Defunctland: The History of Son of Beast

[News reporter] …secrets concerning the Son of Beast. I mean, I’d hate to think it might have happened, but did Kings Island hide the truth about the roller coaster’s safety? – I could have spun it with my finger. – It was that loose?
– It was that loose. Hiya. My name’s Kevin Perjurer, and welcome to another edition in Defunctland. For background/context on this series, please visit with the link below. In case you were not already aware, Defunctland has a Facebook page and discussion group. So after this video, give it a like if you can, and join the group so we can have post-episode discussions and more conversations on extinct attractions. Today, we will be attempting to resurrect Kings Island’s extinct roller coaster, “Son of Beast.” This is Defunctland’s first roller coaster edition, and it was suggested by all of these great viewers. So thank you and everyone else who has been commenting. Son of Beast was located in Kings Island in Mason, Ohio from May 26, 2000 to June 16, 2009, and it has one of the most complex histories of any roller coaster to date. In 1895, a wooden roller coaster entitled “Flip Flap Railway*” opened at Sea Lion Park on Coney Island. The coaster was built and tested in Ohio, using monkeys and sandbags before human trials. The owner of Sea Lion Park, Paul Boyton, liked the coaster and wanted it as an attraction for his park. The coaster was the first looping roller coaster in North America, and the first wooden looping coaster in the world. This was also one of the last roller coasters to have a completely circular loop. These types of loops cause an extremely uncomfortable amount of G-force for the rider, and most roller coasters with loops now use an oval or teardrop shape. For this reason, Flip Flap Railway closed with Sea Lion Park in 1902. 70 years later, an entertainment production company, Taft Broadcasting, opened its first amusement park in Mason, Ohio. Kings Island debuted to the public on April 29, 1972. There were four roller coasters present with the park on opening day, one of which was “The Racer,” a wooden coaster designed by famous designer John C. Allen, that was arguably responsible for the reinvigoration of roller coasters in the 1970’s and on. So Kings Island had a great start, but it wouldn’t be until 1979 that they released their first monster. When “The Beast” opened at Kings Island, it was the longest, fastest, and tallest wooden roller coaster in the world. It reached speeds of 65 miles an hour, peaked at 110 feet tall, and was 7,359 feet long. It was designed to take advantage of the naturally hilly terrain of the park, so while it only reached 110 feet off the ground, its largest drop was actually 141 feet. The attraction had a long ride time as well; over 4 minutes in length. It originally featured three underground tunnels, before the second and third were redesigned to be one. The Beast’s ride experience was exhilarating and groundbreaking, and its marketing campaign was equally as impressive. [Announcer] Kings Island dares you to come face-to-face with The Beast. The Beast. 7,400 feet of unrestrained terror. In a 70-mile-per-hour attack on your senses, The Beast throws you screaming through three tunnels, and takes you higher than any other coaster. Come face-to-face with The Beast. The biggest, baddest, longest, fastest coaster in the world. [Narrator] The simple story of a wild animal running through the woods of Rivertown, the section of the park that The Beast was located in, was made all the more convincing by the heavily-wooded area that the coaster inhabited. 20 years after the park opened, Kings Island would change ownership, with Paramount Communications Incorporated buying the previous owner’s parks for $400 million. Paramount used their movie properties to their advantage, drawing inspiration from Disney Parks and Universal Studios. In 1998, a separate company, Premier Parks, acquired Six Flags’ theme parks. Premier then began renaming their own amusement parks with the Six Flags label. This included Louisville’s Kentucky Kingdom, located only two hours from Kings Island. Rumors began circulating that Kentucky Kingdom was about to receive some huge upgrades, posing a threat to Kings Island. Paramount decided to beat them to the punch, and in 1999, Kings Island expanded with the addition of the “Paramount Action Zone,” a section of the park that included attractions based on Paramount’s properties, such as Face/Off, for example. But Kings Island had something big in mind for the second year of its expansion, and a huge announcement was made on May 11, 1999. – You know, The Beast was enchained in 1979, and at the time, even then, it was acclaimed as the world’s greatest roller coaster. – Umm… (loud roaring) – Uhh… *clears throat* Looks like somebody’s getting a little on the nasty side, guys, can you uh…? Thanks. I guess, uh, it’s a little hard to miss this. You might think it’s one of Siegfried and Roy’s, uh, white tigers, but it’s not. This is the birthday gift that we want to present today. *gasping* – It is with tremendous pride and excitement, we introduce to you… Son of Beast. – You okay? (Applause) – Oh my God.
