Diamond Dallas Page: Don’t Call It Yoga, Brother

Yo. It’s me. DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. I
didn’t become a professional wrestler until I was 35 years old. My career did not take
off until I was 40. That was in 1996 when wrestling blew through the rafters in the
cable industry. Monday Night Wars were a huge part of that. Pro Wrestling Illustrated rated
Stone Cold Steve Austin as number one and DDP as number four both years which was really
crazy coming from obscurity like that. And then I blew my back out. And I blew my back
out so badly that three different back specialists said my career was over. I’d actually ruptured
my L4 and L5 and it was really bad. Just signed a multimillion dollar three year deal. I mean
I finally got paid so, you know, this was the time I worked so hard to get to and now
it was all gone. Around that time I was married and my wife at the time was like, why don’t
you try doing yoga to heal your body. I was like, yoga. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing
yoga. That was the way I felt about it. And long story short, it’s all I really could
do. I was still doing rehab because I had rehabbed
back both shoulder surgeries, both knee surgeries and the ruptured L4 and L5, I was trying to
nurse that back but it was just so tender and so immovable. I started to do the yoga
and in the first three weeks I started to feel a significant difference. It was mind
blowing to me. I was very frustrated though because the tapes I was watching, everybody
was a stick figure. Everybody could twist themselves up into a pretzel. No one was modifying
any position. So I had to figure that out. And then about three weeks in like I said
I was feeling pretty good so before I crashed out I decided I want to do some of these yoga
positions and I wouldn’t call them poses or postures because, you know, I’m a guy
who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga. But I started to mix them with the rehabilitation
moves and then I was like wow, this sort of flows pretty good. And then over a period
of time, next couple of weeks I threw in old school calisthenics, you know, pushups, squats,
crunches done with a slow burn movement. And what I figured out – like if you’re lifting
weights you’re just jacking weight, you get your heart rate jacked up. But if you
lift weights slow and control the weight you’re going to utilize more muscles. And every time
you flex or engage a muscle like when you’re doing a slow burn push-up, your heart’s
got to beat faster to get the blood to the muscle. Again, I’m figuring this out because of
boredom but again completely by accident. And over a period of three months what would
become DDP yoga becomes a kick ass cardiovascular workout that could dramatically increase my
flexibility and strengthen my core like never before. But here was the key. Minimal joint
impact. In less than three months I was back in the ring. At 42 years old they said my
wrestling career was over. At 43 I was the heavyweight champ of the world. So I decided
I’m going to keep doing this what I used to call back then yoga for normal people.
And then it just sort of took on a life of its own building its way up to DDP yoga. I was on Shark Tank. They were like the big
question is how have you succeeded in a world that is so competitive? How have you succeeded
and made all this money in this business? How did you do that? Me and my business partner,
Steve Yu, we just looked at them and said we inspire people. No, but really, how did
you get the people to be brought in? I go we inspire people. They’re like no but – and
you ever saw that – this stuff got cut from Shark Tank because they didn’t get it. I
think the first person that had to be inspired was me. Again you’re talking about the guy,
you know. Underneath DDP yoga this says it ain’t your mama’s yoga, you know. And
I respect all types of yogis. I always say yogis – most yogis very Namaste. DDP yoga
– we’re more T&A, you know. Tone and attitude. And we have fun with it. The whole tone and attitude that makes DDP
yoga its own animal has to do with dynamic resistance. All I want you to do is go back
to this. Remember this from wresting? Now it’s in DDP yoga and I cannot believe it’s
the centerpiece again. Completely by accident or by design, however you choose to look at
it. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my thumb and index fingers – do
this with me at home. I’m not talking to myself. I can get away with that. I was a
wrestler. Okay so put your thumb and index fingers together. Now push really hard. Now
when you push really hard look at the muscles on my body. Look at my hand, forearm, bicep
and pec. They all have to engage. Now straighten your arms out in front. Take your left hand
– it will be my right. I want you to pull your pinky away from your thumb like really
stretch it. Look what happens to my arm. You can see my tricep. You can see my forearm.
But when you take them like this and you push your thumb and your index fingers away and
you pull your pinkies away, look what happens to my hand, my forearm, my tricep, my deltoid
and my trap. They all have to engage. Now do this with me. Have some fun. Keep pushing
your thumb and your index fingers together. Pull your pinkies away. [INHALE SOUND]. Now
as you inhale create resistance as you’re moving. Lean back in your chair, nice stretch.
Now bring your arms out to a T. Clench your fists tight. Bring your fists together, your
biceps together, your pecs together and hulk it up brother. That’s right. Squeeze it
tight, tight, tight. Attention. Shoulders back, chest out. [EXHALE SOUND]. At ease.
You can see me starting to perspire. That’s called dynamic resistance. So whatever you’re trying to do, you need
to remember that there will always be better than, less than and different than. That means
whoever’s the best – in professional wrestling you might say Hulk Hogan. Everybody under
him, less than except for the person or company that’s different than. That’s what DDP
yoga is. That’s what Diamond Dallas Page the wrestler was. And that’s why I never
even let anybody call DDP yoga, yoga. People come up to me all the time. Autograph signings
or personal appearances I’m doing, all excited. DDP, oh my God, I’ve lost 50 pounds. I love
your yoga. A big group of people around. I go what’d you call it? They go oh, I lost
50 pounds. I lost 50 pounds doing your yoga. I love it. I go what did you call it? I go
what did you call it? They go DDP yoga. It becomes a funny bit. And again you can get
away with that but a wrestler. No other yogi’s doing that.

