Deals with the Devil: A Brief Musical History

The first 260 people to click the link in the description, are gonna get a free two-month trial to Skillshare, where you can easily learn to start your own YouTube channel or business. If folktales are to be believed, the devil seems to have quite the interest in music. Whether it’s the satanic imagery, that’s ever pervasive in metal or the legendary fiddle duel in the Devil Went Down to Georgia, it would appear that the Prince of Darkness likes a good tune as much as you and I. But, there’s one tale of the Devil in music, that captivates like no other and it’s one that’s been told for centuries — the deal with the Devil. Nearly everyone knows this kind of story now, and that’s because it has a rich history dating back several centuries. Let’s take a closer look. [Polyphonic intro jingle plays] Deals with the devil have appeared in Western mythology for a long time, but they really first started catching on in the late 1500s thanks to a man named Johann Faust. Faust was a German Alchemist and magician, who was alleged to have made a pact with the demon Mephistopheles in return for his soul. His talent became famous after being documented in Christopher Marlowe’s play “The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus”. A hundred years later, the myth first made its way into music, thanks to Giuseppe Tartini. In 1713 the Devil appeared to Tartini in a dream, and Tartini made a pact for his soul. In the dream he gave the devil a violin, and the Devil performed the most beautiful Sonata he had ever heard. Immediately upon waking up, Tartini tried to write down what he heard and created the “Violin Sonata in G”, better known as the “Devil’s Trill Sonata”. Despite the success of this piece, Tartini wrote that his effort was “… so inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever”. It would seem that the Devil’s interest in violin didn’t wane, as rumours of another violinist cohorting with the Devil came about a century later. Niccolò Paganini is considered by some to be the greatest violin virtuoso ever to have lived. He started music at the age of 5 on the mandolin, was composing by the age of 7 and performing live at 12. And he was such a virtuoso, that the public began to surmise that his talents must have come from dark dealings On top of his skills, Paganini had a pale lanky look with long fingers and flaming eyes. The legends of his performances are something else to behold. Some reports say audience has made the sign of the Cross as they watched him perform to protect themselves from evil. Other stories have him continuing to play flawless notes on broken strings and contorting his body into weird shapes while performing. One fan even left a Vienna concert, claiming he had seen the Devil aiding Paganini. At the age of 54 Paganini died. And one of the last things he did before he died, was send away a priest, who had come to perform last rites. This cemented his association with the devil in many people’s minds. Less than a hundred years later, legends of the Devil meddling in musical affairs started once more. In the 1920s and 30s pair of blues musicians in the Mississippi Delta are alleged to have run-ins with the Devil. First came Tommy Johnson — a guitar virtuoso known for his eerie yodeling. Johnson’s brother Liddell spread the legend of Tommy’s Faustian bargain. One night, the story goes, Tommy Johnson went to the crossroads just before midnight and played guitar until a big black man came up to him, took his guitar and tuned it. After that, Tommy Johnson could play the guitar like no man alive. Outside of the alleged deal with the Devil and his influence on blues music, Johnson’s life was rather uneventful though. That can’t be said for Robert Johnson — unrelated to Tommy — another musician, who apparently made a Faustian bargain. Johnson was one of the most impressive guitar players of his time and one of the most important musicians of all time. And when he was a young man in the late 1920s, he started to play guitar, but apparently he had no talent for it. Fellow blues man Son House famously remembered how Johnson played the guitar: “Such a racket you never heard! It would make the people mad, you know. They’d come out and say ‘Why don’t y’all go in and get that guitar away from that boy! He’s running people crazy with it.’ I’d come back in and I’d scold him about it Then one day Robert Johnson left Robinson Vale, where he had been living. When he came back, he was a changed man. Johnson returned with incredible guitar skills. Sliding around the neck seamlessly, while maintaining steady rhythms. Legend has it when Keith Richards first heard Johnson play, he thought it was two guitar players. Rumours started to grow that, like Tommy Johnson before him, Robert had sold his soul to the Devil at midnight at a crossroads. And if you listened to Robert Johnson’s music, it’s easy to believe it, too. Atop his virtuoso play Johnson’s lyrics have a haunting desperation to them and even sings of his relationship with the Devil. “Hellhound on My Trail” is a masterful song, that takes the trope of the rambling blues man and puts a new spin on it. The reason Johnson is a traveling wandering vagabond, is because he’s got hellhounds following him. You could even look at this song as the middle of a trilogy of songs chronicling his run-in with the Devil. “Cross Road Blues” is where he sells his soul, and then the trilogy ends with “Me and The Devil Blues”, which has some of the most haunting opening lines ever: [Early this morning,] [Ooo] [When you knocked upon my door] [And I said “Hello, Satan,] [I believe it’s time to go.”] On August 16th, 1938 the Devil came for Robert Johnson’s soul. Johnson was poisoned by a jealous husband and died at just 27 years old. Since Robert Johnson, the Devil has continued his relationship with music, but no Faustian bargain was like that of Paganini or Robert Johnson have been struck. At least not that we know of. Though it’s been nearly a century since Johnson, so maybe it’s time for the Devil to dip his toes back into the music game. Thanks to Skillshare. The first 260 people to click the link in the description, are gonna get a headstart on making their passion a full-time job. Whether it’s creating your own successful YouTube channel, business or even just taking up a new hobby and becoming an expert in photography, writing or videography, Skillshare have got you covered. People often ask me, how I make my videos. 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  • the deal is the decision to baphomet the body (invert the temple) and DECIEVE and mislead the masses (pushing the "globe" agenda)