– Wow! – With all due respect to The Beast, the Son of Beast will be the biggest, baddest wooden roller coaster in the world when it opens next year. [Narrator] The tallest wooden roller coaster, the fastest wooden roller coaster, and the only wooden Roller coaster on Earth to feature an inversion, the second ever after Flip Flap Railway. Son of Beast would be 218 feet tall and reach a top speed of 78.4 miles per hour. Even the second drop was an impressive 164 feet tall. The teardrop loop reached a height of 118 feet. The beams and supports were steel, but the track never converted, remaining wooden throughout the ride and the loop. It was constructed by the Roller Coaster Corporation of America, who had originally shown interest in building a wooden hyper coaster a few years prior. Exactly eight months after the ride’s announcement, on January 11, 2000, a windstorm caused some of the temporary wooden supports to collapse. This was the first sign that something was going wrong with the construction, but Kings Island assured everyone that the accident was not a huge issue, and that the ride would still open in April. Speculation grew that something was happening behind the scenes, and Kings Island, for whatever reason, was hiding it. The ride debuted on April 28th, but was closed the next day, with Kings Island citing a fifteen-foot rough section of the track. On May 26th, the coaster reopened. Kings Island reported that they had fixed the problems, and Son of Beast was there to stay. But did it live up to the hype? Guests would enter “Outpost 5,” a security tower that was dispatching vehicles to check on a captive creature; the Son of Beast. The $20 million coaster was impressive, but not decisively better than its father. From the beginning, fans were split. Some preferred the original Beast, while others enjoyed the new coaster more. Son of Beast’s ride was remarkably bare, with no tunnels or forest to entrench guests into the experience. Also, the Son of Beast was shorter in both track and length, with a ride time of around three and a half minutes. There was no doubt that from the start, the son was more wild, and as Kings Island and its guests would learn, dangerously unpredictable. In November of 2000, months after the opening of Son of Beast, Paramount filed a lawsuit against the Roller Coaster Corporation of America and Wooden Structures Incorporated for faulty engineering and construction of the ride. They would also file a suit against Universal Forest Products of Hamilton for allegedly providing sub-grade lumber. The Roller Coaster Corporation of America fought back, revealing that they had actually been fired at some point during the construction process, and that Kings Island’s team had taken over and completed the ride themselves to save money. The company also added that Kings Island had ignored safety and construction advice on numerous occasions. It seemed that this was going to make for an interesting court battle. And while all of this was happening, the Son of Beast was still operating. Throughout all the negative attention surrounding the ride, Kings Island continued to reaffirm that despite the problems with construction, the ride was completely safe. The public seemed indifferent about the whole situation. Riders responded only somewhat confident when asked whether they felt the ride was safe or not. Essentially, it seemed that guests were willing to put aside the concerns for the ride’s safety if it meant they got to experience the record-breaking coaster. Plus, the ride had been inspected seven times for safety by the state of Ohio. But for some reason, the inspection job fell under the jurisdiction of their Department of Agriculture, that even admitted they couldn’t say whether it was truly safe or not because quote: “we are not roller coaster engineers.” Son of Beast continued to operate throughout the early 2000’s despite these concerns. In 2005, the Roller Coaster Corporation of America went bankrupt. This caused Kings Island to shift the focus of their lawsuit towards the corporation’s insurance company instead, still hoping for millions in compensation for the missteps of Son of Beast. On June 14, 2005, Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, split into the CBS Corporation and Viacom. CBS took Paramount Parks with them, and six months later, CBS would put the division up for sale. Six months after that, Cedar Fair bought Paramount Parks. That was on June 30, 2006. On July 9, 2006, Kings Island rushed to call rescue teams to help 27 stuck riders evacuate Son of Beast. Not only had the ride vehicle not returned