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  • im 54 and in constant pain from a few motorcycle accidents, suv drivers with cell phones win every time. im curious no i have to google this. how much is it?

  • Sucked me in right away, DDP.

  • That's awesome man…keep going…you proved you can do it…I wish I could do this…unfortunately I have many health issues…arthritis and tendonitis and fibromyalgia and type 2 diabetes…all of which happened after I got some illness they never figured out…I weigh 280 right now…I want to lose at least 100 pounds…next to impossible with my issues…

  • I have a degenerative disc and have had mild to severe pain since 2014. 3 weeks in to ddp yoga and am not pain free but it is helping. If you have back pain I recommend trying it.

  • How can anybody give a thumps down is nuts

  • Well heavy with knee and joint pain it’s like what can do except get in the pool? Sounds inspiring yes .

  • Wow. If you need a has been WWE star to motivate you to not be fat you need to re evaluate you

  • Thanks! FIRST inspire me…DDP YOGA 2019!

  • I just subscribed, only because you talk bout combining Rehab moves. I have been disabled since 1999, lost my nursing ER job due to spinal injuries and now brittle bones. I need your hope that I can feel more fit. And do it slowly at a pace " I " can and not feel useless.

  • Ddp yoga and Wim Hoff breathing techniques with ice baths , ! Let the healing begin !

  • I'm a 57 year old male. I'm not is bad shape. I'm a cyclist, fairly active. But I see myself gaining weight each year. I'm ending 2018 at 200 pounds at 6 feet tall. My body aches every day, tightness etc. I tried yoga once and hated it. Last night, I came across this video looking for core strength for cyclist. Honestly, I haven't watch pro wrestling since the early 70's with Haystacks and Bobo Brazil. In the 90's I thought it was too flashy/fake and never watched. So, I've never heard of DDP (sorry brother). When this video started, I thought he was a hyped up salesman. But something told me to continue watching. I binged watched all night lying in bed thinking of a Veteran friend of mine who is disabled because of his back. I watched your disabled veteran videos and cried like a baby. I've shared that video set with him. And I just purchased the workout DVDs and am starting today with the app! 2019 is going to be different for me and I hope my friend buys the DVD's as well. My wife is shocked that I bought yoga DVD's (I told her not to call it yoga). But she will be on this journey as well. Thanks for transforming and saving all the lives that you have.

  • You should spend some time learning the other legs of Yoga as well. They have great tools to bring other forms of healing to body, mind and spirit.

  • Can I do it without transitioning?

    I like being male.

  • DDP your the best!!

  • Minimal Joint Impact … important words for all of us mid-to-late-30s males whose bodies are not producing the testosterone they did in our teens and 20s. I used to be a compulsive runner (mostly for the endorphan high it gave me) but the wear-and-tear on my knees/back/hamstrings/quads/etc forced me to take up brisk walking + biking + yoga instead. Those with repetitive strain injuries have everything to gain by incorporating yoga into their regimen. I'm sure we'll be seeing more people of DDP's ilk finding this age-old practice in the latter half of their lives. I was 25 when I first tried yoga and it was an instant "click."

