DefunctTV: The History of Bear in the Big Blue House

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  • Thanx for this! That show launched my career … will ALWAYS remember it fondly.

  • I used to have a PC game from this show when I was young that I absolutely loved!

  • I have this show on DVD

  • You're telling me there's an episode of Hollywood Squares that had not only Bear but also "Macho Man" Randy Savage?

  • I never even heard of this show until I found YTP of it.

  • I would play jet pack joyride all day, and when my other dad came home, we would watch this.

  • 2:08 anime is gay – tutter

  • Plz do a video on Eureeka's Castle!

  • I grew up with this one. The songs still sometimes pop up in my mind randomly years after I had seen them

  • I watched this and only have fond memories of it. At first I thought this video would destroy the series for me (like most Nickelodeon shows thanks to the videos about Dan Scheider…) but that's not the case. All that is left is a smile on my face and that warm feeling of happiness

  • Can you do blues clues next?

  • It was the time my daughter was born. I loved this show.
    RIP Lynne Thigpin, I really had no idea.

  • God i miss this show..

  • I'm autistic and I watched Bear in the Big Blue House in its early years, but I can't say that I necessarily found Bear more appealing than other characters on TV at that time.

  • Um, I'm sorry, but was bear in stage with Macho Man Randy Savage?

  • Right in the feels!

  • I enjoyed watching the show as much as my kids did. Kudos all around to everyone who created and worked on it.

  • I have fond memories of BITBBH. Growing up with kids shows like this was amazing! It’s a shame today’s generation’s shows are full of fart jokes, no proper storylines & basically full of crap.

  • Please do 1 on Barney.

  • Has he done out of the box yet?

  • how could you not show the final goodbye song…. I was just 5 when I found it on TV so I ended up talking about it at school and they watched it and I ended up balling when my mom told me they weren't making new episodes it "had to go away, and it won't come back" That's when I learned that company's only care about money.

  • I really want to see a behind the fame documentary in Bear

  • Uhm you mean the best show ever made?

  • One of the few shows I could actually enjoy with my toddler. Pip & Pop 4ever!

  • 11:01 oh my god that explains why I loved it

  • This show gave me nightmares as a kid

  • Loved that damn show

  • Bear the most creative name of the century

  • When I was in Hokkaido I had bear meat.


  • Thank you Bear in the big blue house, I may have been a little older, as a kid, when I saw you but I always enjoyed that final song.

  • 4:16
    is that the kitchen set from Family Matters?

  • I remember this show! I was most definitely terrified 😂😂

  • My wee heart is bursting! I loved this show x

  • Do beavis and Butthead

  • this was my favourite as a kid :'''''')

  • I hope that you’ll continue DefunctTV. I would really love to see you eventually cover The Big Comfy Couch. Bear and TBCC were hugely important to me as a child, specifically one on the spectrum. Seeing you cover them both would be incredible. I used to have a bear animatronic toy that danced to the bear cha cha cha, and today, i still have my Molly doll from tbcc. Ive seen a lot of requests for it in the comments, so i thought i might add onto that. Thank you for such an amazing video about something i loved so much, and still do to this day.

  • Both of my 2 children were brought up on Bear in the Big Blue House – sigh – loved him 😀

  • The only thing I remember about him is that he guest starred on Hollywood Squares

  • The loud child like Barney!! That description fits perfectly. Barney was originally voiced by a man named Bob West, who also did the voices of Jasper T. Jowls, and Pasquale for the Chucky E. Cheese franchise. And if you put you find Showbiz Pizza on here, you can listen to the audition tapes. There’s 3 tapes for each of the characters. I listened to Jasper & Pasquale, and. OH I was able to find the one’s that Bob West did!!!😆😆😆

  • Hey look! It’s Crisp rat!

  • I used to love this as a child 😭😭❤️

  • Man, this show was my childhood. I vaguely remember it, but watching this video just sent a wave of nostalgia.

    One thing I’ll never forget, though, was Tutter’s Smellseum


  • BUT WHY AM I CRYING?!… these videos are so well made

  • both channels such now smh

  • can u do reading rainbow n the puzzle place n under the banana tree

  • nothing is the same anymore

  • I remember watching this as a kid.

    Thanks for reminding me Pip and Pop exist.

  • I remember watching a few episodes in preschool while eating lunch…it was 2 years of eating lunch while watching the gentle nature of this bear with his friends, who were slightly more energetic. I finally remember the name and characters,and the episodes who made me who I am.

  • 7:36 Bear and Randy Savage? Now this I gotta see.

  • Can I just say thank you for ending it by showing moon out the window. It really did warm my heart and we are honoring the woman who made the moon alive and who made us happy🌕🌛😊

  • It's such a shame that the whole show was never released on DVD or such. I'm 19 and German, due to the dubs we were a few years behind with this show so it started airing here in the early 2000s if I remember it correctly…just when I was a young child in need of some kindness and serenity. Bear has taught me so much and he gave me so many good memories. Now I know that there's a new Hello after every Goodbye, even if some Goodbyes are forever. Even now as a semi-grown up, I use his lessons to guide my way through tough situations in my everyday life. I've stayed young at heart so I kept on following modern kids shows…but there's nothing like the 80s/90s/00s shows. How the heck is CGI animation gonna teach my future children something about respect and caring about eachother? That's pretty saddening. I'll just buy the few episodes released on DVD to watch them with them…mabe that way I can carry Bear's spirit of kindness and awareness into the next generation 🙂

  • I grew up with this show but I never knew about the woodland valley variation of the show 😂😂

  • man this made me emotional for some reason. this show was such a big part of my childhood. i still somehow remember all the words to the goodbye song

  • love what you did with luna there.

