Delete your Facebook search history 2018

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Now every
time yuo do a search from your personal user account that information is stored and Facebook
will use it to try and determine what kind of content to show you in the newsfeed. But
you can take full control of these searches , they are still only visible to you privately
and you can either remove individual ones or even clear your entire search history.
Here’s how it’s done. So you are logged in with your account and
you go to the top right hand corner and you select activity log. And here on the left
under activity log you select on the left hand side click more here and you’ll see there
search history. And if you take a look here you can see that you can switch back to any
of the years since you’ve been on Facebook and see the individual search history , but
as it says only you can see it. You click learn more and here’s the instructions. So, basically you can go to any entry here
and select edit and then say delete. And confirm. And that individual search is gone. But if
you want to take a much more straight forward approach you can just go to clear everything
you simply click clear searches are you sure it helps us show you better results when you
search, remember only you can see your searches – click clear searches. And once it’s clear
it’s all gone. So you can go back through any of the years , everything has been removed.
So a useful option to have. There’s also location history and you can again specify to clear
any location history where you’ve been and checked in , all that sort of thing. And again, maybe if you are going away on
holiday you don’t necessarily want to be checking in to places while you are there and that
kind of thing. So there you go , very straight forward it is your data you can choose to
share it or not. And it maybe the case that you are uncomfortable with having all that
data collated somewhere online, If someone accesses your account and all that sort of
thing. So that’s it from me , I hope that was helpful,
I’m Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers .

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