to the station, but it had violently stopped in one of the final sections of the coaster, causing all of the riders to be jerked forward. All 27 were taken to local hospitals. Most were released within a few hours, but a few stayed to be treated for non-critical injuries. No one knows for sure what caused the ride to stop abruptly. It was later revealed that a piece of wood had cracked, but it wasn’t clear if that caused the accident, or if that was just another entirely separate problem. Immediately after, Ohio’s Department of Agriculture began an investigation, and Cedar Fair shut down the attraction for the season. Son of Beast needed to be changed before it reopened. The ride was too jerky, and riders regularly complained that the shakes on the turns were too uncomfortable. Cedar Fair’s solution to this was lighter ride vehicles, but this came with a price. The new trains could not complete the loop, leading to its removal. On July 4, 2007, Son of Beast reopened without
its signature inversion. Since this, and actually quite recently, a few wooden roller coasters featuring inversions have debuted, but none with a vertical loop such as Son of Beast or Flip Flap Railway. In 2008, Kings Island lost the case with the insurance company, but this would be the least of their worries, because on June 16, 2009, Son of Beast would close down once again. Kings Island offered no official closure statement, but they began to remove the coaster from their website and marketing. They announced that it would not reopen for 2010, then a similar announcement was made in 2011, then again in 2012. Finally on July 27, 2012, Kings Island announced that the attraction that had been sitting unused for three years would be demolished. Demolition began in September of that year, and was completed by November. And just like that, the Son of Beast was killed. So why did it close? Well, on June 16, 2009, a woman who had ridden Son of Beast a few weeks prior claimed that the ride had caused a blood vessel to burst in her brain. The woman’s claims worried park officials, who closed the ride and waited for Ohio’s Department of Agriculture to complete their investigation. The results showed that the attraction was structurally fine, even though by this time, six accidents had happened: The incident with the entire car, the woman’s aneurysm, and four other minor cases. A few months later, in November of 2009, an engineer on the previous investigation by the Department of Agriculture revealed details on the ride’s structural integrity. In a testimony for a lawsuit made by one of those 27 injured passengers, the man said that from the beginning, Kings Island had known about major problems with Son of Beast, problems more serious than a “fifteen-foot rough patch.” Kings Island had supposedly known that the low-quality wood used to build the ride was causing the coaster to sway. This led to wood cracking and bolts loosening. When there was a problem with a part of the ride, Kings Island would “fix them Band-Aid style and then wait and see what happened.” This testimony caused even more negative attention for the ride, and pushed Kings Island to close it permanently. Cedar Fair* probably wasn’t too sad to see it go, as they had no involvement in its construction and had essentially inherited a mess. Many parties are to blame for the coaster’s failure, and it is now remembered as one of the biggest failures in amusement park history, and arguably the most infamous roller coaster ever built. The coaster was not without its fans though, and Kings Island did not try to erase it completely, as there are some remnants of Son of Beast still at Kings Island today. For one, Outpost 5 became a seasonal haunted house attraction for the park’s halloween theme nights, and the land that Son of Beast once occupied was taken by another record-breaking coaster, “The Banshee,” the longest inverted coaster in the world. In the themed-queue cemetery lies a tribute to Son of Beast, with an eternal flame in remembrance of the animal that once wildly roared in its pen. And on the other side of the park, its father still rages through the forest, peeking above the tree line to view the area that his son once inhabited. So that is the history of Son of Beast. To learn more about the attraction, check out Theme Park Tourist’s article on its downfall. I know a lot of you have suggested that I make Defunctland in a video game such as Planet Coaster, and from what I understand, these games are too limited to create the majority of the attractions that we are going to recreate. That said, Son of Beast seems to be an exception to this, so if there’s a way that you can export these creations to generic graphic files, let me know. To learn more about our plans to recreate Son of Beast in Defunctland VR, please visit Otherwise, thank you for watching, and don’t forget to comment, share, and subscribe.

