Defunctland: The History of Disney’s Worst Attraction Ever, Superstar Limo

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  • Hello everyone. To answer the main question, yes I have already done an episode on Superstar Limo. I will be going back and redoing some of my old videos every now and then to give them the same research and production value as the new ones. This video is over twice as long as the original, because I was able to find so much more information and footage.

  • why does the pen move at 9:46 wtf wat that? 0___o

  • At least japan got Disney sea

  • I feel like removing paparazzi would’ve been enough to keep people from thinking of Diana. Just say you’re running late and need to get there fast and have the post ride picture be y’all arriving or maybe have a gag where you get a ticket because of a red light camera.

  • I honestly think that the first version of the attraction would've failed to. I don't think mos people would want to see attractions based on where they live, also I don't think the lack of escapism would of worked either. But this video as usual was educational, and definitely not a failure. 🙂

  • Building California as a theme park so that people have no reason to leave and experience the real California, when they can visit a fake, sterile copy of Cali is the most Disney thing I’ve ever heard.

  • This is still better than "It's A Small World"

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