Did Kyungkyu go to Taiwan to work? Or to eat? [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.11.18]

(Yongkang Street) Oh, that’s mango. (Gyeonggyu is on a noodle tour) I need to get some noodle dishes. You went there for noodles? I should ask someone. (Searching) (His survival index cards are back) Language course. Excuse me. Excuse me. (Desperate gesture) (I’m sorry) (Hahaha) That was in vain. Did you see his hand? (So embarrassed) (He looks rather pathetic) There are no noodle restaurants. (He’s facing trouble already?) Oh, no. (What am I to do?) (He keeps walking) (Waving) Are you Korean? I’m Korean-Chinese. Excuse me? Korean-Chinese. Oh, Korean-Chinese. He must be happy. So happy. What kind of noodle dish is good here? – This is Yongkang Street. / – Yongkang Street. – Dumplings are famous here. / – Dumplings? (Resident’s pick 1, xiao long bao) And over there is… I’ve been there. They have traditional Taiwanese noodles. Which one? You found one. You should take her with you. She had to go. Noodles of hundred years? Yes, this is the most famous one. Japanese people like it, too. (It’s a fancy name) It’s written in Korean. Danzi noodles. Okay. (He ordered a bowl of 100-year noodles) It’s called “danzi noodles.” A Korean-Chinese who lives here recommended this place, so I decided to try it out. (Danzi noodles, during the typhoon season) (Fishermen sold them to make money) That’s really good. That’s from Taiwan. It looks rich. I can see history. (Originated in Tainan in 1895) There’s sauce. (Rice noodles with pork, prawn and bean sprouts) The broth must be refreshing. That looks luxurious. (Danzi noodles) It’s like a movie. (I can’t wait to taste it) (It’s here) It’s not much. The portion’s small. I don’t really like that. It’s too little. (I agree) What is this? Rou zao, rou zao. Rou zao? Beef? Rou zao, rou zao. (The soup?) Beef of pork? Pork! (How does danzi noodles taste?) Nice, nice. (Mix them well and take a bite) That looks really good. (Nodding in silence) Tell us how it tastes. Gyeonggyu! It’s like watching a noodle commercial. (He tries the broth, too) We don’t have this in Korea. This kind of broth doesn’t exist in Korea. (Impressed) I love this. He’s completely different from the first day. I know. He looked like a homeless man before. (Refer to episode 2) (Munching in the rain on the street) (That was a tough day for me) (Slurp) It’s good. I feel refreshed. (This feels like being in a sauna) It’s like hangover soup. It’s great for after a drink. I’m glad I came here. You need to eat what the locals recommend. (Great restaurant recommended by a local) That soup looks hot. (So impressed) It deserves the name “100-year noodles.” Sounds like a poem. You didn’t say it was good because you didn’t feel like walking around, did you? That was the first restaurant. That can’t be! It wasn’t like that, was it? I can smell the shrimp in the broth. Shrimp. And I think they added some pork bones. And since they used minced beef to make the sauce, the flavors cover the noodles, so it goes down smoothly. If you served this like Korean noodles, you’d slurp them down and that’s it. I think this would work. (Gyeonggyu loves it) This is nice. Nice. People usually don’t eat the whole thing up. (He finished the whole bowl) This dish has potential. I’m going to keep this in mind. Danzi noodles. (Gyu Ikjeom’s sack: Danzi noodles) (Where will Gyu Ikjeom go next?) (Trudging) (He is staring at a place) Dao xiao mian, sliced noodles. (Captivated, he walks straight to the restaurant) Oh, beef noodle soup. Beef noodle soup. (Famous Taiwanese noodles popular in Korea) So many customers. (Beef noodle soup) It’s packed. There are many people there. (Without hesitation) (Quick entrance) (What is that?) (What caught Gyu Ikjeom’s eyes?) (AI-level noodle-cutting skills) That’s really… – He’s an artist, isn’t he? / – Are those noodles? (Dao xiao mian, sliced noodles) It’s like playing a musical instrument. (How fascinating) That is amazing. (Cutting regularly at an amazing speed) It’s unbelievable. It’s like shooting. (Ta-da) (The chef is unbelievable) It’s a robot. A robot is doing the cutting. (Slicing world’s rising star) It’s a robot. Unbelievable. (Slicing robot) (Slice, slice) I never imagined there would be a robot. (Here is a master of sliced noodles) Humans are losing our places. (Slicing noodles was so easy for me) I thought it was some master chef doing it. (Fooled you, didn’t I?) (He ordered tomato beef noodle soup) Thank you. I think I found a good place. (He is certain) With tomato. Oh, that sounds good. (Slice, slice, slice, slice) (Slicing robot works hard for Gyu Ikjeom) (The noodles all look identical) The noodles are thick. (Beef noodle soup, noodles in beef and bone broth) (It is served with green vegetables like bok choy) (Usually served in soup but there is soupless kind) That looks amazing. (Appetite hunter, beef noodle soup is done) (Oh!) (Looks like a huge hit) (I’m getting a good feeling) You just ate noodles, so I wonder how different this one is. (It’s time for the survival index cards) (Looking for someone to give him some tips) What kind of ingredients are in here? Niu rou? Beef? Yes, yes. – Tomato. / – Tomato. Jin