  • This is true, I've been offered wealth and stardom too and yes it was the devil

  • EVERY singer we have ever seen promoted to the forefront has sold their soul. So many of them have talked about this. You need to do some research. Rappers speak of it all the time. Start with Snoop. Satan's plan to lead men astray.

  • Dip his toes back in the music. He's got two feet in the music game , do you see the state of music , do you see the state music , do you see the state of the devil's feet…mmmm I wonder why.

  • Make sure to read the copyright section, it'll last in the long run

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  • Did everyone forget the devil is a angel not a imagine of a red humanoid with horn.

  • Freddie Mercury sold his soul,Lady Ga Ga where have you been ? All I can really say is father God forgive us all and please have mercy. Thank you Father God in Jesus name I pray Amen and Amen

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  • Why do people always look at the Devil and Satanism as a joke? He is a very real being, from the unseen world. He is the destroyer and deceiver.

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  • Talk to Ed Sheeran…


  • If you think you the devil you a dumbfuck there isn't own just people that lie to self become ate up with idiot and guess there is . Eye of fire purified the holy Spirit never created a devil you dumbass

  • dmx, jay z, beyonce, metallica, jusin beiber, lady gaga, they all have signed a deal with the devil

  • Just by looking at modern artists today, you can clearly see the influence…

  • Recarnation is real and we need our soul to be recarnated if your soul gets taken…youll have a bad ending when you die🔥 so pleasee keep it

  • If God made some people born into wealthy, happy circumstances where they don't have it very hard at all, and created some people with a lack of talent or capacity to get the things they want and need out of life, then that's on God. God is to blame for that. The idea that people would have to resort to dealing with the devil to have things and experiences in life that they should've been able to have without resorting to dealing with the devil, where God should've done his duty of bestowing all of us with the means to get where we should be able to be, but didn't, God would certainly be a prick who don't care much for how we experience life.

    God blesses Job and King Solomon with plenty of riches and with happy sex lives, yet he plays favorites by either not bestowing that same stuff for others, or by not having the decency to give everyone what they need to be able to get to that point, that's screwed up.

    Also, people who bad-mouth successful people where they say stupid things like how they made deals with the devil to get where they're at, those people just say things like that because they're jealous of them, so they speak lies about them so that they feel better about themselves, because the truth, of course those people who bad-mouth those successful people, wish that they were successful as well, but know they aren't, and believe they're never able to be for as long as they live, so they talk shit about those successful people because of that. There's three kinds of people who aren't that successful when it comes to talking about people who are successful; there's the kind who admit that those successful have it and where they wish that they admit that it would be great if they too had it good as well, there's the kind who don't care one way or another where it's because they already used to be successful in the past and are content with the memories, and there's those people who bad-mouth them because they're jealous of them. There's nothing wrong with being successful wealthy. Being successful id actually a good thing.

    If Jesus hated wealthy people so much where he implied that it was possible for them to Heaven, then Jesus would've hated Job and King Solomon, and Jesus would've hated Job twice as much after his father God doubled all of Job's possessions that Job lost, which would be weird since God and Jesus would be arguing with each other about them. Jesus would say Job should've died before he got his possessions back, that it would now be impossible since he's now wealthy again, and yet Jesus's father God would disagree, so God and his son Jesus would be yelling and bitching at each other, which would be awkward as fuck for Job if Job were to look on.

