DEJA VU | From Initial D to Eurobeat Memes

If you’ve been on the internet long
enough and you see speed and drifting is impossible to disassociate from the
Eurobeat anthem there’s a lot of questions here what
even is a eurobeat why is it always anime and where did this meme come from well
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share it anyway on with the show if you’re familiar with the Euro dance
golden years this is somewhere in the mid 90s I’m blue and Eurobeat won’t be
too alien but there are some differences eurobeat prime states but it tends to
have around 150 to 160 BPM it’s fast it has these pulsing simps that are at the
core of the song you’ve got a very riff based structure the energy is full of
positive vibes there’s not a hint of melancholy in sight and of course how
could we forget about the nonsensical lyricism you can have either a male or
female vocalist but there is little to no rapping how did this genre end up in
Solely the Asian territories so let’s start with Japan being the second
biggest music market in the world there’s a town called big in Japan you
can look it up it’s his own stereotype let’s just say this is more common you
think at some point in the mid 80s European dance music took the eye of the
country and slowly eurobeat scene came into the picture this genre was
derived from Italia disco and high-energy music from that time period
of it was not a song in its native tongue
even if most performers were Italian European they were singing in English
for a Japanese audience like that as you will though the genre really came into
his own commercially when the owner and managing director of a Becks which was a
small import record store at the time decided to start releasing these
compilation CDs which he pitched to a then a small-time artist known as dave
rogers as he states super eurobeat music started silently but then it exploded
with all this excitement becoming japan’s hottest import out of nowhere
and they see a pretty big boost in 1994 when the AMEX label starred really
extended versions of the first eight editions and there was a couple raves –
it was a big time thirty years later a vex looms large over Japan asked the
biggest record label opening pretty much all of Europe eat these super eurobeat
series continued until about last year Dance Dance Revolution and is boatload
of variants were riddled with these songs Konami went on to dedicate a whole
machine to it para para paradise para para being this one true way to dance to
the Eurobeat styles it’s a lot of hand movements a lot of choreography not a lot of leg movement though this sort of style of dance became the movement of the dance clubs
and then the sound of nightlife it’s the reason the genre
continued as long as it did in 1998 Eurobeat was losing its popularity
until Disney of all people came into the picture and created a couple there are
euroBeat albums with some stiflingly powerful hits which led to this that that might be the best thing I’ve
ever seen in my life this all created the third boom of para para super eurobeat
CDs began selling huge numbers again and that just so coincided with the release
of a with certain anime called Initial D this was a popular Shonen manga that was
inspired by the rise of illegal street-racing during the 90s especially
in places like Gunma where the series is based as the racing was kept in the
mountains away from the public there was little complaints no one lived out there
as long as the races don’t cause a disturbance the police will turn a blind
eye it’s definitely more convenient for them real-life street racers would turn
legend say for example the drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya whose own supposed
escapades in an AE eight-six inspired the author to put it in the series this
man also went on to be the adviser for the show so it’s it’s kind of a big deal
when it comes to all this it even has a couple cameos in the show so now we’re
almost getting close to the means so we gotta turn that computer on cuz I know
that these memes were solely an effect of the Internet’s culture when initial D
came to the west originally it was dubbed which was pretty standard at the
time but where once stirred Eurobeat now the embers of new metal removing the
show’s iconic flair its ps1 racers were left there yeah I know I know start your engines drive with a
vengeance gasoline dreams with the truth okay I approach didn’t listen to talk
too much I’ll get sentimental yeah in my infinite wisdom as a child
this was the version I chose to watch over the original as I’ve gotten older
the sort of feeling that turned me off from the Eurobeat style at first has
became its strength I mean listen happen ever example deja of it which was Dave
Rogers hit song happened to appear in the second season look at that like it
has an instant mean power that riff the sensual moans that spin around your head
is deafening peak camp European music say that much a lightweight simps with
the pulsing beat the twinkling pianos the undercurrent of guitar wa follows up
and builds an anticipation for that powerful powerful hook which is really
the key to its comedic timing whenever you hear that – DEJA VU it’s
so infectious it’s so powerful it knocks you over I could car that blindsides
you at 3 a.m. and it does not forgive of course god those lyrics see you into
the moonlight even if I try to cancel what does any of that even mean I mean I
get the sentiment but I guess none of it really matters it’s just a feeling
a point a beautiful girl and fast fast beats and truly it Sells the intene
camp which I guess would go with like that sort of a rule of cool that comes
with such silly anime to begin with as initial D that is a hundred percent