  • Thank you. My friend and I are going to do this together. Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Hey DDP please help. Stenosis l-5 and S- 1 pinch nerve and bulging disc. Dam. Cant go back to BBJ right now

  • Dude, I freakin' love this


  • Awesome Brother ! Happy New Year to everyone, yuppers, I cried..

  • Cut out the illuminati bullshit bro. Other than that, I like you and your message to help people. Peace out

  • Diamond Dallas can you help me

  • Holy fuck I honestly thought DDP would end up a crackhead. Great to see him looking strong

  • HAPPY New Year! I just ran across Vance’s video and now after watching yours I must SUBSCRIBE. I do Yoga and now I GOTTA try out DDP YOGA! TFS ? #Inspiration.

  • The sharks were fools i would have invested in it


  • I'll start today. Thank you!


  • Why you us the word yoga in DDPYoga ? For commercial purpose.

  • Feeeeel the Yo…….. Feel it…….. FEEL IT!!!!

  • Ok, I am sold.


  • I am 67 year old retired LEO and I have gotten to stiff and to soft , I have to find a new system, I hope this is it…?

  • I hope DDP paid you for this infomercial.

  • I've just clicked on this as vince transformation led me, I have yo say you've inspired me as I suffer from bad joints,so I'm going to start DDPyoga

  • Sounds interesting! How is this different than pilates?

  • I didnt finish video but i will after this i want to know more .
    First i had seenna video of a guy that weighed 475 lbs and title said manndoes yoga loses 198 lbs in a year ..false title ..but im sure he did some . Turns out he walked and did other things as well .
    I always thought yoga was just stretching how is it excersize in any way??? But i will finish watching video i want to know more . As we get older it gets harder to bent and do things even some days socks nnshoes take more effort and we all cannuse weight loss i want to get into this some how just to be more healthy for me and my family who depends on me . If you even see this let me know i need to drop 80 lbs and used to be easy when younger now this week my back was in such severe pain i could stand up a few days .i dont hurt it often but im sure it will be less likley if i drop some pounds anyone have advice how yoga helps please let me know.

  • Que es DDP yoga….? I need it……

  • Smacks of insecurity to say a man wouldn't get caught dead doing yoga. So what? Who cares? However, good for him; good for DDP Yoga.

  • I am going to try this, I have no strength in my legs, my back is weak and I’ve piled on the pounds. 55 in 5 days time and I have to get fitter…..I have watched nearly all of the DDP videos and know this is for me. Thank you..

  • Broga 😉

  • So… was he a wrestler or something? I didn't quite catch it. 😛

  • I’m going to try it. I was in a car wreck it busted up my L5 I had surgery and never really recovered from it. I ended up loosing my job of 18 years now I’m on disability and my wife works so hard just to make ends meet I feel helpless at times. I was so made at the kid that ran a stop sign and hit me. But we just can’t go back in time so I finally have forgiven him and I really want to move forward. My average wait was 220 but today I’m at 320 I have tried exercises but man the pain in my back just herts. Maybe this will work for me too.

  • Single mom about 100 over weight even after gastric bypass. Back is really bad from a auto accidents. Very limited income…where can I learn this free or very low cost? I want to do this…I want to be happy and feel better.

  • DDP: Congratulations with your success with DDP Yoga! I met you several times in the past. Once at a physical therapy center in Marietta (in the late 90s – you were still wrestling), and once at the airport, when you were coming back from being in a movie in South America.

  • I started DDP Yoga and love it. Thank you DDP!

  • It goes to show when you humble your heart and surrender to God. He simply gives you the answers be still I am the Lord. DDP YOGA is no accident. It's a gift from God that He uses through DDP to help others.

  • Hi dallas im from canada newfoundland,thats what my mri said ls4 and ls5 is deterred im 41 lost 125 pound put 50 back on in a rut no energy not happy woth my weight can you help me pls.

  • I ache everyday

  • Your videos have inspired me, thank you very much.

  • Yes, The Diamond Cutter!

  • I'm tempted.

  • DDP I need your help..im sinking.. msg me

  • "Just remember: if you say you can, or you say you can't…. You're right!"-DDP This workout is some of the most intense/relaxing things you can do. Yeah I said it. BANG!

  • Is it just me or does it look ddp has eaten a bottle and a half of lube?

