley, I’d have I’ll drive you to Denver. No, thanks.
I’ve already got my ticket going flying directly to Denver, but thank you, Scott. I appreciate
that. Unknown Speaker 52:54
Okay, I still need Hi, we only got about seven minutes left guys. He says I still need help
for clients GMB, Unknown Speaker 53:00
ranking, it’s already it already has RYS Drive stack and G site built by SM a few years ago,
I’m ordering a syndication network and we’ll add link building, then embed maps and link
build would appreciate your suggestion to get just this back into the three pack. That’s
kind of a bit of a loaded question because I don’t know. Like, honestly, you should have
had a syndication network, even really before the G site. And Dr. Stack, that doesn’t mean
that, you know, you can’t add that now you certainly can. But what what I would recommend
also doing is manually going back into your drive stack once your syndication network
has been built and, you know, start including those links in the drive stack, link building
to all of them. What are some press releases that always helps. You can do mapping beds
now with press releases and a lot of other things. So I would recommend that you know,
make sure that your link, go go buy local GMV Pro, which is what we just talked about
earlier, because you can actually do Unknown Speaker 54:00
Really good results, just doing stuff within the Google ecosystem includes posting and Unknown Speaker 54:05
you know, a lot of the stuff that we talked about on local GMB Pro. So that’s a question
that you could get a hell of a lot more help with if you joined the mastermind. Or if you
posted that, like more detail as to exactly what it is that you’ve got done. And where,
so that we can help fill in the gaps. Just get, you know, if you don’t have the battle
plan, follow the battle plan. If you’ve got an RYS Dr. Stack and a G site that was built
a few years ago, but you never had a syndication network, it’s obvious that you didn’t, you
either didn’t have the battle plan or you didn’t follow the plan that we laid out. So
I recommend picking that up. If you don’t already have the battle plan. And just following
that step by step, any of the pieces that are currently missing, add those pieces, right,
and then just kind of follow each one of those processes. And that’s going to help you to
get the results that you need. I’m not I’m not saying that that’s going to do it. You
know, that’s the start. That’s always the foundation. If you need additional help with
that though, that’s where you would you know, Unknown Speaker 55:00
Like I said, join the mastermind and get local GMB Pro. Once you have the foundation complete,
does that make sense? Any comment on that guys? Yeah, definitely the battle plan local
GMBGMB pros is what’s going to create the activity that he’s going to need, right? Because
its activity relevance, trust and authority, and local DMV pros totally activity base. Unknown Speaker 55:24
Okay, well says going back to a previous question about PageRank. Does that mean that if you
have a single link from a press release to a deep page is better than having multiple
links from the press release just to get better focused SEO just your landing page? Yes, that
is true. Well, Unknown Speaker 55:40
you know your, you get more juice through one link, one outbound link in a press release
to whatever you know, you’re trying to push juice to then if you have three outbound links,
right. If you have three out back bound links, you’re splitting the link equity three ways
that make sense. So if you want to push all of the link equity for Unknown Speaker 56:00
through one link to like you said a deep page, or like a blog post that might have an internal
link to the page on your site that you’re trying to rank or something like that. Yeah,
that’s again, that’s link sculpting. So, Unknown Speaker 56:12
Austin Don says, I’ve been doing we buy house city, we buy houses, city videos, is it alright
to use spun content for YouTube descriptions? To write individual descriptions is very time
consuming. Thanks. Yeah, you know, Unknown Speaker 56:25
I’m Austin Don, if you’re in the Austin, Texas market, you probably have other people competing.
So having good descriptions is is helpful for YouTube SEO. But I don’t spend a lot of
time on YouTube descriptions anymore. years ago, it was more important in my opinion.
Now it’s more about having a you know, the primary SEO factors of a YouTube video optimized
like the title the tags, having the keyword, like as probably the first thing in the the
video description. I like having any PII data. So name, address, phone number, primary URL, Unknown Speaker 57:00
Such as website, Google Maps URL, the URL, that version that I just shared this one right
here, linking to your top tier one assets branded or entity assets, like we talked about.
So linking to a Facebook page if you’re doing Facebook stuff, you know any business directories
if you’re using press releases, the organization page, anything like that, I like to put all
of that in the video description now, but I usually don’t really flesh out a whole lot
of content, written text content for the video description. It’s more about a call to action,
right and enlisting the NAP data and relevant links that are entered to kind of reinforce
the entity. And then it’s about traditional SEO signals, embeds and or backlinks and engagement
signals. I’m telling you that’s the secret sauce is the engagement signals which you
can by using YouTube ads incredibly inexpensive, and for I’m telling you even I’ve got campaigns
running right now for the local video production company that I’ve been doing. Unknown Speaker 58:00
SEO for for like five or six years that I have 40 cents per day is my budget. So I’m
spending less than $15 a month it comes out to be like $12 a month that I’m spending to
constantly feed that video on a daily basis with relevant views from a very specific geographic
area because I set my location targeting from an audience that is relevant to the video
itself. And it helps to keep those videos ranked. And we’re talking some of these videos
have been ranked for years and I haven’t done a damn bit of SEO work since the moment I
uploaded it to my channel. And it’s syndicated across my networks. All I’ve done is kept
the ad campaigns going, because it’s constantly the engagement signals that are coming in
that are helping it to rank. So that’s what I would recommend is that you you know don’t
spend a shit ton of time optimizing the text. Just optimize the key the titles, the tags,
put a relevant call to action link out to your primary tier one entity assets. NAP included. Unknown Speaker 59:00
And then make sure that you do your traditional SEO stuff use playlist, the YouTube silo Academy
method, embeds and or backlinks. But at the same time make sure that you set up a YouTube
ads campaign for each one of those videos. Even if you just did you know, like I said,
I’ve got campaigns running at 40 cents a day. That comes out to be like $12 a month and
it works like wonders. Okay. Unknown Speaker 59:23
We gotta go guys. It’s five o’clock. Any comments before I wrap it up, guys? Sorry about any
questions we didn’t get to. Unknown Speaker 59:31
Know. I would say get in where you fit in. That’s it. definitely time to pack up head
out for hopefully live. Live, baby. See you guys. I’ll see you Adam tomorrow. Sounds good.
Have a good one everyone. See you Transcribed by

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