about crazy silly cars drifting around corners at someone else you could you
just watch it just watch the show it’s pretty good Tokyopop
the dubbers went onto… mid production on the show so when initial
D was picked up by streaming services you know they fix they fix this heinous
crime and put back the Italian flavor even on the new dub seems everyone knew
what made this show great but Tokyopop including Sega whose series initial d
the arcade stage drew in the crowds with Eurobeat and did their best to personify
the series in both gameplay and audio although you could say at this point as
ulterior method to their madness this series released his own collection of
CDs big seller so it became part of the brand of course they’re going to use
this combination how would you even get to this combination in the first place
who thought this would be a good idea it was popular music at that time and sure
it has those nostalgic hooks that come fast and hard and no other series is
quite the time capsule of initial D it makes sense
maybe street racers listen to that kind of music at the time on the cassette
tapes or CD players or whatever they were using or maybe someone put two and
two together and realized fast BPM electronic style suited night drifting
especially when many of the songs are about cars themselves hey the year after
initial D released Japanese GTC started a series of Eurobeat comps Eurobeat
collections that must have been played during the races I guess so Either initial
D affected the culture fast or this was already a thing however it got that we
kind of have to thank Dave Rogers the Godfather of Eurobeat you started
working in an Italian disco field its influences with David Bowie Genesis
Quincy Jones he had an eclectic taste you could say when it comes to this he
went on to be a producer a writer and an owner of the label that helped make the
genre what it is today a beat c is a huge part of it and if we
didn’t have that we probably wouldn’t have as many memes as we do those memes
did start popping up as early as about 2002 with YTM nd the website there was
something called low internet that use running in the 90s another Eurobeat hit
classic that was featured in the series this is sort of like a joke on internet
culture as a whole taking it too serious but if you notice Ronald
McDonald he’s in a car hmm where’s this going that was the internet
cultures first taste of the Eurobeat unless they were really into like I
don’t know illegal VHS ripping back in the day but it wasn’t until 2014 where
we’d see the next stage Fast and the Furious mixed with initial D likely as
the similarities with Tokyo drift came apparent to the initial D community
hey they even had the same supervisor on the other films current stunts the next
year 4chan got on it in 2015 were brought to the WorkSafe gif board where
they would feature webm files that happen to involve cars mixed with
eurobeat deja vu comes in the picture right here and this became sort of the
style of post that was still used to this day anything could happen in the
outer place imagery it’s a silly drifts to the life-threatening all were at the
mercy of Eurobeat this erupted when these compilations ended up on youtube
that got hundreds of thousands of views if not more of occasionally as time
passed we’d see exclusive deja vu collections Eurobeat trend continued to
rise until them hitting its peak around the end of 2017 though it kept a steady
pace after if I was to give it a meme review I’d
say I like it this thing is just endlessly remixable with only the music
being a constant but it could be any music and the way it’s used is
completely up to the viewer even if it’s past its glory days the way it is able
to be reworked and how opening the endless the possibilities are means a
revival could come at any time I mean it’s gained the attention of big
and small look at that deja vu the track on YouTube now has over a hundred
million views because of it because of some ship posters that’s not bad
as well as the year the musics in a charm to pull in viewers who were just
there originally from the mean but sort of got grabbed by the catchiness and and
they fall in their own spiral of Eurobeat this year marks the 20th anniversary
of the song deja vu the song got an official upload on the a AVEX youtube
channel moreover dave rogers released an official music video with a new mix and
there’s some gold in this video really believe me and you this is what I expect from the
mastermind behind it all beautiful as for the series that brought it into the
limelight initial D I think it holds up I actually watched the first series and
it has a ton of character even when it isn’t racing that’s just sort of a charm
with the the quiet somberness in a slice-of-life window into that 90s small
town experience and yeah the music is a big selling points but even the other
side of the tracks where it’s just sort of calm and airy and breezy the music
elevates a lot of this material and it does speak to how important the sound
design can be to set a tone if the show’s legacy continues so will the
compilations even if you don’t know the connections they will keep on truckin as
long as there are fast reckless or impressive driving there will still be
Eurobeat memes thank you to those who support me you can leave a like I guess
I don’t know if actually doesn’t he think you can leave a comment you can
subscribe you can do whatever you can drift to an alleyway you could play a
favorite Eurobeat song do all those things in the comments below and I will
love you like I love Eurobeat I’ll see you next time with a more serious topic
maybe maybe not

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