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    Correction at 12:30: Cedar Fair, not Cedar Point

  • I have road the ride and it felt like u were driving through wood

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  • I got to ride Son of Beast multiple times as a teenager and am glad I did but honestly even to an adventure seeking wild teen such as myself that shit seemed sketchy AF…

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  • My father rode this. He said it was the worst ride he had rode. Moreover, he had pretty bad bruises afterwords. My only recollection of it was the massive wooden structure that I never could reach. I never knew of it’s extensive history. It really makes me appreciate how interesting the park I grew up in really was.

  • I rode Son of Beast in 2000 with my now-husband. Funny story, I have the ride picture from this one because they took it at the very beginning of the ride. My husband and I joked that the camera was positioned at the beginning of the ride because the rest of the ride was so shaky. Most of the rides at Kings Island at that time were super rough at that time (aside from Beast, which was awesome). I haven't been back (Cedar Point is closer for us and that's still a 3.5 hour drive), but it seems like there's a lot of good rides there now.

  • It was too jerky! I think I rode it twice and that was it. His father on the hand I have rode so many times I've lost count, it's still my favorite coaster at the Park

  • honestly, i grew up watching the son of beast disappear every year, it shut down in 2012 when i was 7 i also pretty regularly witnessed the destruction if this ride growing up, there were also several cases of whip lash, the ride was never safe anyway

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  • okay. the roller coaster you showed in the video with an inversion (the more recent one) is a hybrid coaster and not a wooden coaster.

  • Rode this with the loop and without. I really liked it but always like the original better. I remember seeing the track sway from a distance and just assumed that was part of it and not due to cheap wood lol.

  • I was a teenager at this time and lived in Cincinnati. I don’t remember hearing any news about this and have been on the son of beast a handful of times. It was very violent. I remember watching the whole coaster sway when a car was about do go down the first hill. Crazy.

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  • I road both of them I think The Beast was the first Coaster I ever road but I definitely road the Son of the Beast.

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  • So, when you were discussing this, I distinctly remembered a trip to king’s island many years ago in which I rode son of the beast. I looked up old photos on Facebook to confirm and… I posted photos from my trip exactly a week before they closed son of beast 😳😳😳 now, this was back when I had a digital camera and posted all my photos at once, so I actually rode it probably a week and a half to two weeks before they closed the ride. Anyway, just wanted you to know that your video informed me that, at 13 years old, I rode a super dangerous and badly constructed roller coaster just before it closed forever 😅😅😅

  • I lived near Lexington Kentucky and spent my life going to that kings island. This "15 foot rough patch" I swear to god I witnessed. I wanna guess around 2007 to 2009. Towards the end of the ride, going down a small slope and then evening out, was a part that absolutely shook the shit out of me and felt like torture. It felt like the middle of my chest was going to explode. Like my bones were pinching my heart or something. It was terrible and by far the worst pain ever. Nobody else felt it that day and I felt crazy the rest of the day being the only one who felt like they were going to die. He showed the exact part I was talking about on this video and it sort of gave me flashbacks lol. With that said, I miss going to that park. Diamondback is better than banshee btw

  • 2:17 looks like the American eagle at six flags great America

  • When you hear someone did something to save money, it’s never a good thing.

  • Pretty good video considering no one would probably talk to you and explain anything
    RCCA did have a judgement against them, That caused them to go belly up and they deserved it
    RCCA had to be sued for the original Blue print , So ask yourself why would a company fight so hard to keep from producing an original design blue print?
    And that idiot who said they was putting band aids on it was full of it. I would imagine his credibility was shot when the records was shown in court.
    Most have no clue at all the testing that goes into a ride. Or what it takes to open a ride everyday , Paramount was spending up to a million per year in track and structure work alone and Cedar Fair was not willing too, And when a ride is considered a hurt me ride, It was not worth saving, To many people would ignore the warning signs and ride, Then turn around and try to sue only to lose in court because of past surgery's or medical reasons. They pulled the plug So let that be a warning, The signs are there for a reason, Dont ignore them on any ride…
    To those who rode the SOB let me say this, There will never be another wooden coaster built like it, And the blame can go to RCCA. They ignored the original print. And if I had to guess, That engineer
    who testified was covering his ass, Everything that is done goes by an engineer and they sign off on it before work is done, So RCCA had an engineer who said the building print would work, Even knowing it was not like the original design

  • 11:21–11:24

    Son of Beast: I’m sorry, dad. I tried…

  • I know I shouldn't laugh and it's incredibly cruel, but the thought of those monkeys strapped to a roller coaster makes me giggle. A lot. I keep imagining the car pulling into the station and then somebody's like "Okay boys, one more test!" and off it goes again…

  • Paramount was a horrible owner and ruined KI. Cedar Point is slowly restoring the park to its former glory!

  • i remember riding this ride with the loop, man it was rough but exciting at the same time lucky nothing happen, does anyone remember if after the loop was removed if the ride was any smoother i never got to ride son of beast after the removal of the loop

  • My childhood 😳

  • I rode it a few times. It was so uncomfortable. Was like being shoved by bodybuilders on either side.