  • Modification of the postures is key, I have done this numerous rehabs from back disc injuries. Nothing compared to what DDP has achieved. Minimal joint impact is another key. You have to keep moving, but you can't have impact. Another exercise I would add is work in the pool, swimming, water running etc. Decompression of the spine and flexing the spine gently, engages healing of the disc. Be careful and gradual is way.

  • 2:42 talking about arm strength but arms are jiggling.. INTERESTING


  • Embrace the yoga! Thanks for bringing more people to the yoga world. Namaste!

  • I think my husband and I need to do this….I have 2 replaced knees and cannot kneel. Is there an alternative for a non kneeler. I shared this DDP yoga with my weight watcher group.

  • DDP jayz stole your symbol brother he should be paying you royalties

  • I wonder if it will help me, is there hope??? I have sciatica, and severe spinal stenosis!! I am in constant pain .. Its nearly. Impossible to try to lifetime my legs to even walk. Its like trying to lift them through cement!!! This would be a miracle for me!!!

  • DDP….You're a good man brother! INSPIRATIONAL!!! I thank you SIR!!!

  • Watching him move he's muscles and trying to do it my self wigs me out

  • I respect this man very much , thank you for all you do .

  • Great guy but I wish he do so much Botox.

  • Hey bro…diamond? This is a pussy symbol!! XD

  • Just started I messed my legs and back in the military I never gained alot of weight but I'm having mobility and energy issues so I hope this combined with the healthy eating I've always done will help so far i feel alot better.

  • Dear Mr Page, I love watching the people who have successfully lost the weight on your program… I am an almost 60 yr old woman who is at least 350 pounds. I am on disability due to many things depression being one of the major ones. I have diabetes and arthritis in both knees ( bone on bone) Due to some of these factors even going out for a walk is dang near impossible. Some days just getting out of bed or up from a chair is excruciating. Being on disability puts me in an income bracket that cannot afford to buy your videos but I want to express how glad I am that you are able to help so many. There are a lot out there far worse off than I am and people like you are that miracle they need. Please keep up the good work!

  • My husband is 58. (c-5,c-6, c-7=L-4, L-5) all herniated from 2 car accidents that almost killed him (both times he was sitting at a red light, they won't do surgery due to the need for fusions and artificial discs are out. His L-4 leaks spinal fluid in small amounts…He was over exposed to Chemicals for a 3 month period that were carcinogens and the last 25 years has industrial asthma and R.A.D.S (reactive airway dysfunction syndrome) that has lead to heart disease and the last 5 years diabetes. The doctors told him this would kill him eventually and don't count on living past 55…And these were the specialists from Boston Mass General and Philly University of Penn..My husband and his late dad loved the WWE. They would sit like idiots watching every special event, yes they knew it was scripted, but they loved the all action and how these athletes were and are the best stunt people in the world. Fortunately my husband Jimmy use to lift in his late teens and 20's and of course most his life. He claims it has saved his life every time disaster has struck. This is what Jim says, "DDP is right. What DDP is using is a montage of the old "Isometrics Form" of exercise, and Dynamic Tension, combined with Yoga and Calisthenics…AND it all works, BUT the Key here is DDP…He gets you to see and to use what actually is good for the body….Yes, we all face pain as we age and it sucks, but my friends if you were to look at my husband at now 58 years old, you would think by looking at him that he is an athlete and in amazing condition on the outside. But it does take WORK! You have to do something, and as Jim says, follow DDP, let him inspire YOU. DDP if you ever read this, my husband adores all of you WWE and Wrestling Athletes, he misses the fun both he and his dad had at your events. But the gift you give here Sir, will live for generations to come! I thank you!

  • Do you have a program for someone whose knees are shot and who cannot stand for more than a minute at a time?

  • His program is actually really good. Thought it was kinda hoaky getting a yoga based workout from a wrass-ler. But DDPYoga has helped me the most out of all the other programs I've tried.

  • 148 dislikes are mommas that do yoga.

  • but at the end he calls himself a yogi. Jeezz, what a dick! just own it, asshole! it's Yoga with stuff added in. It's been done for decades before you. You aren't the first! How about give respect to the 1000 tradition that keeps you health and pays your bills? Don't betray it! If it pushes away the hicks and the white trash – so be it. Fuck them. Or is it just business with you?

    God I lost so much respect for this guy. fuck this guy.

