Did Giants Build Lepakshi Temple in India? Evidence of Suppressed History

Hey guys, I am in this fantastic temple at
Lepakshi in India, and I am going to show you some solid evidence of giants this time. Did Giants exist a long time ago, and if they
did, did they build these incredible structures at Lepakshi? Even though archeologists argue that this
temple was built just 500 years ago, locals are convinced that this temple was built much
earlier by gods of giant stature. Of course, there is this huge footprint in
this temple, which could belong to a giant that stood around 25 to 35 feet, but we will
get to this in a minute. The best evidence is not this foot print found
inside the temple, it is this giant bull carved 500 meters outside the temple of Lepakshi. The town of Lepakshi has the largest carving
of the Indian Bull or Nandi in the world. Made out of a single rock, this bull is exquisitely
carved and stands nearly 15 feet tall and 27 feet long. Archeologists say this Bull was created just
500 years ago. But there is something very strange about
this bull, it stands alone. According to sacred Indian architecture, every
bull must be associated with a lingam and vice versa. Ancient Indian texts confirm that the bull
must be carved in front of a lingam. But as you can see, there is no lingam in
front of it. Why would ancient builders carve the world’s
largest bull and forget to put a lingam, which is the main god? Why did they create this brilliant monolithic
carving and leave it alone? Archeologists don’t have the answer to this
question, but locals do. The lingam associated with this bull is found
500 meters away, inside the temple walls. This gigantic lingam stands nearly 12 feet
tall, and is protected by a 7 headed reptilian god known as Naga. This type of lingam is called Nagalingam and
what you are seeing is the largest Nagalingam in the world. And if you look around this lingam, you see
something interesting..there is no bull in front of it. So, what is the purpose of carving a bull
in front of a lingam? I have always argued that every sculpture
in Indian temples was made for a reason, so how was the bull used? Ancient Vedic texts mention a way of worshiping
the lingam, which is forgotten today. The ancient people put 2 fingers on the horns
of the Nandi, and viewed the lingam through it. Hindus strictly followed this routine until
the last few centuries. This was the actual purpose of the bull. If you climb on this huge bull and look through
these 2 horns, you can see the gigantic lingam, even today. Of course, this not only confirms that this
bull belongs to this lingam, but something much more astounding. The race that created these carvings, must
have been tall enough to view the lingam through these horns. Since the bull is 15 feet high, the ancient
builders must have been around 30 feet tall. Today, if you view through the horns, you
will only see half the lingam, because the temple walls prevent you from seeing the rest
of it. Why would the ancient builders create a wall,
and a temple leaving the bull outside? The lingam and the bull were built by a race
of giants but the newer temple which is what we see today was built in the last 500 years. If you compare these 2 figures with the rest
of the features, we can see a striking difference. The original builders used a monolithic architecture. Both these structures are not only much bigger
than everything else, the lingam and the bull were also made out of single rocks. The new architecture is quite different. Let’s take a look at these walls – huge slabs
were cut and were interlocked, similar to Machu Picchu in Peru. Don’t get me wrong, this is also extraordinary
technology, it is extremely difficult to fit these blocks together, look at the corners,
but this was created just 500 years ago. The temple as we see it today, was built by
assembling blocks of stone, but the original temple that existed here used single stone
architecture. If we calculate the area of the original temple
using the distance between the bull and the lingam, it would stretch for many miles, making
it the largest temple in India. What happened to the rest of the structures
of this temple? Locals claim a huge flood happened many thousand
years ago, which wiped out the rest of the structures of this original temple. The only features left out were this bull,
the lingam and this giant footprint. The giant footprint was completely faded when
the water receded. However, to remember the past and to make
sure that it does not get corroded away, sculptors carved on top of the original footprint. So, locals admit to carving on the footprint
but insist that it existed in the first place. India is the only country which has still
preserved its ancient religion and monuments. Ancient Indian history, now known as mythology,
is still read by millions of people. But the most important piece of history comes
from locals. Local history gets passed on from generation
to generation orally, and this man is not just another local, he is the official tour
guide of Lepakshi Temple. Watch what he says about the gods Sita and
Krishna who lived in previous eras. As you can see he not only mentions Gods who
stood 25 feet and 15 feet in different eras, but also states that the builders of the new
temple were also 8 feet tall. If this is true why don’t we find skeletons
of giants? We find skeletons of 100 feet dinosaurs, and
we find a new one every week, so why don’t we find these giant skeletons of ancient builders. Do we really not find these skeletons, or
is this information suppressed by secret societies like the Illuminati to prevent us from learning
the truth? Here is some evidence: We have plenty of newspaper clips about giants who stood 8 feet tall. Until the last 50 years, even archeologists
admitted to finding these giant skeletons all over the world. ..Is it possible, that they were merely finding
ordinary human beings who were just suffering from gigantism. After all, even today we have these giants
who stand 7 to 9 feet tall. But the evidence of prehistoric giants gets better. We have actual evidence of giants who stood
more than just 9 feet tall. The Giant of Castelnau was 11.5 feet tall,
and we have actual photographs showing that the arm bone of this giant is nearly twice
as thick as our human bone. In this picture you can see the human bone
in the center looks half as thick as the giant’s bone on both the sides. This is not a newspaper clip by the way, it
was published in a science magazine called La Nature in 1890. This science magazine is still popular today
in France and is published under a different the name (La Recherche). We have many other clips of giants who stood
15 feet as well. However, the biggest evidence of giants was
unearthed in India itself. How about this piece of news showing a 32
feet giant unearthed in India? Published in more than a dozen different newspapers
around the world, the footprint size would accurately match a giant of this size. I have talked about this news in detail in
another video. Believe it or not, there are thousands of
newspaper clips all over the world which show giant skeletons but somehow the general public
is brainwashed by the new world order into thinking they are all hoaxes . So what do
you think? Did Giants build Lepakshi temple? Or are these evidences – the world’s largest
bull, largest Nagalingam and the largest footprint just hoaxes to fool us? Is there some truth to what the locals are
telling us, or are they lying to us? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment
section, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk
to you soon.

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  • Praveen Lepakhi means in sanskrit 'He Pakshi'. The pakshi was Jatayu of Ramayana. Whaen Ravan was abducting Sita from her hut to Shri Lanka Jatayu intervened and was hurt by Ravan. When Shri Ram went in search of Sita he found Jatayu and called him 'he pakshi'. Then Jatayu dies after telling the direction of Shri Lanka and name of the abductor

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  • Wt has been told by locals is true… adding one more point which is told by priest of the temple that this the place where Jatayu(the bird god) fell down while fighting with Ravana and Bhgwan Ram did his rituals here. The nama Lepakshi is kept by Bhgwan Ram after that as Le-Pakshi(bird).

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  • We should definitely appreciate Mr.Praveen for taking out such a huge task of analysing our ancient history of temples. The ancient massive structures & temples of Bharata are not a joke to understand. It's way beyond modern human's understanding, it actually needs lot of study. Asking the opinion of general viewers just like me here, does only lead to superficial arguments. Bharata's rich culture (Sanathana Dharma) is millions of years old which is evident through our present ancient temples. (I used original name of our country as "Bharata" instead of India or Hindusthan as it was in pre-historic times)

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