  • I live seconds from Kings Island. The Son of Beast felt like trying to jetski on dry land. So aids.

  • i rode it 3 times, the last time it was like strapping in and letting mike tyson beat the hell out of ya!!! not much fun…

  • when i first heard about son of b** i thought it was a kiddie coaster like how Wilderness Run at Cedar Point used to be called Jr. Gemini.

  • Yo wouldn't it be crazy if Kevin actually looked like Brad Pitt?

  • While I preferred the original Beast by far, I did enjoy theSon with the loop. I’m grateful that I got the chance to ride it.

  • Are you really using a picture of Brad Pitt to represent yourself?

  • oh boy do I remember SoB. I live in dayton (less than an hour from the park) and spent a good chunk of my childhood going there and riding all the rides. SoB I will never forget. That hands down was the roughest coaster I have ridden to date! I also like the shout out of the parks history. I always cry a little inside when I see videos of reviews of these rides and people use their current names with no background of the rides history. Perfect example is the Racers. If you didn't go to KI back in the day then you probably don't know that one of the cars used to go forward facing while the other actually went backwards. It was always my favorite part of the ride alongside racing the other car. The park is still amazing and I will always love going but I will always remember it for what it used to be. So if you ever hear someone calling Snoopy Land nickelodeon universe or any of the rides and areas by names you've not heard in ages if at all it's probably me lol. Don't ask why but I just can't bring myself to think of them as anything but what I grew up knowing them as.

  • I really wonder if geauga lake closed because cedar fair wanted to shift it's focus on kings island. I didn't know they bought it a year before geauga lake closed

  • "the low quality wood was causing the coaster to sway" UHHH EXCUSE ME??? im no expert but i don't think a roller coaster is supposed to MOVE

  • Great end line sir! The original beast is still the best rollercoaster in the world to me. I did get to ride son of beast 3x. Once with the loop and twice without. I personally loved it.

  • When discussing unique attractions at theme parks,.. Six Flags drive through Safari in N.J. certainly qualifies. It was pretty wild. You didn't want to go through with a good car. "Monkeys-and-you-name-it"!..all sorts of animals would climb on the cars! One-time, "A Giraffe stuck his gigantic head in my car window"! Slobbering-all-over-with-his-foot-long-spiked-tongue! Yes indeed! That was quite a unique place! Way better than a regular zoo.

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  • Rode it once as a kid and thought it was absolutely terrible, honestly the only coaster I could say that about.

  • the dayton/cincinnati media was all over this story.
    seemed as if they could not get enough of the problems.
    i remember seeing the S O B but i do not remember riding it.
    though i rode the beast many many times.

  • I wondered why this coaster seemed so familiar. Then I remembered that as a kid I read a book called “The Beast” that was a goosebumps style story about the ride and Kings Island. Thanks for the trip down memory lane

  • It doesn't surprise me since it is Cedar Fair, a company known for being Shady. With the exception of Cedar Point and Knotts everything else Cedar Fair touches turns to trash, anyone remember Star Trek the Experience at the Hilton in Vegas, their greed ultimately close the popular money making attraction.

  • The cars on Son of Beast were built for tiny people. If you were 5’10 or taller your knees were beat up.

  • There has never been another coaster like it…. UGH! Glad I got to ride it, it was insane.

  • I've literally watched this video 5 times. So interesting

  • I worked at kings island as a rides electrician when the "SOB" was in construction. I was over by the "flight of fear" when the wind storm did considerable damage to the structure. there are many other problems with the ride that has not been discussed. when the ride opened up to the public, I would not "RIDE" it. I told my co-worker that "this ride is an accident waiting to happen, it is not a question of IF, it is a question of WHEN!!!!". the structure was just too tall for a wood coaster, and as a train would go by, the structure would "SWAY"( with all the cracking ) a good six to ten feet. non of the wood was kiln dried, all green wood was used. this lumber that was used in the structure was "SPLITTING" every day. one day when the ride was being inspected and a "TRIAL" run was made, a section of the track GAVE WAY at the 15 degree twist leading into the "rose bowl". one of the train manufacturers was asked to do the construction(philadelphia-toboggan)and they refused. this is the same manufacturer that did the "beastie,racer, and the beast". so a local sheet metal shop built the trains, the "BIG" problem with this was, the train was so" heavy" that it over-loaded the structure running empty(no passengers on board). the structure on the beastie, beast, and the racer, SOLID AS A ROCK, it does not move when a train goes by!!!!