  • wow thats amazing im sold lol time to get started.

  • I always felt the same about yoga lol! And it saved my back too ?

  • DDP was a childhood hero for many of us watching the bouts, cheering on and such… So many of these guys wen't corporate, never to be seen again and that's how we remember them, as these larger than life characters fighting insane battles for our amusement. Here's this guy using his fame, knowledge and everything he learned during his career to start a business and actually help people… Talk about translating from stage to reality, that's what a true hero is. A guy using his skills to better his surroundings. Hats off dude…I'm totally doing this…

  • I can't imagine the Unholy Two doing yoga.

  • I am literally tingling from head to foot! Inspire me again! (Hits replay) ❤ thank you for sharing your message!

  • Hey guys, your dick won't fall off if you call it "yoga". eye roll

  • Alex's DDP came from him?

  • Nice marketing

  • Thankyou, so glad your back in health….yoga…means union of body, mind and spirit. Sadly a lot of modern day yoga tutors, appear to concentrate on postures and not on mental spiritual inner self. I had a back injury with many years of nursing, causing stress on my lower back. Yoga helped me, so l enrolled in a yoga teaching course. Like you l found it mind blowing. Attitude your so right. So pleased your helping others. Universal love to you and viewers. Never say never to yourself or another. It's gross annihilation of who you really are. A being inhabiting a physical body. Aumay ?

  • I'm 35, failed in life, single, trying to build my life again, this gives me hopes

  • I thought DDP was dead…ha ha. I’m glad he’s doing well. Most wrestlers from the 90s are not.

  • It literally looks like it has only been about 5 years or less since DDP left the wrestling business. Stay active people! That's how you stay young!

  • I love DDP!!!!

  • Damn it, I'm sold.

  • Holy shit I tried that thumb and index thing and my whole back from neck to small of back popped Awesome!!

  • Hello DDP ONE OF MY FAV WRESTLERS,I 62 and have muscular dystrophy and stiff person syndrome. I remember the stories about jake the snake and others. Now is saw the man who couldn’t walk without crutches and he lost couple of hundred pounds.
    I’m wondering if your program can help me build strength in my mussels and tendons. Re you still in New Jersey I beleive. Do you run a dojo or is everything on line.

  • I have just read about this yoga ..have no insurance ..and have 4bulging discs. Shoulder injury . And right front rib
    Pain . And this was from 2 assaults from the same family member in 4months . They are not AROUND anymore …but injuries are still there .
    I am going to try this yoga . . Thanks!! .

  • The reason why you're so successful at doingthis with this form of yoga is because it's demonic you are inviting a demon into your body. The only true way to overcome overweight depressed is by turning to the Father in heaven. He is the only way to true happiness and fulfillment. His name is Yahuah Elohim and you can come to him by the Son Yahusha the Messiah. The only name under heaven which someone can be saved. He said come to me all you who are heavy laden and need rest. please do not listen to this man it may be good for a moment but I promised you and the end it is death.

  • I'm a middle aged man and I really relate to this story. I mix yoga moves with rehab, HIIT training and Qigong/Tai Chi Chuan martial arts and it is changing my life for the better every day.

  • Joe Rogan brought me here.

  • Look, it's Jesse Pinkman on steroids!

    Loved this video. Got here from the Arthur vid, which I think will always be the most inspirational thing I'll ever see. Me — 68 years old — twin hip replacements, twin knee replacements, lower back in a cage, titanium plate in my neck, 100 pounds overweight, 50-year pack-a-day smoker, 7 weeks cold-turkey-quit … now inspired. I don't think I need my mama's yoga! Thanks, man. I wanna live!

  • interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover is searching for yoga fitness workout try Nevolly Yoga Expert Nerd (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

  • After watching the video "Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!" and how DDP Yoga impacted his life… I can't make any excuses that I don't totally feel like a piece of crap for making. I haven't even looked at your website or if you offer a video training program or any type of inspirational products, but I am about too… I share some of the issues ( on a much smaller scale than Arthur) and I need help. I've only slept 5 hours in the past week according to my watch and sit up in bed every night in pain from arthritis and now gout. This all just happened recently and I want to do a transformation video for my family and grandkids. I just think it will make it easier for them to learn to be more active and not go down the couch potato life I have lived. It's going to suck getting started at 50, but I'm not ready to go down yet!

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