  • Barney looks like some felt abomination

    Bear just looks like a big huggable friend

  • Noooooooo, I don’t wanna see the puppets

  • Awww ❤️ this brings back memories of watching this before school with my baby brother…. When life was easy.

  • After watching the Jim Henson mini-series, it's nice to know that, for a time, the puppeteer company was still in good hands.

  • I didn't watch this episode until now because the only time I watched this show was when I was with my grandma over the weekends. I learned to appreciate good craftsmanship from her because she was amazed by how well everything was designed, and couldn't stop trying to figure out how the Bear costume/puppet worked. She might have been gone for a little over a year now, but I still couldn't help tearing up at times. ;w;

  • This show made my childhood a lot less rough I remember it fondly

  • You should do an episode on Eureka’s Castle

  • I didn't realize Bear was so old! I thought the show came out in the Naughties!

  • 👍🏿💖😢😭🙏🏿🏰😚

  • Anyone wanna explain to me why I just started crying about Bear in the Big Blue House

  • Big Bear in the Big Blue House was THE show of my childhood.
    Thank you for making me remembering it.

    (P.S: thank you Tyler Bunch).

  • 11:20 to the end just hit me back to my childhood

  • Anyone else cry when they played the goodbye song? Please say it wasn’t just me…

  • At the end of the video you immediately feel sad they said “good bye”

  • I loved Bear in the Big Blue House. I remember watching a video tape of the episodes "Mouse Party" and "Bear's Birthday Bash". At one point, I had a Bear in the Big Blue House playset. Thanks for bringing back memories from my childhood, Kevin.☺️

  • Wish I lived with a Bear

  • Can u please do more Tv… i absolutely love it

  • I loved this show as a kid! I always wanted to hear bear sing! I miss it.

  • The actual reason was because Lynn died

  • I had an irrational fear of this bear no lie

  • Can you do a defunctTV for out of the box? It was one of my favorite shows as a kid!

  • The end made me cry 😭

  • Who remembers OObie??

  • I watch this show with my nephew and it's our favorite! I always have fond memories of it ❤

  • Maybe you could make a Defunctland on Bear Live/Playhouse Disney Junior Live

  • I think the thing that makes me the most emotional about the show is the last episodes version of the goodbye song. If you haven't seen it look it up

  • This and "in the night garden" are my favorite childrens shows i occasionally watch and enjoy

  • Thank you so much for mentioning Eureka’s Castle! It was my favorite show growing up and NO ONE remembers it!

  • One of my biggest fears as a kid was the bear sniffing the camera. Loved the show but I had to look away everytime it happened. And this is actually the first time, I watched it all the way through and I shat myself.

  • I remember this show so fondly!

  • I loved this show as a kid and it helped me through some very hard times in my life. I would watch this show as a kid and eventually I grew out of it. Now I am going through a depression and sometimes I watch this show because it is so calm and comforting, it really helps me when I hit rick bottom. Thank you Jim Henson for this incredible show and work of art.

  • Thank you for making this video. It really took me back twenty years when my daughter was so young and we didn't know yet that she had autism. We all loved the show. My dad especially loved it when Luna sang with Bear. That's a nice memory for me. Watching this was bittersweet, because there was a lot of happiness with this show, but it came to an end and then there were so many changes. Never got to see season 4, but this stroll down memory lane has been great.

  • Disney should bring it back.

  • Nostalgia hit me hard, but it didn't hurt.

  • Not gonna lie watching this made me tear up a bit…. So many memories as a kid <3

  • What's the nearest spin-off show like this on PBS Kids but it introduced a sloth and was called big Green world

  • Disney keeps making new kid shows where the characters are emotionless blocks with no soul, simplify every problem, and make you think life is supposed to be happy all the time. Bear was the opposite. The characters had multiple emotions and actually felt real, they didn't over simplify issues but instead put them into terms kids could understand while still keeping the context this is especially present in the episodes that followed September 11. It taught friendship, simple and complex life lessons, music, what a family is. They need to bring back this show. DONT REBOOT IT!!!! YOU HAVE 110 EPISODES OF THIS SHOW PLUS 8 "LOST EPISODES"!!!!! REMASTER THE QUALITY OF THE SOUND AND FOOTAGE AND RERUN THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!

  • I love these Defunct TV videos, can you make one for Blue's Clues?

  • I wasn’t even born yet when this show was around but it still remains my favorite childhood show to this day

  • Is it wrong that I like old kid show for

  • Can you do a Dora and friend into the city

  • i wasn’t alive when this show first came out (since i was born in 2000), but my mom made it a point to have me watch this show and i loved it. it makes me so sad to know that it’s gone.

  • Wait. Pip real name is Pummel because it sound a little too violent? Naming a purple otter name Pip strangely than Pummel but when I says Pip out loud, it sound to be a guys in a purple suit with a golden cane with bunch of hooker. Just missing the M.

  • Bears' voice puts asmr YouTubers to shame.

  • i just realized the mouse looks like ratatoulie

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