Did You Know Series – episode 1 Test call performance history

– Hi this is JJ with Spearline. Did you know clicking on a number in failed or analytics will give details of the last 10 calls to that number. This is extremely useful for identifying
if a bigger issue is presenting and checking the history of a number to see its performance. Spearline will show how
a number is performing and gives you a unique overview
of that numbers performance. Here we can see the history of a number
that is performing well. In this example, you can see the history
of a number performing badly, but is now improving. And this example shows a
number that is performing with irregular intervals. Irregularity can be really challenging, however with Spearline data.
Switch engineers and network professionals have the benefits of
complete call detail records. Recorded experience of audio, and more. Which all contribute to swift,
root cause identification and corrective action. This feature is standard
on the Spearline platform and gives you more control
over the numbers that you test.

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