Demo Search History features in CINAHL and Medline

Hi this is Sara Marks one of the librarians here at UMass Lowell so today I am going to show you a demo of using the search history in our databases one thing people find with research is that they easily get turned around with everything they’re doing they keep clicking on things and changing their terms and then they forget where they started and they need to go back graduate students especially need to have the search history for health articles so here’s how you can get it here you where I’ve done a search I’m done I have to come back and get my search history but where do I go and what do I do now if I’m in CINAHL or Medline it’s really simple my search history is beneath the term boxes for the search terms I am going to use all I need to do is click on it and it opens up my search history and I can even see I don’t even lose the search it’s still here it’s just got this history above it I can see everything I’ve done in the time I’ve been here but once I click this x on the mac at least or the x on the browser I lose it all so what I want to make sure I do is I print my search history and when I click to print it I get the search that I did all those limiters I added where it ran it and how many results I got and for a PRISMA worksheet that’s the information you need to be able to provide how many you got for which change that you made That’s if I print it I can rerun searches by clicking on the viewed results I can select different searches to combine with the ands or the or or I can even delete some but once I x out it’s gone now you do have the option of creating an account and saving specific searches but what’s that doing is it’s only going to store the search information in their system when you come back to get you won’t see your search history you’ll just see the updated set of results from that search so make sure before you x out of your search and you’re gone you get your search history even if that means you periodically go in and check and print out and update it over and over again just make sure you don’t forget this before you walk away or you’ll have to redo it to get that history your search history is really easy to find and printable

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