    Also, just look at how well the leaders of churches are doing with their large amounts of money and lucrative lifestyles, and millions of people support them, and yet those people who support them would lie about supporting them if they were to comment about it. Those televangelists know that being broke and destitute is no way for anyone to live. Plenty of Christians know that, and that included Christians with high-paying jobs with nice houses, where they live in nice neighborhoods, and where they drive nice vehicles, including shiny, new-looking SUVs.

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    Me: How?
    Devil: Give me your soul as an exchange
    Me: Why don't you kiss my chubby, hairy ass?
    Devil destroyed 😂😂😂

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  • Me: listens to Bob Dylan
    Recommended: Deals with the Devil: A Brief Musical History

  • Deal with the devil or not, these people did great things both for themselves and for humanity as a whole. I kind of feel bad for them because these rumors undermine their actual talent and dedication to music.

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  • In the Bible the devil actually offers Jesus the kingdoms of the world and all it’s glory if He would bow down and worship him. Interesting connection.

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  • Snoop Dogg said he sold his soul to the devil on three different occasions.But he said the devil was a white man in a business suite,but instantly he knew he was looking @ the devil.

  • Devil: I can give you the whole world, (endless riches, all the hottest women in the world, the smartest brain etc), if you'd bow down and worship me, and give me the reverence and glory I deserve!

    Stupid, foolish human that would rather sell his soul than save his soul: ok, I accept your terms, cause YOLO AMIRITE??????

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  • Lil peep did even mentions it in his song "problems "

  • Devil was the one in order for the heavenly music. When God created humans he told all djinns and angels to bow down to his new creation. But the devil didnt bowed down. He said. Why should i bow down for something u created with earth and dirt. I was made of fire that doesnt burn, i will bot bow. That was the moment god made the devil and his followers to fall down on earth. And the devil said i will manipulate your creation to pray for me and obey me. God said: if you manage to take all humans then the earth should be yours, but as long as one human beeing prays to me, you will loose. The devil played the fluet. It was his main intrument. Thats why he is in the music industry.

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  • The music industry is the devils play ground. using icons to influences the masses is the devils go to play. it really doesn’t matter what industry the devil is really to make a deal. We are subconsciously being influence everyday with out even noticing it. As Spiritual beings having a human experience , we are at war being tested So be A weird , Satan is here.

  • The d man hasn't stopped taking souls in music. Check out many right now. Lady gaga, beyonce, … hell every artist I can think of. You just have ones more outspoken than others. Lil uzi vert… he admitted on stage you listen to his music and you'll be the one going to hell right along with him. See the devil upped his stakes by not only taking the artist but seducing the listener. Peace

  • The VERY first sentence when it begins: ….includes the word "mythology". That should be all you need to know.

  • Music is a way to brainwash the listener obviously

  • The Devil can give you power and money but is it really worth it? It’s all temporary but with God it’s everlasting accept Jesus as your lord and savior today to be saved. Everything on Earth is temporary but where you go after death is everlasting. It’s forever there will be no end.

  • Wow who would sell there soul just for fame like it it totally not worth it

  • Why the hell they playing the music they beastiN

  • If this shit works sign me up. I'm an atheist so if I was told I'm going to Hell I would simply reply prove it

  • DMX said he made a deal with the devil, then he got addicted to crack and fell off hard.

    From this we can know that: crack >>> devil. So if you kids want to avoid the devil, just start smoking crack.


  • Does anyone know the name of that painting of the man with bright eyes at the end of the video?

  • Living life as… As super star. You nothing… without god

  • there is truth in this myth. people who suffer tend to be more creative

  • 224-381-5696-need help selling my soul

  • This Is Why ISLAM prohibitted Music!!

  • if this is so how come gospel is apart of music awards yeah THEy preach to Jesus but in a house full of other music thats not gospel…..snoop dogg made the best gospel album this year….wow

  • I just wanna sell my soul too!

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  • I've watched this at least 5 already.

  • 👼 of MUSE ic fell, and you know him as😈LUCI FER!!!🤔🤔

  • The devil doesn't care about today's music… Maybe another hundred years

  • What? The world is doomed. We deserve it! We've lost our way.