  • I rode that ride before: The restraints were far too tight and when I was able to somehow get the restraints on, it was so tight that I couldn't even move my legs in the slightest. I ended up with cuts, blisters, and bruises coming off that death trap. Considering what happened, I'm lucky that all I ended up with.

  • I rode the SoB (I like to think that its initials were intentional) the year that it opened, and it was a miserable experience. Shaky and jerky throughout, even moreso than other wooden roller coasters like the original Beast (which, despite its shakiness, is still an amazing coaster) and Mean Streak at Cedar Point. I'm honestly surprised that it survived as long as it did. Great video.

  • my colleague had an aneurysm just after arriving home after a bike ride.
    So he should sue or the bike manufacturer or the company that delivered his front door???

    what a bunch of crap

  • Cried when I heard that first little guitar rift of Father and Son by Cat Stevens

  • The racer is such a jerky ride like Lordy also the beasts tunnels are so scary I feel like my hands are gonna get chopped off when I put them up [edit: I wish I could’ve rode the ride

  • I just wanna say most of the time you talk about things across the country from me and things ill never get to do cause their shut down. But ive done this! I rode son of beast and ive been to kings island many times! Ive got goosebumps watching this episode. All i could think was ive beeb there and done that

  • i rode it before any changes. never rode it again. i think most of us made the mistake of trusting the park.. lol.. the original beast is still something to go for tho.

  • I went on this ride in 2001! I had no issues with this ride, I think it was an amazing wooden coaster… I wish they would have saved it and gave it the hybrid treatment… hybrid woodens are fantastic!

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  • banshee is there on and umm
    And I never got to ride son of beast and Orion is new

  • I love these videos and have shown it to my young nephews (our home park is Kings Island) and was surprised how interested they were in it. Your videos are very well made and I'm excited for a new season!

  • Was just at Kentucky Kingdom today. Still no threat to Kings Island or Holiday World.

  • I remember riding this as a kid, RIP you absolute unit

  • Hearing it pronounced "Louis-ville" never stops hurting. It's pronounced loo-a-vul.

  • I rode the son of beast a few times and it hurt lots

  • I loved Son of Beast. He was like a father to me.

  • Hey defunctland how about Kings Dominions Volcano

  • "We're not roller coaster engineers". Lol

  • I kept expecting to hear about someone getting killed on it. Weird I had not heard a whole lot about that coaster. We road The Beast when I was like 9 or 10 I think it was, and it was really crazy and loud. The super loud noise was the worst thing for me as I was always ill with ear infections and had hearing damage. I kept feeling like I was going to fly out of the car also.
    I always imagined bad stuff like I was going to fly up and smash into the tunnel roof and get impaled r something.
    It was a really cool coaster though. It was one of my favorites due to the surrounding trees made it look really neat and semi hidden and obscured. I liked watching people ride it rather than me riding it. Lol

  • I rode this when it still had the loop. It was a physically painful ride.

  • Son of Beast was a classic…sad to see it go!!!

  • I live 5 mi utes away from KI and I remember everyone talking about this when it happened

  • The thum nail is sad i dont no way and i wish i got to ride

    The son of beast

  • Adventure Express is a very jerky ride. It hurt me when I rode it

  • I rode this with my brother.
    People got stuck on it like an hour after us. Lol crazy

  • Abandoned waiting area of a rollercoaster
    Theme park companies: HaUnTeD HoUse

  • i rode that ride 4 times in a row…. im now jarred

  • I rode both of them the father and the son was quite enjoyable XD

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  • this ride was so rough


  • Just liked and subbed awesome content. Thank you

  • I refused to ever ride Son of Beast when my mom rode it with my cousins back in the day and had fractured ribs afterwards!

  • I used to get season pass to kinds island back in high school son of best was an awesome coaster, nothing will ever top the Beast as a coaster however

  • I know I'm probably way too late to say this. But planet coaster has a feature where you can disable the track limitations. I have several wooden coasters with actual wooden inversions.

  • I got to ride SOB back in the early 2000’s made my insides hurt. felt
    Like I was a little drunk when I got off.

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