cai. Jin cai? Jin cai. (Kind) (Thank you) (It’s time to enjoy the beef noodle soup) I know what’s inside now. You should’ve asked how the broth was made. Pork. It’s pork broth? It’s beef noodle soup. So it’s beef. Beef. (What?) (Mr. Gyu Ikjeom is a master fisher) I believed him because he’s my senior. (Beef noodle soup’s supporting star, tomato) (It’s time to taste the sliced noodles) (Slurp) It must be wholesome. I’m curious. Oh, this is crazy. I’m dying to know. Sliced noodles… Taste like our hand-pulled dough soup, I think. (How about the soup?) (Hot, hot) (Impressed) Delicious. The soup is delicious. Anyone who likes noodles would love to eat there. (Inhaling time) (Thumbs up) It’s delicious. (The taste that demands a handshake) Delicious, delicious, delicious. (Experiencing beef noodle soup with his face) That must be really good. (Exhilarating experience) That means it is really good. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Doesn’t forget to say goodbye) I have to run. I didn’t finish it. (Feeling guilty, he quickly disappears) (He has a bit of conscience) It’s because he ate earlier. I have to disappear. (To owner, it was good but sorry I didn’t finish it) Let’s go and find another kind of noodles. (Night has fallen) (on Taiwan) (The crowded street seems different at night) Isn’t the background music a bit too much? (Picking on the background music) That was the direction the producer wanted. “La La Land”… I think KBS is trying too hard. (There is a big crowd here) (Famous street food that Taiwan loves) Intestine noodles, I’m curious. I’m curious. (Gyu Ikjeom bought a bowl of intestine noodles) It’s intestine noodles. The noodles aren’t long. You eat with a spoon. There’s intestine here. – My goodness. / – That looks good. – That looks delicious. / – The noodles are thin. And there’s intestine. (Nom) (The taste that makes you frown) Why? (Gyu Ikjeom is facing trouble) (No, no) (Waving) (He said goodbye to intestine noodles) Don’t try it if you don’t have to. (It’s not for everyone) It’s greasy and salty. Oh, how funny. You have a knack for describing taste. (After a brief shock, he went to another shop) (Curious) (He ordered a bowl of Malaysian noodles) (Steamy) (I love soup) (Again, a frown) (Two failed choices in a row) We can tell from his expression. I don’t think I can eat this. We can tell. There’s a strong curry smell. (Why is there curry in here?) Chef Lee Yeonbok told me not to eat too much but try bits of many dishes. He uses me when he gets something bad. (I’m done here) Would you like some? (#Beef noodle soup 2) (#Cold noodles) Cold noodles? You ate all of them in one day? Yes. This isn’t bad. But it’s not amazing either. (But it’s just okay…) – 2, 3, 4, 5… / – So many kinds… Why are they all not so good? (I ate so much, but why are they all not so good?) You ate six bowls. You have to find something. They weren’t for Korean palate. (He looks sad…) Oh, I keep… Doing difficult shows. (Embarrassed Gyu) It’s like a comedy skit. (Is this comedy or real?) In 1950. In 1950… (He spotted an old restaurant) – It opened. / – It’s an old restaurant. 1950? That was before we were born. Oh, that’s not true for Gyeonggyu. (Not true! Gyeonggyu was born in 1959) Do you have noodles? Yes, we do. They have noodles. (Scanning the menu as soon as he sits down) Rice noodles? Okay, okay. I have a feeling it’s a good restaurant. Something tells me they are good. I overheard… They serve goose. Not duck. – Goose? / – Goose? I’ve never seen goose before. They eat goose? (Goose noodles, noodles in goose broth) (with bean sprouts and pork) (Rich broth that everyone loves) (Goose noodles) Pepper. (Pepper, pepper) Excuse me. You’ve gotten more relaxed in just two days. What kind of ingredients are in here? He goes well with Chinese culture. (What is this?) Pork? (He understood right away) Rice noodles. (How does goose noodles taste?) Broth first. (Loving it) (Oh, this is…) Delicious. Delicious? – He only took a sip. / – It’s good. This is it. Yes, this is it. A perfect match for his palate. It’s good. Intestine noodles can’t even compare. Delicious. There’s a good amount of vegetables. The broth is, wow. This is goose broth? (Amazing flavors of goose) I’m wonder how it tastes. Delicious. (Goose noodles is amazing) (Thank you) The broth is made with goose, but the meat is pork. Pork. Oh, just the broth? If they had goose noodles at convenience stores, I think people would buy it out of curiosity. I’m really curious about it. It’s worth a try, but could we make noodles this thin? Rice noodles? I’ve never seen anything this thin before. (Gyu Ikjeom’s sack: Danzi noodles) (Goose noodles) Delicious. Is it similar to chicken broth? The goose broth? They look similar. It’s richer. It might be greasy. It’s not greasy at all. He is being really honest. He doesn’t dress things up just because we’re on a TV show. I’m honest. If it’s delicious, I do this. If it’s bad, this. (Frowning) The two are different. I’m letting you know if it’s good or bad. Gyeonggyu isn’t generous with compliments, so when he praises something, I get curious. I agree. I’m thinking of raising geese. (Hahaha)

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