  • These comments are wack lmfaoo

  • I have the thoughts selling my soul or having the deal to the devil.
    Because you don't know what its like being laughed by the people, society, and the world. Just because you are not good in certain things like singing, dancing, painting, or performing in school club like that makes you feel like you're being such an outcast and you lose trust to yourself even people lose trust in you especially those who expected so much from you. I'm saying this because I've come across with the most embarrassing situations I've ever had in my whole life. I was only 17 year old but I felt like my life is over, I want to commit suicide. The whole crowd booing at me –the teachers criticizing, classmates and friends laughing hysterically. And it was the moment I really wanted to escape that horrible place. I was so embarrassed. I've trusted my whole self, I workhard practice, motivated myself. Then it turns out I can't be that great. I guess I'm not really that person who I thought I was like all my celebrity Idols.
    I've asked myself: "Why am I like this?" "Why I don't have real friends" "Why I am such an untalented person" I'm trying the very best to fit in, I talked to new classmates liked I'd never done before. Days later I notice they're laughing secretly behind my back but when I turn my eyes on them they just pretend like they are not throwing things at me. I've been criticized by my voice they are mocking me because it's so deep like they don't wanna talk and have chat with me. I'm not great, smart, attractive. But this is not all about school. It's also about relationship with my friends and my families.

    I'm pretending to be somebody else just for them to accept me and like me, I act gracefully, I want new real friends. But it didn't worked out. I guess they don't like my personality.
    And so I take the name of God in vain and blaspheme. Blaming for not making me great atleast giving me one thing that everybody would appreciate and like.
    I hate God.
    Then I start searching for Satan, trying to know how to have deals with him. I know the consequences and payback.

    I guess I really want to gain the world, rather than to protect my soul.
    But it's not painful even the devil would torment my soul or burn through the pit of burning fire.
    What really painful for me is being laughed and judged by the other people.
    And so I'm having troubled with this circumstances.
    I want to be the better version of myself.
    And I know there are people out there who feels the same as I am.
    But different in situation and all we want to be the very best.

  • Prince of darkness can kiss my ass

  • There is no single entity known as Devil. There is only evil in the minds of men and women, for they are the devils.

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  • The devil is a battyman

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  • Music is satanic, that's why Islam bans them.

  • Every single entertainer in modern times has made a deal. A lot of them admitted to it on camera and some of them said on multiple occasions.

  • What if Curt Cobain , Chester Bennington , Jon Lennon made a deal with the devil ?
    Nah they have natural talent

  • …why music.
    W H Y ? !

  • what do you mean no deal has been dealt since Johnson?! I thought the most famous deals with the devil at the crossroads were Bob Dylan and James Brown!

  • Explains a lot given Lucifer was the angel of music in Heaven. Ezekial 28:13

  • Statan came to steal kill and destroy . Jesus came to give life, life to the fullest

  • Awesome lol

  • Great video 👍

  • Fisher of men. beware of him for many shall fall before him ,The one that fooled the world. The Morning Star. Job 39,40,41 Habakukk chat 1,2,3 put the thorns on his head and board his jaw shut . For your sake.

  • God will judge us according to our Deeds good or bad. John 3:16

  • God is great. 🤞

  • Making a deal with the "Devil" is signing a dark and deathly contract in blood with your full oath of your soul to them… 😐

    You mess around, or your usefulness is up, they'll kill and clone you or sacrifice you to the Reptile Overlords – who will literally eat you alive.

    Beware…. ☠️

  • The Devil 🤣🤣🤣

  • This was hilarious. And look at all the brainwashed fools in the comment section afraid to be on the wrong side of the mighty tormentor ..

  • ALL OF YALL … Christians or Spiritualists or Whatever You Call YourSelves …
    Lucifer was of THE HIGHEST ORDER of ANGELS – (your) GODS FAVORITE , as a matter of Theological Belief – which goes against EVERYTHING that god SHOULD BE .
    So , Heres the Conundrum :
    god created all , god knows all , is omnipresent … omniscient …
    he gave ‘free will’ ONLY to humans – the reason that perpetuated ‘The FALL’ – so , HOW/WHY was LUCIFER even ABLE to question , much less Go Against the Word of god … ?
    & if god knows all before it happens doesnt that mean he knew LUCIFER would Fall – on fact : he had to have CREATED LUCIFER to FALL … therefore , EVERY SINGLE ACT or INFLUENCE that LUCIFER HAS EVER BEEN Credited or Blamed For Was/Is gods WILL .
    So , if You serve LUCIFERS Purpose & He serves gods Purpose … HOW ARE YOU NOT , ULTIMATELY , Serving gods Purpose … ?

  • What if you sell your soul to the devil in exchange for the devil to be gone?

  • So its means that all of the music is from the devil. I dobt know why is the world full of sins

  • Bruh there is a bunch of full Christians here fucking lel

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